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  1. Holy crap Les. I'd be calling the law enforcement for sure.
  2. Good guy and good family. Sorry to hear. Thoughts and prayers
  3. Im not a pro by any stretch of the imagination but my 2 cents is 10lb or 12lb Seagur red label.
  4. Fixed all the way for all the reasons Nautitroller listed. I started off many many years ago shooting Muzzy 100 three blade. Killed a lot of deer with them but tuning was always a long process. Then expandables came on the market and I tried several including spitfires and rages. Lost quite a few deer that I put good hits on for a lot of reasons. Ie penetration, poor blood trails, didn't open etc. I went back to shooting fixed heads and haven't looked back. The short fixed blade broadheads fly really well out of a well tuned bow. My personal preference are Slick Tricks 100 gr 1 1/8" cutting dia. but there are a ton of good ones out there. You have to put the time in, tune the bow and practice. Then be patient and take a good shot. Do yourself and the deer the favor. My 2 cents
  5. copperpin

    Ibay 9/29

    Did Port Bay yesterday. Terrible. Water is still too warm. 67deg yesterday. This weeks rain and dropping temps will get things going.
  6. The launch is open but the docks aren't. They are still under water.
  7. Dipiazza, What is the white rod extending up from your planers boards? I assume to keep the line from catching the water
  8. How about an offer. this would make a great back trolling reel
  9. Here is food for thought, how about raising non-resident license fees and put more of that money toward pen rearing and other such programs. Higher rates will keep some of the butchers off of the tribs who are some of the major offenders. Close the season is a very selfish plan. There are stream guides out there too, who try to make a buck too. It isn't all about the lake anglers.
  10. My 2 cents, I agree with you. All to often fish are over played and improperly released only to go belly up downstream. A few years ago I read a length article on catch and release mortality rates. If I can find it, Ill post it. It was very interesting and if I remember correctly the mortality rate was quite high.
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