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  1. Oh man, very sad. Back in the day when we fished the Belhurst hole December to February lampreys would come up and attach to the boat transom. Got out Sunday for a while, had one on for a couple minutes, 60 down over 80, Then a major clustermuck, but a beautiful morning on lady Seneca.
  2. Hop

    9.9 pro kicker

    No go. What I thought might be a fuse was not. So off to talk with Fran tomorrow. PS the water is cooling down.
  3. Hop

    9.9 pro kicker

    I may have found it. Looked as close as I could, may have found a blown fuse, but have to get in water to confirm. Last week I put a new battery in, possibly the wires touched. Stay tuned, going swimming...
  4. Hop

    9.9 pro kicker

    Possibly, but don't see one.
  5. Hop

    9.9 pro kicker

    Anyone out there who can identify a possible reason/solution why the power trim does not work. It's in the up position, good battery and tight connection. No click, no nothing.
  6. A couple weeks ago my Daughter found a big laker washed up on shore with the telltale hole behind the pectoral..And she knows a big laker when she sees it.
  7. Good explanation. I was wondering the same thing.
  8. Nice fish Mr. Twain!🙂
  9. Xs 2 and 3 les and frogger. Bring it back, but bring it back right.
  10. I have not heard that..yet. another fox guarding the hen house?!
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