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  1. Never Ends

    Seneca Fishing Seneca Lake

    I fished the south end last weekend 7/7 7/8 and caught a couple LL. All by the painted rock over 200-150 FOW, all off of a white and red, black dot stinger. I had four very good days in May and June on the south end which produced Many fish. However, i would reccomend taking Lakebound88’s advice as i have struggled recently at the south end. There are tons of fish early in the morning at 150-200 where the canal meets the lake. Trolling speed varied from 1.5 to 2.5
  2. Never Ends

    Dead Fish-Seneca

    I basically only fish Seneca..... I dont know wtf is going on. The lake is definitely in a transition period of some sorts. I know that most of the pike i have caught have had this redish slime on them for the last 3 years. I will say this though, i saw the exact same thing you are describing on Cayuga in 2015. Not that this helps now, but if you see that again and the fish are not too far gone (red gills) you can call the DEC and they will come get them and take them to Cornell to figure out what they have.
  3. Never Ends

    Seneca Lamprey treatment

    Hopefully the weather permits them to destroy those nasty, vile creatures. I have a pair of scissor strategically located on my boat for every fish that comes up with a lampeey on it.
  4. Never Ends

    Memorial Day Weekend Big Fish Friday

    Great Job!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome tournament and thank you Nick! We fished the south end 7-9 biggest fish was a 4lb brown
  5. If they need a backup story i can tell them about a 10 lb brown i caught off my inlaws dock on my 37th bday. ( i will leave the part out about that being the only fish ive ever caught off their dock in 20 yrs)
  6. Never Ends

    CHIRP Frequency Selection

    I was a sonar tech on submarines for 9 years... the best frq depends on what you want to do. Low frq will cover a greater area due to the cone angle of the transmission while a higher frq covers a much smaller area. However, a higher frq will pick up more in that concentrated area than low frq. Think of a low powered flood light with bad eye sight as low frq and a high powered, alpha male, mag light with eagle vision in a concentrated setting as high frq.
  7. Never Ends

    Seneca Seneca south end

    thanks for the update!!!!!
  8. Never Ends

    Cayuga Trolling Cayuga lake

    Www.fingerlakesanglingzone.com always good info about cayuga lake on here
  9. Never Ends

    Lady Seneca 5/6/2018

    Went 8 for 12 fishing the south end of Seneca this morning most fish came on the east side around the painted rock, 110-150 FOW suspended. 6 LL 2 Rainbows all caught on spoons. Orange Mooselook ThinFish. Blue and Silver Michigan Stinger, purple and orange Alpena Diamond did most of the damage. Caught most on Seth green rigs but 2 on dipseys. Ran spin n glows and flies but no luck on those (i am probably doing something wrong with that setup as im not too familiar with them). We had a double and a triple hookup. It was awesome to have this much action on Seneca and i hope this continues throughout the year.
  10. Never Ends

    Seneca 4/28-29

    Probably doesnt understand what cowbells and greasetraps are.
  11. Il take the alpena for $5
  12. Never Ends

    Memorial Day Weekend Big Fish Friday

    Im in... how much? i can launch from anywhere on Seneca still?
  13. Despite the clear direction provides in the initial post.....Who is taking bets that he splits this up? I need some action.
  14. I caught more fish last year than any other year in the derby, This was after the first morning. Cant Wait for this year!!!
  15. Never Ends

    Stick Baits on Seth Green rigs

    Thanks For the infor!!!