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  1. Try dipping them in egg and shaking in crushed up saltines, then frying in butter. My favorite way to make them.
  2. Slipbob, last night I had fresh gobbler breast breaded in panko and fried in butter, smothered in a morel, ramp, cream wine sauce. Might be one of the top 5 meals I've ever eaten!
  3. Thanks. Would also like to order 8-10 spoons. What are recommendations for manufacturer, color, size? Thanks
  4. I'm going to order 1 hammerhead cowbell and 4 gambler rigs. What color for the cowbell? Colors for the 4 Gamblers? Hoping to get more over the winter but looking for a good start now for 2 or 3 more trips this year. Thanks
  5. When does the flea situation get better?
  6. Found out another reason to hate fleas. Got home tonight to clean out the boat. Yesterday we had to cut our braided lines a few times because of the mass of fleas on them. Threw the lines with fleas on them into a small bucket on the boat. I could smell something rotten as soon as i got out of my truck in the driveway. Smelled like someone left a rotted carp on the boat. Fleas Suck!
  7. Finally made it up for our first time out. Long day, left house at 3:30 am and backed boat in last night at 9:30. Started out having motor trouble. Would start and idle on high but as soon as was put in gear it would stall. Finally got it going and headed up towards power plant. On the way up my Lowrance started reading 3' of water. Stopped boat and screwed with unit for 1/2 hour til it started working right again. Started with putting downriggers out with cowbells and spin and glows. Had a tough time with manual downriggers slipping and going down too fast and releasing the line. Currently using rubber bands and clothes pins on back of balls. Releases will be ordered today! Was a good workout to keep cranking up the balls though. Next put out the 10 color leadcore down the chute with a spoon. Takes a while to run 10 color out. Figured out how to hook up the dipsys with a flasher and spoon and set the setting at 3. deployed one on each side and we're in business. Start trolling north at 2 mph figuring out how to use the remote on the minnkota and setting straight line course. Lead core starts bending and shaking. Buddy "fights" it the whole way in to take weeds off of line. Redeploy. Downrigger goes off and he fights the cowbells in thinking he had fish, No go, false release? Crank up downrigger and take three times to get it redeployed. Work out getting pretty intense now. Other downrigger goes off. Same story. Get a drink and dipsy starts bouncing. Buddy fights it in to realize that dipsy didnt release and we're dragging weeds. Redeploy and now leadcore is bouncing. Reel it in and it's weeds. Redeploy. Buddy and I are serious fly fisherman, musky and river fisherman and are rethinking trolling. Rigger releases again. Same story. Leadcore starts bendin and buddy starts reeling in weeds again. Half way in he gets excited and says he feels it shaking. I tell him his PTSD is screwing with his head and he's hallucinating. Reels some more and starts yelling get the net. Finally got this trophy to the boat. Pic didn't load, 12" rainbow. At least he had some excitement. Start seeing lots more weeds and now I know what you guys are talking about when you say weed mats. Decide to pull in and head to west side. Redeploy a lot easier. Got rid of clothes pins and used rubber band directly to ball. Feeling good about ourselves that we're not total idiots. Had dipsys with dodger and spoons out 200 on 25 pound braid. Get a bouncing on one, Fish on. What is that ball slime on the line clogging up the top eye? Clear it and keep reeling. More slime, more clearing, repeat. Finally get fish in and try to land fish in long leader with dipsy bouncing around. Realize what a pain in the a$$ the rolled up low bimini top is. 25" laker in the net. Buddy is excited and we know know about fleas and braid. Keep heading south and other dipsy goes. Repeat of previous story. Fleas suck! Another 25" laker. We're finger lakes trolling experts now! Keep heading south dealing with a fewer false trips on downriggers. Buddy says look up the lake. White sheet of water heading for us. Look at radar, oh crap. Start pulling lines, too late. Awesome amount of rain in 4 minutes. At least we're not sweating anymore. Lines are in and Trolling motor was going dead any way so we decide to slowly motor towards Taughannnock and find a place to jig. Lake was glass smooth all morning but was now kicking up. Went into bay south of park by swimming area and marked a few fish. Still enough juice in trolling motor to use the spot lock and started jigging and drifting between marks. Missed a few and I got one 27" on a retrieve. Decided to call it a day and show buddy the wrestling complex at Cornell. He got to meet Kyle Dake our wrestling world team member, Yanni the returning national champ and coach Koll. Called his wife on way home and told her he couldn't think of how he could have had a better day between the fishing and wrestling. Made me feel good to help him out. When I dropped him off last night he wanted to know if we could go again this weekend since we're "experts" now. I wish I could get the pictures to load so you could see the smile on his face. It was a good learning day. Thanks to everyone who posts here it helped learning curve greatly. Wife not happy last night when I started talking about electric downriggers, wire line setups, more dipseys, planers and releases, better boat etc. Fleas Suck!
  8. This is the spin and glow setup. OK setup?
  9. More questions. A friend of my dads heard I wanted to come up and troll and dropped a bunch of gear he no longer uses off at his house last night. I will try to attach pics. There are 2 sets of cowbells?, and4 Spin and glows with about a 2' leader, they have about 6 beads behind the body then 2 single hooks. Also 2 4" 4/0 dodgers, a spin Dr, a brand new 100yd spool of sufix 12lb leadcore, 2 #0 dipseys and 2 that have no number but are a little bigger and about 4 rubber snubbers. I currently have 2 reels rigged with braid. I have three more to fill. I have 25# big game and the lead core. All reels are line counter. Boat is a 19' aluminum with a manual downrigger with rod holders on each corner, a rod holder in the middle of the back, and one rod holder on each side. My plan was to use the braided rods for dipsys on each side with a dodger and a spoon or stick bait. What size dipsy to use? and how long leader from dipsy to dodger and from dodger to spoon? 2 reels loaded with mono on the downriggers with cowbells and the spin and glows. How far behind the ball to the cowbell? Last reel with leadcore in the center of the back with? I know nothing about leadcore and hear about 3 color, 5 color, 10 color. How should I set this rod up and what to use for bait. Do I use the spin Dr anywhere? Sorry for all of the questions but this is a new ball game for me. For some reason only one of the pictures will load the rest say upload failed.
  10. Wow tree rat sound like a great 2 days.
  11. Trip for tomorrow is cancelled. Looks like I'll be coming up next Tuesday. Probably for the best as now I can bring my fishing buddy with me. He is a disabled vet and is a ball of fun to fish with. Took him up to Pulaski for salmon last fall and his interactions with the russians almost had me pi$$ing my waders. He makes fishless days fun.
  12. Is there anywhere to buy flies between Elmira and Myers early in the morning?
  13. Thanks everyone. Sounds like I have a starting point. Should have fun trying to figure everything out.
  14. I have a few spin doctors that came with the downriggers but no flies. Can I use spoons behind instead?
  15. Finally got my boat ready for the water. I have to visit Cornell on Friday afternoon and thought that I would drag the boat along for the three hour trip and fish in the morning. I have never fished Cayuga only its tributaries. Fished Keuka out of a 14' flat bottom jon with a 9.9 last year flatlining. Was thinking of launching out of Myers or Taughannock. Looking for any advice for this rookie. Have a 19' Blue Fin with an 85 and bow mounted 24v trolling motor with 2 manual Cannons. 2 rods loaded with braid that I want to try dipsys, 2 rods with mono for downriggers and one rod with leadcore. Have a small selection of spoons and lots of rapalas and yozuris. Any advice on where to go, depth, rigs would be appreciated. Not looking to be spoon fed but I'm coming in blind and trying to learn.
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