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  1. I know, I know....... I said my last trip was the final for the season, but for the few of us that chase the night bite for walleye, you know that the sight of a bent rod with a glow tip and a ripping drag is one addiction that is hard to suppress. With that said, I found myself out and about again lastnight. Water warmed up to low 60's in tight and bait is showing up.......started the evening with a few browns, bass, and a bowfin......that was a first for me......wind picked up as evening went on and the bite exploded with a mixed bag of browns and eyes. Amazing with bait present that the bite was so aggressive. Speed ranged between .08-1.5 again with wind adjusting the shore currents. Blk/silver was the star of show again as fish were spitting up alewife in the live well. Had to use the trolling motor to keep the bow tight to shore as the south wind was pushing me out. East wind should cool water a bit and extend it I hope, till the tight lines, and be safe.
  2. Got back out for a final eye trip on the Big O. Water temp still close to last week at 59 in tight. Fish not concentrated like last week but a steady pick of eyes and bass, no browns this trip either but I did hear some pre dusk fish were taken. Ran slow again tonight at. .08- 1.0 and did constant fish, nothing crazy but enough to keep you awake. Blk/ silver are still producing as I'm sure are primary colors for anyone that fishes this gold. Called it at about 2 with a nice limit of fish and look forward to trolling season as this water sets up. Bait still not present in heavy numbers but I'm sure it wont be long now with water temps rising. Tight lines.
  3. Great looking fish, sounds like a fun morning!
  4. Got back at it this week to hunt the shores for gold and browns.....unfortunately no browns although we saw rising fish before dark. Saw a few nets down on other boats fishing them before dark......lake was glass calm lastnight and took us about 2 miles worth of troll till we found them.....amazing how you go from nothing to chaos in an instant. Hooked first fish and marked it on gps, next pass was a double, next was a triple, followed by another double and just like that we were one shy of our limit.....came across another pod and finished up and C&R'd many more.....epic night for a moon and no wind but we just kept covering ground....56 was good tight to shore with some bait around, speeds were faster at 1.8 to 2.1 with hard turns getting reaction bites. Blk/silver produced while goby patterns remained ok at best. Tight lines.
  5. No Reel doc, these fish were from Owasco........I was also going up to Ontario to fish eyes at night during the weekend, I posted those results in the walleye section. Wind was bad Friday night so I went back to my camp on Owasco and fished almost glass calm waters until sat afternoon.
  6. Ha ha ha , sadly......my boat is a slimy mess, I have to pressure wash it tomorrow. Those pike really empty out when you bring them aboard........ but I just couldn’t go all day not reeling something in........ my oldest son loves pike so it all worked out....and hey, we finished the day without either one of us bleeding.
  7. Well like mikeyman and Joseph reported, fishing silvers was a bit tough this weekend. Was running from Owasco up to Ontario and back chasing eyes and weather. As reported below Saturday the 7th was slow for silvers, figured I could wash lures at a catch per unit effort of a fish per hour........or chase post spawn hungry gators, yeah.....we did that, found them in 51 degree water and the board back chaos began, so much fun.......no bait present but a variety of hungry fish including pike, eyes, and a large mouth, my first one ever while trolling, took a quick pic and got her back in the water asap. We hit flurries that made great memories and Sunday was no different, got a late start at 10 due to mother's day breakfast, but we played with a few more......great weekend, even with an east wind......best temp 51, speed 2.5, bright colored sticks triggered pike the best. Wont be long and the baits gonna show and with it the silvers, till then always good to have a plan B. Tight lines.
  8. All good Mike, that east wind that started didnt want to give em up today, I struggled for bites myself. Any day on the boat with friends is a good day for sure.
  9. Yes, get some very nice browns at night. In fact, I get many of my biggest at night......minute they hit, they are on top of the water splashing.....you know what you got for sure.
  10. Finally got out to chase some eyes on the big lake. Was joined by my oldest son and his buddy for a night of good memories and hopeful hook ups. Lake like glass made things a bit slow along with cool water temps but when we found pods of fish that wanted to play, the hits were aggressive. Browns and bass mixed in made the slow time more exiting, but I think the best is yet to come. 47 was a good temp for us at a crawl of .08, fun night for sure. Black and silver along with goby patterns did best. Tight lines.
  11. Got out for my splash down trip, have been dodging weather and waiting for a good day....Monday and Tuesday it was. For those that know my posts, you know where I fish. Great day on the water, temps still cold, warmest water I found was 42 monday, 45 on Tuesday, Wednesday will certainly warm things up better. A little slow to start so l stopped over a few schools of stripes and caught a few. Changed my troll speed and lifted the gear and rods started to respond. As I have said before this class of browns are getting good size and are vicious when they hit. Usual spots for spring fishing apply, mud lines really held fish but also held debris and required a lot of line maintenance. A lot of work in debris but can really pay off if your willing to commit to the maintenance. Greens and natural colored sticks were best. Fish on.
  12. Great catch, this year class of browns have finally got to that double digit size. Some appear football looking like the seeforellen strain sk8man referenced. And some are that longer looking German brown style. Regardless, you have been blessed by putting in your time, looks like you made a great memory on Saturday, they are a pretty fish for sure. Congratulations on your catch and release, appreciate you sharing.
  13. You can get a 10 color combo, rod, okuma line counter reel, pre spooled with leader, 10 colors, and backing for about 115.00 on eBay. I use these combos, they have been great for me.
  14. Great job, looked great yesterday as I drove by, but I woke up this morning and of course the wind is rippin........glad your still after em. I’ll be out a few more times myself before I wrap up. Good luck and be safe.
  15. Got to the lake Saturday afternoon and got out to explore where the fish were in the column. Temp on top was 67 but around 50ft down was still good temp, wind had currents all over.After an hour in rigger fired and had a laker on.while fighting the laker both coppers start screaming.....found em.....coppers held bows.....a little hard to circle in the wind but managed to pick up, motor back and reset, small browns, smallmouth, Lakers and bows in the bait. Sunday, went out after breakfast and the shifting wind made it tough, especially direct west, but caught a break in my spot and the rods started to fire again with 2 doubles in the mix. Highlight was another big screaming laker, not as long as the 34 but just plain heavy, she went back after some pics. First fish of the day was a great colored up brown but I got over zealous with the net and lost it. Colors were hot pink and purple, speed on top was 2.3, and the 50 ft rigger outfished the coppers, and it was great to still be at it. Fish are still chewing. Tight lines.
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