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  1. RV Camping, Trailer parking, boat storage. Camping $15 per night with 30 amp electric. No water or facilities. It is near the Margaretta launch. Must self contained camper with a toilet there is no toilet. Boat storage inside and outside. Call 585-746-1552. Prime Time Storage.
  2. Out rigger elbow. $5 plus shipping. Can be use for flag holder in the outrigger bracket as well as for the riggers. Sodus Point
  3. DVDs Trolling with copper & Successful Salmon and Trout Trolling. Watched once. $10 DVD.jfif
  4. gen set 1.jfifgen set 1.jfif Small generator for camping. Might have two hours on it. Always been stored right. Non ethanol gas. 2.8 HP 2000 watts. Has a built in battery charger. $50 Available in Sodus Point gen set 2.jfif gen.jfif
  5. The pictures just showed up.
  6. Do you have more pictures?
  7. Sea Scan Radar mount 15". Gets Radar up for better distance and accuracy . Has The running light mount. There is a slight angle to the mount. I can supply shims for more angle. New it sells for $335. Asking $110 Made of welded aluminum and powder coated white. Located in Sodus Point
  8. Sorry it is Aluminum. Doesn't weigh much.
  9. I was wrong it was not made of powder coated galvanism it is made of powder coated aluminum.
  10. I am headed to Greece on Monday if that is close enough.
  11. It is Powder coated galvinimum so it is about 5# or more.
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