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  1. I was there yesterday and it was pretty slow for me. But, I would not put any stock on information received on June 18 for a trip in July. It will likely be totally different then. Typically June is transition time and July is much better.
  2. Works fine. I added a hardwired unit so I don't need it any more. If you have an ethernet port (yellow), just plug into it and you can view the screen on a smart phone or tablet. One bit of information that Lowrance doesn't divulge is that you CANNOT use it as a handheld remote steering control if you have Lowrance autopilot. I thought I would use my smart phone to steer but that feature doesn't work from the WIFI driven device. Ethernet cable NOT included.
  3. When you say "newer hooks" do you mean new OEM or a substitute? thanks
  4. Complete working Depth Raider. Doesn't include the coated downrigger wire. Includes owners manual.
  5. Cisco base plate with stanchion and quick release base. Quantity of 2. Good condition.
  6. Robbins Marine, Milton PA sells Lund and Yamaha. FWIW the friend I talked about bought the Lund Impact. I own an Alumacraft Navigator. They are very similar. The Lund is no better. That being said, Bombardier just bought Alumacraft, and now Yamaha said they are not sending any motors to Alumacraft. Good luck with your pursuit...its always fun to look at new boats.
  7. Go to a dealer that sells Lund and tell them you want a Yamaha. They can make it happen. You might not get the best price though. My friend bought one that had a Merc already mounted and he told them he wanted a Yamaha....and they made it happen. With respect to electric motors, you will need at least a 60 inch shaft.
  8. Gee Dale, must be nobody likes you!! Look at tunasreeltroubles.com
  9. If the van is "new" then it should be easy. if it is "new to you" the biggest problem may be loosening large rusty bolts and/or getting rusty threads to open. 1/2" diameter bolts that are rusty are sometimes impossible to loosen.
  10. Yes, They all have the same body. The boom diameter is universal. The difference between a 5 and a 10 is the sticker.
  11. I just bought a Terrova with lift assist. It is a 60 inch model, installed on an Alumacraft 175 Navigator. The lift assist causes the motor to have a tendency to come out of the water in 2.5 ft waves (Cayuga lake the first day I used it). When it comes out of the water it jumps out of the keyway which mates the shaft up to the turret which turns the motor. The spot lock feature was going crazy trying to stay on course because the turret was turning and the motor was not. Also, the lift assist takes about 5 inches of the shaft, so the motor is not as deep in the water. I was thoroughly disappointed. So, after some research I removed the lift assist. Problem solved. The lift assist isn't really needed anyway. It was about an hour long project with the most laborious task been forming a new keyway in the locking color. Minn Kota said I should have bought a 72" shaft. The problem with that is it would hang over the side of the boat when stowed, and be a hassle at the dock. I used it again after I made the modifications and like the motor a lot.
  12. Chowdaire, Thanks for the reply. My concern is the same as yours, getting iced over and then not deploying. I fish the lower Niagara and often the trolling motor gets iced over while traveling back up river. I haven't seen anyone using one there.
  13. Does anyone have any experience with them in ice? Specifically the deployment feature.
  14. Cabelas Predator Extreme. 1200 grams of thinsulate and a 9MM texal liner too.
  15. I find it ironic that people have spent 10's of thousands on boats and etc, but fret over paying $300 for a good rainsuit. ( Kinda like the people in the $2000 box seats at the yankees game with the $2 plastic poncho) . I like my Cabelas Guidewear very much
  16. I sent you a picture of two I have. Check your PM
  17. Wide open. Ice is clear on most of bay. I saw a little ice way back by the island when I looked out from the launch. I was there Sunday.
  18. BTW Thank You Yankee for the comeback.
  19. Understood, and I have been in that situation before. Solution is to let my partner off on the end of the pier, and head for the next open launch. Probably bear creek.
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