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  1. Boards are like new. Came with boat and look like they were used very little. $90 for pair. Buyer pays actual shipping or pick up in central Pa
  2. Bought a "stripped" boat last fall and am now getting around to setting it up. Original plan was to add a Blue Sea ACR, but due to layout of boat (25' walk around) I don't think this will work. The only place to mount a second (house) battery is 9' from starting battery. From research online this does not sound like a good set up. I'm thinking now of just running a battery with 2 downriggers (Big Jon), Lowrance Elite 7, and marine radio hooked up to it. Questions are will this work? Would a Group 29 DC last all day trolling? Will the marine radio and downriggers interfere with the Lowrance? Thanks
  3. How many feet of line do you put on your planer board reels?
  4. After 25 years she'll take what she can get in the romance department. I just took her on a romantic vacation to Niagara Falls. There just happened to be a fishing show going on at the same time!
  5. My wife won a "romantic" 2 night stay in a bed and breakfast near Romulus. Of course, I'm taking the boat. I've never fished that far north on Cayuga. When would the fishing be the best in that area? Thanks.
  6. The show and seminars were awesome. The only problem was there were 3/4 seminars during each time session that I would have liked to have gone to. I picked up something from every seminar.
  7. No top or cover. It was scheduled to have custom cover made when I bought other boat. The top is add on. Hull is in great shape, absolutely dry. Located in central PA just off of rt. 80
  8. Yes, I bought it in the spring and used it through the summer then found a deal on a bigger boat that I couldn't pass up at the beginning of September.
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