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  1. Thats right! What grown men will do just to catch a fish!!!!
  2. Thank you!. I'm thinking that bubbler will be fighting a losing battle tonight.
  3. Sounds like Cayuga will be difficult to access. Anyone have any ideas where one can launch?
  4. Is the bubbler functioning? I was there last Thursday and it wasn't working. We did manage to make it out (thanks to the guys ahead of me that did the ice breaking!), but I'd assume without the bubbler the last few days it would be iced in. Thanks for any info.
  5. Chowder, Just a heads up that the HDS 2 units would not allow a wifi connected device to do autopilot functions. I was told by Lowrance it would do "everything" , but it wouldn't do autopilot. They failed to mention that when I inquired. Just want to make sure you aren't disappointed as i was.
  6. Hey Hillbilly, Do you use them for dipseys? When set a little tight to keep the line from creeping out they really load up. Just not happy with them.
  7. I have Penn Squall Line Counters for my dipsey rods and they tend to "load up" before the drag slips. I was thinking about the new Saltist as replacement, but i see now that Penn has a Squall II. Anyone have experience with the new Squall?
  8. Thank you for the info...much appreciated
  9. Can anyone provide info on the algae bloom? May go tomorrow if its cleared up. Thank you
  10. I have the Alumacraft Navigator (predecessor to the Competitor) and my friend has the Impact. In my opinion they are equal. The Lund is no better. The Alumacraft Trophy is more in line with the Crestliner Superhawk than the Fishhawk though. I agree with your thinking that a 21 ft glass boat is not the best fit for your application.
  11. I saw the pics a while back of the new dock under construction. I wondered how the access is? I dont need too much water, as I can always use my electric motor to get out. Just wondering if I could get the boat off the trailer? Thanks as always for the info!
  12. Ive got a 23 foot fiberglass boat. If you have a smaller boat you may get out but floating it off the trailer is an issue.
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