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  1. Great work! #MakeSenecaGreatAgain
  2. I have bought all 4 of mine from Sutton Spoons store in Naples.
  3. Hobo, did you mean to say this? The second amendment grants us the right to keep and bear arms. In doing so, it also denies the government the authority to infringe upon our right to bear arms. Sometimes we fatfinger keypads and make honest mistakes.
  4. I love it when the Bills rip my heart out.
  5. They also amplify sound up to that decibel cut off point which helps you hear things you would never hear without them, such as squirrels that now sound like deer and snow falling off trees and wind and running water, but most importantly they helped me hear other hunters doing deer drives on public land approaching well before i could ever hear them naturally.
  6. The Walker Game Ears are the ****. They cut out sound after a certain decibel. I highly recommend them. A little bulky and a little bit of a pain in the ass but it is well worth it (they fit easily into my hunting vest). I spent 9 years as a Sonar Technician on Submarines which allegedly means eventual hearing loss, so i take extra precautions. But the shots pretty much sound like a light "pop".
  7. Gun season kicks bow seasons ass. Bow hunters kick gun hunters ass. Unfortunately, gun season brings the worst hunters into the woods. Which makes it almost unbearable. Therefore i have to love bow hunting.
  8. Yes, this is awesome!! I love this thread.
  9. Just to confirm: 1) i did not use my buck tag during regular season or my buck tag for bow/crossbow season in NY. 2) i can now use 2 buck tags during muzzleloader, if killed with a muzzleloader/bow/xbow? If this is true i will quit my job tomorrow and spend the remaining 6 days in the woods.
  10. Trespassers/thief's suck. I knew a guy who would give you a document (permission slip if you will) in order to hunt his land. If you didnt have a Document, you cant hunt, if you did your good... Solved any and every problem associated with that land, for those who were caught without a document of course... Maybe Cuomo can ban trespassers and institute mandatory hall passes to hunt public land?
  11. Hahahaha! Yes, that is awesome!!!!
  12. Suttons in Naples sells them 180-200 last time i bought one
  13. Fished 2 weeks ago action was great minimal fleas ran seth greens with 30lb mono dipsey rods with mono and a topline with mono headed south out of DeansCove then north back to Deans west side
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