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  1. Ahhhhhh the good old Alewife, a great prey species but a vicious predator, however recruiting yoy walleye due to alwife predation doesn't mean that walleyes aren't successful in their spawn just means the only way will get a year class is if we have a down year on alwife population. Amazing that walleye existed in good population prior to Alewife being introduced into owasco, but yet the state treated a species that existed like a problem because people stopped catching trout.........let's just put more lakers in there and then make the smallmouth or northern pike the next scapegoat when people can't catch rainbows and browns. I caught 2 walleyes that were 18 inches out of there this spring, with that forage base and the last stocking in 2007.......I would think those fish would have been bigger at age 10.....there is hope for us walleye guys......maybe.
  2. Skaneateles

    Great day, love those needle fish. Congrats.
  3. At a girl!!!!!!! A great memory made for you and her. Congrats.
  4. Owasco

    The middle one, ha ha ha, just the title, owasco.
  5. Walleye we can actually catch on perch the way cam I have some more for owasco please! !!!!!
  6. Owasco

    Little slower today, got out after 10:30, fished for a few wet buddy went 1 for 2 on bows and 4 lakers, one was a good one hanging above 35 feet!
  7. Oh yeah boys!!!!!! That's the way to put some gold in da boat, send some over my way, too much silver here, ha!
  8. Owasco

    Spoon bite still lewis, greens, oranges, reds. Honestly don't think it matters to much cause when you find them they are agressive. Speed at ball 2.4- 2.6.
  9. A boy and some silver! Took a young boy out this morning that was eager to fish, after a tough couple hours of battling weeds and adjusting depths we locked up and the battles began. He learned quick and was rewarded for it. Cores started the action with copper and riggers to follow later in the morning. Temp went deep and the break was below 55ft. Good day for a slow start, finished with 7 bows and a couple lakers in the zone........and a happy boy to boot.
  10. Owasco

    Ran center up north, east side down south......bait is scattered, troll till you find it, covered 90ft out to 150 and back just zig zaging till I found a good screen. Maintain your lines, weed debris all over, and would find its way on my baits. Good luck.
  11. No gold, but Silver and bronze! Got out with a buddy this morning and tried to find the zone after these windy days, took a bit but adjusted back up above 40 ft and found some, riggers good today with copper and core only giving up bass and small browns. Had one triple on bass that was fun with a rainbow hit when we landed the third. Messed up the copper but after 20 minutes i got it untangled. Overall 3 for 4 on bows, 2 browns, 5 smally's and 4 lakers. Good morning but blustery!
  12. Seneca

    Hey semperfi, could have been the weather too. Know it was nice, but I had real slow fishing on owasco yesterday too. Have had a real good silver bite going and it all but stopped for me.......even bait disappeared, many areas blank......caught little lakers, up high, and when I catch them and no larger ones, I know something is up with the weather. On a second note......temp has been real deep in my lake, in one area the break didn't show till I was down past 55 feet. Hard northwest blow aught to muster something up.......give it another chance, that lake has big fish in it.......try to target rigs up high....35-40 ft down with free sliders, you might get that surprise big brown or rainbow....or bass. usually I'd say be patient cause upper column fishing can be slow.......but it sounds like lower column fishing was slow......good luck
  13. Owasco

    Awesome fish man! know me, something about the tranquility of night bud, and an explosion on a big's almost here. I'll reach out in a few weeks and we'll hook up and get ready for fall. I know you said the open water eye bite was slower,......experienced that here too.......early season was good on a crank troll........shore bite the few times I got out was good.........and the suspended fish are there for this summer bite but I haven't targeted them as the time between bites would be even slower than the silvers. Talk to ya soon.
  14. Owasco

    Owasco fellas, sorry, put in in the title and not the report.
  15. Cayuga

    Noticed them heavy on owasco the last 2 weeks also. Knowing how much they eat, the state is gonna have to release fingerlings under the ice......pending we get any.........its gonna gonna be the only way young stocked fish will survive from them and the Eagles.