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  1. There hasnt been one yet as they try to reach out to all that are involved. No doubt it's cancelled, I talked to the the man in charge yesterday.
  2. 2022 Sandy Creek Shootout Main event Saturday July 23 http://www.sandycreekshootout.com/ https://www.facebook.com/sandycreekshootout
  3. Congrats Sent from my moto z4 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. they seem tough enough. bolt cutters and the lock seem to be the weakest link in my new setup
  5. Yeah I learned that cable locks dont work the hard way. They literally broke the cameras off the cables to steal the last two.
  6. It sucks that people suck and they cant help but steal my trail cameras. Looks like I may have the solution. Honestly if this doesnt work then I dont know what else to do. I bought a Browning trail camera security box and they seem pretty tough. They are $30 online. They have holes in the back of them so I plan to use "ledger lok lag screws and screw them into the tree. And then use master locks to lock them. I honestly cannot imagine what more I can do. Im am also planning to take one apart and see if I can put a gps tracker inside of it. https://browningtrailcameras.com/products/security-boxes?variant=2572406226974
  7. I probably wont hunt the "holiday season". I did throw an invite out to my father in law to go out with me so we will have to see if he takes me up on it. I have more than enough in the freezer so there isnt really a need for me to shoot a doe. With that being said, I am headed to Ohio for the muzzleloader season January 8-11. I still have a buck tag for Ohio so I am looking forward for an opportunity to fill it!
  8. Tell us more! Sounds like an adventure.
  9. $90 flat rate and I had no extras
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