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  1. fjrider

    Ice fishing

    Anyone know if Conesus lake is fishable? Thanks!
  2. Thank you for the reports. I’m on the road through Saturday and wish I was out on the lake too. Super JEALOUS! LOL!
  3. fjrider

    Meat substitute

  4. I want to run meat heads this week and wonder if anyone runs MC Rockets? Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.....
  5. Thank you for the report Laurie. If the gear is running well, half the battle is won! Good luck this week. Cheers!
  6. We’re you running flashers/flies or spoons? Thanks for the report Doc!
  7. I have always fished the dawn patrol. I wish to take my wife out, (not a morning person), for a troll. Has anyone had any luck this year on the “O” during early evening hours? Thanks!
  8. Drove NW out of the creek and started to set lines in 120 FOW. Nice king took first line as soon as the rigger was set to 65 feet. Mix of spoons and flasher/flies on the down-riggers with spoons taking most of the hits. All our action was in 150-220 FOW with riggers down at 45-75 feet. Moonshine black/silver ladder back, Dirty White Boy, and Stingray PK Special spoons were hot. Went 9 for 12, all kings with one steel head. The biggest king came on a white/green SD with a green fly. Pops was on the helm and my bro and I ran the gear. Mayhem ensued when we hooked up on our first double! We managed to land both kings. Pulled the gear at 11:30 after the bite slowed down.
  9. Try nws.noaa.gov and click on Near Shore Marine Forecast. It's a good resource and usually accurate. Cheers!
  10. Great report John, thanks! That Kings stomach contents were impressive.
  11. Yes, spoons off the boards W split shot ahead of leader swivel.
  12. I stand corrected killerk. TY sir.
  13. Went out with Pops and my brother on Stingray Charters. We wanted to study how the charter boys run gear in order to sharpen our game. Fished Sodus West to Pultneyville and back on the 8 hour run. It was a Michigan Stinger program off boards 100’ back. We fished in 6-20 FOW with most strikes coming in 10 FOW or less. Bloody Nose, Wonderbread, Purple Frog, Kevorkian, and Spring Chicken were producers with the fish liking copper backed spoons. I was troubled at the number of lamprey scarred fish that we boated, (does the DEC have a control program)? Finished the day 25 for 26 with multiple doubles, and one triple resulting in a species tri-fecta, (brown, rainbow, steelhead), unbelievable! I highly recommend Stingray to anyone interested. Capt Ken generously shared info that I know will improve my crews success. Tight lines!