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  1. DVDs Trolling with copper & Successful Salmon and Trout Trolling. Watched once. $10 DVD.jfif
  2. gen set 1.jfifgen set 1.jfif Small generator for camping. Might have two hours on it. Always been stored right. Non ethanol gas. 2.8 HP 2000 watts. Has a built in battery charger. $50 Available in Sodus Point gen set 2.jfif gen.jfif
  3. Sea Scan Radar mount 15". Gets Radar up for better distance and accuracy . Has The running light mount. There is a slight angle to the mount. I can supply shims for more angle. New it sells for $335. Asking $110 Made of welded aluminum and powder coated white. Located in Sodus Point
  4. I was wrong it was not made of powder coated galvanism it is made of powder coated aluminum.
  5. I am headed to Greece on Monday if that is close enough.
  6. It is Powder coated galvinimum so it is about 5# or more.
  7. There is a pitch to it. I think 5/8" different from front to back.
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