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  1. Thank you. I'll give them a try. I appreciate the info.
  2. Question for all. If been out with mixed results, fished shallow and out to 100. Marking fish, no takers. Ran sticks, spoons you name it. Anyone running flashers, flies, etc. Any suggestions. Been running between 1.9 to 3.0. Boards etc.
  3. Same in Saturday afternoon, marked many fish. From 15 ft to 60. No takers, washed every lure. Still an ok day
  4. Big smiles all around! Kids love fishing,nothing better the little giggles nonstop!
  5. Launched at 3. Pm . Fished east. Shallow to 30 ft. Small mouths? Ran every spoon, stick. 1.8 to 2.5. Not a hit.
  6. Thanks, I was going to slow. 1.6 to 1.9, live and learn. Thanks
  7. What speed may I ask? I found fish in the same depths. Maked lots. Only caught browns. I was near Oswego.
  8. I'm a walleye guy as well, I fish in many lakes. But walleye were never in the lake, intended for the lake and people decided to take matters into there own hands with little knowledge of the outcome. Do I really care if walleye are there? Nope. Do I wish to catch them in the lake, don't care. Hope they all die , shouldn't be in it. If the fishery changes, and undue fishing pressure hits it in full walleye fashion. I.e. Oneida lake stile. The next thing will be gobie, mooneye, smelt, northern pike . God bless. No offense taken.
  9. A friend went. The eradication of walleye is a big topic. The state is not happy with the personal stocking plan of individuals that understand nothing of the destructive nature of walleye vs rainbow , landlocked salmon. The rules for an open season can't be changed this year. Open season ie no limit walleye removal. Walleye virtually desimated Owasco. Another brilliant plan. Anyway. If walleye are desired, trout stocking will stop. Why feed an invasive species to a finger lake that never supported them. The other option, netting and removal. My opinion, and we all know " everyone has one". To those responsible, thanks for f%#king up a great fishery . I sincerely hope your caught, fined, for millions. Without question one of the dumbest, stupid moves by a bunch of non sportsmen ever contrived . I'm ready for moronic comebacks. You simply can not make any logical statements for it.
  10. Aren't you guy afraid to freeze your lower unit? Do you store the boat and motor in a garage? I worry about frozen lines etc.
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