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  1. Looks like you have an excited pair of fishing partners. Love to see kids getting involved. Thanks for posting. I've been trying to figure out silvers on Cayuga for a couple years now. Leadcore 5, 7 and 10 have worked recently along with occasional rigger hits. If you are working the Gamblers and cowbells deep, try a sliding cheater and you might get a silver higher in the column
  2. Great looking catch there. If the lampreys get knocked down a few pegs the fish survival and growth rates will pick up markedly
  3. Great videos. That second fish seemed to be turning your kayak! BTW, those Penn reels are working great carrying 5 and 7 color cores.
  4. Two beautiful days on the water. Started Saturday launching from Deans before sunrise and ran South to Sheldrake and back. Rainbows and a decent landlocked were the action for the first hour taking spoons on the rigger and 5 color. Lakers slept in but by 7:30 they took over. Just North of Sheldrake was very hectic as the rigger down 60 with a glo frog kept firing. The 7 color had high fish honors with an 8lb 8oz Laker who was in a bad mood. Thanks to my family for the portable scale for Fathers Day. Now we can weigh the catch with ease. Sunday was a new day, new sunrise, still hungry fish. Headed North and found active fish in all varieties. Nothing huge today but steady pick of fun to catch, (and in some cases eat!) Fish. Riggers at 45 and 60 did most of the work while the 7 color sporting Steelie Dan made the landlocked and Rainbow happy. Off the water again at 10:30 with shorter lines at Deans. Had bonus water time both afternoons taking the kids and friends swimming. They wanted to fish a little this afternoon so we set some lines and they managed to land a couple Lakers in short order. The lake seems so healthy right now though a downer today was landing a laker with a lamprey attached. First lamprey I've seen in some time. Was happy to let that fish go after having made it lamprey free!!
  5. That's a long way down!! Jigging or dropping a rigger down that far?
  6. So does bait spend time down there.....probably not so bigger fish don't have much reason to be down there either. We need a poll of Cayuga and Seneca fisherman. What's your best guesstimate of the deepest you had a line that caught a fish? Ive had 600 copper out and a rigger down 110 which with blowback is probably less than 100. Anyone go below 120 and catch fish??
  7. After reading the article it makes me wonder if the 600 plus depths in parts of Seneca Lake never or rarely turnover......
  8. This came out in today's Fingerlakes Times and thought I would share. Always nice to read and learn about LOU Members. Here's to ya Steven!
  9. With this warm weather in the forecast the thermocline may really set up over the next couple weeks
  10. Gotta love those smiles. Way to put the kids on some fish!!
  11. Very nice way to break in the boat upgrades. Great looking Rainbow.
  12. If you don't have an autopilot I agree that winds over 10 make running solo tricky unless you are able to troll with the wind at your back. As for what you may run in to tomorrow, if winds from any direction are under 10, not much to worry about. Another factor is where you launch and where you plan to fish. Out of Deans a West or Southwest wind won't bother much if you stay on the West side in 150 fow or less. However, if the wind becomes more Southerly then its coming right up the lake at its widest part, so that area gets snotty. If you launch at the South end at Treman, Taughannock, or Myers, conditions may be quite different, and often better, as the lake is not as wide through there. Winter fishing when I launch at Taughannock I have often seen much rougher water from AES North past Deans during my ride home, (I live 4 miles North of Deans). In the end, North or South winds over 10 are the ones to be most concerned with. If you get to a launch and don't like what you see, try another one as the chop could be significantly different. Good luck out there tomorrow
  13. Beautiful fish. It didn't take you long to put together a successful program!!
  14. Great story and super pictures. Glad to see the smiles and the fish. Thanks for sharing.
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