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  1. FishingFool34, Thanks for the very informative reply. I see the ControlKing has different models for the different brands/ages of motors while the Trollmaster does not. Any reason to think one might perform better than the other on certain kickers?
  2. I'm looking to improve control of trolling speed with the 9.9 hp kicker on my 24 foot Wellcraft. Really interested in feedback from all of you that have a throttle controller on what you are using and any likes and dislikes. Thanks, Greg
  3. Ultimately we don't know what levels of heavy metals an individual fish has, regardless of where it's caught in the lake. The DEC does provide guidelines on amounts to consume and it stands to reason those guidelines are very conservative. I'm more willing to consume a trout caught in Cayuga vs a store bought fish from who knows where. It's also a bonus knowing time from water to table and being able to trim all fat away. Farmed raised fish are not the same as wild caught in terms of potential residues in the meat but not knowing where raised makes me nervous. And certainly any fish/shellfish from Asian or South American countries are buyer beware as there is no reliable oversight by any food agency. We can complain about many things wrong with government in this country, but overall good safety is very good.
  4. I like the landlocks fried, grilled, or smoked. Skin the fillets. Coat with House of Autry's fish mix with Old Bay Seasoning added in for a touch of spice. Cook in olive oil and enjoy. That was dinner Sunday using the morning's catch!!
  5. Looks to be shallow the first mile or so. I'm guessing high lines work there Spring and Fall but not so much once water temps go up. Appreciate the info. One of these days I'll make the trip down there.
  6. If the spawn is finished, wouldn't they be actively feeding now? That was a head scratcher for me yesterday as knew some areas were loaded with lake trout and the flies and spoons were practically in their mouths but they weren't biting.
  7. I hate when that happens, especially when the weather cooperates
  8. Do they congregate near the inlet or run all the way up to Meyers? Until the lake levels drop in January I'm not able to launch at Taughannock. Wondering if it's worth the drive to Treman rather than launch at Dean's and boat all the way South
  9. After nearly a month off the water I finally had some free time this morning. Left Dean's and went South by the power plant to hit some spots that were active last October. Marked plenty of fish down 100-120 over 130-150 but after an hour and a half only one catch, a miniature lake trout that took a spoon but never even triggered the release. Decided to poke around on the West side from Kidders up to Sheldrake. Found groups of active landlocks down 40-60, but the largest of the bunch barely made 20". Still fun to catch as could hardly keep 2 rigger lines in the water for a while as they were aggressive. 3 different doubles on one line as the sliding cheaters working better than they have all Summer. Made for an entertaining morning and after putting a couple on ice they made a nice dinner too.
  10. Until the spawn ends it will be a frustrating time to fish especially when the fish finder shows them stacked up. I'm hanging tree stands and getting some target practice going this week. Maybe hit the water next week......
  11. Up and out on the water in time to enjoy the sunrise with my first mate. She's been growing! Southeast breeze so ran a mile South of Sheldrake and worked North along the West side. Loads of marks but very tight lips this morning. Ended up with just 2 Lakers on flies off the 500 copper. Spoons were silent. Pulling lines about 9:30 and watched a bald eagle swoop down and snatch a fish about 30 yards in front of the boat!! Sometimes the best trips are not about the most fish caught.....a beautiful morning
  12. I'll have to look into that as it looks like a good rigid option. Hopefully can find a turnbuckle long enough to span that distance
  13. Yes, the bow bounces up and down when driving. How can I know what strength tie downs to get as don't want something that could stretch or snap?
  14. Based on these responses it's very clear I needed to post this topic when I bought the boat 10 years ago, it being my first vessel that didn't slide in and out of the back of a pickup! Had a surveyor evaluate prior to purchase to be sure it was as advertised and it has been a pleasure to date. The Eagle trailer is rated for 6600 lbs and the boat weighs 3400 plus the kicker I added so should be rated adequately. Sale was brokered through a Marina and I made the mistake of trusting them a little too much regarding the trailer. When gave me a crash course on launching and trailering I specifically remember I asked about the winch and single hook-up looking pretty minimal and was told, "not to worry, the weight of the boat will keep it on the trailer". Fortunately, 95% of my trips to date have been under 10 miles round-trip to the boat launch. Planning to change that as Ontario is calling, so it's a great time to clean up my trailer program. I dug out all the manuals I have and as many of you mentioned the trailer manual states to use a safety chain and 3 tiedowns. So glad it took me 10 years to read this manual as of course, I read all through the boat manuals right away! Any direction on where to buy a proper safety chain and tiedowns would be greatly appreciated. Also thoughts on a winch upgrade as the current one certainly doesn't lock in place and it only cranks the boat up to a point before it can't compete with the weight and is done. Thanks again for all the thoughts, Greg
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