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  1. I think that because the put and take fishery is still viable, stocked trout salmon etc, a lot of people won't believe the lake is in big trouble.. I only know this,- I used to catch so many fish at Cayuga and Seneca, that for several years, i didn't even own a boat.. there was no need.. i caught salmon and lakers from shore until mid May, then switched to Bass and panfish until fall when the salmonids came close to shore again... Honestly. at cayuga there were days i was getting annoyed while Perch fishing from shore in ithaca , because huge smallmouth would keep hitting the bits of worm i was fishing for perch and pumpkinseeds, one after the other.. i really started to see the big decline in about 2004 or so, a few years after the Zebras became a major infestation.. I wish I knew what that thick brownish glob is all over the place in both lakes.. that stuff wasn't there 10 years ago.. I recall seeing a lot of bare rock on the lakes years ago.. bare and pretty clean.. No longer,- if Zebras don't cover them ,the brown glop does, and the fish aren't there.. It really saddens me... bob
  2. I used to catch big sunfish, big rock bass, perch, and bass in Seneca all the time, right off shore.. It might just be me, but they just aren't around in the same numbers in the areas I used to fish,,, Years ago, if you threw a worm into the lake at samson marina wall, You would see a dozen foot long flashes toward it, as it sank, from every direction... past few years, I go there and no longer even get a bite.. This past week, I and a bunch of other guys were fishing at the park for panfish , all using worms, some even using whole nightcrawlers.. No one even got a hit, where we used to catch a hundred mixed fish on a summer morning.. the rocks and bulkheads these days are covered with a thick, slimey, brown algae, that just has the look of death to it.. No idea what its called.. i only know that when i see it, there are never any fish around it.. the iron walls at samson used to be clean, now they look sick with that brown glop., and the massive life I used to see there every year seems gone.. I know this will get some members here pissed, but something has changed in the lake near shore.. If you can't catch a sunny, perch or rockie off the shore this time of year, they simply aren't there... bob
  3. Very simple, very tasty and elegant recipe, that cuts the skunk of Lakers, but is GREAT on anything that swims.. Take a few tablespoons of CHUNKY salsa.. Mild or medium, not hot.. put in a small pot or skillet.. Add a tablespoon of capers, a few tablespoons of chopped black olives, kalamata work best, a squeeze of FRESH lemon juice, a small splash of white wine, and a bit of olive oil or butter.. Heat for a few minutes to blend flavors. Cook your fish as you like, but I broil or saute them in a bit of butter and olive oil with this sauce. I like to put the fish on a bowl of hot rice, and pour the sauce over all of it.. It is absolutely great, works with any fish, and the olives, capers, and lemon cut the gaminess of any strong fish.. Try this one you'll love it.. If you don't like olives, you can add a bit of chopped onion , some chopped mushrooms a bit of sauteed garlic or all of the above.. I would NOT add raw garlic to this, its too overpowering... bob T
  4. I dunno.. looks really good, but usually not that big a fan of fried lake trout.. They are a bit soft and gamey for my taste when using a breading.. The milk and paprika would probably purge some of the laker skunkiness, so thats a nice idea I might give a go.. Tried milk alone in the past and wasn't that inpressed, but it did help some.. Looks like the 'red stuff" might be ketchup, but I would bet its cocktail sauce, which is another really good idea. I have used it in the past on fried breaded fish and it works great... Might try again soaking the fillets in milk and see what happens.. your plate of fried lakers DOES look good ! Good enough to make me want to try again with frying them golden brown again instead of baking/broiling/grilling etc... bob
  5. Leaf springs are a tough one.. they can look fabulous, clean tight and strong, and snap at any time leaving you in the middle of nowhere with a mess, or they can look rusty and shot to hell and be good to go forever.. I typically oil and grease mine, to try and keep the rust down, try my best to keep rust and wear to a minimum, but I too have had them break en route, and yes, it SUCKS!.. bob
  6. got a few pics of one of them....
  7. I like them smoked, but you could smoke your socks and drawers and they would taste good. .. Other than that they are inconsistent.. Some are less nasty than others, and here and there, i get one i actually almost enjoy.. They are NOT my favorite fish to eat, but i make sure i eat whatever i kill, so some go home.. People HATE bluefish, as they are strong and gamey.. However after decades of eating lakers from fresh water and blues from salt, I can say for certain that lake trout are stronger gamier and nastier than even a bluefish... Thats saying something.. If I could consistently catch good size panfish year round, i would take no lake trout home, unless they were bleeding bad.. Some aren't too bad eating , but the really bad ones are just plain awful... bob
  8. BIG Bullheads! Went fishing for sunnies with my 4 YO grandson today.. He LOVES fishing with papa.. We were getting a few pumpkinseeds with worms, no great shakes. At one point, I put a rod out with a little bottom rig, no bobber, hoping to get a perch or big bluegill for him.. I saw the rod tip dance, and like any good grandpa, handed it to him.. He was fast to a really good fish, and the little UL rod was doubled right over.. It was a massive Bullhead, probably close to 16-17 inches and over 3 pounds.. He has no idea how to play a fish and was just reeling his little heart out at light speed, and the 4 lb test broke.. Not long after I hooked another, that went 14 inches, and about 1 3/4 pounds.. This one I landed myself, and he got mad.. Then we hooked another and lost it.. Finally as we were about to leave at 3 pm, I hooked one last one, and he insisted on reeling it up.. This time everything held, and I grabbed the rod as he got the fish near shore, , just to be sure he didn't break it off.. It was a 15 inch 2 1/4 pounder... No big deal really, but its been a long time since I have seen bullheads this size, no less 4 of them, during mid day in late June. I have a feeling this very small lake might have super bullhead fishing under the right conditions.. I just wasn't expecting them when and where we were fishing.. I can't post location here, too many lurkers.. PM only... bob
  9. Conesus

    forgot to mention.. If you fish in the dark [ or close to dark/with live sawbellies, you will catch walleyes for sure if you can locate them... bob
  10. Conesus

    If you are fishing mid day in clear weather, good luck.. I have my best Walleye fishing in very low light conditions.. I know they can be caught during the day, but personally I would fishing hard at false dawn and fish till maybe 10, or i would start at 6 PM into the night hours, ... I have never had a lot of luck with them during the day.. Some guys do I guess , but not me, and I have been fishing for them for 26 years. The bite window on Walleyes can be amazingly short.. Not long ago, I caught 9 keeper size walleyes standing on the same rock between 6 and 7 am, was getting hits, hookups, left and right.. They shut off like a light switch at 7:15, and not another hit.. Next day, caught 5 from about 6 to 6:45, and then again, shut off completely.. Try putting some time in before first light, and after dark...bob
  11. Seneca

    I and my kids when they were young used to catch big Bluegills/Pumpkinseeds, and some nice Perch and Rock Bass right off shore at sampson during the summer.. Right at the launch ramp lot there is a row of rocks and a long iron breakwater.. We used to fish a worm about 6 feet under a bobber, and always caught nice size panfish and a bass now and then.. If you get some minnows, you might get a bass or pike/pickerel as well...bob
  12. Blind jigging??.. Yikes.. Thats a tough one!,,, You need a good FF, unless you get lucky I suppose.. Lots of times you will see nothing on bottom, but then see your jig dropping[a thin line going from surface to the bottom on the screen], and then a big thick line that intersects with the line on the screen from the jig.. Thats shows that there are lakers on bottom, even though there is no bait around.. If you are catching any lakers at all fishing blind, you deserve a lot of credit.. thats tough fishing for most, unless one is VERY familiar with the area he is fishing.. If you want SMB, you might want to try Skaneateles or Keuka.. Cayuga has had a few big die offs of SMB as has Seneca, and they are depleted pretty badly.. Its been years since I have caught a good size SMB or even a good size rock bass[ they died off with the SMB], and I used to catch them by the dozen every trip.. No more, the numbers are way down, and I no longer even try cayuga for SMB... bob
  13. Got 2 jigging around Long Point one day last week, and a nice perch as well on a small jig in shallow water.. Other guys I saw jigging out there did roughly the same, 5 fish for 3 guys.. It has been a bit slow for me personally, but I haven't been skunked yet... I dunno a few years ago, I could sometimes do at least almost respectable numbers compared to some mediocre trollers, but lately most trollers are out catching me by at least 5, and probably closer to 10 to 1.... I am just not getting the numbers, getting the hits and follows, or seeing the life out there I am used to.. I have not been seeing big numbers of fish or lots of bait thus far on my trips to cayuga.. The boat I have been using is my 14 footer, and it doesn't have a top end color FF on it, just a cheaper Lowrance X4 Pro B&W unit with 250 watts.. The units I have on my other 2 boats, a 15 foot open skiff and an 18 Starcraft [all old junkers] have much better 500 watt Garmin color units.. Next trip I plan on using one of my old tubs that has a good FF on it.. Judging by my mediocre numbers thus far this year, I am either not fishing where the bait and fish are, or I just plain suck... or both!.. In any case, I should be doing better.. I suppose i feel a bit better knowing that some others that jig aren't mopping up either. I will bet there are a few that are however...bob
  14. This is done in an odd way, and might be a bit confusing, but it might answer some questions concerning what the future management plans for the lake are.. One thing is for certain, Keuka has changed, and NOT for the better... bob https://www.keukalakeassociation.org/pdf/post/pdf181_pdf.pdf
  15. Doesn't matter, they are all great.. I love fishing for big sunnies, great fighters, and the only better eating fish in fresh water is a perch... I used to catch tons of huge sunnies in cayuga lake with a little ultra lite, and a tiny jig with a bit of worm, or just a small baited hook and bobber the size of a grape.. Now with the advent of gobies, i haven't caught sunfish in cayuga in several years.. some guys might know where they are, but at the south end of the lake, i haven't caught a sunny or rock bass in years... So sad... btw, I have seen bluegills that have pumpkinseed markings as well.. i think they interbreed at times.. bob