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  1. Hi Steve. I've got an a and a I bought from your dad years ago. 2 years ago I dropped it and something is causing it to bind. It works, but not great. I'm coming to the marina this morning to get sawbellies. I can bring it if you want to look at it. Gary.
  2. I'll check and see what I've got and get back to you.
  3. If you can get a pic of looking down into the connecting sleeves it would help. I've got a couple you can have if they fit.
  4. Find the right area, you will be good. Seneca is challenging right now.
  5. Amish planer boards. 75.00 cash, near Ovid. Pickup only. Hop
  6. The boss and I signed up this morning. Gill t, there is a derby website with previous winning weights. However, you all are fishing for 2nd place. 🤩
  7. Lots of debris on Seneca, keep an eye out.
  8. Hookedupf7, if you know where their hole is a good live trapping method is to place a small wire fence around the hole with the live trap inside. The chuck will eventually go into the trap.
  9. X'2on what Gambler said. I switched from power belts to hornady and haven't looked back.
  10. Good for you Chinook 35. Too often people jump to conclusions. Stay the course. Hop.
  11. Man that's tempting. A whole lot of boat for the money.
  12. Adm.B, unwrapped the fishmaster last week to find every nook and cranny stuffed with acorns. Suppose I should expect that living in a forest. And the wife won't let me thin out the chippies and squirrels. Thankfully got it scrubbed down and in the hoist. Got it wet yesterday, water temp 43 to 46. Spotted a dead ll or rainbow on bottom in 20feet. I could use a couple new life vests too!😆
  13. Boy Stephen did you plan that wrong!😂 How in the heck are you going to win the derby when you have been up all night changing diapers?!🥱
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