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  1. Hope to get after landlock and Lakers, browns. Starting a Deans. Any word on he area. I usually fish long point south east side. Thanks
  2. Anything happening in shore, Oswego, salmon river.
  3. You are a good person to put this announcement up. We tend to joke some. But glad honest people still use media to help find the owners of lost equipment. Thanks
  4. I lost a 10 lb shark weight. But I doubt it was floating.
  5. That's great! Hopefully I can get up there tomorrow morning.
  6. I fished tonight, brought my granddaughter. Started in 120, went to 190. Zip. Marked fish nothing. I'm at a total loss as what to do..
  7. I hope so, I haven't had a great season, June early July was ok. Like the first week. After that I've struggled. Hopefully, I'll get my act together. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks for the info. Well my fear was just that. Warm water to the bottom. Hopefully, thing will change quickly. Fish closer to shore.
  9. With a deep thud, could they be conducting sound penetrating ops? Natural gas? The cable length would eliminate the motor noise as the receiver is at the end.
  10. How messed up will lake ontario be after all this wind, waves. Looks like it's not settling down till Tuesday.
  11. Best ever fishing buddies. Last a lifetime. Memories.
  12. I too have had a double when alone. Exciting, crazy, you need 6 hands.
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