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  1. Go to Sheldrake Point .. Deep water is right there and its free.. Not a ramp there per se, but hard ground right to lakes edge.. i used to launch big heavy glass boats with no issue.. its a very nice area to dump a kayak in, and its free, and the lakers are stones throw from where you launch.. At the state park, it would be an hours paddle one way to get into water deep enough for lakers... bob
  2. I I agree, but somewhere in this post the underlying theme is the concept of the slow erosion of personal freedom, and those that applaud or at least accept it
  3. The NY state police marine patrols do indeed hassle people at times.. The Prowler V party boat that has been in business for decades, had just had his annual CG safety inspection a few days before being boarded by the NY state marine Police.. Had the documents to prove it.. Didn't matter,, With like 40 guys on board actively fishing, they boarded him, after following him for a while.. the captain was furious as i recall.. they KNOW these guys cannot sail without being 100% USCG compliant, and they knew damn well who he is.. Its a well known , well respected 80 footer thats been on Raritan bay forever.. Good captain thats a real nice guy.. been on his boat several times, and its always in top shape.. NO reason for him to be boarded while fishing, in waters he has been plying all his life... In case anyone thinks this is a lie as well, here's a link to the forum that I read about it in... https://www.njfishing.com/forums/showthread.php?t=108989
  4. The ticket for outdated flares was given to a member of Noreast.com, a very large saltwater forum for LI, SI and coastal NY/NJ that I am a member of... He shared it earlier this year.. It was not given upstate, but on coastal NY waters. Not sure if he appealed it, but i would have. I have a feeling it was given by an officer that may not have understood the regulations very well.. From what I understand, you certainly can have out dated flres, as long as you also have compliant ones aboard. What many here do not seem to understand is that a LOT of officials that are patrolling the water, are NOT specifically trained to be on the water, especially here in upstate.. Coastal zones are more likely to have full time patrols.. Up here they will be mostly gone after Labor day. These are NOT Marine law specialists, and the membership here probably has a lot more knowledge and experience in marine law than the 25 year old kid that might write a ticket.. Downstate. there are TONS of problems because local,county and state marine patrols also issue tickets for undersize fish, and bag limits, along with the separate DEC patrols.. There are many mistakes. Many reports on the salt water fishing sites from irate angles ticketed for short Fluke[Summer Flounder], when in reality the guys had Windowpane flounder or 4Spot Flounder, both of which are somewhat similar, but are NOT regulated in size or in bag limit.. Yes NY state DOES allow non DEC personal to check bag and size limits downstate, each and every day.. Honestly, if thats what some members here think is a good thing, not much i can say about it i suppose... bob
  5. Remote steer/ Long shaft.. Can't use a tiller... Need a decent outboard for a 14 foot grumman with side console and steering wheel.. Has a 28 Johnson SPL on it now but its getting tired.. Not looking to spend a fortune as the boat is 40 years old, and is simply not worth spending a lot of money on... I can certainly pay a fair price for a decent motor... Will need controls unless its an OMC... If anyone has a motor I can use, i would love to talk about it, and settle on a price!... bob
  6. Boy thats a LOT of boat for the money.. good luck with the sale,,, Super deal... Pro Line boats are not real well known or real popular up here in NY state, but down in NJ and LI the ocean and bays are full of them, and they are very well respected as a very solid and stable big water hull.. Nice deal on this one...
  7. Yep,, Aggressive enforcement and tickets.. Yes sir, the BEST way to assure a pleasant fishing/boating experience. Geez, thats REALLY what you want ??.. Sacrificing personal freedom on the alter of ""safety"".. ask the venezuelans how that worked out for them.. Big brother will take care of everything.. Surveillance is a GOOD thing.
  8. I always have proper safety equipment, and usually carry 3 or 4 methods of propulsion.. In my 17 footer, i have a 70 HP main engine, a 4 HP on the stern alongside it as backup, and a 2 HP gas outboard stowed away as backup to the backup. 2 paddles as well, always. i carry an extinguisher that works, i have all required equipment, plus double the number of PFD's i would ever need.. However, when tickets are handed out for a perfectly GOOD PFD because the damn tag is missing, yes, it is indeed a money grab When tickets are handed out because expired flares are on the boat along with UP TO DATE flares. yes. its a money grab..... NY is overwhelmed by Welfare, Medicaid, Low income housing costs for the "gimmie class". and is desperate for any new funding it can muster .. They get it where they can... Boat owners typically have money, and its a good a place as any.. Are you guys REALLY that naive' to think the state of NY is "watching out for your safety and well being".. really?.. On the finger lakes??.. Please, give me a break... bob
  9. Sorry, the state police are there to make money for the state.. NOT to "render assistance".. They'll be gone when the first winds of autumn stir, and will be back when summer approaches again.. in other words, in the time frame when most people would be desperate for help on the finger lakes, when the water is cold and the wind blows hard... Just another NY state money grab.. If it were the USCG out there, I might be more inclined to say, "thanks for watching out for us boaters", but the NY state police?... they are Cuomo's errand boys, looking to turn a few extra bucks for the general fund... bob
  10. I have a problem with all these so called "safety inspections".. IMHO the are harassment, nothing more. Once the state gets involved in ""boater safety"", its get stifling in some areas,, I dare anyone here to try and boat in the coastal waters around LI, NYC, NJ, and staten Island... There are county marine police, municipal marine patrols,, State marine police, USCG, and NY /NJ DEC.. Constant "stop and frisk", constant annoyance. If you get caught crossing the NY/NJ "line" wherever that is, and you are caught its a big fine unless you have a "boaters safety course" certificate on your person.. In other words, You can fish the NY side of the bay, but not allowed to fish the NJ side or even cross the line... I was hoping that sort of CRAP was not going to happen upstate, but its a money maker I suppose, and I should not be surprised.. I can see it on the Great Lakes I suppose,, because they can be killers.. The Fingers are windy and you might get blown 30 miles from your ramp, but if the boat floats you won't drown. Are they going to go after the guys in 30 footers trolling mid lake or the guys with 12 footers, w 6 HP outboards fishing the shoreline for Bluegills?... Sorry for the rant, but in close to 50 years of boating, in NJ and NY, I have never felt "safer" because the state Marine Police were doing "safety inspections". I have felt more annoyed and aggravated however... bob
  11. I too have had those 25-30 fish days, but its been quite a while.. Seneca used to be so good i stopped fishing cayuga altogether, but now its slowed a lot.. The thing with jigging is you have to be equipped with a seriously good trolling motor that allows you to stay vertical... Jigging is very good for guys that do it a lot, and have the right equipment, and have put the time in to learn when and where, what colors, how to move the lure.. Just like trolling the guys that do best have put a lot of time in, and are well set up.. For the casual angler that doesn't have the best trolling motor set up, or the time to learn the best spots and techniques, trolling deep with a couple of cheap hand crank downriggers would most likely catch more fish day in day out.. Jiggers catch plenty of lakers, and some big ones no doubt, but there is a reason 90% of the guys fishing the Finger lakes for Salmonids of any species still troll.. bob
  12. I started jigging for lakers when I moved here in 1991.. Never liked trolling, and avoid it,,, However, jigging will never replace trolling as the best way to catch lakers.. we have our days, and on any given day, a guy jigging might catch 10 while the trollers are only picking one or two, but the odds are heavily stacked against us. a lot of the fish we read near bottom, are carp, catfish, sheepshead, or dormant lakers that won't eat.. trollers lures are seen by a LOT more fish than our vertical jigs are.. Jigging is for those of us that like it, are happy with fewer fish and less action than the trollers get.. It IS an effective way to catch fish, certainly, but as far as numbers, no technique is near as efficient as trolling is... We jig because it fun, its rewarding, there is a sense of accomplishment, but trolling is the better method if you want more fish.. If I catch 2-3 lakers in a morning, I am very happy.. Some days I catch more, lots of days i don't hook up at all.. Its just the way it is for most of us that don't troll... bob
  13. One of the main problems with Walleyes in NY state is that in many waters they do exactly what the Trout, and often the Bass do as well... they go totally contrary to their natural state, and they will suspend and follow bait and not relate to structure.. They are by nature a bottom oriented species.. Just as salmon, browns and rainbow are stream fish, but adapt to their main food source, and alter their lifestyle completely from their natural state walleyes adapt to their primary food source... As we know, food trumps everything else , and fish will go out of habitat, out of temperature etc... When Walleyes are in lakes loaded with Alewives, they get huge but can be tough as hell to catch... The best way to get walleyes in large lakes with big alewife populations is trolling, no question... Smaller, shallower, rocky lakes without big suspended schools of oily baitfish are typically better lakes for jiggers, as are rocky rivers.. Lake erie has a good population of big walleyes, but almost all of them are caught trolling, at least on the NY side.. Might be a few guys jigging and doing well, but they don't talk much... Canadian walleye lakes seem to be much more productive for jiggers, and I would bet money most of those lakes dont have huge populations of schooling big greasy suspending baitfish... bob
  14. Nah, just lots of years doing it, a few good days here and there amongst LOTS of bad ones.. Just remember that walleyes are typically more active and are more apt to feed in low light conditions, and for most of us that means dawn and dusk.. I haven't done it but I bet that fishing in the dead of night with big live bait would be the best method to catch them consistently, but Bullheads and Catfish might be a nuisance in some spots.. If you can get good size healthy live bait, you can drop shot a big live minnow a foot off bottom while jigging as well.. Increases the odds... bob
  15. I don't use use store bought scent ,, but there are some tricks i use at times. that might help some guys.. A live or fresh dead minnow on the jig hook can certainly help on slower days.. It will NEVER hurt to try.. Another trick I use that works fantastic with ANY fish is fish blood.. If I catch a fish or two one day and will be fishing again within a few days here is what I do... I cut some small tapered strips out of the flexible belly/underside of a fish, usually a walleye i have taken home.. While cleaning them , fresh walleyes shed a ton of blood.. I collect as much as i can in a small zip lock bag, and add the belly strips, and put that in the fridge.. GREAT for tipping any type of jig, for any type of fish, and pretty easy to do.. At times I go without the belly strips, but use a hair jig, and drop it into the blood.. soaks that blood up, leaves a scent trail that Killer.... All kinds of critters grab it up , anything from sunnies and trout to big Pike, and of course Bass and Walleyes. typically, I go without and tipping however, and have found that walleyes are not all that hard to catch WHEN they are active!,, thats the key.. Neutral l walleyes are not an easy mark.. You can fish an area thats thick with them and never get a touch.. You would swear they just weren't there. Other times they are as stupid as the dumbest starving bluegill and will readily commit suicide.. It was many years ago, but i once caught 26 keeper size Walleyes standing on the same rock in the susquehanna river, between 3 PM and 6 PM in bright sunlight. Kept my limit, went back the next night just for catch and release, caught 6... Went back next night, not a bite.. They move, they blow hot and cold as far as feeding/activity, and they can be stupid and easy to catch, or smart as hell and impossible to catch... As i said earlier, the less light the better.. Try getting out next time before dawn, and fish hard till about 8 am... For me, thats prime time... Also , 6 PM and onward into darkness.. The angles of the sun as it sets don't allow deep light penetration, and the walleyes are more active than they are during the late morning/afternoon.. This is NOT to say you can't catch walleyes mid day, you can ,but your chances diminish if you are jigging.. Daylight hours are fine when deep trolling for suspended Walleyes relating to bait pods, but jigging for structure oriented fish is best when light penetration is low... At least from my experience... bob
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