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  1. In all fairness ice, go to Lowes and by a 48inch by 24 inch piece of stainless diamond plate........its $90!!!!!!! Stainless is expensive!!!!!!!! But it will last.
  2. X 2 on the stingers, I use them, and one day washing them the film and/or finish comes off of them, spend good money on them to have the finish come off in a couple of trips or less.
  3. The flurry continues, found them Friday night, got my son and his buddy on the action, still a lot of small stocker browns but they keep the rods firing. As usual the upper column producing 50ft and higher, mostly rigger and slider bite but copper stayed busy too. No core for me this weekend, lost 8some good ones wrapping off riggers into the coppers, they know what to do, but when I took coppers out, riggers wouldn't fire, go figure......chaos is better than nothing. Speed at surface 2.5-3.0. Colors didnt matter, as always.....find them....keep circling them.
  4. The night game is a fun game for sure, great job.
  5. Just can't do the heavy line, I know it's better for fleas not to grab on, but man, even the downrigger cables were coated. I run 12lb main, and the flea build up did not deter the silver bite which is crazy......but getting them to the net.....another story......it gets too bad I go more to copper and core which I guess is just as bad as 50 lb test, but at least you can watch the board RIP back. Higher speeds were key for me too, coupled with smaller spoons, color didnt matter......as I always say, once you find them, reduce gear and circle and circle.
  6. No Justin, I haven’t, water temp inside went to 77, bait wasn’t showing up good, dissolved oxygen terrible, even bullhead dying in tight. I missed the window, now if you fish, you might get 15 minute increments of explosions and their going back out deep to catch their breath, tough when it’s like that. just stuck to silver fishing the last 2 days. Lost some great bows cause I had 5 yards of solid fleas to get off the lines, nothing like getting line burn on your hand trying to take off fleas with a big bow on that decides to take a few runs on ya, that’s where the copper saved me.
  7. Great couple days fishing, even with high rec boat traffic, silvers jumping giving all a show. Fleas bad, constant maintenance but the high column holding plenty of bows, and water browns.....usual copper and cores working great with 200 copper firing consistent. Riggers 35 and up with sliders taking hits too. Go get ya some.
  8. Apologies big foot, your a good fisherman and a great contributor to this site. I responded out of emotion to an earlier post before yours. We are all good fisherman here, it’s just when it comes to the walleye/trout argument it hits home for me as I have skin in the game at owasco as a land owner. I bought my place based on the benefit of both my love for a thriving walleye population and a great trout fishery.........things change, it was the scapegoating of walleye that I didn’t like, especially having a fisheries background and understanding of what factors were contributing. Regardless, I spoke out of emotion and I apologize. You should be proud of your accomplishments as I was impressed to see how involved you’ve been. I know you said you don’t get out much anymore, but you are always welcome on my boat. Tight lines.
  9. Thanks for the update bro, your the only one who give a good and accurate post on conditions for otisco.........and your a guide..........much appreciated brother. Fish on!!!!!!!!!
  10. Yeah bigfoot, that's why fish In the tournament this year were 5 and 6 pounders, other than the winner at 7 lbs........5 and 6 pounds aren't 14 yrs old to me........... Be glad keuka doesn't have walleye or you'd all blame them for your lack of browns and rainbows..........novices!
  11. Night shift is a tough shift but I’m sure that’s all you’ve been thinking about since you’ve gotten rested up , the tug is the drug.......and it is what fuels us night walleye guys.......especially over bait........I tell the guys that go out with me, I know your tired but trust me you’ll thank me for keeping you out cause it’s all you’ll think about for the next week is getting back on that bite..........and they all admit later after our trip that I’m right.......way to go boyz.
  12. X2 on snakecreek, Alan is a good man.
  13. Yes, post spawn fish there are not as hard as you think......stay shallow....had some warm temps south....bait and birds on top, worked the water hard, turned and burned through it multiple times, floaters only, tight to shore....(7 ft) but it worked.....wind blew out temp could only find gators Sunday morning but still fun.
  14. Got to camp this afternoon and got my son and a buddy into a few.....going back out at dark.....found some bait and kept running through for a good pick. Shallow floaters the key, alewife patterns triggered these owasco bites.
  15. Mud locks, at night, they are there.....better when bait comes in.
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