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  1. Wellcraft walk-around 24 foot. I'm worried the motor weight on the back end will be a problem. I suppose if I get out but can't get back in will just have to keep fishing until the lake level rises. Supposed to be a little warmer next weekend but I think will go to Taughannock. When the lake level is up we can't fit under the bridge but should be fine now. Thanks for the info.
  2. So for loading can you back your trailer in past the dock? Did your truck get out in the water far? I'm a little nervous about having the whole thing get stuck. Have 4 wheel drive but..... maybe should drive down to Taughannock
  3. How did you get back in?
  4. Did you drive your trailer beyond the end of the dock then? Does the ramp extend out farther?
  5. Has anyone launched from Dean's Cove in the past when the lake level is as low as it is now? I walked to the end of the dock today and my tape measure hit bottom with just 18 inches of water. Doesn't look like it gets much deeper past the dock either. Does DEC ever dig out all the silt and dead leaves on the bottom? I'm assuming Taughannock is the only spot on the West side that has a channel deep enough to launch. Anyone with past experience please let me know.
  6. Reel Doc

    Taughhannock Launch Status?

    That's great to see!! . If you were chopping ice to clear the launch you deserve some great fishing!! Thanks for the pictures and whetting our appetites!!
  7. Reel Doc

    Downrigger Wire Repair

    Ouch. That had to be a painful moment. Kudos to you for not going overboard to go after it!!
  8. Reel Doc

    Downrigger Wire Repair

    Finally got around to bringing the downrigger in the house and cut back the frayed wire. As you can see I decided on the Klincher. It was a piece of cake and seems very secure. I appreciate the info you all passed on.
  9. Looking to get on the water early this Spring for the first time. With shallow water setups what type of leader sizes and lengths are used, specifically when trolling streamers and also for stickbaits or spoons running 10-20 feet down. Thanks in advance for the info!
  10. Reel Doc

    Taughhannock Launch Status?

    Me too. Anybody with ideas on how to break up the ice I'm willing to help...
  11. Reel Doc

    Sammy pac spoons

    Unless something changed in the past month the Sutton Spoon company is still active in Naples. You can contact them via their Facebook page.
  12. Reel Doc

    Brown or LL salmon??

    That first fish has color just like the browns we caught in the streams in Connecticut back a couple decades.....ok more than a couple decades. 😉. I wonder about the strong silver look of Finger lakes browns. Is that typical of most lake browns or just unique here?
  13. Reel Doc

    Cayuga 1/14

    Cold and Marine batteries don't seem to be the best combination. Glad to hear you got out there and found a few fish!
  14. Reel Doc

    Cayuga 1/14

    How was the fishing?
  15. Reel Doc

    Cayuga 1/14