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  1. Should be a 10 fish limit on any one species, and maybe a 25 limit mixed bag.. 25 Perch , Sunfish, Crappie,, Rock Bass, White Perch White Bass etc is really plenty for anyone.. If you really need more than 25 panfish a day, you might want to rethink your dietary habits... i love panfish, and even 10 fish total bag would suffice for me personally, but thats still low.. I feel the 25 limit on mixed species is the way to go.. Just too many very good, very efficient anglers with a lot of leisure time and simply incredible space age equipment [GoPro Underwater video] these days... Its getting to the point that the fish just don't have a chance to get old and big... bob
  2. Problem is, everyone culls the biggest and best.. When that happens you are eliminating the big breeders.. Its just human nature I guess.. I noticed the same thing years ago with Crappies in some lakes... Today some lakes with a lot of crappies, are loaded with 5-6 inchers, and very few keeper size.. Thick shouldered 12 inchers???.. good luck, in much of NY state these days.. They get taken and eaten every spring, as soon as they reach 9 inches.. Last time I went Crappie fishing this spring a 9 incher was hard to come by.. Same thing could happen to perch,, Just so many people after them these days.. bob
  3. Several times to skaneatles past few months.. last trip mid last week was not great, maybe a total of 8 keeper fish .. Some nice size perch up to about 12 inches, couple nice size rockies, a massive sunny, and a short LMB... Several toss back perch .. Wind was brutal, due south and I was at the north end.. Just raging whitecaps until noon... By then the bite was totally dead... Skinny has been ok for me this summer, not great numbers but many nice fish, and they are really sweet eating compared to other lakes.. Personally, I have no need to limit out on panfish.. If I get say 10 nice size mixed panfish, its a good trip for me.. That will last me a week...bob
  4. I love perch as much as anyone, but I don't understand this hard headed preoccupation with the perch fishing at Seneca, and guys beating the water to death trying for them.. So many other lakes with good perch fishing, as well as big fat sunnies,rock bass, Crappies, bullheads etc.. Jeez, if you fish owasco or skaneateles, in 20-25 FOW with just worms, you should have no trouble finding a few dozen mixed panfish, including lots of perch of really decent size.. Yes you don't see the 2 pounders you do in seneca sometimes, but to me there is nothing wrong with foot long perch with nice thick shoulders, along with bull bluegills and pumpkinseeds.. I catch a lot of very nice panfish these days, and no longer bother with Seneca, and beating myself up trying to scare up a few big perch.. the other lakes are giving up plenty.. No, not the Seneca giants, but still great fishing. I guess I never found the need to catch 25 2 pound perch every time I fished.. 8 or 10 decent size perch and some big sunnies are more than enough for my needs...I guess i am just getting old, but when fishing becomes too much like hunting, i simply switch to easier prey... bob
  5. A "hot" primary fishery???. Probably not.. However, sunnies perch, bullheads, pickerel, LMB, Rock bass don't inhabit 150 foot depths suspended mid lake over 300, and the lake has good fishing for those species at various places.. The walleyes will do ok there if they aren't descended upon by hordes of meat hungry anglers... They will provide a secondary or tertiary fishery for those in the know that find the spots, patterns, techniques... I'll most likely never fish for them there, but some will, and probably in years to come, some will do ok with them.. Will it replace Oneida in the hearts and minds of walleye freaks???.. er umm, no... bob
  6. Why not??.. The lake has changed a LOT from years ago.. its a lot less clear, there are weeds everywhere, where there were none at one time, and the lake is stiff with small perch and other panfish in the shallow areas for the walleyes to eat.. the entire south end of the lake is a big fairly shallow submerged weedbed, with a lot of cover for young Walleye and their prey.. walleyes don't need alewives to eat.. they eat crayfish, bugs, worms, crayfish, small catfish, perch, sculpins, madtoms. shiners . just about anything.. I doubt there will be many 15 pounders in a lake like skinny, probably more like what i am used t catching in the susquehanna river, where a five pounder is a big fish, and 15 to 19 inch fish are the norm... bob
  7. Skinny is fast becoming a Eutrophic lake as are the other Finger Lakes.. Thats a natural course for small lakes, but should never have happened with huge deep lakes like the fingers.. That is the price that has been paid for choking these lakes with mcMansions, "getaways", Farms and vineyards.. All that stuff has to go somewhere, and in the fingers, it goes directly into the lake.. Until this year it had been many years since i fished Skinny, and I was shocked.. Character of the lake has changed immensely... Clarity not even close to what I remember, weeds everywhere... its a shame, but in reality we all did it.. Now that my "the sky is falling" rant is over , let me add, i think the Walleyes were always in skaneateles in small numbers.. i have heard about them for many years. I don't think its a bad thing.. i just think the lake is changing and becoming more hospitable to Walleye reproduction... Same thing with sunfish.. They are everywhere in skaneatles these days, and sadly a lot of them are on the smaller side[some big ones too] Something has made the lake more hospitable to them, as years ago they were not there in the numbers we see today.. The Finger Lakes are changing, like it or not.. There will always be fish, but who knows what the balance of species will be??? bob
  8. Cayuga

    I understand your point of view, but the sheer numbers of Cormorants will put a severe crimp in all fishing on these lakes,, The ONLY thing that will stop a fish from getting eaten is size.. 150 FOW is nothing to a Cormorant.. It won't hurt the trout/salmon trolling for the next few years, I agree, but remember without stocked Salmonids, these lakes would not have many in them.. Cormorants are notorious for loving stockie size trout.. Its a LOT more efficient for them to grab a 9-10 inch trout, than it is to grab a 4 inch Sawbelly or Goby.. Never think they can't decimate these big lakes.. they have decimated entire coastal fisheries in the northeast, and those fish migrate, away from the damn cormorants.. However when they are juveniles, in shallower water, Cormorants eat dozens a day, ...each.. They have wiped out the winter flounder in many NE states, a species that for many years had no limit, no closed season.. Now you can take 2.. Cormorants wiped them out.... They can and do destroy fish populations in widespread areas, and the Finger Lakes and Great lakes are not immune.. The flocks I witnessed on the south end of Cayuga were massive.. Hundreds and hundreds of them, all over the place, acres of them in places. I was sick when I saw the numbers, unlike anything I have ever witnessed... They don't eat grass as we all know, they eat fish, lots of fish, and man, there are a LOT of birds out there right now...bob
  9. Cayuga

    They feed and travel in flocks.. BIG flocks.. If you see singles, you are lucky. When you see flocks, the fishing goes south FAST.. They eat an average of a pound of fish a day, each bird.. When you see thousands,.. well just use your imagination as to the damage they can do to ANY body of water in a year,, They destroy fishing, period... Here's a good read... bob http://www.startribune.com/cormorants-actually-are-a-problem/133719513/
  10. Cayuga

    Just what these lakes needed.. Another monstrous stress factor to layer on top of a bunch of other stress factors that have been increasing in frequency over the past decade.. Cormorants can decimate healthy fish populations in short order... Salmonids are NOT immune.. Although a 5 pound trout isn't in danger, dozens of 10 inch ones a day are, EVERY day.. Cormorants eat a LOT. They usually dive 50 feet or less, but have been recorded diving over 200 feet, so there is nothing that swims thats safe from these SOB's... Maybe next we'll be lucky enough to get Walking Catfish, Asian Carp, and Snakeheads to go along with all the other good stuff thats gotten into in the Finger lakes... bob
  11. Cormorants on cayuga Has anyone noticed they are there by the THOUSANDS???.. I knew they were around, but the south end of the lake was infested with them, from Treman to Myers and beyond.. big flocks everywhere, diving, resting, flying.. Great,... with all the problems on these lakes, this is just what we needed,.,, I hope they eat billions of gobies, and choke as they are doing it.. Cormorants in the numbers I observed is a very bad thing.. They decimate fish populations in pretty short order... bob
  12. actually, I am pretty impressed by this little lake.. We caught this one, and at least 3 or 4 others were caught within that day alongside the sunfish in pretty shallow water.. There might be a lot more of them there than people realize.. Gonna try for them in a few weeks after the water cools down.. There was a fresh dead one as well, possible one that was caught and released and didn't make it.. bob
  13. Rainbow Well, it IS a rainbow, just not a big Finger Lakes one.. But its still a rainbow, still a holdover, and it might just as well have been a 10 pounder, to my grandson that caught it in a little local park lake.. Yeah, its only maybe 13- 14 inches, but it was a monster compared to the Pumpkinseeds we were mostly catching.. It made this good looking young mans day.. His name is Landon, and he LOVES fishing with papa, and loves to eat everything he catches... I have to hide to release the 4 inch sunnies and perch we catch along with the keepers.. He wants to keep them to eat, but I suppose thats what 4 year olds do.. My favorite fishing partner!... oh yeah his pal Lulu the cat approves as well... bob