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  1. A-TOM - MIK FLIES (new) 15 total unrigged an in org. package\ $35 plus shipping 4 pak FALTO HALO 4 pak AGUA GLOW 4 pak LEMON ICE 1 TOURNAMENT GLOW FROG 1 TOURNAMENT NBK GLOW 1 TOURNAMENT BLK / PPL / GLOW
  2. i boughjt new fownrigges an i don;t need it.i am located near EASTON ,PA i
  3. i can do them for $130 plus $12 for priorty mail shipping
  4. Yes they will except a fixed mounting block an then you just slide your Cannon downrigger on to the fixed block
  5. 3 CANNON LOW PROFILE SWIVEL BASES $ 45 each plus shipping
  6. CANNON DOWNRIGGER (MAG 5 HS ) very good condition. works like new $255 plus shipping high speed electric short stop , stops at water line positive ion control Rod holder Cannon new power cord, no battery end 2 foot boom Improved swivel end ball retrieve Cannon ball snap ball hook plenty of 150 lb test s s cable
  7. 2 CANNON DOWNRIGGER COVERS in good condition except a small hole smaller than a dime in each $30 plus shipping
  8. emtystringer

    cannon locks

    I am trying to find a way to secure the new CANNON STX downriggers similar to the locks on the older downriggers. looking for ideas
  9. keep that up and you will put YOZURi out of business
  10. CANNON TELESCOPIC BOOM, in good condition with tip $50 plus shipping IMG_0188.bmp IMG_0187.bmp
  11. I can do $60 for two spools of wire line if you want to pick them up
  12. iwill take them for $30 i need your PAY PAL address
  13. Price is $65 to your door . The price is listed above picture. Thanks for your interest