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  1. Sorry I was fishing Tough day went to 500" The anchor measures 24" high The Rods are 17" ends to end. The tangs are 9" at the widest. Cant get a weight. Maybe 15#.
  2. Hardly used see where the tag was.
  3. Great for your perch fishing boat
  4. Any time I can put them in the truck and meet you at my storage area or here at the house. Call my cell phone 585 746 1552. I might fish in the tomorrow AM.
  5. Out rigger elbow. $5 plus shipping. Can be use for flag holder in the outrigger bracket as well as for the riggers. Sodus Point
  6. Thule Wind defector for kayak rack. All brackets are there. Located in Sodus Point.
  7. Anchor Navy style Coated . $ 10 I think it is a 10# anchor. Sodus
  8. Anchor for 25' boat. Coated with plastic. $25 Located in Sodus Point
  9. The white one and the black one are still available.
  10. Trojan 31 Gel batteries with blot on connections. They sell for over $325 each. Asking $60 each. Slightly used. Still test ok with a load tester. Located in Sodus point. Pick up only now way to ship.
  11. I want to sell them as a set. Sorry.
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