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  1. Lure making kit Lure and fly making materials. Spoons, hooks, split rings, and lots more. Asking $40. Located in Sodus Point.
  2. I have one. Where are you located?
  3. I have the large rectangular one that fits Just behind the seats.
  4. Electric pressure washer Electric pressure washer. good working order. clean the boat easily. Asking $40. I am in Sodus Point. I have a gas one also. runs good but the pump blew a gasket. $30.
  5. The heat was too much so they brought the fish on the 18th. Next stocking is 22nd.1:00
  6. just gloves. we moved it to 11:30
  7. I was asking to buy the 320.
  8. I searched for 320 reels. better mark it sold. Thanks.
  9. The Pier is off Whickam Blvd. Plenty of parking at the Sodus Point Beach. Come in to town and turn left at the gas station. then a quick right.
  10. Are these 321 GTI's? I would like to buy them.
  11. did you sell the 320?
  12. Dis you sell these?
  13. We will be stocking 20,000 rainbows on 5/19 at 1:00 at the pier. Help would be appreciated. Also 9000 browns on 5/22 @ 1:00.
  14. Sold / Closed

    They are still available here in Sodus Point.