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  1. Truck Toolbox Aluminum diamond plate. Double lids. Locks with keys work. Fits full size 1500. Asking $120 located in Sodus Point. With Keys Box1.jfifbox2.jfif
  2. Yes let me know if you are interested and where you are. I have to go to Roc soon.
  3. Morty the Knifeman knife. If your processing deer, you might want this. I used it to cut salmon into 1" steaks for the grill. Rare knife very sharp and easy to keep sharp. High quality steel. Asking $50. Sodus Point.
  4. I don't think it will work. Too high
  5. We can get it out of the box and look. Sold my road Trex. What do you have?
  6. Sorry I can't find that picture. I think it is on a cloud some where.
  7. Address and Zip code is needed. Do you use pay pale
  8. There must be over 200. Some for Spin DRs.
  9. No I have used them on 10# and 15#. They will work on Torpedoes also.
  10. Ball babies, Located in Sodus Point. $5 plus shipping
  11. Water Wolf Underwater Camera system. Shows the fish hit the lure. Very stable and runs true with the torpedo divers weigh. Works great but I sold the boat. Asking $100 for everything. Located in Sodus Point.
  12. Yes, They will fit in a small priority box. $9.50.
  13. Out rigger pulleys and roller releases. Everything but the line. Asking $10 for the complete set and $5 for the AFCO pro releases. $10 for the Ball Babies. Located in Sodus point. The big Jon reel is sold.
  14. Lure Taping Kit, contains lots of good tape including the Money Tape, Famous Oily Tape, Ladder backs and Glow tape. $25 Plus shipping.
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