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  1. I called, emailed DEC 7 several times, left messages, but they aren't working at the office, working from home I was told, and they can't be bothered taking the time to reply.. I envy the fact that you are aware of areas that are holding fish.. I personally have no idea where to go as my section of the rive is mostly ice floes, floating masses of slush and no fishing access due to the depth of the snow, even if the river itself was clear enough to fish.. Obviously, there are some sections that still hold fish if they are getting that much pressure at this time of year..I have not seen a fisherman down here in 3 months.... bob
  2. I used to catch them at the Jersey Shore when I lived there, but its been over 30 years.. I am aware of the good spring fishing upstate in the tidal sections of the river.. All I can find online about catching them though is bait fishing only ... Drifting sea worms, either sands or bloods, on a weighted rig with a swivel and 3 foot leader either on bottom or at the depth the fish are suspending at. Also some guys chunk fresh herring on bottom while anchored or fish live herring IF you can get them legally... I see NOTHING about catching these fish on jigs however which seems very odd to me, because in the same river further downstream they smash jigs with abandon at the same time the guys 30 miles up river are using $2 a piece bloods and feeding them most often to white perch, eels, white cats of 9 inch stripers between decent size stripers.. I know a few captains troll for them and catch some big ones, so I imagine they will hit lures at certain times and places... Wondering if anyone on this board has had any luck catching these upstate stripers on jigs, or is it not worth the effort?... bob
  3. I hope you ate that bullhead... I don't like them generally, they always taste muddy and weedy to me... Caught one at Skinny a few years ago, and took it home with the Perch ,Rockies and big Sunnies I caught while panfishing.. That was a very good, clean tasting bullhead, best one I ever cooked up... bob
  4. I moved here in 1991, and learned about the Smelt runs within the 1st year or two... Love to eat Smelt, so went and bought a net... Just as I was ready to get started I kept hearing about the great downturn in the fishery.. Went a few times, never saw anyone with more than few, and lost interest... Basically was the "you should have been here 10 years ago" type of thing... Oh well, missed out... Maybe they'll come back, but with the Goby infestation, I have my doubts..
  5. pretty much closed out the year this past week, -couple of trips without a hit last week or so.. Not even one fish the entire fall, and caught just one fish this spring a month before the season opened-[returned to the water of course], and I think one short this spring, maybe two. That only keeper size fish was a VERY nice 28 incher. Glad some guys are still catching fish in the river, but for me, I have never seen anything like this.. Went from catching hundreds of fish every fall years ago, to not even one this fall, and I think 3 last fall. I have also not seen even one other fisherman Walleye fishing the river since early October, so others are having a similar experience to mine I would imagine.... bob
  6. I fish Owego down to Barton.. It was all I ever needed for many years, and I never moved around much.. I might have to learn some new areas... The guys that fished alongside me for years, are all gone, most just gave up.. I seldom see any fishermen any more except in the rocky bottom Barton area, as the SMB fishing is very good in the late fall.. Only heard one guy say he caught a Walleye there this fall.. Most caught none, and for years they were caught regularly with bass, and then as it grew towards twilight the Walleyes would take over.. Lots of shorts, but they were there by the hundreds, for many years... No longer, at least not for me... The river has had several massive floods since 2006, and the contour has changed.. Might be as simple as the areas I fish the most are simply no longer attractive to walleyes... bob
  7. Ok then. I guess its just my problem.. I DO use a boat at times, but it has not helped much in my case. past few years.. Never needed one years ago, shore fishing at dusk or dawn was always productive from mid sept onward, and then from early May into early June... However as I said, we would catch dozens of shorts every single trip year after year, day and night... I have caught about 10 juveniles total in the last 5 years.. The areas I fish and were historically really good, are totally devoid of fishermen these days as well, and as we know, where there are fish there are always fishermen.... Maybe next year... bob
  8. All points are well taken of course, and I won't argue with any of them.. All are valid.. The susky is, was, and has always been a VERY lightly fished river here in NY state along most of its length, so I don't think its a problem of internet lurkers going and cleaning out a spot...That DOES happen no doubt, in many waters,and its a major problem. In any case, I put a call in to the DEC Region 7 in Cortland to ask a few questions, but big surprise, I got a voice mail and they never called back...I will report back if I hear anything.. Meanwhile, looks like my days of Walleye fishing are at an end..... bob
  9. Probably not the best place for this post as there seems to be almost no mention of any Southern Tier fishing, but here it is anyway, looking for thoughts/opinions from others. I have lived in Tioga County [Candor } since 1991.. 30 years this coming June... I have fished the Susquehanna for Walleyes every year since the early 90's. I knew little about Walleyes then, being a salt water guy from NJ, but they responded well to techniques I used for decades in salt water...It was nothing to catch a dozen in an hours time from shore, Lots of shorts and juveniles I called "spikes" as I used to call juvenile Weakfish or Whiting in my salt water days... Water was FULL of them, sometimes one every cast... Guys would be lined up, and everyone caught, every trip.. Some were kept to eat, but many were returned as well... Then I noticed a slowdown as we got closer to around the year 2000... In the next 20 years, the fishing got slower and slower, each year showing less and less fishing success, and fewer and fewer people even fishing for them... This year I caught one very fat 28 incher in March, returned to the river of course, and I think one 9 inch spike.. Thats it,,, for the YEAR.. I recall, that when a light was shined into the water as it got dark, the bottom was paved with glowing eyeballs... Today, NONE show up.. The fish are simply gone.. One thing thats a constant anywhere.. Where there are fish, there are fishermen.. These days, you see very few boats on the river, and only guys that do fish are Musky or SMB fishing.. I recall a sunny Sept afternoon in bright sun many years ago at a river "hot spot" I knew, catching 26 keeper sized Walleyes in about 2 hours, while standing on the same rock... This past year, I have caught none at the same place .. all year... Just wondering what could have happened?.. Its not pressure, because even in areas with very poor access, the fish simply are no longer there, and as long as I have been here in NY state, river has never had much pressure along much of its length. I am planning on contacting the DEC and asking them where this fishery has disappeared to. I really began to worry in earnest a fall season about 20 years ago... That fall I caught ONE keeper Walleye, and FOUR Tiger Muskies as long as my leg while fishing for Walleyes in a 2month period... I am getting old I know, and maybe my lures and methods are outdated, but still, something is wrong... When there are fish, there are ALWAYS people trying to catch them.. No longer,- when I do fish the river for Walleyes these days, I am always alone, and the water itself and the boat ramps that serve it are desolate... bob
  10. Be great if they can stay open.. Thats a tough business with more failures than success stories. I have seen dozens and dozens go under in too short a time. I wish them well, and hope they make some money... bob
  11. skinny is stiff with smb this time of year -they are everywhere in water 20 feet deep and under, mixed with nice perch and rock bass.. Last fall when I was perch fishing could not keep nice size bass off the hooks...just one after another
  12. For Smallmouths in fall, I personally think Keuka or Skaneateles are better choices than Cayuga...Had good luck both lakes. Yes Cayuga has LMB at the north end but that entire area gets blasted hard year round by the bass boat crowds, tournament guys etc... It is not what it once was...
  13. I know this response will draw anger from some, but I feel its the truth.. The NYSDEC, knows all about the lamprey problem in Seneca and Cayuga. They let it go until its totally out of control, and stocks are decimated before they do anything. Happens every few years to one lake or the other. Cayuga is doing well now, but several years back it was the same damn thing.. Lampreys out of control, and poor fishing.. The DEC seems to me to be laser focused on the Great Lakes Salmonids and not much else... Warm water fisheries and many smaller trout venues, go without, or get a small sickly bone once a year, with a few 7 inch trout thrown in in April, and done... Other states fishery programs do in incredible work with minimal water resources compared to what we have in NY...
  14. bottom pics look like baby sunnies or rock bass
  15. Just an update.. Called all over the US, called locally in NY to boat and marine parts shops, .. I located 3... 2 were in the possession of price gouging SOB's.. They wanted $150 for a $30 plastic prop.. A third said they have it and would sell it at the correct price $30.. After 2 months and 8 calls, to them, they said they no longer had it.. Totally disgusted, I took a shot and decided to try a generic multi brand aluminum prop that had good pics from lots of angles on amazon.. Cost a whopping $15,, SHIPPED!,,, Perfect fit... Seems a lot of modern very small 2/3/4 hp outboards are using the same props shaft designs,,, The "help" I got from dealers was pretty bad, I suppose because it wasn't an expensive part.. My experiences with local marine dealers continues to be terrible, and I do better doing my own research, even though its badly flawed.... bob
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