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  1. Thanks for the information, had to cancel the trip today due to last minute work meeting. I will be trying to get there once next week.
  2. anyone been out of long point lately, plan on making a trip up Friday 7/24. If so would appreciate any recent information that would be helpful.
  3. Any new updates heading up tomorrow out of long point state park?
  4. Bstone

    Cayuga Monday 6/15

    Not a darn thing, Tried all speeds, colors, and depths had lines going through bait and hooks but no takers. getting a copper set up this Thursday looking to try it out over weekend possible
  5. Bstone

    Cayuga Monday 6/15

    Thank you for the update and information
  6. Anyone out fishing in Cayuga today and having any luck
  7. Anyone launching out of long point tomorrow and if so what radio channel u running And boat name?
  8. Hummingbird 300 TX for sale worked when last taking off of boat. Has all parts needed to mount to boat. Asking $30 plus shipping.
  9. Would children in the 6 to 8 year old range be required to be registered as well if in the tournament?
  10. Yes there are lots of good tips, thanks for the info going to look that up.
  11. Thanks I will have to try that next time I am out.
  12. Went out of long point again and had no luck went north and south but couldn’t get one in the boat. Had all columns of water covered and a variety of spoons. Varied the speeds as well. It sure what else I could possible do? Any suggestions?
  13. Thanks for the update it’s awesome to have someone to talk to that gets there more often then I do at the time. Good luck on your next trip out!
  14. Any new updates going again Sunday out of long point
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