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  1. I dunno, does anyone really need more meat?.. Is it that important?. Finger Lakes trout and salmon are typically good size fish, and 1 decent bow along with a brown, landlock, laker here and there is more than enough for a few meals, unless you are feeding a big family. I mean if having more fish flesh on the table is imperative, there are lots of other possibilities. panfish, bass, pike, walleyes etc.. the rainbows can spawn and reproduce why start grabbing up more to fillet or smoke?.. bob
  2. They might be keying on an abundant food source in the lake and not much interested in any other offerings.. next time out, bring along some plain old earthworms.. Everyone uses minnows or small plastic jigs for them these days, but nothing beats plain old worms for perch, shallow or deep.. Worms have saved a lot of trips for me when everything else failed. If using jigs try a little piece of worm on it.. bob
  3. Here's the formula- "Boat weight is the most important consideration to take into account when choosing a trolling motor. A beginning rule of thumb is that you want a minimum of 2 lbs of thrust for every 100lbs. For example, if you have a 3000lb boat, fully loaded, then the calculation is (3000/100) * 2 = 60lbs of thrust. When calculating boat weight, make sure you calculate the heaviest potential weight which includes a boat fully loaded with gear, fuel and the maximum number of passengers". I suppose it depends on what you are doing... If you are in heavy seas with the 40 mph wind blowing you away from your launch area you are in trouble.. The electric troller is better than nothing but not much.. Calm water it will be ok, until the batteries go dead.. I only have a 17 footer but I feel very secure with a little 4 HP 2 stroke or even my 2 hp 2 stroke.. thats how I would go, and they are really cheap in the off season $225-275 will get you a decent used 2-3-4 HP gas 2 stroke that would be way better than the electric.. You might only make 1-2 knots in the wind, but it will push you against a strong wind... The electric?.. Not so sure, even thoughyou are well within the weight guidelines.. Electrics are for changing position in small areas while fishing, and holding position against the wind in a boat that size... The excel at that.. They aren't really meant to push a heavy boat with a dead main engine 5 miles back to the ramp in heavy wind.. The small gas motor will do it quite slowly, but it will do it... Ask me how I know!.... bob
  4. bulletbob

    Fish ID

    https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=yfp-t-s&p=perch+walleye+hybrid#id=1&vid=93dde4ab312d3ad7b29772b6d68c698a&action=click here's a youtube video of one, just like yours
  5. I would never consider entering ANY tournament, for any fish.. ever. However, and awful lot of guys love them, and fish everyone they can.. PILES of dead bass, BIg dead bass, floating or lying motionless on bottom, near the weigh in/release area.. Happens at every bass tournament, yet each year, they are bigger and bigger with more guys entering I feel the same way about Trout/walleye/Catfish/Perch tourneys, not to mention Tuna/Striper/Fluke/ Marlin /Swords in salt water.. As the late great fishing author Frank woolner once wrote.. "Fishing should not be a competitive sport-It should be a contemplative sport".. I concur 100% .... bob
  6. Understood.. No argument but remember, every spring fall and even into winter, guys troll the south end of the lake with flatlines and planers, and keep and eat what they catch.. They troll so close to the sewage treatment outflow, they could hit it with a cast.. bob
  7. absolutely.. Not only that. its running, fast moving water thats been flooded and had the bottom rocks sediments scoured countless times... Most of the crap from the gun factory is out in the lake, buried deep under sediment, where it should probably stay.. I would have NO problem eating anything out of fall creek... bob
  8. Sturgeon? 40+ pound carp? Big Laker or Brown that became entangled with 75 pound of floating /suspended junk/garbage/tree branch etc? Similar scenarios to your have happened to me many times over the decades.. I always envision it as a potential state/world record fish that "got away"... bob
  9. Look, its always worth a shot, so don't let my opinion sway you very much.. I just don't do near as well at the end of a very warm september, as I do at the end of a cool october.. Actually for me personally, November is my best bass month by far, and always has been, BUT, I fish mostly Smallmouths, not Largemouths, and they do like cooler water.. Right at this time, if i wanted Largemouths out of Keuka i would fish weed edges from say 10-20 feet at the north end with big live shiners, and leave the plastic worms at home... Smallmouths I would fish rocky points with crayfish colored jigs in 20 foot or so of water... bob
  10. 9/25/19- 70 degrees f at pen yan water treatment plant.. I personally don't like sept for bass in any of the finger lakes... They are much more active in late oct.. That water is still very warm. Its been a very warm sept..... bob
  11. Look, it might make sense to try it once or twice.. Things might have changed.. I have not bothered fishing for several years there as it had gotten so bad, but perhaps the gobies and mussels are more in balance now or something.. Personally, I no longer fish there, but you might discover something of which i am unaware.. Things change in these lakes...
  12. At the south end of Cayuga I used to catch gobs of big perch, big rock bass up to a foot long, BIG Bluegills and Pumpkinseeds interspersed with Really nice SMB that would hit the worms or small jigs I used for panfish.. The fishing is not like that anymore.. The Zebra Mussels, Gobies, and a couple of large die offs have devastated the panfishing at the south end.. There are still some perch around in the fall, and I have caught them in around 10-11 feet of water, but as stated its not like it was years ago... Personally, I would say the north end is a lot better.. Although I am only 20 miles from Cayuga south end , I no longer fish there for panfish.. I have switched that type of fishing to Skaneateles, although its a MUCH longer drive.. The pan fishing at the south end of Skinny, is FAR better these days than cayuga, and in fall there are a lot of big SMB as well... Once the gobies invaded cayuga there was a large downturn in the bass and pan fishing at the south end of the lake... Its better at the north end for certain.. Its worth a try, some guys still do ok I think , but not me. I bailed out... bob
  13. if you mean ice fishing you are better off at the north end.. the south end gets weird unworkable ice some years.. Jagged, pushed up into huge filthy sheets with huge ruts gouges and ridges.. You see a few guys out there some years, but its not considered a good ice fishing location.. north end is MUCH better
  14. The town launch is NOT donation.. Its $5, and they check license plates.. Its pretty shallow, but trimmed up until you get near the buoys in the lake you should be ok
  15. There are always some lakers near the plant in the evening say around 6:30-7 PM, in 60-90 FOW.. Might be some smallmouth shallower say 20-30 feet, but personally I have never done much there.. Some others may have had better luck for bass around the plant... bob
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