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  1. I would be interested, safety concerns I might have a friend, family member a long. September, well that can be a tough month. Weather is rapidly changing. I live close to the lake, fished it starting 74. Long time. September any day at 8 am calm, 11 am 6 footers. Just thinking mid August? I'm not throwing water on it just cautiously watching this thread build.
  2. Is the launch open or closed in Oswego? How about parking? Last heard, remodeling. Etc. Thanks
  3. Great job. Always take kids fishing!!-
  4. I went last evening. Fished west side. Water full of crud. Same, marked fish, 25 to 50 over 75ft. Ran spoons, zip. Switched to sticks jointed, had 3 nice fish in an hour. Smelt size stick. All came between 45 to 35 feet.
  5. Bless you for going. I never thought I could get sick on a lake but I was wrong. Those swells can churn up more than the mud. Good fishing
  6. Everyone is itching. I have been grounded due to an infection. For the first 2.5 weeks of the shutdown. Doctor was very clear, stay away from everyone. So I've cleaned the boat 4 or 5 times. Same for tackle, rods reels etc. There it sits still covered. I drove around yesterday checking launch sites. Happy to see some open some closed. I can't wait to get out. But I can give it a few more days. The stores are a **** show. Just be safe , relax. Time is on our side. Really enjoy this site. Thanks
  7. How is " in the bay " spring fishing for browns if the lakes wild.
  8. Hope to get after landlock and Lakers, browns. Starting a Deans. Any word on he area. I usually fish long point south east side. Thanks
  9. Anything happening in shore, Oswego, salmon river.
  10. You are a good person to put this announcement up. We tend to joke some. But glad honest people still use media to help find the owners of lost equipment. Thanks
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