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  1. copperpin

    Lake Ontario Smallmouth fishing

    No I haven't had a chance to get out. Family illness has got me stuck at home. Maybe this weekend. Of course the salmon are hitting the streams and archery starts on Monday. I need 36 hour days. lol Where did you go out of?
  2. copperpin

    Lake Ontario Smallmouth fishing

  3. copperpin

    Lake Ontario Smallmouth fishing

    Thanks, I just watched a couple of videos on it. Looks like the trick to keep those gobies off. Ill pick some up and give it a whirl.
  4. Nice what were you dragging
  5. copperpin

    Lake Ontario Smallmouth fishing

  6. copperpin

    Lake Ontario Smallmouth fishing

    Ok Ladies and Gents, It's been a long time since I targeted smallmouth in Lake O. The last time I was out was when you could still use crabs and minnows and drift fish for them. So I am wondering if anyone still targets them and generally how deep are you going. Are you drop shotting for them or using bait and how deep do you have to go to get out of the gobie zone. I am looking to go out of Sandy or Ibay and maybe hit the Wautoma Shoals or head east towards Ginna. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. So I was wondering if anyone out there using the walker auto stop has tried to use it on braid instead of stainless cable. If so how did you put it on?
  8. Holy crap Les, That is awesome. Good for you. Nice to see nice things happen to a good guy.
  9. We hit Bear yesterday. Went 30 for 31 mostly on Bay Rats green and silver and black and silver. Same depth as you. Great day a lot of small ones though. Tight lines
  10. copperpin

    Spring perch

    great catch
  11. copperpin

    Rather disturbing info

    Can you say I'm a walking thermometer. Wow thanks for the post. Back to packing my colon with venison Keep in mind all fish have certain levels of mercury in them. Even farm raised.
  12. copperpin

    Gunwale painting or covering up?

    Ditto what Tradman said. I did a complete restore 8 years ago on an old StarCraft walk thru. You definitely want to use a self etching primer. For that small of an area just use the stuff that comes in a spray can. You can get it at lowes or Auto Zone. Then what I did was use non skid paint on the gunwales. I don't have the boat anymore but know who does and it still looks great.
  13. copperpin

    My son's personal best pike- Keuka

    great fish. hope he heals up
  14. copperpin

    Oneida 1/25

    How is the sensitivity on it as far as picking up you jig? and to what depth can you see that jig? I assume you have the straight #4 with 200 pk rms.