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  1. Fly tying kit Professional , Complete kit hardly used. I use d it to make Key West Jigs. Nice wooden case. Asking $40
  2. Anchor line about 170' of 1/2" braided nylon. It has marker flags for the depth with an eye splice and a thimble. Hardly used. Fact the name Nylon came from the inventers. When they introduced it was to be promoted in New York & London. Asking $40.
  3. They had Penn mounts on it. Then I had a rod tree with 4 holders. Can be drilled for anything. 5 3/8" diameter plates
  4. 12" gimbal mount. The board is 22" X 18" with a 3" back splash. I had to keep it short to fit between the Rod holders and the T-Top.
  5. Fish cleaning board, gimbal mount. Fits the flush mount rod holders. Has a knife holder. Bolts are counter sunk so you can't hit them with a knife. Works nice as a table for dockside parties also. asking $80. I can ship at your expense. 12" gimbal mount. The board is 22" X 18" with a 3" back splash.
  6. Gimbal Mounts. Great shape with bolts for downrigger mounts. $50 for the set. Located in Sodus Point. 9" gimbals with 5 3/8" round mount plates.
  7. Water Wolf Underwater Camera system. Shows the fish hit the lure. Very stable and runs true with the torpedo divers weigh. Works great but I sold the boat. Asking $100 for every thing.
  8. We have storage and camping openings available. 1200' from Margaretta boat launch.
  9. Just for Fun look at this. In Florida the King of the Beach fishing tournament. Check out the winnings. Tournament Results - Old Salt Fishing Foundation
  10. Call American Shrink Wrap 585-205-0707. Set it up with them.
  11. You should be fine for a few more weeks.
  12. I'll check with American Shrink Wrap. They can generally do it very late as long as it is a good day. You should be ok. If you want a spot please let me know soon.
  13. Type one offshore life jackets. Three, two adult and one child. Sorry I only have one light and two whistles. Asking $75 Located in Sodus Point.
  14. At this time outside is all that is available.
  15. It is considered an 8' beam . I can take some more pictures. Just finished cleaning it. It has a hard top. Dad used to own Harbors End. Love that area. I was a Johnson mechanic there. I'll try to send more pictures tomorrow. One other person looking at it right now.
  16. Sorry the engine is an 2004. I bought it used from a marina here in town. The transom is very solid. No structural issues. The hard top is great.
  17. It says on the side 230 sea horse. It is a 2000 year model. Sorry for the misprint. It has been used in Lake Ontario as far as I know. The engine is a 2005 I think. I have it on the trailer now and will put it in the pole barn this week.
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