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  1. Curious why you say they aren't made anymore? I found many on line and they are still listed on their website. I'm interested because that's what I run for Brown trout.
  2. Posting for an acquaintance. Looking for someone to replace an under floor fuel tank in an 18 ft boat. Floor is Glass covered wood. Anyone know of someone to perform this service? Boat is south of Utica NY. Thanks as always for the good info.
  3. Lithium Ion Batteries are starting to come down in price. Up front cost is high, but life cycle cost is lower than lead acid. And, the batteries are much lighter.
  4. BTW that slam was aimed at Cannon, as that is the factory silicone job. I've said it before, if you look at the coating on a PENN electric downrigger board you will see what potting is supposed to be like. OK, I need to let it go!
  5. There is no harm in taking a jumper (Piece of wire with two alligator clips) and shorting out the resistor. If it runs then you have an open circuit in the resistor.
  6. I see one that is highly suspect...!!!!! And i just love the attempt at waterproofing the board with some half assed silicone.......
  7. FWIW The down speed is reduced via a resistor in series with the motor when the down relay is activated. It is done because the motor running in conjunction with gravity pulling the weight down is too fast. That being said the voltage at the motor will be 13.8 VDC (Nominal) while raising the motor and something less when lowering. On thing to try immediately upon a failure is to identify the solder joints where the relays connect to the board , and touch each of them with a drop of solder. I found cold solder joints a few times. I have 5 Cannons and they are poorly designed in many aspects. I inherited them on the boat when I bought it, so that's why I am living with the problems.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I'll contact both of these people.
  9. What are the qualities and who makes a good quality cover for an 18 ft Alumacraft. It must be able to go down the road without flopping around. My experience with straps and plastic buckles is they aren't strong enough to keep from coming unfastened. I'm willing to pay for something that works well. Thanks for any advice.
  10. I was there yesterday and it was pretty slow for me. But, I would not put any stock on information received on June 18 for a trip in July. It will likely be totally different then. Typically June is transition time and July is much better.
  11. Works fine. I added a hardwired unit so I don't need it any more. If you have an ethernet port (yellow), just plug into it and you can view the screen on a smart phone or tablet. One bit of information that Lowrance doesn't divulge is that you CANNOT use it as a handheld remote steering control if you have Lowrance autopilot. I thought I would use my smart phone to steer but that feature doesn't work from the WIFI driven device. Ethernet cable NOT included.
  12. When you say "newer hooks" do you mean new OEM or a substitute? thanks
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