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  1. Legacy

    Chinook diver weight placement

    Yes. Absolutely!
  2. Legacy

    Otter boat problems

    If your Otter boats are tracking that well then that is a good thing! Whats releases are you using? You may want to raise your mast height to create a better downward angle to help the releases slide down better.
  3. Legacy

    2018 Sandy Creek Pen Rearing

    On Sunday April 29th at noon, we will be meeting to release the fish at the Yacht Club. (Parking is very limited so we will have to car pool and have some guys park out on Newco Drive). Immediately following the release we will be removing the pens and removing the nets at East Fork Marina. Our goal is to release the fish and get everything put away for the season. Lots of things need to be done. This will be our final work party for the season and we need all the hands we can get to make things happen. Please feel free to call Rob 585-703-0969 or Brian 585-727-9279 with any questions.
  4. Legacy

    Thoughts on turkey numbers in Northern NY

    Agreed! And from what I have seen in the past few years from deer hunting the turkeys numbers are not very good around me. I would say 7-8 years ago I had huge numbers of birds around but that number has noticeably dropped off.
  5. Legacy

    Pen Rearing Projects Information

    That's awesome, thanks for the support!
  6. Legacy

    Setting up Otter boards

    They work just fine straight out of the box!
  7. Legacy

    Braid to Fluoro Splice

    Swivel all the way!
  8. Legacy

    Parkway construction

    The terrible stretch is from RT19 to just past rt 237 (westbound) and from county line to rt19 (east bound) including all on and off ramps.
  9. Legacy

    Best trolling reels???

    This is the tired old debate of Chevy vs Ford Vs Dodge. Blah, Blah, Blah. Truth is if you stick with the big three, (Okuma, Daiwa, and Shimano) they all make good stuff for us great lakes guys. Do they need new drags straight from the box? No but If anyone has ever had a carbon fiber drag washer upgrade from Tuna Tom then you would believe that EVERY reel should get a drag upgrade out of the box. Shimano has one option. Tekotas. They have been their staple for a long time. Daiwa has Seaslines, Saltist, and Seagate. They have some high speed options also. Okuma has Classic, Magda, Convector, Cold Waters. They have the most options depending on your budget. They also have high speed options.
  10. It will suck not to see the boat trolling in front of Sandy but someone is gonna get a great boat!
  11. Yes and the opposite is equally as true. Fast in gin clear water.