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  1. Gambler, i too have witnessed this same phenomenon years ago. The buck was so aggressive and violent I was scared to get down I'd never seen anything like it and will never forget it!
  2. I have a friend that smokes himself silly before every hunt but he's not having much luck with it
  3. Score ! Crisp 25° morning for the win ! Chasing 2 doe.. luckily the doe brought him right to me for the 20 quarter- to shot.
  4. Stevie wonder could track that deer 😄 Nice shot !
  5. Why hasn't PBS signed narration deal with you yet ?
  6. Canadice 2/17 - First time ever fishing for minnows last night. 20 fow non stop lifting.
  7. Think it was mid 11🤔 running a charchuse j11 behind a mini dipsy. Pulled a lot of lures around that lake but caught mostly browns and bows
  8. 2011 hemlock. wished I'd got it mounted for the rarity picture sucks but it was a beautiful golden eye

    Sold / Closed Legacy -The 2021 Season-

    Anyone else ever wonder what year this thread got started or how , what year it got the most hits and views? Wonder no more ! Started in 2014 when in Robs words " My hope for this upcoming season is to post an ongoing hunting report (on this thread) throughout the entire season. Basically a play by play of the my entire seasonal progression and a ride on the emotional roller coaster in the deer woods. My intentions are to fill these pages with instant updates from the woods, game cam pictures, videos, rut reports, and whatever else that i can come up with. Let the season begin!" Since then it kinda became the all members journal and live report that can have you hanging on the edge of your seat when the rut starts. Most replies - 2,800 _ 2016 Most views - 255,600 _ 2019 Most pages - 113 _ 2016 Thanks Legacy for years of great reports ! best of luck to all !

    Sold / Closed Legacy -The 2021 Season-

    Love this new early season
  11. I'd say if you pull 140s+ then it's worth 140k+ I know guys that own and pay taxes on 200ac that have never seen a buck over 140" in 20yrs of hunting due to poor neighborhood management.. a small chunk that holds produces quality mature bucks is priceless if you can provide a solid trail cam and harvest history.
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