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  1. Hoping those 43 years of great memories help you through now. They will bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye but both you and your wife have them to cherish forever. God Bless
  2. In related news....... I love how they pay themselves on the back for being the company to achieve this, even though it took 5 years to accomplish......
  3. Be great to see difference of levels in sport fish before leaving the hatchery and 1,2,3 years in the lake. Then reevaluate every 4-5 years and see if progress is being made
  4. That's a study I would love to see full results of. The question is, did they test a group that eats store bought fish only and compare levels. When you go to a store and see fish/shellfish with origins of SouthEast Asia countries where there is minimal if any control of water contamination it is concerning.
  5. Had a perch/bass fisherman join me today for his first taste of trolling. I was thrilled to see an ice free launch this morning. Unfortunately, going under the bridge the boat was met with an ice chunk field which was a little nerve wracking but no harm done. With the wind and waves causing a rough ride and an icy deck we decided early on that this would be a short trip so just set 3 lines. Was thrilled when the line down the chute with a stickbait started screaming, so Roderick had a nice battle with a solid fish. I promised him another trip in nicer weather so he can get a longer and more comfortable experience.
  6. None for me yesterday but hopefully they will join the party soon!!
  7. If that was you coming out of Meyers early on then sorry I didn't notice you wave. The 1 stickbait bite of the day had me trying to avoid line tangles and not get grounded in the shallows!! A great morning to be out there! I'm sure we'll cross paths again
  8. There is no better way to spend a Winter day than a fishing trip with Andy. I'm disappointed I was not invited as I love Hogan's Heroes!!
  9. Finished up fishing for 2022 on my birthday, the 30th, which was a first as work and weather typically don't cooperate for weekday fishing in late December. Launched at Dean's and surprised to nearly get stuck churning mud on the way out. Had checked lake levels ahead and had launched at Dean's in a foot or more lower water level so must be significant sediment buildup in the Cove. South wind made it snotty so buzzed down to Thirsty Owl and trolled North in 70-140 FOW. Steady pick of Lakers, the largest at 22" and a large group from 16 to 20". Flies on the Dipsey preferred over rigger spoons by at least a 3 to 1 margin. Fast forward to this morning and launching at Taughannock. Beautiful calm overcast conditions so pulled out the big board and loaded it up for shallow trolling. Meandered South on the East side since the boat that launched just before went down the West side. Lake trout dominated the catch but a couple Browns spiced things up a bit. All but 1 took spoons, nothing on a fly and 1 on a Bay Rat. There is a nice mud line at the South end and today the 3 color core with a copper spoon stole the show while cruising through there. Great to have decent conditions for fishing this time of year!!
  10. Thanks for sharing that link! Looks like a solid mud line off the inlet today. Walked the Taughannock gorge trail last weekend and strong water flow through there too. Now for the weekend weather to behave......
  11. My wife spent the time researching vacuum sealers a couple years ago and found this Avid Armor. It checks all the boxes for us, highly recommend.
  12. Stopped Tuesday to find duck hunters chopping it open. Looked again just now and it's open but note the chunks at the launch
  13. Have enjoyed every post on this thread. Congratulations on a great trip and to both of you for getting it done!!
  14. No kidding, your smoked Laker recipe is top shelf. Have a lil Chief smoker do the smoking. Just had some of the last batch on a salad for my lunch. I have a crew I work with who love when I bring along some for them to enjoy!!
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