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  1. Memorial Day Weekend Big Fish Friday

    Im in... how much? i can launch from anywhere on Seneca still?
  2. Despite the clear direction provides in the initial post.....Who is taking bets that he splits this up? I need some action.
  3. I caught more fish last year than any other year in the derby, This was after the first morning. Cant Wait for this year!!!
  4. Stick Baits on Seth Green rigs

    Thanks For the infor!!!
  5. Anyone ever tried this when weeds are not an issue?
  6. Seneca 1/28/18

    Fished lodi point area, 30-50 FOW, fish at 15-30ft. Copper, planer boards, seth green, leadcore. All lures, 2 hits 1 on copper one on seth green. None to the boat. Was nice to get out in January. Temp was 36
  7. 333

    Any idea when the 333 tourney dates might be for 2018? Or the Cayuga Lake LouAll? I understand its early... just curious
  8. I fixed 4 cannon mag 10s for about $150. Got parts off of
  9. Kicker motor questions

    I have a 9.9 merc 25” shaft for a 24ft chapparral sport fisherman which weighs 3900 dry. Tops out at about 5 knots. Works great, no issues. Just need to connect it to the main because steering is a pain in the ass
  10. 14 point

    Thats the stuff dreams are made of
  11. No Red Cross Tournament This Year

    How about raising the entry fee and extending the derby a day. Start friday?
  12. Cayuga Cayuga Lou All October 15th

    Wish i had a little more experience out there!!! Good luck guys!
  13. Cayuga Cayuga Lou All October 15th

    Sunday is looking like a hot steamy windy bag of cat **** weather wise