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  1. Chowdaire, Thanks for the reply. My concern is the same as yours, getting iced over and then not deploying. I fish the lower Niagara and often the trolling motor gets iced over while traveling back up river. I haven't seen anyone using one there.
  2. Does anyone have any experience with them in ice? Specifically the deployment feature.
  3. Cabelas Predator Extreme. 1200 grams of thinsulate and a 9MM texal liner too.
  4. I find it ironic that people have spent 10's of thousands on boats and etc, but fret over paying $300 for a good rainsuit. ( Kinda like the people in the $2000 box seats at the yankees game with the $2 plastic poncho) . I like my Cabelas Guidewear very much
  5. Wide open. Ice is clear on most of bay. I saw a little ice way back by the island when I looked out from the launch. I was there Sunday.
  6. BTW Thank You Yankee for the comeback.
  7. Understood, and I have been in that situation before. Solution is to let my partner off on the end of the pier, and head for the next open launch. Probably bear creek.
  8. Back to top....I hope someone can let me know. Planning on going tomorrow.
  9. Thanks in advance for any info.
  10. Its completely clear, except for some of the floating ice. I was there today. I was jigging so I cant give you any info about trolling.
  11. Surprised it was open, with the night time temps we had. I am pondering a trip tomorrow. So, if anyone gets a look at it today let me know. Looks like we will be done with this BS (Ice) after tomorrow!
  12. I have a plus that has been sitting around for about 4 years. The only thing wrong is the hinged bracket that attaches from the bottom of the drive unit to the dashboard is broken. PM me if you want tot talk about it.
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