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  1. My best lures all season.
  2. Anyone having trouble with fleas in close? I fished Friday. Only had a few.
  3. Waves building today or laying down. Looking for an afternoon run. 16 foot lund. So it's important.
  4. Now tomorrow, Friday noaa is calling for 3 footers! Wth. I can't get a break.
  5. I have side scan on my garmin. I don't use it often only in shallow water, bass, perch , walleye. My question is, out on ontario I turn it on and the bottom shows large dark areas. With very light color areas around mixed in. Not bait or weeds I'm talking 150 to 200 feet. Am I seeing rock bottom dark, covered in zebra mussels against Sandy bright or mud bottom? What's your thoughts.
  6. I inserted a picture of pink salmon. I noticed the fins circled. Also the spots. I'm of a thought it's a pink.
  7. I totally agree. Full moon not so good. Silver fish not like they were. Lakers once figured out are easy. Boat traffic. Yes, lots; it's what it is .
  8. I'm no expert, but. Full moon, fish eat at sunset, late. Bait silhouetted against the sky. I would try running right on the bottom in favorable temps. Full bellies, laying up in perfect water. Looking for easy pray or impulsive strikes.
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