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  1. Just an update.. Called all over the US, called locally in NY to boat and marine parts shops, .. I located 3... 2 were in the possession of price gouging SOB's.. They wanted $150 for a $30 plastic prop.. A third said they have it and would sell it at the correct price $30.. After 2 months and 8 calls, to them, they said they no longer had it.. Totally disgusted, I took a shot and decided to try a generic multi brand aluminum prop that had good pics from lots of angles on amazon.. Cost a whopping $15,, SHIPPED!,,, Perfect fit... Seems a lot of modern very small 2/3/4 hp outboards are using the same props shaft designs,,, The "help" I got from dealers was pretty bad, I suppose because it wasn't an expensive part.. My experiences with local marine dealers continues to be terrible, and I do better doing my own research, even though its badly flawed.... bob
  2. I always said that if I could consistently catch truly jumbo sunfish and/or Yellow Perch, thats all I would fish for... Love panfishing. I would REALLY like to find a lake or river that has good fishing for white perch. They seem scarce in this part of the state, but downstate NY, NJ, Conn, LI is loaded with them.. Have not seen one in close to 30 years since I moved to the FL Region... We really need better protection for our panfish.. Limits are too liberal IMHO, and commercial fishing should be stopped... Too much pressure these days, and its really showing in average size... This year was my worst ever as far as size is concerned.. Too many dinks.... bob
  3. best insurance policy??? a kicker motor in good working order.. If you have a 17-18 footer even a 4 horse will get you back to port..Might take all day, but it sure beats paddling.. If you can afford a 23-24 footer, you can afford a good 9.9 or 15 with a proper Hi thrust prop... saw a guy on another fishing forum swear his 32 footer makes an honest 7.5 knots with a 9.9 Yamaha kicker with a high thrust prop... Luck favors the prepared.. If my kicker is not functional for whatever reason, the boat stays on the trailer... bob
  4. I use either 1 oz or 1.5 oz white painted heads with white bodies, various jigging spoons etc. The tackle/lures etc are not my problem there... I just can't find marks, and really don't know where to look... I typically use that awful town launch in Scott, or the state launch at the north end... If you can PM me with some depths to check, or a few general locations I would appreciate it.. I have done well with jigs for lakers at Cayuga/Seneca/Keuka over the years, but simply can't find them on Skinny... bob
  5. I have yet to catch a laker on skinny jigging myself... I had one good one on and lost it halfway up last fall, but thats been it... I stick to perch and bass there pretty much, as I don't troll. I can't say why, but I just don't mark any concentrations of fish there the way I do on Cayuga/Seneca/Keuka... Guys catch them there, but personally for the life of me, I just never mark a lot of fish on Skaneateles.. Guys catch lakers there while perch fishing all the time, even on worms, so its MY problem, not the lakes.. Haven't caught a Walleye there yet either.. Take the drive to Cayuga and jig there some early morning.. Its worth it when you hit them right. They are much bigger, and easier to find there... bob
  6. I cannot fathom that level of selfishness and incivility toward another boater. I am not a "good person", I am a wicked sinner thats done very little good for other people in this world , yet I have towed many stranded boaters in to port over the decades and witnessed personally the look of despair turn to a smile of relief, and heartfelt gratitude. Same as most here I am sure, I have almost always been offered money, but would never consider taking it.. Some day soon it might be me out there looking for the kindness of a stranger. Its the least we could do for a fellow boater in distress. It is SCARY being stranded... Never been towed in but needed to be, and as others have experienced, have gotten no help, because guys were too busy "fishing"... I never go out without a backup motor of some sort, and never will, because I have felt that sick hopeless feeling of being stranded on the water, with no help in sight... I would not wish it on anyone, and like most forum members here, will do what I can to prevent it from happening, even at the risk of missing some "fishing"... bob
  7. Merc 2 HP prop??.... anyway, to all that responded, my thanks...I did locate one on my own , a NOS one at a very fair price.. $30 + 16$ shipping out on Long Island.. However the parts guy doesn't seem all that interested, saying he is very busy, doesn't have time to dig it out of "the boxes upstairs" etc.. I hate to keep calling, gonna try once more... I also located 2 others, but one was $138+, and the other was $125+ over 4 times the dealer price at the time the part was discontinued... I hate that crap... In any case, I think I have enough info... If I can't find a prop, I'll sell the motor as a parts unit for whatever I can get, and buy another tiny motor that still has parts availability... bob
  8. er umm you may have just replaced a perfectly good lower unit... If you just found some metal flakes on the magnet, and had water in the oil, it might just have been a simple seal leak or even a cracked gasket on the filler or drain plug.. If the lower unit was quiet, with no grinding , howling noises, and shifted ok, it was probably just a bad seal. The magnets will always have some metal particles on them.. They are doing what they were designed to do. Your money of course, and your choice, but really why spend 4 times what you have to... It should have been looked at before being condemned as "bad"... Oil seals are a regular maintenance item, that will develop leaks from time . Simple fix for a marine mechanic.....
  9. 1996 Evinrude 2 HP.. Pretty simple right?... Totally and completely unavailable prop... They are obsolete, not available from OMC, and are not made aftermarket, and I tried every prop shop I could find on the net as well as every used outboard parts dealer... Basically they all told me to junk an otherwise perfect, lightly used little motor.. Its a polypropylene plastic prop, and not repairable.. Backed the damn prop into a stump, and broke a blade off. I might be able to adapt some other 2 or 3 blade little prop from another brand if I can match up shaft size, or possible adapt a prop from an electric trolling motor in some way... What I need is a dealer, or just local guy with a pile of small outboards, and piles of parts/ props etc... i would gladly pay a fair price if we can match something up... the motor is used as a backup on my stout little Grumman 4.4 side console with 30 HP Johnson... It moves the boat only 5-6 knots , but if the main OB craps out, its 5,000 times better than rowing 5 miles back to the ramp... Anyone out there that might be able to help out, or know someone with a pile of small old OB parts and pieces?... If not I can only sell it as a parts motor for $75 or something and buy another tiny little kicker thats not "obsolete".. NOT a fan of OMC since Bombardier bought them.... bob
  10. I realize that,, The carp and eels were stocked on purpose, alewives came here after the canal system was built, and lampreys might have come through the canal system, or might even be native, there is no real definitive answer, and there are different opinions... However, my admittedly overly generalized rant is still valid, this nasty invasive crap is ruining these lakes..
  11. Thanks.. I was going to launch at the south end of the lake most likely. Might change my plans in the am... bob
  12. I pass Forest Fishery in Homer on the way, but am not sure if they still carry bait.. Their site no longer mentions it.. If not, are there any other local places to get a few dozen minnows?.. Taking my 7 YO grandson tp Skinny in my boat and have worms, but some live minnows will give him a better shot at something more sizeable than a rock bass, perch or pumpkinseed,,, bob
  13. Just one of the many curses brought upon the US by "progress" and world trade.... Yeah dumping ballast water from Eurasion ships was great thing for American waterways.. Fleas en mass of various species, Zebras Quaggas, Gobies, Asian Carp Asian Slime eels, Lampreys, hell even alewives, don't belong here, but now we live with them...... bob
  14. ..Oh yeah forgot about tail or body hooked lakers.. a 7-8 pounder hooked in the tail can certainly spool someone with light tackle, its happened seveal times to me while jigging,, Thought I had a lake record fish, and it turned out to be an above average plain old laker, hooked in the tail or body.... bob
  15. Could have been a sturgeon I suppose... More likely however- 1- Massive Carp in the 30-40 lb range.. They are tough fighters in the 10 pound range.. At 20+ pounds in deep water?... Near impossible for jigging tackle.. Best guess??.. Laker in the 35-40 inch 15-18 pound range.. They are out there... I have caught them in the10-11 pound range, and they don't come up off bottom easy in that weight range... a soild 15 pounder on jigging tackle could spool you or break the line depending on tackle and conditions Wild Card- BIG Drum[sheepshead] in the 20-30 lb range..... bob
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