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  1. I'm no expert, but. Full moon, fish eat at sunset, late. Bait silhouetted against the sky. I would try running right on the bottom in favorable temps. Full bellies, laying up in perfect water. Looking for easy pray or impulsive strikes.
  2. No, local traffic is nuts, launch packed.
  3. Agree, fish marks. I have a fish hawk. I find temp. But fish marks. After all fish are where they want to be!
  4. Well, 7:30 am hungery fish swim where food is. Shoot in grab breakfast leave to cool water.
  5. First, you expect the guide to be well aware of fish locations. Said guide should work for his/her fee. Fishing is fishing. Some days we catch them, some days we don't. I experienced both on the ocean and lakes. Was it a good time? Good food, laughs? Did a few fish hit the deck?
  6. May I ask color of the spoons? That sounds fun , my grand kids could get a big thrill doing that.
  7. Spoon bite. My first evening actually catching kings back to back. 2 in the 8 to 12 lb range. 1 was about 24 to 26. Very big great fight. Deep 250. Ran riggers 85, 95, 110. And deeper. Marked fish in 40 degree water. 250, 180 down! Many big marks. Fun solo night. Got a couple 5 lb browns 50 down. Purple spoons, carbon 14, glow black ladder back.
  8. Are the docks in to launch ? I've heard yes, no, maybe. Thanks
  9. I've had some large Lakers turn into lead. Down they go. Stick out the fins and will not move. Last week I had a hit that if I wasn't on Cayuga I'd have thought it was a king. Screaming reel. Big laker. There has to be some very stout fish in the lakes. After all. When they hit 10 lbs, they start eating 2 to 3. Lb fish.
  10. What's the tournament may I ask? Where might I find info
  11. I go south in about 60 to 150 feet. Slide in and out. Good fishing from the point north. 80 to 200 feet. Set your riggers at 50 to 70. Flat line diver rapala, etc 25 feet. Lakers, landlock s. Fish bait balls .
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