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  1. Hahahaha! Yes, that is awesome!!!!
  2. Suttons in Naples sells them 180-200 last time i bought one
  3. Fished 2 weeks ago action was great minimal fleas ran seth greens with 30lb mono dipsey rods with mono and a topline with mono headed south out of DeansCove then north back to Deans west side
  4. Fishing gear is expensive, it took about 1.5k to rig my boat minus the kicker... Nobody deserves that. I hope there is no correlation between college returning and the robbery.
  5. I have a 24.5 chapparall sport fisherman with a 9.9 mercury kicker boat weighs 4k dry, bought in 2017 new. It is awesome and i have never had an issue, tops out at about 6 mph. Ive done the reccomended maintenance each year. I have an eazy steer connecting it to main engine. only run non ethanol highly reccommend it.
  6. The Bassholes are pouring into Sned Acres campground in droves. They must have a tourney again
  7. Paced off the launch 25 of size 13 shoes
  8. What an amazing transition. Camping here for the weekend
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