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  1. Thanks for the report. The lack of high fish is troubling....I've experienced that this winter and i hear others have also.
  2. Peak to peak or RMS? And is that info published somewhere? Thanks!
  3. RodBuster

    Cayuga Cayuga

    I have an 83 year old who is not mobile either. If you drop the boat down in partially and have it close to the dock it works well for them to climb in and out when the gunnel is level with the dock. Good luck!
  4. RodBuster

    Cayuga Cayuga

    I have to comment...... schools close around here when there is a half inch of snow, so that's not a good indicator. But on to your question.... FYI, its only 7 more miles to Taughannock and they typical push the snow off the launch into the water immediately, plus it has a bubbler. I was there there about 2 weeks ago and it is low water but passable. Good luck and please post a report!
  5. Does anyone know the power output of an Elite FS?. The only current product from Lowrance that I can find a power output spec is the HDS Pro, which says "Up to 1 kW, depending on transducer". My old LMS series owners manual lists the power, but my FS does not. I looked at other brands and they list power output. Maybe i m looking in the wrong place? The reason I'm asking is so far my Elite has been a dissapointment for jigging on the finger lakes compared to the ancient LMS unit that it replaced.
  6. You may have more difficulty tripping them from the boat.
  7. Daiwa Saltist Discontinued - Tackle and Techniques - Lake Ontario United - Lake Ontario's Largest Fishing & Hunting Community - New York and Ontario Canada
  8. Good condition. I am second owner and never used them.
  9. Wifi Module with Power Cord. Facilitates reading the imagery of any WIFI device. Good condition.
  10. I have one....check your PM
  11. Bunk Trailer is easier to load, as it doesn't tend to roll back after you have reached the bow stop. Also, no rollers to maintain. Buy one weight class bigger than you need for added durability.
  12. Thats right! What grown men will do just to catch a fish!!!!
  13. Thank you!. I'm thinking that bubbler will be fighting a losing battle tonight.
  14. Sounds like Cayuga will be difficult to access. Anyone have any ideas where one can launch?
  15. Is the bubbler functioning? I was there last Thursday and it wasn't working. We did manage to make it out (thanks to the guys ahead of me that did the ice breaking!), but I'd assume without the bubbler the last few days it would be iced in. Thanks for any info.
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