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  1. I fixed 4 cannon mag 10s for about $150. Got parts off of
  2. I have a 9.9 merc 25” shaft for a 24ft chapparral sport fisherman which weighs 3900 dry. Tops out at about 5 knots. Works great, no issues. Just need to connect it to the main because steering is a pain in the ass
  3. Thats the stuff dreams are made of
  4. How about raising the entry fee and extending the derby a day. Start friday?
  5. Cayuga

    Wish i had a little more experience out there!!! Good luck guys!
  6. Cayuga

    Sunday is looking like a hot steamy windy bag of cat **** weather wise
  7. Cayuga

    Add Never Ends to the list please
  8. Caught two in Seneca on sunday with a white michigan stinger polka dot pattern
  9. Cayuga

    Ok sounds good! I will know in a week if i am in or not... just did the last 333 tourney and need to wait a week to break the news to my wife.
  10. Cayuga

    Do we pay before the 15th?
  11. Cant wait!!! actually might stay for weigh in this time, fishing is somewhat back to normal
  12. Caught 7 Land Locks saturday trolling north of sampson (released 4) with my buddy for 333 tourney west side. Launching from geneva would probably work. Used seth green rigs with bright colored stingers and typical suttons. Marked a ton if fish suspended in 50-70 fow and on the bottom. Fished over deep water 180-250 and 100 ft for lakers. Buddy caught 2 lakers today around long point.
  13. Seneca! If you know what your doing you will catch fish
  14. 3.5 days!!!
  15. Greatwork