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  1. OSWEGO, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow has announced that Wright’s Landing Marina will reopen on Thursday, July 18th. The marina had been closed due to flooding from high water levels on Lake Ontario. In the last few weeks, the water levels have dropped, allowing the city to clean up the marina and boat launch. “As promised, I am re-opening the Wright’s Landing Marina now that the water level has slightly dropped in the Oswego Harbor. The Oswego Department of Public Works has re-built new walkways and ramps to allow for safe access to our docks and boat slips despite the high water levels due to Plan 2014,” said Mayor Billy Barlow. “I’d like to thank the Oswego DPW for their constant hard work and creativity as we’ve built around and over the high water and flooding. I also appreciate the patience and understanding from the Charters, recreational boaters and tenants of Wright’s Landing Marina, realizing this situation was due directly to Plan 2014 and out of the City’s control. We will continue to work around the issues caused by the flooding and high water to keep the marina open and will work to more permanent solutions for the remainder of this season and beyond
  2. I've never fished with copper. I have an okuma CV45D. What's the most I can get on this reel. 1. How much backing. 2. Is 200 copper enough, for most situations. Thanks.
  3. Blood run tackle. 30 lb line. All I use. No flees.
  4. Thanks to all who responded to my question. I received great information form you all. From weight types to speeds, cable angles and more. About ready to pull the trigger on a fish hawk 4xd. Again thanks!
  5. Thanks for all this information. I'm struggling with catching fish. Very hit or miss. It's very trying marking fish only to see very little results. Last week i caught a couple way out of temp. Now I'm understanding why. It's frustrating and costly washing lures.
  6. I see. I could be way off the actual fish. I went to heaver weights to help stop so much blowback. More math in the next trip.
  7. Well I stagger my depths. I hunt cold water with the probe. Once I find fish I park it at the depth the fish are. Slightly bellow on and above. To answer your question. The probe does not tell depth. Just speed at the weight, (shark). But as I pass through fish. Where the probe is they may follow but then drop away. Usually the fish hit the lure off the other weight, rigger. That's the question. Does the probe with the weight scare fish.
  8. So heres a question, I consistently catch more fish on the down rigger "without" the fish hawk probe. Anyone ever notice this? They come flying in follow and turn away. The other side, follow and hit. I'm running Shark weights. Black.
  9. I fished long point tonight. Water is loaded with floating green skum. Fleas are staring. I use bloodline so my lines were clear. But they were on the knots. No swimming. Like I said, water looks like green globs. Anyway, got Lakers , landlocks. Standard 24 inch Lakers. LL was 5 lbs. Jumper. Went nuts.
  10. Went tonight. Marked very few fish, cold water in close. No takers.
  11. I've been fishing Fairhaven, had a ok day last week. 120 ft. 50 to 65 down. Spoons mixed. Temps are changing fish are scattered. Where I fished Tuesday, clear beautiful water. Went back Thursday, same area. Green soup. 50 down 60 degrees. Little bait. Few fish. Like I said it's changing . Hope that helps. I'm heading out later today. I'll let you know.
  12. Thanks for the update. Tuesday I fished Fairhaven. Did well 3 hours, 100 to 150. 50 to 70 down spoons couple Kings couple nice browns. Went back Thursday, same area. Water temp jumped 10 degrees. Couldn't find a fish. Thanks again.
  13. Any one fishing Hughes area west? Any reports? Heading that way Monday and Tuesday.
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