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  1. lyk2fish

    Harvest moon produces on the first fall casting trip

    Very nice, came out of the house in the evening with that wind and thought exactly what you were.......difference is......you made it happen......nice job..........work crazy for next 2 weeks, but I’ll be there, and I’ll touch base when I’m coming up,......till then, keep feeding them the big stuff.
  2. lyk2fish

    Cayuga Cayuga 9/3

    My probe is not with me most times, as said above, rigger angles, and I always have a wire out, the bend of that wire rod with a dipsey is always a key indicator. When you find good hooks and bait, don’t be afraid to make a turn or circle......if a rod fires, pay attention to what side on the turn.....slow or fast side.....adjust from there. Good luck.
  3. So the water is mixed fleas are difficult, but found the zone this evening with help from one of my son's. Took a quick troll earlier in the day and copper was king, lead cores took small ones, but the riggers were frustrating to say the least, first not many fleas, then next minute loaded....decided to hang them up and run wire, copper and core through my son's suggestion. Temp still good 50-60 down..... told him no expectations, afternoon started slow, wind started to die down and fish picked up, some good silvers on copper and core, he showed the old man how to bring them to the net! Proud moment for me.
  4. lyk2fish

    Cayuga 9/1 rainbow trout

    Nothing wrong with keeping that beauty, they exert soon much energy leaping, it can sometimes be to their demise due to the warm surface temp, on owasco, I am in the 70 degree range all the way down to 40 ft. Those big bows come out of the temp, fight hard and don't always make it back down.......your fishing hard, don't feel bad about keeping a wonderful fish like that. Congrats!!!!
  5. Fleas, fleas, fleas......horrible.......wind shifted 3 directions in 2 hours, opposite blow from yesterday, mixing things up a bit. Ran copper and cores this morning.....no big silver, all skippers, bass still making it fun though, and going deep is producing Lakers. Temp still good between 50 to 60, north was 55-75 down......just gotta keep pounding it till I find them again.
  6. lyk2fish

    Cayuga 8/29

    Way to go man, luv those aggressive locks.
  7. lyk2fish

    Owasco Quick troll before the storms

    50-60 all spreads, top rods took no hits.....and Alex, thanks for the shout out, hope all is well......usual spots out in front of your place is producing.
  8. Fleas back bad with hot weather, pulled riggers out, put out the TD, temp good 50 to 60, adjusted copper and cores. We got a few, couple silver, bronze and Lakers, radar looks ugly, cut it short, fun quick trip for my buddy with the big smallies, thought we had good silvers on.....screamin bronze backs though, ...no complaints! Fun.
  9. lyk2fish

    Seneca Seneca South 8/25-8/26

    Congrats, those airborne bows are awesome........i can always count on them finding and tangling in my leadcore, and the big ones almost always do.......they know what they're doing for sure.
  10. Fished hard with a buddy on owasco, checking out usual spots resulted in fish, but many fleas too......brought the copper and cores.....but they wanted the riggers today. Lost 3 good bows leaping and coming unglued, including a hammer that stayed on the surface after he broke me, chased him down as he looked like a shark on the surface, but as i approached with the net......she slapped her tail at me an was gone.....oh well. caught many little bows with 2 doubles on slider and terminal spoon.....that was fun trying to land them.......all in all good day with mixed bag of bows, small browns, bass and lakers.......fleas came back bad though
  11. lyk2fish

    Cayuga Cayuga 8/13 no sunscreen needed

    I've ran into the same thing, took off snubber off and went to 20 pound mono......a little more stretch but I still get break offs on violent strikes......that's the problem sometime with wire, core and copper.........not a lot of stretch.....hard to keep them on sometimes, love watching that dipsey hit though, especially when silver is hitting those sets.
  12. lyk2fish

    Cayuga Cayuga 8/13 no sunscreen needed

    Nice job, hey at least you got a workout reeling 600 copper for the day........I get my exercise on 300's.......can't imagine a ten pound laker or bigger on a 600! Makes the forearms burn
  13. Owasco, yes the fog was crazy.....fun though.....yes the bass hit the core.....I released it, was a big smally.. Put a lot of time in to figure it out.....some guys go out and do it all the time....I have to work at it......and I do, feels good when it comes together .....still doesn't beat catching big walleyes though....
  14. Took a friend out today, got in the zone I found yesterday, didn't get third rig out and we had a taildancer behind the boat. Nice female bow, jumped 6 times and threw the hook, can't believe with 77 degree surface temp that she had anything left after 2 leaps.......reset and it was on, a nice mixed bag with cores and coppers king up high. First time this fella was trolling and he got spoiled, told him it wasn't always like this and that I put a lot of time in yesterday to find it....great day though, he is hooked!