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  1. Lakers, rainbow, smallie, and a perch......you can call it a Canandaigua Slam....nicely done!!
  2. Yes indeed, threw it back in 5 pieces.....
  3. Super day to be on the water Sunday. Ran South out of Deans and started trolling towards Sheldrake working spoons on both the rigger and a core and put a flasher/fly off a dipsey. The dipsey fired, laker in the net, it fired again, laker in the net, it fired again, another laker, fired and fired and fired, laker times 3.......you get the idea. The spoons, nothing, nothing, and nothing. Kept tinkering but no go. I suspect next trip might be an all spoon bite! Only downer of the day came attached to this laker.....biggest lamprey to ever hit the deck for me and first on Cayuga in a couple years. Hope its a one off not to be repeated anytime soon.
  4. Sunday was a great day to be on the water
  5. Make sure your first post is not the last. Love the pics with a happy crew. Thats what its all about
  6. Agreed. Stealth helps on the equation too. Longer flouro leaders and if you have them, set a leadcore or copper line off a planer board or try a slide diver to get the presentation away from the boat. Compared to the lake trout they are a challenge but worth the extra effort.
  7. Beautiful group of fish. Way to scout hard and find them. Maybe something in the water this year, but it seems many Cayuga lakers in the 28 inch plus group have been very angry pulling drag and not giving up right all the way to the boat. Been fooled a few times thinking a Landlocked or Brown was on the line. Makes for a very fun time.
  8. Went out of Deans Saturday morning for the first Cayuga trip in over a month. Not too much debris until Sheldrake but from there a little South saw clusters of big wood chunks in the middle of the lake. They tended to be in relatively tight groups so could avoid for the most part. Found some big angry Lakers 25 inches plus and a couple over 30 that made it a fun and busy morning of fishing. Hit rigger spoons early and flasher/fly off the dipsey rig later. About 9:30 this beauty hit the 10 color and kept me busy for a while before getting to the boat. Clouds broke up, the sun came out, my first mate did some swimming and we finished up a great morning on the water
  9. Very nice. Glad to hear you had a good time. The fishery has been fantastic in recent years
  10. Great pics. Obviously Cayuga has been missing you. Welcome Back!!
  11. Couple weeks ago found rainbows down 35 to 50 and lake trout down 50 or more. Fished in water 80 out to 250 picking fish all along. Thermocline probably setting up more now so if nothing happening go out in the middle of the lake, over 300 fow and cover 40 to 100 feet down. 200 and 300 copper should catch something, riggers 45 to 60 down or run 80 to 100 down with green or purple spoons then attach sliding cheaters with red, orange, yellow colors. Dreamweaver super slims or equivalent size is good, Ive never used mags on Cayuga. Flasher fly in white or green on copper 300 or more or off a dypsey set to run in 60 to 100 fow will always put some lake trout in the net. Be ready to check susceptible lines often as fleas are really bad now. Keep us posted on how you make out.
  12. We all have those days. Beauty of a Brown!!
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