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  1. I used to like it and take a couple trips there each year camping,,, i have no more use for it and will spend my money elsewhere.. They don't seem to need it.
  2. Familiar with the area.. There is a little park in Ithaca called East Shore Park... You can fish there as long as there is open water... You can park there as well, and can walk north for miles along the railroad tracks and find plenty of spots to fish from shore.. Its not "fast" fishing by any means.. a LOT of skunk time, but you never know when a big Landlock, Brown, Laker, Rainbow, or huge Pike will grab your lure and head for the hills,, I have caught some monumental fish there, but you need to put the time and effort it.. I have always liked BIG 1 oz Roostertail spinners, they have been pretty reliable for me, but spoons such as Cleos and similar are good too,, Weighted Rebels or Rapalas are also good, but during high winds often you just won't get the distance.. Lots of guys fish all winter at Taughannock Park as well, and again, there are some big fish caught, and it can happen any time, but there is a lot of dead time between hits.. Sometimes days on end.. Best bet there, is a big lively sawbelly, under a big slip bobber, and a pretty long cast.. Guys catch fish there, but its windy, freezing cold in mid winter, and while you may catch the fish of a lifetime, be prepared to put the time in.. You earn every good fish you catch from the shore in Cayuga in winter.. I used to do it, and got some great fish, but at 68 now, it has a lost a lot of the appeal it once had.... bob
  3. This time of year there are always fish to be found from Sheldrake south.. I personally do better on the east side of the lake, but there's plenty of room for argument to that opinion.. If I were going I would head to the power plant and stay between it and a few miles north of it on the east side.. Always some fish there post spawn... , I would start looking in 50-70 fow...bob
  4. Gotta remember-This IS NY after all, and outdoorsmen voting against their best interests is common, so yes, if members here want the leftists in power, by all means, keep the status quo in this very liberal, very restrictive, rabid anti Second Amendment state, and vote for the radical socialists to stay in power.. Many of us up here will counter, but don't worry, the leftist elites and welfare "gimmes" in NYC will most likely save the day, and keep us all under socialist control... Same as it ever was....
  5. PM me.. I know a spot where catching 100 in a day is not a problem.. Not many real big one's this year, but still great fun on light tackle.. About 45 minutes from T burg, and its yak friendly... You will be fishing rocks and I would use nothing more that 1/4 oz jigs.. Bring a LOT of them..... bob
  6. The OP was discussing jigging, not trolling..
  7. "Thanks again and the 50 pound flat head would be a real experience for sure". They have been confirmed by the NYS DEC Fisheries Lab in the Susquehanna River.. Talked to the biologist the other day about the river survey they just completed.. I will post more about it soon.. She had pictures of several smaller/to small mid size ones taken in the river near Sayre, and said they were 100% certain Flatheads, and not mistaken channel cats.. Problem is they are NOT garbage eaters like channels cats, they are ferocious, active, voracious predators of other fish, and will eat Walleyes and SMB by the millions.. hopefully they eat Carp, Suckers, Fallfish , Chubs more than they eat gamefish, but to me they are NOT a welcome presence.. Not that simple to catch either, you need big live bait, not cut bait like channels cats... bob
  8. Plenty of good fishing in Pa. right now. Walleyes, SMB, Tigers,Flatheads in the rivers, Stripers in some of the big impoundments, along with walleyes and Bass.. yeah, you guys don't have the trout and salmon trolling, but we don't have stripers or 50 pound flatheads...
  9. Personally, I look more for bait when Laker fishing than for individual fish.. I have had days when I caught several fish staring at a blank screen, and other times when it was lit up like a Christmas Tree, and never got a sniff... you must remember how lakers are.. they are much more bottom oriented than other salmonids.. A laker a few inches off bottom, might not even show up on the screen... Browns/Salmon/Rainbows, are more likely to be higher up at the level of the bait pods, following them around and picking them off..Yes lakers do that too of course, but just remember this rule- There are ALWAYS lakers on bottom, around areas where there is bait.. Even when trollers are catching them suspended say 50 feet down, some are always on bottom, otherwise us jig guys would catch very few, yet sometimes we do as well as the trollers[maybe even better at times] with lakers... Now the "silvers" that everyone on this forum talks about and desire, they are less likely to be caught with jigs, simply because the areas they are in are more open, and they will be anywhere from the surface to the depths... Yes lakers do that as well, but all year long winter and summer,there are ALWAYS some to be caught on bottom .. Rainbows/Salmon/Browns are stream fish that can live in lakes, but are NOT natural there, and they don't typically relate to bottom structure.. lakers are lake fish, and do relate naturally to bottom structure more than the others.. Find what they eat[sawbellies] on good bottom, and you'll find lakers... If I were going this week, I would likely head to AES from the plant itself to a few miles north and start early AM in about 50-60 feet, looking for scattered bait, and see whats around/under it... Remember, typically if there's bait around, there are usually lakers under them, even if you don't see them on the screen... Myers, and the Park can also be good this time of year.. Around the park is always tougher for me because of the steep drops and very unpredictable depths.. You can be fishing in 50 feet, and a wind shift will find you in 200 feet in 30 seconds... Myers point, as well as a mile or two north or south will hold lakers as well.. Contrary to popular belief, lakers spawn there as well, and there are always some there in the fall and winter... Long point, and Sheldrake as well.. let us know how you make out... this time of year I am out in the river fishing for smb and walleyes, and wait a bit until all the lakers are done spawning...
  10. Lakers are spawning right now in Cayuga.. However they can still be caught when you find them bunched up... Those that are pre spawn, or actively spawning are not eating, but will often hit jigs anyway, maybe out of anger, or seeing the lure near their eggs,, not sure... Also, they start spawning in Cayuga in early sept, so I imagine a percentage of them are already spawned out and are feeding again... Hot spots??... I dunno, anywhere you can find them I suppose, but I will tell you this.. The DEC nets them every year for their eggs and milt which they use to stock many other lakes in the state.. They are always netting around Taughannock point and up a mile or two south of the point, and down a mile or two south of it, so we know the lakers congregate there this time of year,,, Who knows how many have spawned and gone either north or south by this time?.. I would just try where you have caught them in the past, and see what happens.. Water depths vary, but I know they will go pretty deep during the spawn, I have caught them full of eggs in 100 FOW, but have also caught them full of eggs or milt in shallow water.... Its certainly worth a shot, the weather is supposed to be really nice and who knows how many more chances you might get this fall ? bob
  11. I had a similar boat, built by a company called CMF.. It was ok, stout little hull, but certainly nothing special.. Looks like it will be a pretty hard riding hull in a chop, but roomy and quite stable when still fishing or drifting as mine was.. It all depends on how much it is, and what you plan to use it for... if you plan on running fast on big rough lakes forget it, its the wrong hull.. Perch fishing, still or drift fishing, casting, a lot of slow trolling, why not?- looks like a nice roomy open hull... If its solid with a good floor and transom, its fine for running around in a river or lake setting... These boats were cheaply made by several companies using the same designs, and possible the same molds, using a chopper gun, NOT hand laid glass.. The hull is fine for general use, and will be easy to repair and maintain same as any other fiberglass boat.. If its priced right and suits your needs, grab it, if not there are a million other boats out there that will suit you needs.... bob
  12. correct... Those cyls will never rust, they are always"oiled", and first thing you do when you start the engine in spring is add more oil with the gas.. I have fogged a few times over the years, but when I don't I lose no sleep over it...
  13. Maybe, but there is a reason they still sell sawbellies despite the fact that they die if you look at them the wrong way, and other baitfish are much hardier.. They simply work better for trout... Not saying a trout or salmon won't hit a shiner, but i can't begin to tell you how many times i have seen big trout or salmon caught by shore fishermen using sawbellies while guys using shiners or fatheads never got a sniff... By the same token I have personally witnessed a huge Brown caught on a tiny little fathead better suited to catching 7 inch perch... Sawbellies are what Cayuga trout and salmon eat the most of , they are used to following big schools of them, and they are simply the best live bait for trout in the lakes where sawbellies are the predominant food source... bob
  14. A minnow?? Depends on what you mean by a minnow.. a fathead or shiner?... maybe but I have my doubts... Those are not what trout are used to eating when roaming deep water... They key on sawbellies this time of year... If you get some live sawbellies and send one down, yes, they will get hit no question if its in the zone and if the fish are eating.
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