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  1. Nice, that's a good box for this lake, noticed some old school copper rigs in some of those pics.....hand pulling copper is a workout......but fun to feel that hit for sure. Used to fish with a friend on cayuga pulling copper with twin minnows, some fun times over there.
  2. Yeah, saw the big boats out there, figured it was the club. Some really nice rigs out fishing. Saw all of you guys at the south shore doing your weigh in. Who had the heaviest box? Any big lunkers?
  3. Lake starting to set up, still a bit all over but better fishing then last weekend. Temps good from 40-60. Ran copper, cores and a rigger. Fished off the toon again as my truck is in the shop. Saturday started slow and left my phone on shore, picked a few small lakers in the column then hit a jumper. Nice bow hit the net for a quick release. Started circling and I had a small frenzy. Picked 2 more bows and a small brown. Wind started to build out of the north and trolled to the next point, rigger fires with a good bow.......right to the copper she went, jumped and gone.......but she was nice enough to leave the spoon in my copper..........this continued throughout the day and died on me around 4. Sunday morning brought the phone and the wife, hit the water after breakfast and found some good bows concentrated, worked them till the trolling traffic got heavy then called it. 6-8 on bows, 2 small browns and a few small lakers up high. Stayed just above the temp but still couldn't get a solid program set. Rigger was king and the copper and core on boards took a couple hits, that'll change in a few weeks. Fleas not bad at all. Trolling should be good for all in the south shore tourney.....good luck to all.
  4. Nice eye.........I mean drum.....ha ha ha, hope all is well Johnny.
  5. Sweet man, needed ya up there to help me persevere through the slow times like we did all winter long. Be back on the fingers soon, the water is getting to warm. We'll touch base when we're both not burried with work.
  6. Got out with a son and his buddy for a few days to fish for some gold. Friday we we greeted with 59 degree water and bait everywhere, was a tough go but I ran till 4 am and put a program together to save the night with 4 great fish. Saturday night started with warmer temps tight to shore with bait and fish in 60 degree water, slow start turned into a quick flurry if hits with 3 landed and one lost, all quality fish again. Couldn't believe the lake level and had to adjust leads as the fish were tight. Not outrageous, but good success each night with a lot of smiles and laughs.
  7. Johnny, nice job on the perch this year, hit em through the ice good, then in the boat after ice out......then work got busy for 3 weeks and I lost them, chased bigger fish instead, but that spot lock is an awesome feature I got to try out this year. reel doc, I saw some carp breaching and though what if I accidentally foul hook one of these things....thankfully I didn’t, but what a fight it would be. Lot of variety in this lake, love the two tiered fishery. Alex, miss ya up here, haven’t even been in your old neck of the woods yet......soon, want to see some jumping bows. stillwater, good to hear from you, hope you fared well through the winter, soon the summer program will start and I look forward to hearing all your great successes.
  8. Hard grind in the cold rainy weather, managed a nice eye in the dark, heavy rain and light cold wind made it feel more like October than May. Surface program in 49 degree water produced pike, some browns, only the one eye and a few surprise fish like bullhead and perch. All in all good day, bright sticks in dirty water behind boards did the trick, 2.5 speed. Great spending some time with close friends. Nothing spectacular but a report none the less.
  9. lyk2fish

    Pickn a few

    Got on the fingers Saturday afternoon. Wind died down, fishing was slow, but managed a few nice fish in the afternoon and sunday morning before the front. Mostly post spawn males, did manage a great female that was still releasing eggs, she was released after a quick pic.(pic on fingerlakes topic). Boards and short cores did best with pike and trout mixed in.....that's what's nice about the fingers, ya just dont know what you'll get, speed 1.8-2.0, green/blue sticks and white spoons. Water temp just getting right, still cold in spots. Glad to be on the water.
  10. Afternoon winds died down and I made my way to the lake. Greeted by a muddy south end I worked my way north in search of clear water. Found some a few miles north and hugged the west side to get out of the wind. Ran last weeks program and like always......it didnt work......trolled for about 3 hours, nada.....changed it up, slowed it down and went deeper, found some good temp and circled and circled......finally board went back.......gifted with a huge eye, quick pic and a release and all changed over, adjusted cores and planers and a short but satisfying bite began. Next came a brown, then some pike and I finished the night donating a stick to a good brown that ran on me at the boat and snapped the line..ughhhhhh. great day though, colors were blue and green sticks, white for spoon color, cores went deeper to 3, and speed dropped to 2.0.
  11. One on a glow alewife stinger, rest on sticks, try to match smelt pattern, as they can be on the menu this time of year.
  12. Well started the shake down looking for perch......the schools left the area I had luck in 3 weeks ago so I decided to troll. Back to the camp for my short cores and planer rods. Set up in 25 ft and as I set the first rod, the line came out if my hand before I could attach the board....a low jumping flip showed me a nice male brown was on........fight was short at the fish breached the surface again and threw the stick........next few fish were pike, one real nice fish over 10, would love to have got a good pic, but kept it in the water for an immediate release as they are out of season. Weeded through a couple lakers and a few more pike and the bite died on me......wind shifted out of the west.....decided to change it up and run short cores......good choice.....the smashing began......2 for 5 on Browns......this yearclass has finally hit the 7-8 pound range. Fun day with other species mixed in.....temp was 46 at mid day......natural smelt colors worked well. They are full of it and hard to keep glued. Although the handling of the fish was not ideal for a quick pic, I insured a long recovery in a flowing livewell prepped them for release to fight another day.
  13. The river fishing has been hit or miss, conditions are great in terms of water clarity, but the bite has not been consistent during the night. Sometimes its early and sometimes late. Justin and I have been dividing and trying to concur a good fish bite but we have learned one thing.....no pattern yet this year and not as many big fish yet. One night he hits, another I do.......its just how it is this year.....and it's not the same locations, so being mobile is key, more you cover, the better your chances. Ice on the rod tips mean one thing to me.......good thumps will come. Friday's cold and wind with a hint of the moon coupled into a great bite that gave me a first good fish of the winter. As I have always said when the moon goes bright get your lures deep and dark. This was the case and around midnight when I got a thump that was a bit different than the others. Lately these hopeful thumps have been carp I've bumped and lost lures to, so my expectations weren't high until the reflection of that eye graced my headlamp vision. Finally a good fish at 27.5 inches! Not super girthy, typical of the river sometimes, but she had the feed bag on none the less. No 30'z yet but they are out there. She'll fight another day and get bigger. Tight lines all.
  14. You can buy pre spooled combos up north, fat Nancy’s, all season’s, etc. that’s the route i went. Standard 45 pound copper wire leader and backing. Line counter a plus as I do not always let out all my copper. eBay even has pre spooled reels for sale, and sometimes combos.
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