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  1. Shrink wrap/ electrical cart. An electrical cart retro fitted for Shrink wrap. Still can be used for electrical. Shrink wrap not included. Good shape. Located in Sodus Point
  2. Mallory Ignition module for Electronic distributors. Used on many engines like the Penn Yan. New in the box Serria number 18-5488. https://www.amazon.com/Sierra-18-5488-Ignition-Module/dp/B0038ZY6R2 Asking $60.00
  3. Out rigger elbow. $5 plus shipping. Can be use for flag holder in the outrigger bracket as well as for the riggers. Sodus Point
  4. Sorry I was fishing Tough day went to 500" The anchor measures 24" high The Rods are 17" ends to end. The tangs are 9" at the widest. Cant get a weight. Maybe 15#.
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