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  1. Holy crap Les, That is awesome. Good for you. Nice to see nice things happen to a good guy.
  2. We hit Bear yesterday. Went 30 for 31 mostly on Bay Rats green and silver and black and silver. Same depth as you. Great day a lot of small ones though. Tight lines
  3. copperpin

    Spring perch

    great catch
  4. copperpin

    Rather disturbing info

    Can you say I'm a walking thermometer. Wow thanks for the post. Back to packing my colon with venison Keep in mind all fish have certain levels of mercury in them. Even farm raised.
  5. copperpin

    Gunwale painting or covering up?

    Ditto what Tradman said. I did a complete restore 8 years ago on an old StarCraft walk thru. You definitely want to use a self etching primer. For that small of an area just use the stuff that comes in a spray can. You can get it at lowes or Auto Zone. Then what I did was use non skid paint on the gunwales. I don't have the boat anymore but know who does and it still looks great.
  6. copperpin

    My son's personal best pike- Keuka

    great fish. hope he heals up
  7. copperpin

    Oneida 1/25

    How is the sensitivity on it as far as picking up you jig? and to what depth can you see that jig? I assume you have the straight #4 with 200 pk rms.
  8. copperpin

    Oneida 1/25

    Bondouley what depth finder is that? How do you like it?
  9. copperpin

    Port of Rochester launch

    The Genny Launch is okay. We used it today. The water seemed to be down a couple of inches. You could walk on the dock and not get wet. However, that will change with a northeast wind. BTW that is with a 33' boat. Two other guys launched there today both with decent size boats over 20'
  10. copperpin

    Ibay speed limit new law

    Ibay speed limit new law Gents and ladies FYI as of 5pm yesterday, the towns of Irondequoit and Webster passed emergency town ordinances for the speed limit on Ibay until further notice. The law is if you are within 500' of shore you are to be at IDLE speed, which means in clutch, NO WAKE. Outside of 500' the speed is 5 MPH, NO WAKE. The Sheriff's Office is going to be out there as well as the USCG and DEC. The law is in effect until further notice. This is 100% happening. Be safe and obey the law. Tight lines
  11. The kids make it all worth while. Very nice.
  12. Cool good for you guys. Tell the kid to smile lol. It supposed to be fun catching fish.
  13. copperpin

    The Oak 3/28/17

    Nice wanted to get out myself but honey-do list got the best of me....uggh
  14. copperpin

    Mono to floro knots?

    for stream fishing I use 8-10lb mainline mono with a simple surgeon's knot to 4,6 or 8 lb flouro leader. On the lake I use power swivels like the other guys. 20lb mainline mono to 12lb flouro in spring time 15 to 20lb flouro the rest. IMO but I am a hack in comparison to the other guys lol