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  1. Is there a launch that will give me access to both Cross Lake and the river??.. The only launch I know of is the one on 5&20 near Montezuma,,, That won't get me anywhere near Cross Lake, and from what I have read Cross lake would be a good one for the type of fishing I do....bob
  2. yeah plenty of Carp close to home, not really what I am looking for...
  3. Just wondering about the Seneca River, if anyone fishes it regularly.. Unlike most here, I am not much into trolling especially with riggers, lead core, meat rigs etc.. Just not what I enjoy doing.. I do a little flat lining in spring, because i can fish with lighter tackle, and stop the boat when I hook up... These days, I prefer bait fishing, or jigging for panfish, SMB, Walleyes, maybe a Pike or Pickerel on occassion etc.... I have read many times of the good fishing in the Seneca River, but in the area around Montezuma, when I stop, I see guys mainly fishing for carp, cats etc.. I fished there years ago in some backwater sloughs filled with downed trees for Crappies.. We caught some, but most were sub legal.. I don't know the river at all, and a few starting points would be appreciated... Is the area between Seneca and Cayuga Lakes productive, or does one need to fish closer to Cross Lake?.... Not looking for anyone's hot spots, just some general info as to where to launch, lures that have worked in the past etc... any help is appreciated... bob
  4. They are not real well known in this part of the state, not many waters here have them,but they abound downstate and in NJ and LI, especially in tidal/ brackish/fresh rivers where they are everywhere... Just wondering if they are anywhere in central NY in fishable quantities.. I know they are in the Seneca River/Cross Lake, and I could be wrong but I think anglers there call them "silver bass", unless what they are catching is White Bass... Not sure ,, Do they grow to good size there, say 12 inches??.. In some waters for some reason, they over populate, and you just don't see them over a about 6, maybe 8 inches.. Any information would be appreciated. Are they commonly caught there, or an uncommon bycatch?... they are very good eating in clean water, not sure about how they taste from the Seneca River... Any other lakes where I might find them?...
  5. Long shaft, remote steer only, don't want a tiller.. Prefer Johnson/Evinrude from mid 70's into mid 90's... 2 cycle only.. Its for a light boat, and I am going from a 3 cyl 70 HP Merc to a lighter less powerful 2cyl... Nothing fancy as the boat is over 40 years old, and isn't worth putting an expensive motor on... Will pay fair price for a decent runner...bob
  6. Good running I think its an 86 or 87- 70 HP ,3 cyl 2 stroke with new power tilt trim that works great... This motor has been very dependable for me... Good cosmetic condition, starts right up, pumps water great. There IS a reason its only $400.. For as long as I have had it[5 years], the #2 compression has tested about 20 lbs lower than cyls 1 and 3.. Its always been that way, yet the engine runs strong on all 3 and has shown no issues.. There must be a scuff or scratch in the cyl wall, bringing the compression down... I have no desire to take a Merc apart and hone that cyl and re ring it.. If it were an OMC I would but Mercs are tougher to work on.. I am going to downsize to a 2 cyl anyway, between 30 and 50 HP.. Too much weight on the transom of my boat and I don't need 70 HP on an 850 pound aluminum boat.... In spring, I would be happy to take the buyer out on Cayuga or the susquehanna and spend as a many hours as needed on the water proving that despite the "off readings" on the comp gauge, she still runs fine, and has for years... I took the oil pre mix system off several years ago as I do not trust them, but think I still have all the parts... $400 seems a fair price, or would trade for a decent running older long shaft OB of 30-50 HP, 2 cyl only.. Need NOT have power tilt.. Its nice but I dont need it... The boat is a center console with a Merc Binnacle control and these controls are $150- 200 on ebay used. It comes with the motor as a Merc will not be going back on... Not taking motor off until March, but first "I'll take it" gets it held until then, and you can verify it runs well before a nickel is handed over...
  7. to be honest, the absolute BEST panfishing I had ever witnessed, was my first 10 years here in NY state, right at the south end of Cayuga Lake, fishing from shore.. My kids were young at the time, and the size and quantity of the Sunnies, Rock Bass and Perch we would catch was astounding.. Huge 1/2 pound Bluegills and Pumpkinseeds, Perch over a foot, Rock bass sometimes 12 inches, and constantly hooking 18 inch SMB while worm and bobber fishing to the point they became a nuisance.. Then the Zebras. then a massive die off in 2008 , then the gobies, and that was the end of it... These days if you try and fish with a worm and bobber, its all gobies.. nothing else.. Such a shame...
  8. Yes, we caught quite a few but it was mostly smaller sub legal fish that day , although we got a few keepers.. Not anything much over 9 inches. We might have been there too late during the spring season. However that was probably 10 years ago, and things certainly might have changed... matter of fact, I was just at the ramp at Montezuma about 2 days ago looking it over... Might try it again this spring.. Whitney Point is a lot closer to me, but from what I gather the Crappies there are not doing as well there as they once did.. It has gotten better for walleyes, but worse for crappies.. Its really no big deal... Personally I prefer Perch to crappies, and they are a lot easier to find and catch in decent numbers.. Just like a bit of variety I suppose... bob
  9. I get that, but to be honest I am not sure how much it will help.. In a year or two, the 8 and 9 inchers WILL be "legal" 10 inch fish, but as soon as they are caught at 10 inches , they will get eaten, same as it ever was... I just don't think NY is a great crappie state.. The fish run small in most lakes, and a LOT of lakes either don't have them at all, or they have very small populations... NJ has pitiful water resources compared to NY state, but its a lot warmer down there, and that big ocean and all the big tidal rivers and bays keep some of the pressure off the panfish.. Foot long and longer Crappies are much easier to catch down there than they are here... NY DEC is so invested in the trout and salmon fisheries in the great lakes, finger lakes, and the catskills, that they don't bother with mundane fish like Crappies, Perch, Walleyes etc...
  10. WHERE can anyone consistently catch 10 inch crappies in this entire state??.. Maybe Black Lake, Lake George,, but wow 10 inches"".. In the past 2 years I have caught ONE Crappie that even made the 9 inch size limit, along with a million 7- 8 inchers... I know a few private lakes have some big ones, but for me anyway, decent Crappies are hard to find, at least in my part of the state...
  11. I understand where you are coming from, but the wind blows across the water MUCH more efficiently and more often than it does over land... Thats why big bodies of water are being targeted.. More frequent and stronger wind....
  12. There should be lakers available in the areas you can get to with a yak... This time of year they could be anywhere, keep that in mind..Guys that troll might catch them 90 or 100 feet down, and guys standing on shore might catch one a few feet from the shoreline in just a couple feet of water. If there are a lots of schools of sawbellies in 200 fow, rest assured the lakers will be down there as well. Its been several years since I jigged specifically around Thanksgiving Day, but I recall us doing pretty well in around 60 feet of water... If you don't have a good fish finder, it will be tough.. You need to find an area with some baitfish schools and typically the lakers won't be far from them... bob
  13. bulletbob

    for sale : usa Starcraft Holiday 18’

    This is a great boat.. The Islander 18 is one of the best hulls Starcraft ever made.. I had one and really miss it.. It was a lightweight boat, but took rough water like a champ and was extremely stable... Worrying if the boat was ever in salt water is absolutely absurd... Boats or motors that STAY in salt water might have a corrosion issue after many years of staying moored in salt water.. Trailer boats that get rinsed off, and the motors flushed, are completely non distinguishable from a boat that has never seen salt water. I lived in NJ for 37 years fishing salt water , always had trailer boats, and boat motor corrosion was a complete non issue.. I will NEVER understand why upstate guys can't understand that. This one looks VERY well cared for, and if I were in the market I wouldn't think twice about it.. This one was taken care of nicely....
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