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  1. ..Oh yeah forgot about tail or body hooked lakers.. a 7-8 pounder hooked in the tail can certainly spool someone with light tackle, its happened seveal times to me while jigging,, Thought I had a lake record fish, and it turned out to be an above average plain old laker, hooked in the tail or body.... bob
  2. Could have been a sturgeon I suppose... More likely however- 1- Massive Carp in the 30-40 lb range.. They are tough fighters in the 10 pound range.. At 20+ pounds in deep water?... Near impossible for jigging tackle.. Best guess??.. Laker in the 35-40 inch 15-18 pound range.. They are out there... I have caught them in the10-11 pound range, and they don't come up off bottom easy in that weight range... a soild 15 pounder on jigging tackle could spool you or break the line depending on tackle and conditions Wild Card- BIG Drum[sheepshead] in the 20-30 lb range..... bob
  3. i have used jb weld on worse cracks than that,, sanded them, painted the prop and never had an issue. they lasted for years
  4. Been a very long time, but I can recall some nice panfish there... Took my son and my 7 YO grandson out for perch, panfish, Bass, etc.. I freely admit I don't know the lake, so we went with weed lines, points, shallow to deep transitions etc... No matter where we went or what we did, ALL our fish were really tiny,,, Biggest fish we caught was a perch maybe 10 inches, if you stretched him. Two tiny 6 inch bass rounded out the day, but were not targeting bass today to be fair.. I wanteed my grandson who LOVES to fish to have a blast with some nice big sunnies and perch. He caught a ton, but they were all 4- 5 inches. The Bluegills and Pumpkinseeds were all in splendid spawning colors, so were mature fish , but the average size was astoundingly small... Smallest perch and sunfish I have encountered since moving to the FL region 29 years ago... I fish Skaneteles often, and see some of our friends here complaining about the size of the panfish there... They are massive compared to what we caught at Waneta.. I suppose I might have done something wrong, or were there at the wrong time, but we did catch a lot of fish.. Just an astoundingly small average size in every place we fished on the lake... I fish with my grandson on Cayuta Lake, and at Park Station, two extremely hard fished small lakes, and have always caught better size fish at both places, and only fish them because they are close... I dunno, did I miss something in my thoughts that Waneta was a very productive lake with a lot of good size fish?, or am I just a bad fisherman? bob
  5. Yes there was a guy netting sawbellies with one.. I didn't know that particular regulation, as I have never considered using one in fresh water, but would certainly have told him if I thought about it if I knew, for his own sake,... In a state park no less.. In NJ where I am originally from many years ago, those throw nets are everywhere, Most striper/weakfish/fluke /fisherman with boats use them constantly.. They catch Mossbunkers/ Menahaden a large oily Herring, and what are locally known as "peanut bunker" which are small ones, virtually indistinguishable from ort own freshwater Landlocked Alewives.. They are superalative bait in salt water. I have seen the cast nets in use so often in my time, I never even gave a thought that someone might be breaking state law by using one... bob
  6. Not me personally.. However, I was camping with famiily close to Taughannock and visited the park friday and fished from shore with worms with my 7 YO grandson saturday... There were a LOT of fishermen, almost shoulder to shoulder in some places at the park.. The sawbellies are involved in their yearly spawn along the shoreline, and the fish have followed them in.. Saw lots of really nice salmon and some big lakers, caught on sawbellies suspended under slip bobbers..... This was mid afternoon, the fish seem to bite in small windows any time during the day with long lulls, from most of the conversations I had... Saturday at dawn it was madness.. People lined up shoulder to shoulder with sabiki rigs, tiny gold hooks, and even a guy with a cast net, all getting bait for the day... Its not a blitz, you see maybe 10 fish for 20 guys, so some go home without, but these are big fish from the shoreline,,, Saw NO dinks... I know its not for most members here, as this forum is mostly trollers, but it IS a viable alternative that gives shore bound anglers a real shot at a big trout or salmon... One guy launching his rig at the marina was going out to cast the shoreline with swim baits, and other casting type lues, and said he has done very well with that technique for the salmon when they are in tight to shore keying on sawbellies..... Saw no browns, no rainbows caught, in the 2 days just salmon and lakers... This action should wrap up within a few weeks... bob
  7. Sorry, no pics.. Camera down ... It looks well used, could use some paint... Some bite marks out of the cav plate where someone had badly installed a doel fin, or stingray type planing device.. Motor tracked straight and true always... Lookned us decent when cleaned up, not awful cosmetically, but not great either.... bob
  8. come get it.. If it doesn't run decent for you, I will give your money back, no questions, no hassles... I was going to keep it as a parts motor, but the lower units are totally different... Its just taking up space here... Starters for it on ebay are about $60... bob
  9. Yes it runs... Has 120 PSI compression each cyl.. Needs a starter, as I removed it to use on my 30HP ,,, It was being used until a few weeks ago when I bought a 30 HP in better shape ,,good lower unit, NO water in gearcase,, always got me to where I was going and got me home... Has a few issues besides the starter that aren't a big deal, that I can discuss with those interested. Has a cross threaded plug hole, thats been that way forever, and just before I replaced it, the water stopped coming out of the weep hole.. However, it IS pumping water out the exhaust ports as normal, and the motor does NOT get hot... The dealer said its probably a small piece of crap or scale that can be blown out in the small passage to the weep hole.... No controls, as I am using them on my 30... Buy it, if it doesn't run for you, I will gladly refund The $100 without any question and with a smile...;; Just want it out of the yard... The bad starter does come with it, if you want to try and rebuild it.... . $ 100 firm... Just the lower unit alone is worth 3 x that... Water pump was replaced about 10 "run hours" ago, last year...bob
  10. Glad she's up and running.. You got the "death by a thousand cuts" syndrome.. Just one thing after another after another.. Then you look up, and find you are WAY under water, but what do you do?. Junk it and lose the multiple thousands you already ?pent???.. Tough decision... Some will bail, some will forge ahead and damn the torpedoes... You did what was right for you in this case, and as I said earlier, I wish you only the best with it from this point on,,, ANYONE can get beat on a purchase, of a boat, motor, car, house , whatever... Lots of people know something is compromised, and its life is short, so they polish it, tighten it, tune it, so it looks, works and sounds fine... Until it doesn't... I am 66 and can't tell you how many cars trucks, boats, outboards I have bought for good money, that never made it even a month without major issues.. Its easy to hide problems from a prospective buyer, and all too many people have no problem doing it... Enjoy your refurbished ride, I hope it lasts a lifetime for you... bob
  11. Don't take this the wrong way, please... I admire your determination, as well as your dedication to a boat thats special to you,but it sounds like you are way underwater, in the boats value and what you you have in it... Not a bad thing if you really like the boat, and will get use out of it... I have seen other similar horror stories to yours and they are usually on I/O type boats... So expensive and complicated to fix... Outboards today are crazy expensive as well, if you buy new, but clean used ones are readily available at fair prices and can be installed in a very short time with a few simple hand tools.... Transoms are easier to fix on most outboards as well, and the "pour in" resin fix has a great track record... I dunno, I know you like your boat, and I extend to you my best wishes for some well deserved long lasting peace of mind, and wonderful times aboard her with friends and loved ones. Personally, I have NO use for an inboard of any type, especially with the quiet smooth 4 stroke outboards being built these days,,, Over the years, I have seen too many total disasters such as what you have gone through, where the motor, and the final drive and the transom all went to crap at the same time, and the boat wasn;t worth near as much as the repairs would cost.. You are a better man than me for sure, I would have bailed out on it... BEST of luck on it from here on !... That boat owes you some great service after what you put forth in time, emotion, sweat, and money!!!!,,, bob
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