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land locked

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  1. land locked

    No Perch in Canandaigua Lake

  2. land locked

    Tight lipped perch on seneca?

    Thanks I was thinking about trying worms been using fatheads
  3. land locked

    Tight lipped perch on seneca?

    I hear you I'm not looking for anyone's spot. I've gone down to 4# line and smaller hook's different bait anything I can think of with not much luck guess I'll just keep at it.
  4. Tight lipped perch on seneca? Just wondering if anyone is having any luck. We have been able to find them but can't seem to get any numbers only around 15 a trip
  5. land locked

    Seneca lake question

    Just wondering if anyone has had any luck perch fishing haven't been out in a few months not looking for any spots or anything just wondering if anybody's been able to get any or if I should just go to Cayuga
  6. land locked

    Need a recommendation

    Look up Black Dog Adventures fished with him this summer and killed them on Cayuga. Seneca Lake was tuff this year hopefully it good this year
  7. land locked

    Samson perch

    I was down there a few days ago ran a camera from 25-45 a mile south and north never seen a fish
  8. land locked

    Seneca gold

    Hi guys new here so I figured I would start on a good note. Fished in front of the showboat in 40 fow and got on the perch with rubber.