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  1. That boat sold years ago.
  2. On Friday there was a lot of dead alewives floating around near the Genny and I bay. We were marking bait like mad schools ten feet thick.
  3. Where are the stream guys on this? Last fall was a joke for the salmon and brown run because of low water levels in the stream. Yes they have to increase outflows now to get the ships through because there was no snow pack up north to speak of. They should have realized this by the beginning of February and reduced outflows then. Unreal. IJC are morons.
  4. You should have enough water. Border Patrol has used the launch for their 36'
  5. awesome boat. Good luck this season . Go get em troop
  6. You have no idea who I am. Just like I have no idea who you are. So please don't tell me that you know better me or anyone else for that matter. I don't remember the general public being queried if they would be interested in being part of IJC. I am sure had they been there would have been representatives from the business world and other community representatives to give input. Where are the results of the studies that were done to show how an insect, takes precedence over peoples livelihoods and property. Please tell me what "highly respected" part of our government and the Canadian government appointed you. Where are you people when invasive species are entering our waters and lands. NO WHERE
  7. Interesting that there wasn't any problem with shipping or hydroelectric power prior to Prop 14. So this only had to do with back flushing the wetlands. Now correct if I am wrong but we didn't let water out in the spring because it would flood out Canadian cities. Then in the fall we open it up so that ships could get through without any problems because of summer evaporation. So please Mr. IJC explain to me how your plan has helped. Go back to the way it was. Your plan has done nothing but cost this state and people millions of dollars. It has not benefited anyone. It destroys lake front properties when it is high and when it is low boaters, marinas, waterfront owners with docks, waterfront restaurants, charter fishing etc. , suffer and lose money. Many of these businesses lost money because of COVID shutdown and restrictions imposed on them. So again I ask how does your plan benefit anyone. I grew up on the water, recreate on the water and work on the water. I still see plenty of redwing blackbirds, muskrats and other marsh wildlife thriving. So please Mr. IJC don't tell me that your "plan" has a positive effect on anything. It needs to be repealed asap.
  8. Alewife population looks good this year on the south shore. I had browns puking them up all over my boat yesterday.
  9. Top three from a great day yesterday. Rats and Renoskys in green and chartreuse were the go to. 38 deg water was the ticket. Thanks to Rich Hajecki for suggesting the Genny over Bear. I did learn a little Capt.
  10. Thanks Dan. I can attest to Port of Rochester being hairy. I launched there yesterday. Army Corps was there too putting a boat in. It appeared that they were doing soundings for the McKie cement freighter, who was staged at the mouth waiting to come in. I don’t know if she was able to. I have never seen it this low in the spring.
  11. I have a couple questions for you all. Is it worth removing the front treble off of a stick bait. And what terminal tackle to use when running spoons and when running stick baits. I already use a #8 spro between mainline and leader. I have used duolock snaps w/out swivel at the lure end but wondered if I should use a snap swivel there too. Thanks
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