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  1. bulletbob

    Cayuga Advice sought on trailer bunks

    Probably go untreated.. i doubt it would be a problem if you either painted the dry PT wood first, or simply added some grease where the wood contacts the brackets, but I would get some angry rebuttals from someone whose trailer rotted to the ground from using PT wood... use untreated wood, and IMHO using some good oil based weather proofing sealer on the wood will never hurt.. Also I agree 100% on the slides, they are MUCH better than carpet.. They are all i use on a bunk style trailers and they work very well.. Also, check to see if its possible to add a few keel rollers with brackets on your trailer..On some bunk trailers you can, others you can't.. If possible, NOTHING is better than a bunk trailer along with a few keel rollers added.. I have done it several times, and it makes launching/retrieving a pleasure... bob
  2. Just sold one here a few weeks ago [-a 1972 Johnson 2 HP ]at the same price, Brand new water pump impeller, installed 7/26/18... . Lower unit serviced, points cleaned and adjusted, tank and fuel lines cleaned.. Its starting and running well right now,, but the carb float, gaskets, needle valve etc are original, and the float looked a bit tired when I opened the carb up to clean it.. The kit with float is in stock at most OMC dealers, and is $27. Might be fine without it, but 45 year old carb gaskets and soft parts should be freshened up... $60 firm takes it away.... Not too many running gas outboard motors out there for $60.... bob,
  3. No longer for sale. Simply going to repaint it so it looks new, and might relist later.. Please close this thread... bob
  4. Never mind I'll keep it... Starts first pull every time, and runs like a champ... figured a good running little Evinrude was worth $60 to someone.
  5. bulletbob

    Moore's Marina

    I was there buying a pump kit, and saw a huge pile of small outboards in the middle of the shop floor.. When I asked if all those motors were there for service I was told yes they were.. that was JUST the small tiller motors.. The place also had big motors lined up waiting, not to mention the line up of motors still on the many boats in the yard,,, they are very busy right now, sometimes its even hard to get them on the phone.... bob
  6. Forgot to mention the paint on the cover is crappy, but decals are in good shape, paint on the rest of the motor is pretty good as well... bob
  7. All I know is that for years, if I went to Cayuga or Seneca, and tossed an earthworm into the clear water on a summer day, there would be good size flashes of life coming from every direction, shorelines were just FULL of fish life. No longer... Nowadays the water looks like crap much of the year, and the only thing that will descend on the above mentioned earthworm are the Goby hordes.. Skinny is not much better.. After 100 or more years of Syracuse drinking lake water unfiltered, they are now going to have to spend a massive dollar amount on a gigantic filtration system.. We killed these lakes with ""progress"".... bob
  8. I have had them a few years, never used them... Close to mint condition, almost NO use... $50 takes them both.....
  9. Guys.. here's the current price on these Walker minis... each ... https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/walker-mini-laker-downrigger?hvarAID=shopping_googleproductextensions. They are in mint condition.. I would rather not ship them as several folks have asked... Fedex or UPS is a 50 mile round trip from me , and USPS shipping would cost as much as I am asking for the downriggers/weights... Also I am not always available to "meet half way".. Not when I am asking $50 for 2 nice little almost new downriggers with weights... I suppose I could meet someone in Ithaca at some point, but not going to make a special trip ... I get there on occasion, but not on any regular schedule... If they don't sell in week or two, I might ship them but the box would need to be weighed/measured, and the buyer would need to add shipping to the cost which will be considerable.... bob
  10. bulletbob

    Teach this Salty Dog About Mud Chickens

    Taz... I have caught a lot of lakers over the years on Hopkins , Avas, 1 oz Kastmasters, Crocodiles etc.. they will hit Bluefish/Sriper/weakfish jigs, which you already own..Gulp might work, but its not needed really.. main problem you will encounter is staying vertical. Cayuga lake is generally a lot more windy than the nearshore atlantic and the bays.. lots more fishable days in your area than there are at cayuga on a yearly basis.. Tough to stay vertical most days without a good bow mounted motor unless you luck out and get a dead calm day, which are pretty rare up here, compared to NJ.. bob
  11. bulletbob

    Teach this Salty Dog About Mud Chickens

    btw, Yes I know what mojos are, .... Not sure they would get a look around her from any respectable trout or salmon, but you never know...
  12. bulletbob

    Teach this Salty Dog About Mud Chickens

    Taz... PM me.. I too am originally from NJ, and decades ago adapted fluke/striper/weakfish/bluefish techniques to fresh water... I will give you all the specifics... bob
  13. (Re listing this boat that I had on here last year.. Can no longer be water tested as the controls have been removed as it was "sold" last year, and when everything was off the boat, the buyer changed his mind.. All else is as stated in the original listing.... bob 18 foot Starcraft boat & Trailer $400 Its got leaves and some junk in it from sitting all summer.. Needs a cleanup etc.. Seats as you can see are about done... Thats being said, the hull is in great shape, floor was replaced a few years ago and is solid.. Boat doesn't leak, and i have had it out in massive churning whitecaps more than once and stayed dry... has brand new Teleflex steering cable installed in july, and never used after.. Put brand new tires on the trailer at the same time, parked it, and they have never even seen the road... this was a Runabout, and a few years ago, I opened up the foredeck, [ nicely done, NOT hacked] framed it, and had big plans of putting a casting deck on her, but never got around to it, just used it as is.. Transom wood is original, and is mostly hard, but there are a few soft spots.. However, several years ago the old man that owned it had it reinforced with new plywood on the outside, in the motor well, and all the seams were glassed, and a transom saver was installed.. It is VERY solid, NO issues, no flexing, and will last as long as the boat does... i know guys freak out unless the transom just had a $1500 rebuild, but this boat has been in some nasty rough water, and the transom is fine as is, and for it to flex, the entire back 1/3 of the boat would need to be ripped off.. We can take it for a test ride, no problem.. Motors come off, as does the color FF... I will consider selling the boat with the VERY good condition 100 HP Johnson for $1200, but as of right now I would prefer keeping it.. This boat would be fine with a 60 or 70 anyway... Trailer, is SOLID lights work, brand new tires, good winch, good jack, great rollers.. You don't even need to dunk the trailer.. I launch by cranking the winch handle backwards, and the boat slides off without even wetting the hubs.. anyway, there it is.. Not many 18 foot boats around with good trailers, for $400... All I am doing really is covering the cost of the new tires, and teleflex steering..... As I said, we can bring it to the river, and give it a water test,, pics to follow..., bob
  14. I took a day,reinstalled everything, and the motor is running perfectly as always ,and the boat is water ready once again.. I was going to separate everything and sell the motor and trailer individually, and simply scrap the boat for aluminum price if it was really going to be that hard to sell because the transom had been stabilized, YEARS ago.. the way it was professionally done and reinforced, is rock solid and will last as long as the rest of the boat.. Its still here.... bob
  15. bulletbob

    Lake trout from Cayuga,

    I think they are ok at best... Guys from NJ hated Bluefish when I was there [for 37 years], and many would not eat them or would throw them in the garden. yet they are better eating than lake trout.. Lakers are oily and strong much like a Bluefish, but have a fresh water "musty" taste to go along with it.. I eat them, but I'd rather eat plain old Bluegills any day.. they simply aren't as good as most other fish... bob
  16. You need to re read the original post.. I wrote that in order for the transom to flex, the back 1/3 of the boat would have to be ripped out as its all basically one piece.. the transom is solid as a rock and has no movement.. Most all of it is hard, with a a few small punky spots that aren't wet. Just want to make sure that I mentioned it.. that transom support was installed professionally at a marina many years ago, along with a new piece of marine 1/2 marine plywood on the outside of the transom, and it is absolutely bulletproof, and has been for a long time.. this boat has seen the roughest water Seneca and cayuga can muster, and has been in the Atlantic ocean on rough as hell days, and is stable and solid.. Very dry hull, straight no dents , solid floor as well.. bob
  17. This boat is still for sale.. The 100 is still on it, but controls and cables would need to be hooked up .. EVERYTHING was taken off as the boat was "sold " to a member here, that would be " up to pick it up on saturday"... Never happened of course... It would take about a half day to get it back up and running.. Motor needs to be bolted back on, it is on the transom, but was disconnected for the "sale".. controls and steering would also need to be re installed as well, no big deal if you've done it before.. Everything is still with the boat.. Its a lot of boat for the money... I will take $375 for the boat and trailer, or $750 with the 100 HP, which runs like brand new.. I'll never use it , just getting too old, and it would be a shame to sell this rig for scrap metal.. The hull is in GREAT condition, not a dent anywhere, straight as an arrow.. this was a VERY seaworthy boat for me for years, but i simply no longer have any use for it... Please PM me here if interested... bob
  18. bulletbob

    Drifting Live Bait for Trout

    No reason why it won't work as long as the bait is in the zone. It was done forever before downriggers/dipseys/leadcore/wire etc... Here's the problem though- A big fat shiner looks great to you and me but remember that most likely a trout in one of the Finger Lakes have never eaten one or even seen one... They will hit shiners in shallow water in winter at times, but if two guys are together one fishing shiners and the other one sawbellies, the shiner guy might have a long day... You can try them, and you might get lucky, but these open water, suspended big lake dwelling "silver"trout and salmon eat mostly sawbellies and little else, and often thats all they will hit when bait fishing.. Tried it a bunch of times.. Sawbellies are much more consistent producers, but you are correct, they are a pain in the ass... thats why so few people fish with them any more, except from shore in the cold weather.... bob
  19. were the marks suspended,- mid depth, close to bottom?.. Don't forget, Cayuga has thousands and thousands of carp and carp like of all sizes,all sorts of big suckers, Drum,and several species of good size shad type fish.. Just all sorts of things you could have been seeing on the screen... Of course you may have been marking lots of big salmonids as well, that simply would not hit what you were offering, or would not hit anything at all.. The Finger Lakes are notorious for periods when the Salmonids hit for an hour or two at first light, and are done for the day by 8 am...
  20. DEC Update on Adirondack Hatchery Power Outage On May 4, a storm that brought severe high winds to much of upstate New York caused widespread power outages in many locations throughout the North Country, including DEC’s Adirondack Hatchery. Although the backup generator at the hatchery functioned properly during the outage, restored power from the main service line was cut off due to a malfunctioning transfer switch. This malfunction prevented the flow of well water to raceways holding fry, quickly depleting the water of oxygen. It is estimated that 41,000 of the 296,000 fry in the raceways survived. The transfer switch is being repaired and DEC is actively identifying options for installing new, more modern monitoring and alarm systems to prevent events like these in the future. In addition, the Bureau of Fisheries is working to secure surplus landlocked salmon fry from other northeast states and federal fish hatcheries to help offset these loses. The result of this event is a significant decrease in the number of landlocked salmon that will be stocked in New York in 2019. DEC has stocked its full compliment of 230,000 spring yearling fish this year. Although unfortunate and significant, the quality of fishing in most of the 41 waters stocked will not be diminished appreciably. In a given body of water, anglers typically catch landlocked salmon 2 to 4 years old, so angler success is not likely to be impacted for several years. Landlocked salmon represent just one piece of New York’s vast coldwater species fishing portfolio, and in larger waters are usually stocked alongside other salmonids such as rainbow trout and brown trout, which provide a similar angling experience. DEC remains committed to providing anglers with premier fishing opportunities throughout the State and will continue to work diligently on rehabilitating our hatchery infrastructure through funding provided under the NY Works Initiative.‎
  21. bulletbob

    LL Salmon stocking in 2019- bad news...

    funny you should mention that.. Although I have not fished the Fulton chain much, they looked very sterile to me on visits.. dark, tannic water, sand bottoms.. Doesn't look like it would be productive LL water they way we think of the finger lakes.. I could be way off base, but I could imagine a lot of small Ll salmon getting gobbled by pike up there... bob