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  1. Glad to see you made it out. A couple animal emergencies this morning kept me on solid ground. Will try for next weekend.
  2. Very nice. I didn't know you had your own backhoe!!
  3. Thanks for the pic/update. Guess I'll be waiting for a little thaw for next weekend
  4. That guy in the green coat looks familiar......
  5. Very nice! Hoping to get there at some point this weekend! Thanks for the photo!
  6. I'm afraid with temps in the single digits from now into Saturday that Dean's will be iced up solid for a while. Hoping we can get some Intel on Taughannock as if the bubbler is on it will be useable with a little work breaking the ice by the dock.
  7. Thanks for the tip, I'll ask about it!
  8. Yes, 95 % of Lakers I get from Cayuga are clipped. Been doing a diary for the DEC for a few years now.. Always look forward to the results when they post in March. I would love to know their system in order to get an idea on ages of some of the bigger ones
  9. The luxury of living close to the launch allows for last minute fishing trips. I use the wind finder app and it's pretty reliable, but yesterday the lake surf was still coming strong from the South even though the wind started Southwest and an hour and a half later turned to come out of the Northwest. Definitely a lag between change in wind direction and the waves. Glad to get out as this time of year you never know when the next opportunity comes up
  10. Hoped to get out Saturday but Dean's had iced up and didn't hear a status report for Taughannock. So.... today with the warm up we headed to Dean's this afternoon and despite a snotty surf from a South wind gave it a go. The chop was less near shore so put out a board and worked in tight for an hour but only picked up 1 Laker. The wind started to turn and the surf let up a little so snuck out past 75, dropped a couple dipseys with flies and game on. Non stop from 3:30 until dark, the flies had most of the fires but the rigger went a couple times too. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon in January and still watch a great football game tonight.
  11. Anybody been by the launch today? Is the bubbler keeping it ice free? Thanks in advance for comments
  12. The snow and cold is settling in so grab this rig while you can. JANUARY SPECIAL! Free Trolling Rod and Reel with purchase
  13. Thanks for the offer but the hand cranks help keep me warm while fishing on the chilly days.
  14. Haven't been on the water in a long while so when the winds were calm this morning it was time to get out there. No lines no waiting at Dean's so launched about 9 went straight out 50 yards and started trolling. Fish were near or on bottom out to 120 fow then suspended between 80 and 120 towards the middle of the lake. Probably all lake trout or at least that was all that was hungry. First fish of the day was the largest at 29 inches, the rest ranged from 16 to 24. Equal numbers hit spoons and flies. Steady pick right along then back at the dock by 1. Great December day to be on the water. Not seeing reports here lately, anyone working the South end finding some Salmon or are they still in the creeks? I'll be waiting for the lake to drop a little more before launching down at Taughannock.
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