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  1. RodBuster

    115 mariner

    Thats becuz its stolin'
  2. Why dont you give the person that got you into this lake O fishing that 9 inch for a good price
  3. RodBuster

    Lowrance HDSgen2 Touch

    Check your PM, TXS
  4. RodBuster

    Lost Kitewing on Irondequoit Bay

    Perfect application for a drone.....
  5. RodBuster

    Charter on cayuga

    Thanks for the reply and the PM. They are in contact with the people suggested.
  6. RodBuster

    Charter on cayuga

    Charter on cayuga I have a friend looking for a Charter on Cayuga next Saturday. Father and four sons, so it needs to be a suitable size craft.
  7. RodBuster

    Anybody own a Hewescraft Ocean Pro 220?

    Don't forget your pocketbook! I can tell you that when I went out there I had my heart set on the Alexis. But after I looked at the Luxor i was thinking it was enough boat. Zeiglers was the biggest Thunderjet Dealer. I see now they are not selling them. I would love to know what happened. A guy named Chris Young was the main salesman. he had come from another dealer. I think they jump around alot. I will post a pic of my Parker., just been too busy lately.
  8. RodBuster

    Anybody own a Hewescraft Ocean Pro 220?

    This topic is of interest because I was in the exact same frame of mind as you are. So, two years ago I went to Portland Oregon and went to about 8 or 9 different dealerships. I actually test drove a Thunderjet Luxor and a 22 ft Ocean Pro. The problem with testing out there is it is on a river which is pretty calm. I believe the Thunderjet is much nicer with respect to fit and finish. I liked the OP too but it wasn't finished as well. I really liked the Duckworths and also the Alumawelds. The Kingfisher and the Raider are the least well appointed with respect to fit and finish. I ended up buying a like new Parker 232 SL, from a person in western PA. It saved me about $30k. It is a wide open platform. the sides are a little low so I used my traxstech to raise it up. it is heavy also, and a little less convenient to haul around, but it is still definitely a go anywhere boat. I also was aboard a Steigercraft in Maryland and I don't think it is on par with the Parker..... I would like to know what you end up getting, so keep us posted. PS. I still have a hankering for the Thunderjet, and maybe someday???
  9. RodBuster

    Post Guide On For Trailer

    I have 2 sets of these I would like to get rid of. I will send you pictures if you have an interest.
  10. RodBuster

    Taughannock Launch Open?

    FYI It is low but at least a foot higher than a month ago. 5 ft of water or so.
  11. RodBuster

    Taughannock Launch Open?

    Thanks very much
  12. Taughannock Launch Open? Anyone know if its clear?
  13. RodBuster

    Lowrance app for tablets

    That argument doesn't hold any water to me. First I can go buy a wireless handheld remote which is essentially the same thing as me running it remotely from my smart phone. Second I can put it on autopilot from the helm and walk away (which everyone does!) Third it would be simple to put lockout or password protection in the software. We already have too many built in lawyers in this world.
  14. RodBuster

    Lowrance app for tablets

    Just a heads up that it wont allow you to control the lowrance autopilot. They don't tell you that in their advertisements.I am pretty disappointed.
  15. Here are a few more pics of the helm as it was mounted. Honda helm is the black one