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  1. Looks like it's on again! https://www.laketroutderby.org/
  2. Beats being stuck inside with the same relatives who told the same stories at Thanksgiving! LOL…
  3. Yeah, what those guys said. I never fished Keuka but when the jig bite was hot on Seneca (pre-lamprey decimation), I’d just drop it to the bottom, RIP it back, drop it to the bottom, RIP it back…. If you get your fishfinder set up right, it’s a blast to “watch the show on the TV.” It’s very interactive. You watch your jig going down and the fish coming up. When the fish and jig meet, start reeling like you’re swimming for your life. I’ve had plenty chase it right to the boat and even break water (yes, lake trout). A 3” white tube on a 1oz jig head was my go-to rig with 10lb braid and a 10’ fluorocarbon leader. Good luck!
  4. Anthony, well done and thanks. Looks like I am on the right track although I don't have the Lite Bite version. I have been picking up a few fish on the slide divers. Because I had it on hand, I'm running about 50 feet of 12 pound fluorocarbon down to a swivel about 4 feet above the spoon and then 10 pound fluorocarbon from the swivel to the spoon and I attached the spoon with just a snap. For whatever reason, the 10 pound stuff seems so much smaller in diameter than the 12 pound. Tight lines!
  5. It does and thanks! I got to thinking about it and I think what I'll do on my next trip out is to get the right speed going in 50 feet of water and slowly keep letting line out until I hit bottom. I should be able to figure out the ratios from there. I'm a little disappointed in the lack of info the manufacturer provides. Grumble…
  6. Great report and great info---thanks! Quick question, if you don't mind. I just started fishing U-Charters slide divers and I didn't think I was getting down deep enough so I bought the Ultimate Accessory Ring and Weight Set. I've been through a few nasty tangles with my lead core, so I run the divers on a #6 setting to get them as far away from the boat as I can (I run Chinook divers on a #4 setting). With the slide divers on that setting, any idea how much wire I need to let out? U-Charters doesn't seem to offer a chart with this "Ultimate" setup and from my googling, no one else seems to be able to find what I'm looking for either. Does a 3 to 1 ratio sound right (3 feet out for every foot of depth)?
  7. I have to say that since the die-off, I've been seeing actual bait pods instead of the screen going black for half an hour. Now if we can just get rid of the weeds and fleas!
  8. That's a beauty! Nice to meet you---glad you guys had a kick ass day.
  9. Way to celebrate diversity! Great determination and another great report---many thanks!
  10. Years ago I used a Cabela's binder which was nice for organizing and categorizing swim baits and jigs but yeah, in time, they do get funky but for a trip or something short-term I think this would work okay for you. Couple of pics…
  11. Nick, thanks for the encouraging report. Your C- student is hoping to get there by the end of the week as long as Barrett's does their thing. I see your power cord in the photo---is the power on?
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