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  1. Got home safely (Michigan) yesterday. Had a great time all week. We met some wonderful people, ate more chicken wings than I can count, spent some time along the Niagra river being a tourist, and had calm seas almost the entire week. We caught a variety of fish: Kings, Coho, Lakers, and Atlantics. Nothing huge, except for a few big Lakers. most up by the power plant to the east. Mag Michigan Stinger spoon in Caddy Shack UV was far my best spoon. I hope to get back Labor Day.
  2. Caught more small kings today, plus a nice steelhead and a big laker flat calm water Going to falls tomorrow, not fishing
  3. Day 2 caught a bunch of small kings in front of power plant and some nice lakers
  4. Tough fishing this am went down to Wilson area water was flat calm 2 for 3 is all we could get decided to pick up and come in at 2pm Lake O is humbling this Michigan boy quickly
  5. Making the drive from Michigan to Olcott NY on Saturday. Excited for my 1st ever fishing trip to Lake Ontario!! Any insite would be greatly appreciated on a good starting point for Kings. Winds are looking favorable, which is awesome thank you
  6. My buddy said its Hot hot there right now! Can't wait to get there Memorial Day
  7. Thank you Kramer!! exactly what I needed easy transaction
  8. Guys, I need 1 good used Tekota 800 reel. No Line counter, as I am using for 300 copper line Old style reel (not the new blue one) I would need it shipped to Michigan thanks mark
  9. I changed out all the hooks with 3/0 Siwash Gamakatsu hooks. I thought the stock hooks were dull to the touch and not good quality.
  10. Very smooth transaction. Thank you Ron. Can't wait to get these spoons.
  11. Someday i will have cat's in a boat
  12. I have been an Account rep for Michigan Cat for over 20 years. I sell full product line of Caterpillar equipment and cover 2 counties in the state. It has been a wonderful 20-year career and I am proud to sell such a great product from one of the great American companies. So, if anyone needs a dozer, excavator etc., I am your man. HAHA
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