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  1. Good news. The dock was beaten up badly this Summer.
  2. Haven't launched there in a month and went to the end of the dock to launch that day, (24 foot Wellcraft). Lake has dropped about 10 inches since then. If you have a flat bottom or small V you could probably get out provided the ice has melted. This warm up might do it. Perhaps someone on here driving by can update if it's still iced over.
  3. Sorry to hear the bug hit you. Rest and get well. Great looking flies and streamers!! Hope to see you out on the water soon. Greg
  4. First one 23&1/2 but very thick body. Second one 1/2 inch longer but lighter weight. I measure them for the DEC diary but rarely weigh them. Largest lake trout just shy of 30 inches and a very stout fish. All caught looked very healthy with just one having an old lamprey mark
  5. Sounds like you need to plan another week here this summer! Cayuga missed you last year.
  6. Correct. The one on the deck and a couple others its size are headed to the grill tonight. The hanging one was bigger, what I consider smoker size (we have enough right now), so it and others similar went back in the lake.
  7. Thanks to Doc's Intel about the Taughannock launch I was ready to hit the water this morning. Launch was clear but one area halfway to the bridge had a thin ice sheet that easily broke apart. Ornery Southeast wind so turned North and had lines in the water a little after 8. Slow, steady spoon bite and nothing on the dipsey. Wind changed around and came in from the North about the time I was ready to turn around. Decided to break out the long copper down the chute. Barely set it and it fired. The rest of the trip back was nonstop action so easy to stay warm despite the wind getting stronger. At one point was working in a fish on the long copper and the dipsey fired followed by the rigger. Turned out to be a quad as the rigger had fish on the terminal spoon and the cheater. All fish were lake trout today, no sign of the silvers. A great morning to be out for February.
  8. Guess I'm the Gill-T one......
  9. WTG! You had plenty of sunshine and by the looks of the waves in the background the wind was not an issue. Days are getting longer so even better fishing ahead!
  10. Will give it a go tomorrow if the launch is not too iced over. Calling for cold but minimal wind......Wind is the deal breaker for me. Otherwise its just open water ice fishing.
  11. Anyone at Taughannock today? Would appreciate the word on the launch and if the bubbler is keeping the ice down. Thanks in advance!!
  12. So with the tandem fly how do you set it? Add some split shot or a short core? I've heard others speak of setting it on mono just behind the kicker motor wash.
  13. 100 plus was better in 100-140 fow. Stayed on the West side and didn't mind the wind as the bite kept us busy until 10:30. Bite slowed, wind felt colder and we were back in by 11:30. Really a nice morning for January.....
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