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  1. Caught 7 Land Locks saturday trolling north of sampson (released 4) with my buddy for 333 tourney west side. Launching from geneva would probably work. Used seth green rigs with bright colored stingers and typical suttons. Marked a ton if fish suspended in 50-70 fow and on the bottom. Fished over deep water 180-250 and 100 ft for lakers. Buddy caught 2 lakers today around long point.
  2. Seneca! If you know what your doing you will catch fish
  3. 3.5 days!!!
  4. Greatwork
  5. Details?
  6. Great Job!!!
  7. I am sure he hasnt seen the post on here given the fact that you call him on a land line
  8. Cheap in price, great quality
  9. I would still use his weights. I bought some from him after the derby and thought they were cheap
  10. Haha! #customfitpeecan
  11. Thanks Guys! I was curious about the total entrants and was hoping the new committee did not run into any financial issues. I would contribute to an advertising fund if there was one.
  12. Seneca Lake Trout Derby Anybody know how the official turnout was this year? Or any other information It looked promising and was a hell of a lot of fun.
  13. Thanks ive actually been calling them all day for some copper but they are not answering, il have to make a trip out there soon