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  1. emtystringer


    What are the best measurements do you find to filet salmon
  2. emtystringer


  3. I am trying to make a fillet table for my boat .i have 1/2 in Heavy-duty polyethylene and would like to know what to use to cut it and what you think is the best way to keep the fish from sliding all over the board
  4. emtystringer

    Sold / Closed FISH HAWK T D

    SK8MAN , i had to check what they are and i am dumb founded.I guess they laid near the unit and i thought they belonged to the TD i really never used the unit except to test it JERRY
  5. CANNON MAGNUM 5 ST DOWNRIGGER (brand new ) no box $ 320 plus shipping Boom Length (Inches): 24 Cable Length (Feet): 250 Capacity - Pounds: 20 Manual/Electric: Electric Retrieve Rate (FPM): 250 Rod Holder Included: Yes Spool Construction: Stainless Steel both ends power cord NO Swivel Base / fixed base UPC: 029402033508
  6. FISH HAWK T D ,OMLY WAS TAKEN OUT OF PACKAGE TO CHECK IT OUT $110 to your door.Great for checking where your dipsy is running
  7. yes, when you buy the 5st you get the fixed base as in photo but no swivel base. when you buy the10st you get the swivel base Silver Fox is right the improved swivel base or new tipe base will not crack out at the bolt holes
  8. what Sk8man shows is apicture of a 10 st ,the difference between the 5 st is you don't get a swivel base just a fixed base which is the part located between the downrigger and swivel base
  9. i have both 5st and 10 sts and the only difference in them are the 10 st comes with a swivel base and telescopic boom the 5st should have come with afixed base which your downrigger slides into and is locked in by a bolt with a hand knob to tighten just like what attaches the 10 st
  10. 2 BRAND NEW SPOOLS of 1000 ft WIRE DIPSY LINE ,30 lb. test, camo colored, , 7 strands of stainless steel mfg AFW $60 plus $5 shipping