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  1. I was thinking they are eating fresh water shrimp. But IDK
  2. You can fish over a school all day and only get 12!
  3. Thank for the info. 80+
  4. Yes the 1st mile or so you can't get a boat in there.
  5. I just fish the Eastside right out of the inlet go north a few miles and turn around
  6. This time of year I would fish out of Ithaca and pull top lines on the east side with stick bait's off boards run the top lines 100-200 ' back
  7. Any word yet looking to get my dad out before it gets too Cold. Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks I was thinking about trying worms been using fatheads
  9. I hear you I'm not looking for anyone's spot. I've gone down to 4# line and smaller hook's different bait anything I can think of with not much luck guess I'll just keep at it.
  10. Tight lipped perch on seneca? Just wondering if anyone is having any luck. We have been able to find them but can't seem to get any numbers only around 15 a trip
  11. Just wondering if anyone has had any luck perch fishing haven't been out in a few months not looking for any spots or anything just wondering if anybody's been able to get any or if I should just go to Cayuga
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