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  1. You must be referring to the December downs , The clinical term - Deerpression deer·pres·sion də€RˈpreSH(ə)n/ noun 1. feelings of severe despondency and dejection, when the rut comes and goes and your phone is blowing up with BBD pictures and you still have a buck tag "self-doubt creeps in and that swiftly turns to deepression"
  2. Looks good! I'm saving my money for next year's mount.
  3. I swear that was not there last weekend!?!
  4. I took the day off work to sit in a tree today?!?! It's 11° with a 15-35mph wind after a full moon night, I'm afraid my wife is right I might be crazy obsessed! Damn these deer!!
  5. Check this guy out, big body with triangular head.. he looks like he should have a lot more bone on his head. Clover is still drawing deer they are digging for it. I had 3 small bucks and a pile of doe feeding by 3:30pm. I have seen two limppers hobbling around most likely from my careless neighbors that shoot at tails. I will never understand that strategy. Hope I can capitalize on this cold snap coming up.
  6. Nice one!
  7. I had 5 doe come in to 20yd and a shooter hung up in the brush with a few other doe. tried the can call but he wasint hearing it... it's not over yet!!
  8. Nice one DD
  9. That's a dandy!
  10. I have been hunting hard at my place taking it way to serious trying to get a nice buck. So tonight I decide to just invite a buddy over and have fun maybe shoot some doe.. I had 100 turkeys around me he had this buck walk up to him at 15yd at 4:30. Go figure! Made for a memorable hunt and even though it's not going to my garage I was pretty exited for him
  11. Back in my best spot wind in my face iv been hoarding doe hoping I get a late bloomer to drag some nocturnal bucks out
  12. Can I borrow that gun tomorrow??
  13. Same experience down my way just dead I see a few yearlings here and there.. second rut coming? I hope
  14. Nice buck!