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  1. Looks like mayfly larvae.......they hammer them when they emerge on that lake.
  2. Sam, I always open App and scroll down to fingerlakes, or my history will show it when I type in LOU, then I select it. I’m sure there is a faster way but that is how I do it.
  3. Line counter with copper, count colors with core. I have my core on counters too and my colors are faded so I keep numbers on my color sets. Good luck. Be patient, and when you find em, don’t leave them.....circle until the bite shuts down.
  4. I run lead core, coupled with spoons or sticks, short cores which are 3-5 colors. Works great early. When bait comes in, they will start to gorge at night making them less active during the day. I used to run worm harness along weed lines and you still could but the population is not what it once was. During late summer, I’ll adjust core and copper to get under the clouds of bait.....do this by looking at depth of bait on finder, calculate your speed and drop of your core and copper so your at a depth just under it. Colors don’t seem to matter, but natural alewife looking baits will always take hits as it’s the core forage.
  5. Yeah, bait plentiful. Starting to show up tight. Depends what you want, Lakers through the column now, silvers.....stay high if you troll, or drift alewife. Eyes stay high too, target the hooks under bait, get a nice rainbow surprise in that zone also. If you go, reach out, I’ll help ya out. Like any pond, she fishes great on some days and slow on others, but the variety is great, never know what your gonna get.
  6. Hit the lake this evening in my pontoon retrofitted with rod holders as I wait for my truck to get out of the shop. Man its comfortable trolling! Four rod holders...2 cores and a copper. Ran east to see if my sunday walleye spots produced. For eyes they didnt, but eater browns were plentiful and kept me busy on short cores. Every point seemed to hold them, caught 6, fought more, all cookie cutter grilles, kept a couple for the grill. Lakers up high in the column too, cought a couple, kept one for a buddy. Great sunset, almost time to pick up and board goes screaming and I mean screaming.........got the copper in so I could work the core board, board off and fish goes screaming again....no jump....hmmmmmm, ....oh crap.....I have no net! Chaos for a bit.....but brought a great brown to hand over 28. Typical long owasco fighting machine....great fight and a great night!
  7. lyk2fish

    Owasco 5-25

    Justin.......youd be proud of me. I ran to the lake today, left fishing boat at home.....got the itch to fish this afternoon and retrofitted my pontoon with some makeshift rod holders so I could run coppers and cores.....no electronics except a hand held GPS for speed. I was blind on temp and depth but put a program together and picked at some cookie cutter browns, small lakers and a few eyes. Short cores and coppers worked well, and were easy to maneuver around rec boats......but how enjoyable it was to be on my pontoon, stereo playing, sons, thier girlfriends, wife, .....the whole crew.....great couple hours, I might be sold on this comfort trolling!
  8. Great fish and great pics, that mud puppy went fir a spin for sure!
  9. Nice job, I love pike, so good to eat too. Those eyes will start to show in your zone soon. Until then, you know where you can go to get them, but the water is warming and the bait gorging will soon begin making it harder to get them.
  10. Like any addiction, I couldn't stay away. Had an opportunity to get both my son's out, with college finals complete. Night started slow with higher water temps, bait present, and no wind. Struggled with short hits for a while. A buddy reached out and finally took a good one on a longer lead, adjusted and it was on. Found a little bit cooler water along the shoreline, got some wind and the browns were present too. Stickbait bite, blk and silver ruled. Hoped the east wind would blow in cooler water, but the temps were in the upper 50's tight to shore and bait was starting to show making it tougher......still worth the wait....havent been out with my boys on a trip in a while.....conversation was great during the slow times. Truly memorable for me.
  11. Thank you, havent weighed.....typical ontario cookie cutter 7-9s I would assume the single one my son is holding solo might be pushing 10. Those fish, like the ones out of the fingers are so girthy, the hits were vicious, love seeing that glow tip rod buckle and drag ripping at night. A lot of fun.
  12. After getting some much needed rain, got an early Saturday start to get on some fields to pick. For me spring eyes and picking points go hand and hand. Some good finds while I decided where to travel for eyes. Left early evening with my oldest son and decided to tackle some Ontario gold, wind was light and I thought it was gonna be a tough night....started with a few short hits that came unglued quick......played with a few options and found a program. Had a great bite, finished up around 10, great night spending with my oldest, back to the fingers for me.
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