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  1. The river fishing has been hit or miss, conditions are great in terms of water clarity, but the bite has not been consistent during the night. Sometimes its early and sometimes late. Justin and I have been dividing and trying to concur a good fish bite but we have learned one thing.....no pattern yet this year and not as many big fish yet. One night he hits, another I do.......its just how it is this year.....and it's not the same locations, so being mobile is key, more you cover, the better your chances. Ice on the rod tips mean one thing to me.......good thumps will come. Friday's cold and wind with a hint of the moon coupled into a great bite that gave me a first good fish of the winter. As I have always said when the moon goes bright get your lures deep and dark. This was the case and around midnight when I got a thump that was a bit different than the others. Lately these hopeful thumps have been carp I've bumped and lost lures to, so my expectations weren't high until the reflection of that eye graced my headlamp vision. Finally a good fish at 27.5 inches! Not super girthy, typical of the river sometimes, but she had the feed bag on none the less. No 30'z yet but they are out there. She'll fight another day and get bigger. Tight lines all.
  2. You can buy pre spooled combos up north, fat Nancy’s, all season’s, etc. that’s the route i went. Standard 45 pound copper wire leader and backing. Line counter a plus as I do not always let out all my copper. eBay even has pre spooled reels for sale, and sometimes combos.
  3. Walleye, like many fish ambush strike from the side, many times to stun, then eat. I’ve seen them do this at night near shore, when you can see your lure on a bright winter night, I have watched them flash at my stick, sometimes missing it on the strike. Pretty cool to see. Also One of the reasons many are foul hooked in the face or other areas of the head when they hit. Even on small lures they will be hooked on the front treble many more times then the back. I notice when they short hit under a frontal condition they tap at the back of my sticks, hence getting caught on the back hook and not very well. Just my observation over many years of catching these fish.
  4. That’s the best birthday present a guy could ask for, big eyes, multiple rods firing, great weather, time on the water for yourself.......
  5. As you always say Johnny...........” nice eyes”
  6. Thanks bro for the kind words. Everyone on that list you referenced has one thing in common, we’re all hard core fisherman that put in hours and hours to figure out how to be better. Through trial and tribulations we figure it out not because we’re experts but because we are relentless at wanting to be successful at this game we play............by he way is that the fish I’m gonna be working on.....it’s a beauty with an awesome story!
  7. Thanks Johnny, it is great to have a finger lake with this variety. A mesotrophic playground in my opinion, and could be managed as such..........all the suspended small mouths under the bait have avoided my spoons for weeks though. Trying to accomplish the pelagic grand slam........if you do it, post it............that’s a bow, a brown, an eye, and a smallmouth......throw the laker in for good measure since they will come up into the column toward that suspended high bait. What a great challenge!
  8. Yeah, it was me.........I had to stop at camp Today and repair my roof cap from the wind yesterday, I looked at that water and thought I should be on it.......looked prime, especially in that zone nautitroller was in......fish and bait got pushed up there with all hat south wind.......discovered it Sunday........wind machine turned back on Monday and well.....back to work today......water looked prime........but yes those bows slow down when the chop dies........cores on boards start to fire then. Nice work all.
  9. Holiday weekend was, busy, windy, fun. Got some friends out chasing fish. Found my pod of fish moved north but was able to put a program together to bend some rods. Copper and riggers were the ticket as the cores only washed lures this weekend. Temp got down to 65ft in my area that if been fishing and changed a bit when I moved around, no doubt the hurricane remnants mixed the water a bit. With it came some fleas......not bad, but you had to check lines every 20 minutes to clean. Speeds the same around 2.6-3.0 at the surface, quick turns triggered strikes. A lot of quick tips, then gone this weekend. Nothing huge, a ton of good eaters and happy faces. Congratulations to camo joe and his first eye. I saw ya Monday, was up by your camp had a double with bows trying to battle in that wind when ya came over west. Had to take off after that, good way to end the weekend. Things starting to develop up north. Good luck and tight lines.
  10. Cline down at 65 yesterday, waves were rough, got 2 good bows, a laker and couple small bows in 4 hours. Copper and riggers, core was dead, all in all, Slowwwww. Need the wind machine to shut down and let things stratify again. Would not have wanted to be up on the north end yesterday.
  11. That’s a good setting my man, 😉 congrats!
  12. Way to go Billy D, wondered how Saturday worked out for ya. Never been afraid of them blank screens, best surprises always arise from em!
  13. Yes I was, been fishing off that lately...also run a green Lund and will be on that again next week. That paint job on your boat is awesome. Came back and told my wife that I saw a boat with a naval camo pattern on it and it looked bad a$$. If I didn’t see you against the trees, I would’ve had a hard time seeing you......that really blends with the water. I ventured back south and got on a better quality bite, where I saw you I was getting pestered by small bows and lakers. Don’t mind those bites but they don’t release well this time of year. How long is that boat?....looks big, definitely a fishing machine!
  14. Will do Justin, work getting crazy, your schedule crazy too. When your guide season starts to wind down, and my work levels out here in October, we’ll hook up and hit some of the spots.
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