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  1. Great bucks! First day off of 10 day vacation. "I'll wait till the last week of reg season to hunt" said no one ever! Trying something different this year. Going out like its opening day and I'm the only one on the block. Hoping to join the big brow club 🙏
  2. Looks like pike County based on the type of fescue
  3. All days sit and iv had 8 deer bedded under me since 11. Might have to shoot them all just so I can pee. Out like a puppy
  4. Yea and now i dont have to explain to every person that's sees it why it has an arrow stuck in its back. Problem solved! But ill never get rid of this one A joke of course..I had to look it up after you called me out , this picture made me see the absurdity in my own..😆
  5. No flak here i don't disagree I was 18yo and poor so the price was right it was my biggest archery harvest at the time not my favorite mount either but its unique and I cant get rid of it ..it still means a lot to me. I'm as passionate as any hunter wildlife manager on here but I don't get that feeling when I see it. I try not to offend anyone especially in my home, Iv made the decision to pull the arrow and now he's a happy back licker. Thanks for the feed back
  6. Still very lightly browsed foliage and its the only green in the area. its surrounded by cover and hardwoods that hasn’t been hunted 1 day a week all season we have deer here but just not drawn to the greens yet. When I plant clover they mow it to the ground guess i need to go 50/50 next year. I just set the cell cam up to see if activity picks up when the cold and snow hits.
  7. I got this done 17years ago and have not seen another like it the guy cut me a deal because he wanted to try something different so for $150 I got a deer pulling an arrow. Nothing to do with how it was shot and the original arrow was a aluminum super slam. Maybe it's not that unusual but thought I'd share anyways
  8. Build a wall and make him pay for it
  9. After seeing a 170" 10pt all other buck's look small don't they? 😆
  10. Slammer on a warm front. You just won hunting season! Nice job
  11. Anyone else put solar lights in the trees to muck with neighbors? 🤪
  12. We need more information dvd what creek ladder?
  13. I even panicked during the drout and added 200lbs of rye.. so under all that leaf is a lush green carpet . Last time I did annuals they hit em hard late NoV . We don't have deer herds around here we have herds of hunters. Its surprising we have 🦌 at all
  14. Taboo for me to walk in or around my plot after September but I just had to check it out . Knee high Wintergreens on the right planted Aug 4th and green patch plus on the left planted September 7th. Both are getting light brows right now. 4 active scrapes on the edges.. Me being a dope shooting baby buck has my phone ringing off the hook with buddies I never seen helping me all summer...go figure. I plan to put a few rookie first timers in there to get them hooked for life ..I feel like a heroin dealer.
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