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  1. And on a day with 3 footers the guests would-be slinging that same hash and eggs overboard......
  2. Used it once last year and don't recall any rough spots with the ramp. Anyone know if the ramp ends/drops abruptly? Are there ladders on the water side of the dock?
  3. Any idea on the status of the town launch across from Margaretta Rd?
  4. Very nice. What port are you fishing out of? That middle fish has quite the plump belly!!
  5. Even though we are friends, the lack of spoon versatility was going to cost 1 star off your Google rating....Except, every time I suggested a spoon color change, a rod fired, so your 5 star rating was intact.....Until, no rag to wipe hands which was a nuisance as kept wiping on my pant legs so 1/2 star off....Until, I stopped at Country Sweet on the way home to pick up Wings, (best around IMO), and they almost tossed me from the store before giving me some wings as they claimed the potent fish smell on me was bad for Chicken wing sales so another half star off.....Sorry Andy. I'll promise to pack some rags for the next trip
  6. Ditto the beautiful day and good times getting together. Catching fish is icing on the cake. As always, thanks for having me.
  7. Couldn't agree more about battling Lakers in the shallows. A load of fun, though after a few you can start to wear down.....well I do anyway.
  8. The boat next to the dock in the photo is 24 feet and the lake continues to rise so no worries.
  9. Great pics! Fish in the boat is always a great thing!
  10. Very Nice! I bet that 1 took a minute or 2 to bring boatside.
  11. A couple nice looking fish. Sorry to hear about the rigger. Any idea how it fell off?
  12. She loves to swim and really attentive to birds but her master is only accurate with a bow. I haven't taught her about waterfowl as with my poor shooting she would never get a retrieve!
  13. You remember when we launched at Deans in January only the bow was next to the dock! Lake is up a foot and a half since then.
  14. A busy working weekend but had a couple hours free this afternoon. Very fortunate to live a short drive from Deans Cove. First launch there since mid-January with the low Winter lake levels. The new dock is great.....fingers crossed it holds up through the busy Summer season. Set the flat lines on the boards first to give the shallow water a try. Nothing doing so slipped out a little and found hungry and fiesty Lakers willing to hit spoons on the riggers. 40-60 fow was the busiest depth. Worked out to 120, but nothing much out there. Was pulling lines when the dipsey carrying a flasher/fly fired for the only time but with the largest fish. Water surface temps ranged from 44-46, speeds of 2.2-2.4 were most popular. A great time made it easy to forget about the rain and fog.
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