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  1. A kicker gives you the piece of mind of never being stranded and extra confidence if you have a POS like me. Also, docking with a kicker is childs play, especially when you can roll in at 1.3 knots as opposed to 3 knots. it makes a big difference. Less wear and tear on your main motor, i have an OMC Cobra and it is one issue after the other.... Sk8man has it nailed!!! Fishing aside, i can now take my children out on the water without freaking out. Definitely worth the investment, (i bought a Merc 9.9 Xtra long shaft with a 4 bladed propeller, my boat is 3900 dry and it tops out at 5 knots)
  2. Nick we dont have to launch from Sampson for this correct? I usually give my entry fee to my coworker to pay for me and i fish the South End.
  3. Ready to rock!
  4. one of the eyelets broke off, i was able to make it work, but would like a new one
  5. Thermostat Housing, OMC Cobra Anyone have one of these laying around?
  6. Seneca

    This was the water level in Hector last night at my wifes families cottage. Never seen it this high before
  7. Never Ends is in
  8. Geneva, South end of Seneca, Sampson, Lodi Point, Starkey Point, Salt Plant in Watkins. 80-120 feet is usually a safe bet from late spring to end of summer.
  9. Seneca

    38-39 degrees was the water temp.
  10. Seneca

    4/2 Seneca Nothing special, but progress on Seneca!
  11. haha, i knew something was fishy when they said Cuomo granted Upstate NY money...
  12. The 25" shaft? i was looking at that as well and thinking about mounting possibilities. Thank you
  13. Sound advice friend!