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  1. Thanks RB. The marina officially opens on April 1. Can't wait!
  2. Nice! Encouraging good news for a change! Hope to be fishing the north end of Seneca or out of Samson by next weekend or the weekend thereafter, depending on weather and lockdown status. SAD!
  3. I really didn’t get rigged up until mid-late August with permanently installed fish finders. My Humminbird Helix 5 GPS Chirp Down Imaging unit ended up in the flybridge, so I can see a map of the bottom as I move around. I ended up buying a Helix 5 basic sonar unit for the back of the boat where I fish. I’ll attach a pic, showing my jig going up and down and a few lakers giving it a look. I have no complaints other than not turning those lookers into hitters. Looking forward to getting out this spring and spending some time getting reacquainted. Seems like much tougher fishing than when I sold my last boat (No Clue) in 2011 but I’m aware of the lamprey situation. Hopefully things will pick up this year and in future years.
  4. I'm posting this for a friend at the marina. This is the old No Clue which I sold in 2011. Give Greg a ring if you are interested!
  5. Sk8, the boat had been in the water all season down in the canal at the Glen and had a lot of crud on it. I did what I could to clean it off from the swim step but I just couldn't get a good connection. It held for a little while and I couldn't take a chance on having it detached while under power so I went back to the MacGyver rig.
  6. Thanks Mike! I’ve been so busy with work I haven’t had a chance to do much reading on the board but I think a bunch of the old guys are still around---Wire Ray, Rabbit, Bullet Bob, Jeff Bacon, Pete Collin… Finally got my transducers permanently installed on Monday at Barrett’s. Fran pulled my rig and I did the install. I had to get to the DMV to register my boat and didn’t have a chance to try them out. That board on the bungee cord over the side thing was getting pretty old. Tried the suction cup, as suggested, but it didn’t stick. Tough fishing for me so far---picked up one and lost one at the boat Saturday night and had a short bite window Sunday around 5 PM---managed two nice fish on 3 inch white tubes. Lots of lookers and chasers but not enough takers. Not sure I will make it up this weekend due to the wind on Saturday. No fun sitting at the dock all day. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop!
  7. Sk8man, thanks. I rigged this on the fly with what I had on hand at the marina. I will look into the suction cup if I don't think I can't get the boat out of the water this weekend.
  8. I called Barrett Marine Saturday morning, hoping they could lift the boat so I could get the transducer installed and the fishfinder set up but Fran said weekends are just nuts up there. I’ll have to catch up with him on a weekday; hopefully this Friday. With some materials I had on hand, I was able to set up a temporary Rube Goldberg fishfinder. I attached the transducer to a pressure treated 2 x 6 which I hung over the starboard rear with a bungee cord and zip ties. It bounced around quite a bit in the waves but I was able to mark fish and see my jig. I have no complaints about the old school sonar fishfinder. I didn’t get out on the water until 3 PM but managed one “good eatin’ fish,” so at least I broke the ice. It’s a nice to be back on the water and the new marina at Sampson is state-of-the-art, other than still lacking a pumpout. Unfortunately, the 1993 vintage fishfinder in the flybridge took an official crap. From the water, I was able to download a Seneca Lake fishing map so I could try to find the depth I wanted to fish while driving from the flybridge. I really had a few strikes against me on this trip. I will probably mount the Helix 5 Chirp-DI-GPS in the flybridge, since it tells current speed and whatnot. For the way I fish, I can't see any advantage with the Chirp FF. I’ll attach a few photos… This photo shows my jig dropping to the bottom and then me retrieving it. It looks like a V. A little more jigging action on this one. Rube Goldberg/MacGyver fishfinder mount (patent pending)... First lake trout in eight years!
  9. Hello from a long time ago! This is a very timely topic for me. I sold my Bayliner in 2011 and now eight years later, I couldn’t stay away any longer. I bought an old Carver last week which will serve me well for living aboard for the weekend and jigging off the back. It came with an antiquated Humminbird Wide View FF up in the flybridge but nothing on the stern. I have two FF’s on hand and I will probably install both of them. I stuck with Humminbird because my old 565 served me so well and I was familiar with the menu settings. I have a Helix 5 Chirp DI GPS which I had installed on my fishing kayak. I actually made it up to Seneca twice this spring and I could see my jig falling for the most part although I did have to “hit it just right” to get it within the cone. I may replace the antiquated FF up in the flybridge with this one. I also just bought a Hummingbird Helix 5 G2 for $180 (paid $300 after rebate for the Chirp model!). I think for fishing off the stern, the Sonar G2 will probably win out. Because the boat is so huge, Barrett Marine will have to lift it for an hour or so, so I can drill a couple holes, install the transducer, and seal things up with marine grade silicone. Does this sound like a plan for a jigger only? Thanks for any feedback and I apologize if I’m hijacking this thread but it’s all in the game. I’ve been out of the game for eight years but hope to be back in by this weekend and I will contribute again as I did in the past. I see a few names I knew from years ago and some of the peeps knew me as a regular contributor on the Sanders boards. Good luck, Jigstick and thanks for any input on my plan of attack. Joe
  10. Yeah, that's what got in my way Saturday night. They're still talking about The Tanqueray Incident at the marina from a few years back.
  11. Wee wee wee! You're having a great year down there, Ed! I gotta start hitting the water before noon.
  12. I have 2 crappy ol' Humminbird 565's (about $159.00 on sale). Not sure if they still make them. I see almost every fish I catch. It's fun to watch the action!
  13. Yes, if I may make a broad statement, you guys have the numbers but us jiggers do catch some big ones. It's all good though! I must say, this board is a lot less serious!
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