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  1. Nice job Seneca Slammer. Especially nice to hear no lamprey marks.
  2. Our old girl Tasha, may she RIP. Thanks for jogging the old memory banks.
  3. I bought a 9.9 pro kicker from Barrett's marine last year and have it on my 19.6 fishmaster along with a 90 hp. Run non ethanol, have had zero issues. Couldn't be happier with it.
  4. Try a different fuel source. The kiss principle. Good luck.
  5. Glad you are having some success..sure don't have to worry about boat traffic, do you?😉
  6. Hop

    Unknown Leak!

    Same thing happened to my 19 ft. Fishmaster. Even though it looked good, I replaced intake to bilge. Dry as a bone now. Good luck.
  7. Nice report, there's salmon out there to catch.
  8. Just got on. Got a bit of water to deal with. Will try to get to you later
  9. Are you serious Bob? A ticket given when legal flares are aboard because some additional outdated are on board?? If that is accurate law enforcement should not have to wonder any more why young people distrust them. Just plain wrong to ticket someone for that. Don't care if it's technically legal..
  10. Free to a good home. Pickup only in Ovid area.
  11. Good going men. A tough lake to catch quality fish. Well deserved.
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