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  1. The 25" shaft? i was looking at that as well and thinking about mounting possibilities. Thank you
  2. Sound advice friend!
  3. I didn't want to say this publicly but I bought a 2016 9.8 Tohatsu this season and am not real satisfied with it. My buuddy also bought one the week before me and has had problems with it (vibration). I thought it woulkd be much quieter than it is and would be much more economical than my 2 stroke 9.9 Johnson but it doesn't seem like it is. . If I were to do it over I would go with   a Merc or Honda 15 horse.Despite the fact that Tohatsu makes the small Merc motors they are to different specs than the Tohatsu brand and I think a better option (couple friends have them). The 15 horse would be the best option as it gives you a bit more oomph with less effort which ma be better in the long run for the motor as it doesn't have top work as hard, is about the same gas wise and I don't think the weight differential is much. More expensive  but I think a better deal in the long run and the resale if desired may be better as it may appeal to more folks..

    1. Never Ends

      Never Ends

      thank you, i was thinking maybe a merc.. buying an outboard is one of the most complicated decisions. I appreciate the feedback as it is so tempting to go with the best deals available (tohatsu)

  4. Thank You
  5. Need Advice on a kicker and prop Hello, I am buying a new Tohatsu kicker, i have a 3900lb (Dry) Chapparall Sport Fisherman, with an OMC Cobra which is only fished on Seneca lake and i am wondering if a 9.8 Tohatsu will do the trick for trolling purposes? Im thinking fully loaded the boat will weigh around 5k? i just dont know if i should go with a 15 HP Tohatsu to be safe (i know neither one will get me on a plane). i also plan on buying a good kicker bracket as well. Also, i cannot figure out if my boats prop is correct, it is old and weathered and i need a new one, WOT is 4200-4600 and i currently have a 15.5x15. The boat will not go over 25mph with current prop (which could be related to other issues) but i am just wondering if i should pitch down to 13 as i dont care about top end speed to get optimal performance or pitch up to a 17... i have a Ford Windsor as an engine think it is a 305? All help/advice is appreciated
  6. Here is a picture for the above post
  7. Fire Tiger Spoon, directly to the north of Lodi point in the little cove to the right. I catch Pike there every year off of the Fire Tiger Spoon and the Yellow with Red diamond Daredevil.
  8. PM sent
  9. Watkins Glen NY to Geneva NY, where are you located? i am assuming if you are going out of Olcott you are interested in fishing lake ontario and not one of the southern finger lakes. Which i was referring to
  10. Here is a report for you. Fished Seneca on 7/17 targeting Bass, caught 6 babies and 2 rock bass, west side of the lake south of long point. we saw a ton of "big boys" and they were jumping everywhere just not hitting (and i tried every lure in my box, PERHAPS MY TECHNIQUE IS GARBAGE?). We had about a 6-0% follow rate. The fish were there just not interested at the time. But who would be when the sawbelly population is AMAZING.
  11. Where are you fishing at? I have good info on Seneca, but not much else
  12. Seneca

    Awesome! thanks for the info
  13. Seneca

    How is the bite this morning?
  14. I have "Seen" more LL Salmon this year than any other year on the South end, West Side where they always are. I have caught some as well. More than years past. I have also caught more Perch, Bass and Bullhead on the east side, off of my wifes dock in the past 2 years than ever before, which prior to 3 years ago i NEVER had any luck there. but now it is plentiful. I dont consider myself an expert Fisherman by any means, im just relaying my experience and what i see/catch etc... (maybe i really sucked in the past and learned a thing or two which is why i am having more success now.... Or....)
  15. I have caught more fish in the last 5 years on Seneca than i have in the last 33 years. Starting 3 years ago i started to notice more bait fish than ever and this year it is unreal. I have never seen so many LL Salmon on the south end than i have seen this year. The Derby winner this year was a record breaker. The Salt plant has been around for 100 years. The same 7 wineries have owned all the grapes for the last 50 years. I love reading those articles as i love basically having that lake to myself when i am out fishing because people think the lake sucks for fishing. The lake is a challenge, which is why i love it.