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  1. Ibay speed limit new law Gents and ladies FYI as of 5pm yesterday, the towns of Irondequoit and Webster passed emergency town ordinances for the speed limit on Ibay until further notice. The law is if you are within 500' of shore you are to be at IDLE speed, which means in clutch, NO WAKE. Outside of 500' the speed is 5 MPH, NO WAKE. The Sheriff's Office is going to be out there as well as the USCG and DEC. The law is in effect until further notice. This is 100% happening. Be safe and obey the law. Tight lines
  2. The kids make it all worth while. Very nice.
  3. Cool good for you guys. Tell the kid to smile lol. It supposed to be fun catching fish.
  4. Nice wanted to get out myself but honey-do list got the best of me....uggh
  5. for stream fishing I use 8-10lb mainline mono with a simple surgeon's knot to 4,6 or 8 lb flouro leader. On the lake I use power swivels like the other guys. 20lb mainline mono to 12lb flouro in spring time 15 to 20lb flouro the rest. IMO but I am a hack in comparison to the other guys lol
  6. What body of water were you guys fishing?
  7. very nice how deep did you get that laker ?
  8. took the day off, clean fish clean boat etc
  9. 1.8-2.0 or so. slow in the cold water
  10. Capt, I will definitely take you up on that invitation in the next couple of weeks. If you PM with contact info, Ill give you a call. I really appreciate it.
  11. We went 13 for 13 all sticks blue over gray and black over silver awesome day and it's only gonna get better.
  12. nice job. We got a couple on plastics but the other few came on fatheads. We will regroup and go back probably next when it starts to warm up again. Are you hard anchoring or drifting
  13. I guess right now my biggest question is if I have them hooked up right. I know the 998 is but both units are supposed to be linked together. When I go to settings to pick which transducers the units are receiving from it shows 958 bow and 998 helm. Do both units need to be set to 998 helms transducers. Because if the 958 isn't than I don't get nav charts and waypoints only depth. If they should be set to read from their own ie the 958 is set to 958bow and the 998 is set to 998helm then I have a problem with the 958 somewhere. I hate to sound like a moron but this stuff is way to over my head at this point in my life.
  14. You know Les, I kinda thought that was you driving by us, when I saw the Penn Yan. I was gonna wave but ...oh well next time. Not that I am happy that you did so poorly but at least I don't feel like a clueless moron. I am just hoping it was the sun the messed things up. I would be interested to know how all the other guys did. It didn't seem like they were hauling them in left and right either. Probably gonna pound out some tomorrow or Thurs in Lake O