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  1. If you like that motor, and it idles down low enough to troll without loading up, than really you are golden as far as operation... The only question now is the actual mount for the swim platform.. If you have the capability to fabricate something good and stout, why not?... There are maniacs out there with boats your size with twin 175's on the transom.. You should be fine as long as your platform mount is good and strong... bob
  2. A couple points of concern.. First, most swim platform mounts are rated for 20 HP max. There may be some I am not aware of rated higher, but I have my doubts... I understand the weight differential between a 20 HP 4 stroke is not that much, but there is a huge power differential. Personally, i wouldn't go that much over rating, but its not my setup, I don't know it,and you know do of course. Second, a 35 as a trolling motor??... Again, its only personal opinion, but thats overkill.. If you run it at idle, you might be ok as far as speed, but typically older 2 strokes get cranky when idled for long periods, and start loading up and fouling plugs, stalling etc,,, I would think a nice 15 or 20 max would be a better way to go.. Have you considered selling your 35??.. either that, or swap it straight across for a clean 15 or 20... best of lick no matter what you decide... bob
  3. boy that would be big kicker.. I suppose if the mount you wind up using is stout enough, and the transom is sound you will be ok.. That 35 is a lot of kicker, but if you have it, trust it, and can mount it securely it will be fine. Personally I would go with a 15 HP 2 stroke with high torque prop.. Are you wanting to use the 35 for power and speed,or simply because you have it on hand???...You are correct in the fact that 35 won't weigh much more than a modern 20 HP 4 stroke
  4. Clean 1972 6 hp Johnson OB $250 Very nice shape for the age, clean, starts right up, runs smooth, idles low and quiet.. Pumps a ton of water and is ready to go.. Just cleaned carb, and adjusted ignition points... I have seen several of these sell on ebay recently in this condition between $450-550... This one is a nice deal at $250. Price IS firm... Shift handle was broken off and solidly repaired years ago... Very common on this model.. Come hear it run in a bucket or with flush ears ... Will consider trade for 3 or 4 HP OB in good running cond... Please respond through PM.. bob
  5. Water has started clearing and settling down, so of course, the fish are gone from the area I was fishing.. Went last evening not a touch from a Walleye.. 2 small SMB. two other guys fishing near me as well, no one had a touch.. Thats just the way this river is, and always has been.. VERY inconsistent.. One day you're an expert, next day you're a jackass ..LOL. bob
  6. If you are sure you are marking Walleyes, here's what i would do... Fish at FIRST LIGHT!.. I would start fishing before dawn while its still dark.. If you get there before sunup,and put jigs down with a big minnow hooked through the lips, or a half nightcrawler, you should get them to bite... The shallower the water is, the more light conditions affect the bite.. i catch a lot of walleyes in the Susquehanna river which is very shallow.. On a good day they will bite maybe 2 hours, from say 5:30 am till 6:30 am , and then its done.. They might bite again from 7 pm till 7:30 or so at night and then quit again. Its been that way for as long as I have been fishing the river,, VERY short "bite windows"... You didn't mention where you were fishing, but as a general rule, the deeper the water, the more prone walleyes are to stay active.. Next time, bring some live bait, and get there early, before sunup... bob
  7. Went again this morning 5/10... Landed 5 before they quit at about 6:30.. 3 at about 14 inches, one about 17, and then a really nice 24 incher-[measured before released] with big broad shoulders.. Not a monster but a really good river fish.. Water in the feeder creek has cleared a bit, river has gone down a foot or more but is still really high fast and muddy. At one point I hung what felt like a GOOD fish but it was off within a second. Upon reeling in the jig, I found a single quarter sized scale neatly impaled on the hook.. So there is a pissed off , but unharmed 20 pound carp swimming out in the muddy susquehanna this morning, with one less scale.... bob
  8. susquehanna river walleye 5/9 First off, the river is unfishable for the most part.. High as hell, raging torrents of chocolate milk at the susky here in the southern tier.. However, there IS a feeder creek that enters it, and was sending large amounts of green water[NOT clear] into the river forming a nice line of eddies, upwellings, rips, and a distinct mud line.. I know from past experience, the the lure must be close the the transition ... If its in the raging mud, you'll never get a hit.. the green water, you might, but not often.. those fish hold in that tiny narrow band where the currents meet and churn... Starting before dawn in the moonlight, I hung a good fish first cast, but she spit the hook.. About an hour later at first light, all hell broke loose and i had my limit within about 15 minutes, always standing on the same rock.. The action slowed but by the time the fish totally shut down at around 7:30, I had landed 9, all keeper size except for one short about 14 inches.. I kept my limit of eating size fish- 1 at 16 inches -2 around 17-18- and 2 just over 21.. Not huge by big lake standards , but the susquehanna doesn't have many Erie size walleyes.. A 4 pounder is a good one there... Nothing drew a hit today except a small 2 inch chartreuse Mr Twister on a 1/4 oz head.. that stupid lure that looks like it came out of a 5 year olds, toy tackle box, has caught me more river walleyes than any other by probably 3 to 1 over the past 25 years.. It is my go to, when they will touch nothing else.. So it was a good first day of walleye fishing, but the window is short.. When the water clears up, the area I fished does not get the concentrations, they disperse, and then 2 keepers is a good mornings work.. Still its been a while since i limited on walleyes, and it was nice never having to move a foot or two in either direction.. That raging brown river swirling and heaving all around me, with me perched on a bit of rock was kind of scary as well, but it was either go there, or catch nothing. One of the fish puked up a massive Madtom catfish, , over 6 inches, by far the biggest one I have ever seen.. Trying again early tuesday, but any caught will be released. .. bob
  9. They can't be any worse than Lake Trout.. Here's an interesting read on them as food fish.. http://www.voanews.com/a/illinois-solution-to-asian-carp-invasion-eat-them-130748253/174885.html
  10. I understand your concern of course.. The catch would have to be regulated .. tightly.. NO "bycatch". These fish seem pretty easy to get on top and jumping .. I have seen videos of commercial guys loading boats up to the gunnels with them, and nothing else.. there are small regional markets for them.. What would be very helpful is a serious "demand" market where every one caught would have ready buyers at a good price. The commercials would find a way to get LOTS of them out of the water and into the boats, IF they could turn a buck on them...We'll see.. meanwhile, I hope they NEVER make it into the big lakes.. If so, they will be into the Fingers and way beyond in no time, and I am not sure we will have any kind of decent sport fishery again....bob
  11. These are supposed to be very good to eat, not at all like "regular" Carp. It would be great if a high demand market for them could be created, and set the commercial boys loose on them. They would have them rounded up in a year..
  12. Cayuga

    Nice to see . This is mainly a trollers forum, and although I hardly ever troll, I admit you will generally catch more fish per hour trolling. That being said, especially this time of year, these fish are readily caught casting and jigging.. You will certainly catch more trolling day in and day out if its about sheer numbers, but there is something to be said for catching salmon and browns on a one handed 6-7 foot spinning rod with 8 pound test from a drifting boat instead of one that is forced to keep moving forward to avoid catastrophic rig tangles.. So much more fun than trolling if you don't need the meat .... bob
  13. just a shout out to an LOU member that is a straight shooter. I recently posted a WTB for a small insignificant elec trolling motor.. No bow mount/foot control, just a cheap little thing for a little Jon boat.. I dunno, I wanted to spend maybe 50-75 bucks or so .. Forum member HOP [real name is Gary] PM'd me and told me he had one laying around, and if I didn't mind the drive up to OVID I would be welcome to have it-free. I thanked him for his kindness and generousity, and went up and picked it up, and was shocked.. Its a gorgeous old Evinrude, in simply spectacular condition, very well built, and very unusual in form, never saw one like it, and they simply don't build them like this anymore. Gary could certainly have sold this for a decent buck, but instead chose to give it to someone he only met once for about 2 minutes. My only "payment" is he wants me to show him how I jig for lakers,, Pretty brutal price to pay , right?.. My techniques should increase his catch by a FULL 2 or 3 fish a YEAR! lol.. Also a shout out to ontherise ]Joe]another member that sold me a very nice 2007 Tracker/Fisher Jon boat in VERY nice shape for $200... Most I had seen before buying his were a LOT older, in a lot worse shape, for a lot more money. I got a really really nice deal on a nice little boat. I appreciate guys like this, and when I see a member here that has a need or simply a want, I will certainly do the same as I was done... Over the years, I have bought/sold/traded stuff here, and never had a bad deal, always positive.... thanks again!... bob
  14. You are correct of course. However, as we know, there are always cycles in these large lakes.. Smelt were being out competed for years by sawbellies, and then piled on by zebras and now those damn gobies.. However, anything might have a few down years due to any number of natural factors, and the Smelt might be able to rebound some.. Personally, I would rather see fewer sawbellies and more smelt in the lakes.. I have my doubts of course, but you never know... bob
  15. Smelt still there, but in greatly reduced numbers. If we are smart as fishermen/ conservationists we will leave them alone and maybe in time, there will be a comeback of sorts in the species.. I hope so... bob