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  1. Can't use a tiller,, boat has a side console,, need a remote steer... Will also consider an 15-18 or 20 HP remote steer.. Prefer a long shaft but will consider a short shaft as well.. the boat is old, beat up, and not very valuable so i am not looking to spend a fortune on a nearly new motor.. can't use a 4 stroke, too heavy... Looking for a good runner thats been well maintained... bob
  2. they are hard to find in the extreme... couple years ago when I bought the boat [1980 grumman 14 ft.-side console], it had a 9.5 merc with a remote steer kit installed.. it was badly underpowered, so i tried to find a good used remote steer short shaft 20-25 HP, and it was impossible .. i had to extend the transom tp accept a 20 inch shaft motor, and still 95% of long shaft motors in the 25-30 HP range are tillers... not only that, but so far i can buy a 70 or 90 HP for what guys are asking for a 25... in any case,, still looking, long or short shaft at this point.. bob
  3. New water pump, good compression. . was running smoothly late last summer last time I had it started, Water pump alone cost $20, and I installed it last september and it was not used after, just started up to check the pump.. Its kind of ugly, but is solid and intact.. This is the MATE 2 HP model from the 1970's with tank on top.. $50 takes it away...
  4. actually, the white paint and decals have gotten smeared up from gas, and it looks uglier than this now.. Hence the $50 price tag...
  5. In case anyone is interested.. If for whatever reason this motor doesn't start or is a headache that isn't worth fixing, i would gladly take it back and give your money back.. i don't particularly need $50, and would not bother trying to sell a worthless motor to make $50.. Last thing i want is to sell my headache to someone else for a measly $50.. so yeah, i guarantee it works, simply give me a call and I'll give your money back.. I have been screwed myself on several motors for a lot of money over the years, and it pisses me off.. would not do it to someone else... bob
  6. Long shaft remote steer only please.. Not easy to find these I realize that.. Boat is a Grumman 14 with remote steer and controls with a 28 HP long shart.. Its actually a bit overpowerd so i don't want to go above about 30 HP.. a 20 0r 25 would be best, but I will go over or under depending on what I can find.. I have already inquired about getting my 28 fixed up, but am not sure its cost effective.. I will also consider buying a complete boat/motor trailer set up with a long shaft engine in that HP range, and just using the motor and controls, and selling the boat and trailer , or just replacing my boat/motor and trailer with whatever I buy... Let me know what you have . Not looking for a newer high dollar set up-. this motor is for my 14 footer, I also have a 17 center console with a 70 HP that I use on bigger water.. . bob
  7. No thanks,,, My Grumman 17 has a 70, and the grumman 14 has a 28,, that 16 with a 48 is in the middle of both and there is really no need ... Still looking for that 25 or thereabouts... bob
  8. bulletbob

    Brown or LL salmon??

    Help us out.. this is from a NJ site, and yes NJ has LL salmon in several lakes as well as browns lakers, bows, SMB Muskies, Pike, walleyes, and LOTS of hybrid Stripers.. Guy caught this one and thought it was a LL, but it looked a lot more like a brown in coloration.. Any thoughts??... bob https://postimg.cc/3kp00vSd
  9. Anyone have a phone #, or an email?/.. Tried PM"ing Hank a couple times from this site, never got a response.. I would like to have him look at an OB motor for me this winter, but can find nothing online about L&M Marine, and the only way I know to contact him is via PM.. If anyone can help I would appreciate it, or hopefully hank sees this, and can get back to me.. Info can be emailed to me instead of responding publicly... bob [email protected]
  10. bulletbob

    Brown or LL salmon??

    Yeah I was 100% sure it was brown, but the NJ DEC says no.. However, who knows.. they might think its a salmon if browns were not stocked in the lake where it was caught, but that means nothing.. Different trout/ salmon species get thrown in with the "correct" ones at times.. Several years ago, I found a freshly stocked dead LL salmon here in Candor in Catatonk creek, that somehow got mixed with the small browns they stock here.. bob
  11. bulletbob

    Brown or LL salmon??

    Well, It looked like a Brown to me, and most others that responded here, but NJ Fish and Wildlife says it is indeed a LL salmon... bob
  12. bulletbob

    Brown or LL salmon??

    Thanks Stinger, very nice photo.. Typically, browns and LL salmon are easy enough to tell apart.. However, once in a while you get a LL with more spots and a more bronze sheen than most, or a brown with less spots and a more silvery look, and there in lies the confusion..... this photo show a very clear contrast... bob
  13. bulletbob

    what are your favorite lures to jig for panfish?

    With any small jig, no matter what the design, [Tiny twister tails are as good as anything I have ever used, and they are cheap], a little piece of earthworm makes a huge difference.. Also if you have no worms, tiny slices of any panfish are just as good......bob
  14. bulletbob

    what are your favorite lures to jig for panfish?

    I find its too much work to jig unless the fish are pretty stacked up... used to jig for them exclusively... However, in my experience, for every nice size panfish I catch with a small jig, I can catch 10 or more with a small hook, small worm, and a split shot.. Not only that, but I catch a lot of big bass, bullheads etc as well.. Only place I no longer fish worms is on cayuga,, the gobies are too fierce.. If you must jig I have always found very small Mister twisters or very small marabou jigs productive.. Small 1/16 or 1/32 marabou jig with a little piece of earthworm is the best lure you can use for most any panfish, and SMB hit them hard as well... bob. bob
  15. bulletbob

    kueka Ciscoe stocking

    Those Ciscoes are probably half eaten through already... bob
  16. bulletbob

    Sampson State Park photo update

    Will the ramp still be free with park admission I wonder?.. Or will there be a "ramp fee" on top of park entrance fee?... bob
  17. bulletbob

    One day left

    Cayuga lakers are getting close to post spawn, and many will be hitting again.. I have had good luck jigging for them in mid/late November
  18. bulletbob

    Fall Brown Trout Fishing Fingerlakes Tributaries

    I could be wrong I guess, but that Brown looks like he's been in that creek for a while.. Don't see many with that bold natural coloration coming straight from the lake... T
  19. bulletbob

    Cayuga Cayuga conditions?? UPDATE

    Understood, and I won't argue, but although the interval is faster on the finger lakes, there are no NO steep "rollers", no deep troughs, and NO hard running tide against heavy wind.. these are the things that typically sink boats, not a short windy chop with that gets you wet and uncomfortable.. There are certainly conditions on seneca and cayuga that should rule out any fishing of course, but as far as "life threatening?, especially in a well built 19 footer??.. Personally i have yet to see it.. I have seen it many times in salt water bays and the ocean.. Even 100 foot head boats stay in port at those times.. There are a LOT of days, I wouldn't go out on any of the fingers, even in 25 footer, but not because it was too dangerous, and that I might not live through the day, it would simply be the fact that it would be uncomfortable, and the fishing would suck anyway.. The shallow fast white caps in the fingers won't sink many well designed boats, but those big standing rollers in the Great lakes and the oceans sink plenty.. safety first always of course, there we agree.... bob
  20. bulletbob

    Cayuga Cayuga conditions?? UPDATE

    geez, I regularly take a 14 footer when I don't feel like trailering my 17 center console.. This is the Finger Lakes, not the north Atlantic 200 miles offshore.. If your 18 footer is in good shape, and you have the required safety equipment get out there and enjoy yourself.. If you are really THAT worried, do as I do, and wear your PFD at all times.. I never leave the ramp until mine is on and secured, then I go out there and enjoy myself.. there are very few days on cayuga lake where your life would be endangered by being on the water... You might get your ass bounced around and wet, and fishing might not be comfortable, but real danger???.. I have fished these lakes for 27 years in boats from 14 to 18 feet , and have NEVER once felt endangered... The waves just don't get as steep as the ocean or the great lakes.. choppy, white caps, howling winds, yes, but if your 18 footer is of a good design its fine.. In 27 years of fishing cayuga, I have never once seen the deep troughs that can swallow the bow or stern under green water, or cause a boat to broach... You are much more likely to simply get some spray in your face than you are to sink in the Finger lakes.. Pick a reasonable day,get out there, and enjoy yourself.. If its so rough that you are uncomfortable in an 18 footer, simply pack it in and wait for a better day..... bob
  21. Probably early-mid 90's.. Its dark blue and thats when they used that color.. Motor runs strong, but has some issues, and should be bought by someone that can set up and repair fuel issues on 2 stroke outboards,, Water pump was replaced and the engine probably has less than 10 hours use since it was replaced.. It pumps lots of water, and NEVER overheats.. Lower end oil is clean.. NO leaks.. engine runs strong at cruising and high speed, and has good compression, at about 120 psi each cylinder last time I checked.. It sneezes a lot at low speed, and idles a bit rough at times, not always, but doesn't stall after its warm.. At one point I was having trouble with no starts, and the engine cutting out .. Found a bad primer bulb/hoses that was losing prime, and then the bulb wouldn't even pull the gas out of the tank... Put a different[ used] hose/bulb on and that problem was resolved. Had it out last week for a day fishing at skaneateles and had no problems, other than it cutting out one time at full throttle, but it started back up instantly, and ran fine afterwards.. Have NOT checked filter or fuel pump... The low speed issues need to be taken care of, and it may have a fuel pump getting weak, not sure, but it typically starts and runs strong at cruise and above... I think a carb rebuild, link/sync, and possibly a fuel pump or NEW hose/bulb might take care of the intermittent issues.. The Johnson controls are included, but both cables are shot, and need to be replaced,another reason I am selling it cheap.. Control itself is fine, just needs cables. We can take it out and water test any time in the Susquehanna River... .It is not a bolt on the transom, worry free motor at this point, but I typically use it as is, and it gets me up and down the lake,,, Fast!.. Its just that its not 100 % reliable and worry free until the low speed issues are worked out,, and I had planned on getting something smaller anyway, such as a 15 or 20 HP if I can find one.. First $300 firm takes it away..bob
  22. bulletbob

    Cayuga 9/30

    40 lb, Ande is very hard and stiff, and doesn't dig in to itself real well, and yes knots with it can slip.. I lost a lot of strong salt water fish with hard durable mono lines, especially Ande due to pulled knots.. You might have better luck with a Palomar knot with that Ande.. line... Many fishermen don't realize that light mono knots might break but rarely pull... Heavy stiff mono knots rarely break at the knot, but I have seen a LOT of them pull out with a heavy strong fish... Improved Clinch knots are the main culprit for pulling out... Palomar won't pull out, at least never have for me.. bob
  23. bulletbob

    Owasco Owasco Lake fishing.

    I usually fish Skaneateles exclusively now for SMB bass and panfish.. You can actually still put together a real nice catch of bass and panfish with a plain old garden worm on a bobber or splitshot, unlike cayuga... bob