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  1. Il take these for $40 shipped. I sent you a PM...
  2. Awesome!!! The article says we can use all valid tags! That is also surprising as i searched the DEC website for information relating to using your regular season buck tag during holiday hunt but couldnt find anything specific! I know there was an earlier question on this thread regarding that but i was skeptical.
  3. Thanks for the info. I just opposed this bill on the Ny Senate website!!! Not that my county would vote to get rid of it but I love the Holiday hunt! Last year was phenomenal.
  4. Some sort of Fox is my vote. An old friend of mine swore by a species of "Cat Dogs" roaming our area!!
  5. There are no Perch on Seneca! #Deadlake
  6. That guy is just a miserable POS. He throws a lot of shade at anyone he can. Sampson is my favorite place to camp minus that guy.
  7. There are no fish in Seneca, this is all smoke and mirrors... JK, great work!!!
  8. Seneca is a heck of a lot better than it was 3 years ago. I think we are on the upswing!
  9. https://gamblerrigs.com/collections/all?page=2
  10. Ha, looks like i misunderstood that question!
  11. IF we are talking about the same thing (slider/cheater)a slider is simply a lure on a leader with a snap swivel placed onto a downrigger line. It gravitates/sinks to the apex of the line created by your boats movement through the water.
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