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  1. I wonder why the guy in the video was pedaling? Interesting for sure.
  2. A friend of mine that's also on here and fishes on the big lake, Rusty Held just gutted one last winter and totally redid it. He could probably give you some advice too.
  3. I'd like that. I have a '91 GLS that I've had for 13 years now. Love it. If you put a new floor in you might want to consider not putting the two rear seat mounts back in the floor. When I put my floor in a few years ago you could see how water entered the floor around those pedestals and rotted the floor. Love the deep sides and stability of those boats.
  4. I almost lost a Mag 10 a couple of years ago when the swivel base broke all apart. It happened as I was lowering the ball down so I was right there to catch it before it went out the back. Almost lost a rod that was in the holder too. After inspecting my other swivel bases there were cracks in them too in the corners where the bolts are. I bought a pair of S.S. swivel bases from this site to fix that problem and put two newer bases on my other two. Good to go now.
  5. Great looking boat! I'd like to have that with a jet on it for in the Delaware at home.
  6. One of my fishing buddies that fishes up on the lake, Rusty Balls just picked up a 195GLS this summer. He totally gutted it and put in a new floor and replaced all the wiring and repainted the boat. It looks great. I'm sure when he's all done he'll post some pictures. He's got to replace the enclosure and it will be done. We use them to shad fish on the Delaware river at home. We fish out of the back of them while we're anchored which is perfect for that boat.
  7. I got the same boat and love it. I see the striping is also missing on your side that is underneath where the gas vent is. It annoys me but I don't know if I can do anything about it.
  8. Wow that seems like a lot of headaches to have to put up with for a new boat. When I see what they're charging for a bare bones new boat, motor and trailer I'll hold onto my '91 195GLS. Good luck.
  9. Hey Draggin Balls, what length and make is your boat? Looks great!
  10. About ten years ago I was drifting for fluke in the Raritan bay in NJ when my line snagged another fishing line. I kept pulling up line and more line until eventually a rod and reel came up. As I was holding it up a guy in another boat not far from me yelled at me, hey that's my rod! He lost it overboard about 30 minutes before that. What was the odds of that. I gladly gave it back to him and we had a good laugh. Lol.
  11. Not sure what the adhesive was but think I ordered it from cabelas. I'll see if that container is still around but I doubt it. Here's a picture of how we made up templates for each side of the floor. I keep my bow in the walk thru layout most of the time. Only time I put the insert in is when I'm just cruising for the day with people. Had my boat for 11 years now and love it. I use it for shad fishing in the Delaware river at home.I just got it repowered at end of last season with a new 115 Yamaha 4 stroke. Will probably uncover it in the next 3 or 4 weeks and run it.
  12. I replaced my floor in my GLS about 5 years ago because it was getting to soft. I found out the water damage seeped into the wood from around the two extra pedistal seats that were in the back. So when I re did the floor I left them out. The floor came out great.
  13. If that's for one I'm not interested. I thought it was two.
  14. I'll take them. You can email me at [email protected] I'm a friend of Rustys.
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