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  1. sorry, Couldn't even give it away.. took it to the junk yard over the summer.
  2. Bulk ammo ?

    Glad to help.. In this state guns and gun owners are despised, with an unreasonable hatred,, NY city dwellers want NO guns allowed in this state, and we always elect governors that are more than happy to oblige.. Believe me they are working on plans like California has where every round you buy is monitored and you need a permit to simply purchase ammo.. When that day arrives, I'm out of here... bob
  3. Fishing boat size on Cayuga Lake

    17 is plenty.. There are times when fishing will be uncomfortable even in a 25 footer on the Finger lakes.. It all depends on how you are fishing.. Trolling, a 17 footer is fine usually.. Bass fishing run and gun style, you will get hammered some days.. Perch fishing, Pike casting,jigging for lakers or bass, these lakes get rough, and even a good 17 will get roughed up.. however, not to the point of being unsafe IMHO.. I have had my very tough very stable old Grumman 14 out on Cayuga in howling winds, and NEVER felt "unsafe"... However that does NOT mean you can fish effectively.. These lakes , for "inland " lakes, are friggin' wind tunnels.. I lived 37 years in NJ and can say from experience that the Atlantic Ocean and the large NY/NJ bays have a LOT more fishable days than we have in the finger lakes.. It can get to the point where your 17 might get bounced so bad you might not want to fish, but if you cannot fish in a 17, will it be a fun and productive day in a 21??? probably not... It all depends on how bad you need the fish i suppose... bob
  4. Seneca Smallies

    OP.. If you are using shiners, honestly why bother drop shotting??. Drop shotting works, and works well, but nothing will outfish live shiners for SMB... If I had a couple dozen live shiners, I would fish them until they were gone, and only then would I go drop shotting.. Bait IS a pain in the ass, but its usually more productive than lures for finger lakes bass For every big bass I have caught on a lure on Cayuga/Seneca/Keuka/Skaneateles , I have caught five on live bait..... bob
  5. wow, LOTS of boat there for the money!
  6. Smallmouth blitz Susquehanna River

    It was almost dark, and I had to take my shoes and socks off..Thick black river mud, sucking at my ankles, freezing cold water, current ripping at the boat.. Finally was able to hook up the bow eye to the winch strap, had to tie a rope to the transom, and pull the boat against the hard current to where it was almost straight with the trailer, and try to start winching it up with one hand while holding the rope on back of the boat in that current with the other... I am 63, and no longer built for that type of crap.. Got it halfway up and the winch strap broke.... The threads all popped that hold the hook on...Newer strap as well.. Probably made in china.. Tied the hook on,and was very luck the boat was up on the trailer enough that it did not go flying into the river.. next time I think I'll take my little 12 foot Jon, and my little 2 HP, and just throw it in the bed of the pickup,, That boat I can just drag up the bank, lift onto the tailgate and slide it in.. The ramp in the hot fishing zone, is primitive to say the least, which is probably why the fishing is good there... bob
  7. Smallmouth blitz Susquehanna River Just insane fishing right now down here.. At times every cast gets a SMB.. I got about 30 in 2 hours, mostly all over 12 inches. All brutal fighters too , full of piss and vinegar, airborne leaps etc. Also got a fat 20 inch walleye.. The SMB are so aggressive right now all you really have to do is throw a curly tail on a jig head out and let it sit on bottom, and sometimes it gets hit 3 or 4 times without even moving it.. Its this way every November, and then turns off around the 1st week of dec most years, sometimes a little earlier sometimes a little later... You can catch 50 or more in half a day without even moving your boat,, can't spot burn right here, but if interested PM me... You need a small boat, and if its on a trailer 2 guys to retrieve it as the river is high and the current fierce... I almost could not get my 14 foot boat trailered tonight, broke the winch strap and all, and as i write this. its out in the driveway sitting on the trailer half ass sideways,, figures the best fishing is right at the WORST ramp on the river.. if you like river SMB, now is the time... bob
  8. Bulk ammo ?

    Targetsports USA.. They are one of the few that still ships to NY state.. Most don't anymore although its perfectly legal to do so.. their prices were the BEST out of all the online retailers, WAYYY cheaper than local shops or big box stores, and they ship FREE, no sales tax.. We just bought 2000 rounds of .380 for $400. thats $20 for 100 rounds, or $10 for 50 rounds .. It was brass case Remington ammo.. The BEST we could do locally anywhere was about $15 plus tax for 50 rounds in bulk, for CRAP, steel case, Eastern European rounds.. Good .380 ammo starts about $17 for 50 rounds locally .. Target Sports USA made all other retailers look silly with both their prices, and their excellent service... I am DONE buying ammo anywhere else... bob
  9. Cayuga 11/1.

    If you weren't clearing lines, you most likely found a bunch of fish that were just neutral, and weren't in the mood to play.. The weeds on the Finger Lakes seem to get worse with each passing year, I dunno, maybe its just me... I have seen weeds this year like never before, including on Skanetaeles, where years ago, you couldn't even find a weed if you searched for one...
  10. Cayuga 11/1.

    gotta watch those "scum lines".. If you were marking a lot of fish, and had lures in the zone without even a hit, it would not surprise me at all if it was mostly submerged weeds, leaves,sticks etc.. that crap can go pretty deep when its arranged along a current or wind breakline.. I was reading "fish" top to bottom a week or so ago, while jigging.. When i kept hooking submerged suspended weeds 70-80 feet down, I knew what I was REALLY looking at on my "good screen"-crap... bob
  11. I have it posted on a NJ salt water site, and will direct any inquiries to your post, but remember, its almost impossible to sell a boat of any type at this time of year.. If it doesn't sell soon, wrap it up, and try again in april and it will go fast, if not on this site then for sure on a downstate site.. bob
  12. That is an mind boggling deal!!!... If you really need to sell now instead of spring , I must tell you its just the wrong time of year.. You are giving that boat away.. Your motor alone is worth close to $1600.. I recommend joining and advertising on these sites.. http://www.njfishing.com/forums/ http://www.noreast.com/ these 2 sites are more salt water sites, where center console boats are used in the bays and tidal rivers from march through dec for stripers, flounder, blackfish etc... Your Sportcraft is a very fine boat, but the center consoles are vastly under appreciated here in NY state... Selling any CC is a hard sell around here as most guys simply don't like the design for lakes.. I sure do though, but I just bought a 17, otherwise i would have grabbed yours in an instant.. Try listing it on a salt water site.. MENTION strongly that its been a fresh water only boat!.. Many motors down there are corroded from years of salt water use, and a clean motor free of salt wear and tear is a great selling point.. Believe me, guys will make the drive to grab a boat like yours at that price... Let me see if its ok to drive some traffic to your post fro the NJ site... bob
  13. oneida 10=27-17

    Got a 20 incher and a short in the susquehanna river in tioga county last evening around 5 PM.. Still lots of smaller SMB around, and they are very active and that tells me through experience that the water is still a little on the warm side for best walleye fishing.. A few more frosts and cold nights and the bite will consist of much larger SMB during mid day, with a lot of mixed size walleyes early in the morning and again in the evening.. Over the years I have found the best walleye fishing occurs after all the leaves are gone from the trees.. Not there yet.. For me its always been a short window, but late fall is when I catch a lot of good size walleyes in the river... bob
  14. yes, depending on price.. the motor is in very good condition... bob
  15. They are there, but some of us have fished Keuka for decades and never caught one.. Just not that many in there... Best bet is fish Cayuga or Seneca if you want salmon.. bob