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  1. I have two grease traps, what do you run off the back of them peanuts, spoons, spin n glows?
  2. I will say this... we sure have a lot of knowledgeable people here. Nick is producing and so is Roys Boys. Sk8tman always has great info, a perspective that is top notch! Also a lot of people who have seen lakes go through certain cycles! I love Seneca and will never stop fishing it, caught my first fish there.
  3. Fished Seneca for the first time since the derby today, West side Severne to Long Point didnt mark much at all, fished Caywood to Lodi Point and screen was littered with bait balls the whole time. Ended up getting skunked, ran spoons off a rig rod and down-riggers with Dipsey divers and Chinook divers. Praying that Lady Seneca recovers soon!
  4. Here is an excel list of the final standings. Column "C" has a simple 'sum' formula for columns D-G to make sure my math was correct. MARGEIT MEMORIAL RECORD BOOK.xlsx
  5. how many entrants so far and what is final payout percentage? 60-30-10?
  6. The best is the North end of Seneca during the derby near Bellhurst bowl. 'Bumper Boat Fishing', i used to get pissed off, now i enjoy it and laugh my ass off!
  7. Try to release them in the water with pliers, this has worked very well for me (Sk8man explained how he does it in a previous post and then i followed suit). I think out of the last 15 fish we have killed one. We real them in slow... I gave up on trying to get pictures, unless I have a slamhog to take home.
  8. Do you have paypal? If not could you post an address to send a check to, or should i just text one of the numbers on the form for an adress?
  9. Great work! #MakeSenecaGreatAgain
  10. I have bought all 4 of mine from Sutton Spoons store in Naples.
  11. Hobo, did you mean to say this? The second amendment grants us the right to keep and bear arms. In doing so, it also denies the government the authority to infringe upon our right to bear arms. Sometimes we fatfinger keypads and make honest mistakes.
  12. I love it when the Bills rip my heart out.
  13. They also amplify sound up to that decibel cut off point which helps you hear things you would never hear without them, such as squirrels that now sound like deer and snow falling off trees and wind and running water, but most importantly they helped me hear other hunters doing deer drives on public land approaching well before i could ever hear them naturally.
  14. The Walker Game Ears are the ****. They cut out sound after a certain decibel. I highly recommend them. A little bulky and a little bit of a pain in the ass but it is well worth it (they fit easily into my hunting vest). I spent 9 years as a Sonar Technician on Submarines which allegedly means eventual hearing loss, so i take extra precautions. But the shots pretty much sound like a light "pop".
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