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  1. Stick baits. The whole board for $40. There are some hot ones there. Located in Sodus Point. Shipping is extra. $40 for all. There are some hot ones in the pile. Located in Sodus Point.
  2. !2# balls $60 for the Pair (sold), Trolling weights $5 Outrigger parts Harken blocks(pulleys) roller release. S10 , Halco outrigger releases $5. Big Jon pully $5 (sold) Ball Babies $5 Black releases $10 , Walleye (yellow) releases$5 Slide diver and down and outs$10. Shipping not included. Located in Sodus Point.
  3. Now open for the season. $25 a week end.
  4. I just discovered they are also drilled for Big Jon
  5. Screen room for camper. Has to attach to the roll out canopy on your RV. Approximately 10' X 12'. Asking $40 located in Sodus Point.
  6. Salmon are here, If you troll for lakers you need one
  7. They had Penns but there are other holes I think.
  8. 16' Coleman Canoe. Great shape stored inside. Asking $200 with paddles. Located in Sodus Point.
  9. $25 I guess I forgot to post it.
  10. J-Plugs What you see is what you get. $20 Shipping not included. Located in Sodus Point.
  11. 50' shore power cord. 120 volt 30 amp twist lock.
  12. I boxed it and standard shipping is around $11. Do you use pay pal?
  13. Yes I would need a zip to estimate the cost.
  14. Anyone rigging a boat?
  15. Sea Bag for trolling. 24" I had it on a 24' boat $20. Located in Sodus Point.
  16. Just keepers Fishing bag. Can be seen at Ducan's Just Keepers Weigh-In Bags (fishntech.com). $25 Located in Sodus Point.
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