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  1. Reel Doc

    Cayuga Cayuga 8/19

    That's a super fish. What did he hit? Nice to know a few big silvers are on the prowl out in the middle.
  2. Reel Doc

    Cayuga Cayuga 8/19

    Launched from Dean's a little after 6 this morning and headed South. Nothing doing until halfway between the Brew Garden and Thirsty Owl where I found loads of debris from the recent rains. Headed to the middle of the lake and minimal debris there for the most part. Found a mix of lake trout and salmon in 250+ fow. Best battle of the year with a beautiful salmon that hammered a sliding cheater off the rigger. Had him beat and to the boat but had a problem as a lake trout had hit the terminal spoon so I couldn't manage to work the rod and the net on both fish with the salmon 7-8 feet behind the trout. Finally had the trout in the net but created enough slack for the salmon to spit the spoon. In the end the battle was awesome and glad to know he could swim away unharmed. Off the water by 9:30 so a very satisfying morning.
  3. Beautiful group of fish. You have that lake dialed in right now. Did that bass grab on something during a troll?
  4. So it had been a long day at the office with excessive brain strain. My wife and daughter are in California for a softball tournament all week and both boys had work until after 9 tonight. The original plan was get home and veg while finishing the lawn that I had half done before dark last night. Well, a serious shower skipped Seneca Falls but hit East Varick head on so the lawn was out. What to do.....go fishing of course. So boat in the water at Dean's about 6:30. Oops, the bozo who used this thing over the weekend never dialed off the batteries so not enough power to start the big motor BUT, I want to fish, it's a nice evening, and there is enough power to get the 9.9 to start, so why not just troll around close to Dean's for a bit? Well, even with the kicker running there is not enough juice for the electronics so going to have to wing it. Set riggers at 60 and 75, with copper carrying a flasher fly down 100. Just meandered back and forth with minimal expectations but I was fishing and that's all that mattered at that point. Well, by 8 the riggers fired 5 times, 4 off, you guessed it, the now standard sliding cheaters. Brought these 2 home to feed the 3 boys dinner tomorrow night, left 2 Lakers in the water and never got fire #5 near the boat. I would love to say what I was fishing over but don't know except to say never dragged bottom and guessing distance out from Dean's the activity probably happened at 200 fow and deeper. Seemed like best speed was low 2. something as the rigger lines were singing and typically that's between 2.2 and 2.4 In the end I had a blast as expected to smell the skunk and with no fish finder I couldn't swear at all the marks that won't hit what I'm trying to sell them.
  5. Reel Doc

    Deans 7/ 29/ 18

    👍. You have me really thinking with the pizza and wings an hour later. I always knew no bananas on the boat but now I'm thinking I need to revise the on boat menu to attract the fish!! Thanks for the reports and the humor
  6. Reel Doc

    Cayuga Cayuga 7/28

    Agreed we are all blessed to have a great lake in our backyard.....or in my case front yard as I look down the hill at it every day!! One of these days I will get some of the family to come along for an afternoon trip and we can throw a few more lines in the water. I'll let you all know how it goes when we do.
  7. Reel Doc

    Deans 7/ 29/ 18

    That's why the fish are hungry, they know you have Jerky on board!!
  8. Reel Doc

    Cayuga Cayuga 7/28

    Beautiful fish!! This morning I threw different speeds, different colors of flies and spoons, moved from 100-250 fow and for the number of marks, very slow bite.....that said, when fishing solo and more things to do in a day, I typically try to have dry lines by 9 in the morning. Today I broke the rule and stayed out until 10. 😉
  9. Reel Doc

    Cayuga Cayuga 7/28

    Solo trip from Dean's Cove on a nice overcast early morning. Went South on the West side and marked fish hugging the bottom and not biting between 90 and 130, then they spread out some from 140-200 with most between 50 and 100 feet down. With so many targets I was hoping to be busy but just slow and steady mix of smaller salmon and lake trout hitting spoons off riggers. Sk8man, you should know I used your sliding cheater recipe with some good success. Best fish of the day was a 3 lb lake trout that hit a cheater. Thought it would be a salmon as fought long and hard all the way in. Just before quitting at 10 a couple Lakers finally went after flies. I suspect that the thermocline is setting up as before coming in I cruised out to 250-300 fow and many marks between 60 and 90 feet down. Nothing hit but by then the sun was out and the lake was getting flat so probably not ideal timing. Minimal flea trouble today.
  10. Reel Doc

    Seneca Fish Camp

    Looks like Seneca lake has fish after all. Over the next couple years with no lampreys it will be right back. Agreed the small ones taste the best! Just like deer, you can't eat the horns on a big buck and his meat is musty. Spring born or yearlings are the best eating!
  11. Reel Doc

    Starting over

    Andy, This too shall pass. At least no one was hurt. You and your family will pick up the pieces and come back stronger. Hang in there, Greg
  12. What a peaceful way to fish. I thought the only way to catch Lakers with a kayak is by jigging. I'm guessing you use the wind to help you control boat speed. Thanks for sharing the video. Greg
  13. Reel Doc

    Cayuga Salvation Army Derby

    That's a beauty!
  14. Reel Doc

    Seneca Fish Camp

    No worries on the slow response. I've found freezing lake trout really causes it to lose flavor and texture. You think the milk helps it freeze a little better? Greg
  15. Reel Doc

    Cayuga 10 Year old Honor role

    That's awesome stuff!! Judging by the recent photos posted here, the next generation will have some great fishermen and women! 👍