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  1. RodBuster

    Is Sodus launch clear?

    BTW Thank You Yankee for the comeback.
  2. RodBuster

    Is Sodus launch clear?

    Understood, and I have been in that situation before. Solution is to let my partner off on the end of the pier, and head for the next open launch. Probably bear creek.
  3. RodBuster

    Is Sodus launch clear?

    Back to top....I hope someone can let me know. Planning on going tomorrow.
  4. RodBuster

    Is Sodus launch clear?

    Thanks in advance for any info.
  5. RodBuster

    Cayuga Taughannock on 3/13/19

    Its completely clear, except for some of the floating ice. I was there today. I was jigging so I cant give you any info about trolling.
  6. RodBuster

    Taughhonnock Launch Status?

    Surprised it was open, with the night time temps we had. I am pondering a trip tomorrow. So, if anyone gets a look at it today let me know. Looks like we will be done with this BS (Ice) after tomorrow!
  7. RodBuster

    WTB raymarine sportpilot

    I have a plus that has been sitting around for about 4 years. The only thing wrong is the hinged bracket that attaches from the bottom of the drive unit to the dashboard is broken. PM me if you want tot talk about it.
  8. RodBuster

    Taughhonnock Launch Status?

    Yes thank you! They just need a little more horsepower on that pump and a few more holes in the pipe at the dock..... And I hope they don't let any more water out!
  9. RodBuster

    Taughhonnock Launch Status?

    OK thanks Doc...I suppose I should go....I wouldn't want you to go catch em all.! Maybe I'll see you there. May be after 7 for me.
  10. Anyone know if it is clear?Thank You
  11. I have been looking for one of these too...only need one to have a complete set of 10. Scarce as hens teeth! I looked at the new ones and it appears the blank is the same but the handle is bigger. If you find a nest of them let me know!
  12. Its about 85 here!...But I'm heading north tomorrow. Maybe I can bring some sunshine with me.
  13. If you go to the Niagara River and look at the guide boats that will tell you the story.....Lund, Crestliner and Mercury are owned by the same company. So, these boats come packaged with a Mercury.....but 95% of the Lund and Crestliner guide boats DON'T have Mercs on the back....these guys opt to pay a little more to have them powered by either Honda of Yami. Also, I'm in South Florida right now.....Yamaha is dominant, followed by Honda. I hope I don't get bashed too much for posting this!
  14. RodBuster


    I think that is on the tribs only. You can find all the info on Gill T post in the open lake discussion on Feb 1
  15. RodBuster

    for sale : usa Fishing Keuka South End

    yes, you have to be a local and get a permit. I was fishing with a local whom has a permit. It was nice when Ron had it opened, but I guess it got to be too busy and made it more difficult for the motel guests.