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  1. Good point. Does anyone, DEC included, know the status of successful natural reproduction in Cayuga lake? Last I knew a mineral imbalance was such that essentially no lake trout could reproduce in Cayuga. If that is true, then harvest rate control is not a factor unless a tremendous number of fishermen suddenly deplete the numbers. Restocking rates are equivalent or above current catch rates. Otherwise the fishery would suffer. I would sooner wonder the status of the landlocked program as very few reports of legal sized catches this year and I feel like despite my best efforts most skippies I catch do not survive after release.
  2. Yes but, the fight of one nice King can equal several Lakers......
  3. You best stop catching so many fish when you visit!
  4. The worst is too often I'll see blood on my hand and find it doesn't go away. Laker bites tend to cause serious paper cuts!
  5. Agreed. Many complain of DEC mismanagement with Seneca lake but don't you wonder if there is more than just a lamprey issue there?
  6. I for one hope it continues for awhile. Haven't noticed much in the way of lamprey marks on the fish. Anyone else seeing signs of lampreys?
  7. So even though you had the permit taped to the windshield they still gave a warning? Mine is taped on as well but no warnings.....yet
  8. Looks like you are picking up where you left off last year. Those are Owasco fish?
  9. Ditto Sk8man Lakerchaser, and Stinger. Some lake trout will be a short paddle right straight out of Dean's or go North a touch out of the Cove and should find fish. Up to you to get them to take what you are offering.
  10. So glad you invited me Andy. It was both an honor and a pleasure to be on the inaugural trip for Emily III. She is a great fishing machine with loads of memorable fishing days ahead. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Great job with the kids. Silvers have been scarce across on the West side. Was there a Bass tournament this weekend?? The only time Dean's is packed like that is when the bass fishermen have something going
  12. Sad but true. Word is that back in the 70's and '80's the Chemical company in Waterloo would discharge in that canal and turn the water florescent green or orange so I guess a little human discharge is minimal impact in comparison. Runoff from sloping fields that get livestock manure spread are probably as bad or worse Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. I'm sure it already has. That location is about 1 mile upstream on the canal that flows into the North end of Cayuga. Depending on currents it could run South towards Cayuga state park but more likely will get pulled towards the Seneca river and up towards Montezuma. More apt to expose bullhead, bass, perch in the shallow North end. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Really heavy rain throughout the day in Seneca County. Tonight Cayuga lake level looks significantly higher than 24 hours ago and brown water extends out well over 100 yards from shore along the West side. If hitting the lake this weekend watch out for debris.
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