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  1. Fly tying kit Professional , Complete kit hardly used. I use d it to make Key West Jigs. Nice wooden case. Asking $40
  2. Anchor line about 170' of 1/2" braided nylon. It has marker flags for the depth with an eye splice and a thimble. Hardly used. Fact the name Nylon came from the inventers. When they introduced it was to be promoted in New York & London. Asking $40.
  3. They had Penn mounts on it. Then I had a rod tree with 4 holders. Can be drilled for anything. 5 3/8" diameter plates
  4. 12" gimbal mount. The board is 22" X 18" with a 3" back splash. I had to keep it short to fit between the Rod holders and the T-Top.
  5. Fish cleaning board, gimbal mount. Fits the flush mount rod holders. Has a knife holder. Bolts are counter sunk so you can't hit them with a knife. Works nice as a table for dockside parties also. asking $80. I can ship at your expense. 12" gimbal mount. The board is 22" X 18" with a 3" back splash.
  6. Gimbal Mounts. Great shape with bolts for downrigger mounts. $50 for the set. Located in Sodus Point. 9" gimbals with 5 3/8" round mount plates.
  7. Water Wolf Underwater Camera system. Shows the fish hit the lure. Very stable and runs true with the torpedo divers weigh. Works great but I sold the boat. Asking $100 for every thing.
  8. We have storage and camping openings available. 1200' from Margaretta boat launch.
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