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  1. Purebred Golden Retriever, 9 months old today. She's been my first mate quite often since September.
  2. Yesterday I learned the key to successful fishing on Lake Ontario.....never let Andy's boat get more than 100 yards away!! Note his rig in the background of the first photo!! Even catching just the fish that missed his setup I boxed out several times over and nearly all caught were solid fish!! This early on in my Lake Ontario learning curve I'm ecstatic with these reults!!
  3. Right on tue money! Part of being an outdoorsman is at times enjoying human distancing and embracing what Nature offers us!!
  4. Bring mine along every time I fish. Never know when might need a battery jump or air for a down tire. Only needed the jump once when main motor wouldn't turn on a 20 degree day but the piece of mind is worth it.
  5. Get it done when the weather turns. By the way this crowd critiques the pics you best just post the trip and skip the pics....
  6. If the gf made it through that she's the best keeper of the day.....next trip she better get dibs on the first hit of the day.
  7. I'm thinking if we can't catch Browns on Cayuga then take the short drive to Ontario.
  8. What were water temps like out there? Hovering around 40 Sunday at Sodus
  9. Thanks for the great pictures. Hopefully he doesn't try to eat the fish. I had a client about 10 years ago who was an avid ice fisherman on the North end of Cayuga lake. Any pike or pickerel they caught he would promptly amputate the head and chew it like rawhide. Of course, the owner asks me during the appointment, "Is that ok if he eats the heads Doc?" I think my answer was sure if he chews it well, but don't let him kiss you good night until he brushes his teeth.....
  10. Nicely done. I figured someone was fishing out of Taughannock yesterday as the lake looked calm. Was there much traffic at the launch?
  11. Sorry to hear you lost a good friend. Just added this gal as a pup last Summer. She's always willing to go.
  12. After numerous hands on tutorials with Chowder the past several years, and spot on boat upgrades this Winter by L&M I felt ready to get the call up from Triple A Cayuga to Major League Ontario. Probably not the best morning to choose for the first effort as the weather wasn't pleasant, but I went in with minimal expectations and figured at least some reconnaissance around Sodus would be worthwhile for the future. Had my four legged first mate along but had to promise her an Apres Fishing Field Romp! It was nearly 8:30 by the time we passed the lighthouse, turned West, and set lines. Water temps in 15-25 FOW were steady between 39.5 and 40.5. Kept speeds mostly between 2.2&2.5. For over an hour had steady fires, 2 good fish and the rest small. Second half of the trip slowed down with only a couple little ones but the East wind kept building so pulled lines before 11 and headed in. Needless to say I was ecstatic with some action despite the conditions and considering it was my first at bat it was great to avoid the strike out.
  13. Doesn't get any better than that!! If your son is willing to fish in March wait until the warmer weather!!
  14. Go to Taughannock....your best bet
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