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  1. Fabril Outpost Ice Fishing tent. I think I used it two times. Leaving for Florida. don't need it down there. $50 located in Sodus point.
  2. Any one going to the Keys this winter. These would be handy.
  3. Snorkel out fits. Two adult. One is a large wet suit the other is 3XL. One set of fins (pink) are size 8-9. The other set is 7-8. Travel bag and beach bag and findings bag. Two good snorkels. $75 located in Sodus Point.
  4. Shore Power Y Adapter. 120 volts 30 Amps, Mail twist lock to twin females. Good shape. $50 Sodus Point.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving Did you send a check.
  6. Shipping would be about $9.00. Greg Switzer 7582 4th st Sodus Point , NY 14555
  7. I'll check on it our PO opens at 12:30 tomarrow
  8. Big Jon swivel bases two. $175. Sold for $280 including tax. Never used. The new boat came with some. I was going to build a cleaning board with them. Don't need to. They will work with most riggers. Low profile.
  9. Yes I could ship. send me a zip. I'll check cost.
  10. Slow rollin are you still interested?
  11. Two Cannon retrieve pulleys. All you need is the cleats if you use them. I can send some rope with them. $15 shipped. from Sodus Point.
  12. One B78 13 spare tire. $20. Sodus Point.
  13. These are located in Sodus Point.
  14. Two Penn Combos 230 GTO level wind reels . The rods are fairly stiff. The reels are large and like new. Asking $175 for the pair. These are in like new condition. They never got used
  15. Where are you located? I could use these.
  16. Still available Sodus Point