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  1. I have 2 sets of these I would like to get rid of. I will send you pictures if you have an interest.
  2. FYI It is low but at least a foot higher than a month ago. 5 ft of water or so.
  3. Thanks very much
  4. Taughannock Launch Open? Anyone know if its clear?
  5. That argument doesn't hold any water to me. First I can go buy a wireless handheld remote which is essentially the same thing as me running it remotely from my smart phone. Second I can put it on autopilot from the helm and walk away (which everyone does!) Third it would be simple to put lockout or password protection in the software. We already have too many built in lawyers in this world.
  6. Just a heads up that it wont allow you to control the lowrance autopilot. They don't tell you that in their advertisements.I am pretty disappointed.
  7. Here are a few more pics of the helm as it was mounted. Honda helm is the black one
  8. Rick, Sorry to see it didn't work out. Pap, this should be fine to push your boat. While the Crestliner is a lighter boat it would push it just fine. I even used it in 5 ft seas with no issues. For what is worth I now have a 23 ft parker, and the boat dry is #4200. I have a 9.9 on that one and it works fine.
  9. Were you in the red boat?
  10. Sodus Launch status Any info would be appreciated
  11. get some plastic blades for your single edge blade holders. They work pretty good.
  12. Yes I still have it. Will text you tomorrow.
  13. Try these. It stops the ball in the water, causing the water to act as a shock absorber. They are called Cannon Shortstops
  14. I have one that is not being used.......Let me take a pic and i will PM it to you. its a raymarine sport pilot plus