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  1. Hughes Marina in Pultneyville is open and usable.
  2. Dont give up on boards when the fish are in shallow water. Try rods rigged with 3 or 4 colors leadcore line. The leadcore line will get your presentation down to the strike zone. Good luck!
  3. Launched this AM then found launch barricaded returning this afternoon. Decent bite off Webster Park in 22-35 FOW. Spoons on riggers down 18 ft and 3 colors leadcore off boards did the trick. Green/silver/black colors along W Carmel Dolphin were hot. Pray for sunshine no more rain!!
  4. Any issue with water level at the State launch at Sea Breeze? Any info is appreciated!
  5. We launched there Tues afternoon with no problem. The first ten feet of dock is 5” underwater.
  6. I looked at the launch today and couldn’t determine how long the concrete ramp is. Will my tandem axel trailer drop off the end before the boat floats? 23’ GW on a 26’ trailer. Just need to submerge the fenders, ( 28” of water). Any info is appreciated!
  7. East troll out of I-Bay, lines wet at 07:30. Michigan Stinger pattern Off planer boards W a down rigger in the prop wash. The bite started around Webster Park and continued strong to Ninemile Point. 15-22 FOW produced the best action. Shanster Gold And Sodus Buckeye were hot with Chicken Wing and Fat Nancy taking hits. Boated a mixed bag of brownies and a 18 lb King. Great morning on L.O.
  8. Hoping to do a shake down Saturday out of Hughes Marina. Anyone know if they are open? I called all day without success and their voice mail box is full. Thanks!
  9. fjrider

    Ice fishing

    Anyone know if Conesus lake is fishable? Thanks!
  10. Thank you for the reports. I’m on the road through Saturday and wish I was out on the lake too. Super JEALOUS! LOL!
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