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  1. Like I said you have to have confidence in what your set up is. My suggestion is to start with something that is in the 500+ range what I shoot is over kill for deer but it got to a point where I was building heavier and heavier and I just liked how it shot and stayed where I am. There is no perfect set up but having a arrow that can do the dirty work when things go wrong is worth all of the confidence in the world. I have tested lots of different set ups and what I shoot is what works for me. I know I'm not a perfect shot 100% of the time no one is so I chose to shoot a arrow that can't increase my odds when the odds ball thing happens. If shooting as the ranch fairy puts it "kid arrows " is what works for you do so. If shooting "adult arrows" is what you want to do do that. You have to do what works for you and what you have confidence in. The hunting public and the ranch fairy are great things to watch its real world and both crews explain why they are doing what they do. I was doing this before I knew about the ranch fairy and someone told me about it and he just confirmed what I had already found found out my self. Sent from my SM-G781U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. I fell down the rabbit hole along time ago. I never really got in to the speed arrow set up and never truly understood it. I currently am shooting a 400 spine with a total arrow wight just south of 800 grains. I machine my own incerts and hunt with and shoot a single bevel broad heads that are 200 grain. Once you shoot and tune a heavy foc stiff arrow you won't turn back. My bow is virtually silent and the kinetic energy at the point of impact is stunning. I shoot broadheads all the time and just sharpen them. In practice you will see that you will start blowing threw "broadhead" targets. Down side of the heavy arrow set up is the reduction in range. But I think the limitation I. Range is worth the confidence in knowing that you have a arrow that can do the work you need it to do regardless of what bone it hits. My honest opinion is the ranch fairy and the hunting public guys are spot on with their set ups. And once you get over a reduction in speed you will never look back. A Honda fit going 60 mph does alot less damage to a house if it drives In to it than a milk tanker going 40 mph. Kind of the analogy I use when explaining my set up. Also many times when hitting a deer the animals reaction is completely different. You will get a complete pass threw the deer will know something happened run a few steps and then just walk away and die. I also have noticed that their is alot less deflection when shooting threw light grass or small brush when practicing. Not that I condone taking poor shots threw brush but things happen in the real world and I do practice shooting in real world conditions. Sent from my SM-G781U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. I had 2 charters this weekend on cayuga totaling well over 30 fish between the 2 days. Having a fish finder that can give you good information is a must. Also being able to recognize your down speed is most important. I have seen it in recent times where .3 or .5 mph can make all the difference with having a stellar day and having a super slow day. If your marking fish and they aren't bitting something is off with your spread. Keep changing things up until you find what the fish want. Sent from my SM-G781U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. My experience is after the spawn for lake trout going deep is usually better. Thermalcline fishing becomes nonexistent after a while. I'm not sure how long in to the fall you plan to fish but often times for me deeper is better more stable for lake trout. As for silvers spoons ran in threw out water column and in front of river mouths are always productive. Sent from my SM-G781U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Thank you for the kind words. I also am willing to openly share and help people. This whole experience has been nothing short of breath taking. Mark is a stand up guy and has left me with some very big shoes to fill. I know where I came from so to speak and have no desire to forget that. Sent from my SM-T727A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. After years of hard work I'm the new owner of the AVALON and IN-DEPTH FISHING. No part of this could have happened with out the support of my family and friends and especially Captain Mark Lewis and his son Grant. I am forever grateful for their time, effort and patience ensuring that I would have the best possible chance at success. I started fishing Cayuga lake back in the 80s and have grown up around the fingerlakes. Captain Mark started working with me 3 seasons ago grooming me to be able to take over his business so that he could retire. I obtained my Coast Gaurd license and ran charters for IN-DEPTH all this past season. I am due to retire from my full time job as a FireFighter/ Medic for the city of Norwich where I did 20 yrs of service. I plan to operate IN-DEPTH with my 2 sons carrying on the tradition of a family business. If you see us on the water say hi and good luck and tight lines to everyone. Sent from my SM-G781U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. A huge thank you to Mark for giving me the opportunity to be a part of his fishing team and giving me the opertunity to take over the business he started and worked extremely hard to make what it is today. I started fishing cayuga lake in the 80's and have fished about every imaginable way possible from hand lining Monel Copper in to a victrolla reel to doing it the way we all do it now. I have learned so much from Captain Mark and every day on the lake I learn a little more. Our relationship started on lake Ontario United and grew in to becoming good friends and me eventually taking over IN-DEPTH Fishing. Relax for now boss and enjoy the new ride. 1 LONG AND 2 SHORT to you!!!! Sent from my SM-G781U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Fished yesterday and they are sticking to everything time for heavy mono lines on the riggers any small diameter lines were getting covered and plugging rod eye's. Sent from my SM-T727A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Thanks for congratulations was a team effort wouldn't even be here if not for Captain Mark Lewis and his son Grant. Awsome guys from In-depth Fishing Adventures Sent from my KYOCERA-E6920 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. We are in where do you sign up Sent from my SM-T727A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Good to hear from you Dale. I didn't mean to hijack your thread in any way. I just am a firm believer in full pass threw shots no matter what. I think that alot of people worry to much about speed now instead of shooting arrows that are tough enough to do the job that we expect them to. Everything changes with heavy arrows. The deer even react completely different when hit with a heavy arrow. Bows are more silent there are so many benefits that are over looked just to gain 20 or 30 ft per second. I also don't like that alot of people were taught by others to aim back to stay away from the front shoulder because arrows were not designed to make contact with bone and that has lead to alot of 1 lung and maybe liver at best shots. Shooting a heavy arow set up with a tough solid broadhead gives you the ability to tuck right in to the shoulder with the confidence that if something goes wrong you have the ability to split shoulder bones and still enter the most leathal part of the chest cavity closest to the heart. It's all knowing your limitations not Shooting out side of them and having a arrow that is designed to do the dirty work when something un expected happens. I'd be interested in the GPS on my arrow. Sent from my SM-T727A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. This concept I'm my opinion would be great if your arrow stayed in the animal. However in my opinion if your arrows are not passing threw the animals I believe you should really re evaluate the arrows and broad heads that you are using. I'm a firm believer in the Ashby tests and have been shooting heavy Foc arrows for years with solid fixed blade broad heads. The whole supper speed arrow craze in my opinion really did absolutely nothing for bow hunting. Shoot heavy bone splitting arrows shoot to kill not for a blood trail. Sent from my KYOCERA-E6920 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Anyone have any good starting points for some silvers on Cayuga. Can't seem to get threw the lake trout to pick some up. Fishing through out the hole water colomn and still grabbing Lakers. Mostly fishing north end of the lake but willing to travel. Been picking Lakers way out of temp and way out of normal laker speed. Thanks in advance tight lines folks Sent from my KYOCERA-E6920 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Thanks. Kind of the same path I'm heading running it behind a big paddle to give it more action. Thanks again for the input. Sent from my KYOCERA-E6920 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. Wondering if anyone has ever run a fly set up with teaser's. Basically running a meat rig but having a fly instead of the meat set up. I tie my own fly's so have the material but never see this setup being used. Before I waist my time is there a reason? I can't see a reason it wouldn't work. Just looking for something to play around with. Thanks. Sent from my KYOCERA-E6920 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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