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  1. https://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/fish_marine_pdf/draftloatlplan.pdf This may or may not be good news for the open lake fishery. Note that IF the total LO stocking cap is not raised, fewer Kings will be stocked annually, (Pg 6). The DEC wants our feedback and the reply window is open until 08/14. [email protected] For more info, call Chris Legard, (DEC LO Unit Leader), (315) 654-2147 Lets be heard LOU!
  2. https://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/fish_marine_pdf/draftloatlplan.pdf This may or may not be good for open lake fishing. Unless the stocking cap is raised, fewer Chinook will be stocked in the future. public comment is requested, (Aug 14 deadline). Make your opinion heard! [email protected] (DEC LO Unit Leader), Chris Legard at (315) 654-2147
  3. Great report Rick. Thanks for taking time to share with LOU. cheers!
  4. I’m looking at a 1985 Tiara 2700 Continental. Its in average shape and the survey was favorable. Any one ever run this boat and have an opinion to share? thanks for any comments....
  5. Any one know if docks are installed? thanks!
  6. ARMY CORP of Engineers is predicting .3 meters = 11”. Pray for more.
  7. E Manitou. The sea wall construction ends before the ramp. The construction worker I queried said the ramp was not part of the project. I walked the ramp in waders and testify that I could launch my 22’ Grady on it’s tandem axel trailer. cheers!
  8. Best Canvas in Williamson. Igor does great work! 585-967-4328
  9. Point Breeze ramp is good. Plenty of concrete into the water. No docks in yet. Oak Orchard Marine SP ramp good. Park opens April 01?
  10. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday this week doing recon at possible Spring LO launches. Here’s my findings listed East to West. (I walked each ramp in waders and noted the water depth, etc.) Hughes Marina - concrete ramps end at water level with STEEP drop offs after. No go. (Light boat, big truck, OK?) Bear Creek - usable ramp, VERY shallow channel to lake. No Go. (Shallow draft boat OK?) Irondequoit Bay State Launch - Bridge opens April 01. Launch under construction, completion date unknown? No Go. Port of Rochester - ramps go deep into Genessee River, farthest South ramp is best. Go. Braddock Bay - ramps go deep into the bay. Go. Manitou Marina - marina under construction. No Go. Sandy Creek - ramps go deep into creek. No Docks installed yet. Go. Point Breeze - ramps go deep into creek. No docks installed. Go. Oak Orchard Marine St Park - ramps go deep into creek. Docks being installed. Open April 01. Go. Notes: Observations finished Mar. 17. Lake Ontario is projected to rise 11” by April 12. GAME CHANGER! Most docks should be installed April 01? Recon YOUR launch before the trip. Wishing you tight lines! Cap’n Dan
  11. Checked Hughes today, snow pile in front “Deep” launch almost gone. Lake so low, can’t tell if there’s enough concrete ramp in water to float my boat. I’ll bring my waders next time and report.
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