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  1. My wife won a "romantic" 2 night stay in a bed and breakfast near Romulus. Of course, I'm taking the boat. I've never fished that far north on Cayuga. When would the fishing be the best in that area? Thanks.
  2. The show and seminars were awesome. The only problem was there were 3/4 seminars during each time session that I would have liked to have gone to. I picked up something from every seminar.
  3. No top or cover. It was scheduled to have custom cover made when I bought other boat. The top is add on. Hull is in great shape, absolutely dry. Located in central PA just off of rt. 80
  4. Yes, I bought it in the spring and used it through the summer then found a deal on a bigger boat that I couldn't pass up at the beginning of September.
  5. 2 hand held radios for sale. Maxon works good with AA batteries. Sea Lab works while plugged into charger, but does not work when charger is unhooked. Each comes with charger and clip on mic. $25 each plus actual shipping.
  6. Central Pa south of Williamsport. I have another boat to put the trolling motor on so I do not want to sell it.
  7. I did some research and you are correct. A local marine mechanic told me that's what is in it when I was asking some questions. In his defense he didn't see the boat.
  8. Boat is immaculate inside and out. Floor was completely replaced in the last 3 years with fiberglass over marine plywood. Carpet and floor are perfect. Outside was professionally repainted and sealed. Boat does not leak one drop. 4 cylinder 2.5L motor starts and runs perfectly and sips gas. Runs 35 MPH with full tank of gas and 3 people. Has custom aluminum hard top that is rock solid. My sons dive off of it and wife sunbathes up there. Heavy duty 8 rod rocket launcher mounted to top and rod holders on the ceiling. Also a tubing/skiing hook on the hard top (sons like the high hook for trick skiing). Cushions and cabin are in good shape. New tackle holders made with starboard installed this summer. Lowrance HDS 5 with Lake insight. Will even leave my Erie walleye and Cayuga trout hotspots on it. Cobra waterproof marine radio. CD/radio. New bilge pump. Comes with 2 manual Cannon adjustable boom UNI-troll down riggers with risers and swivel bases. Wired for electric riggers with breaker. 3 recessed rod holders and 2 Scotty rod holders. Trailer is in good shape with good tires and new spare. Boat pulls easily with my 1500. Can include 2 older cannon electrics with 5' booms for $250 extra. Has adjustable kicker motor mount. Can include a 2 stroke Johnson 9.9 (always starts with 2 pulls and purrs all day) with ez steer type system for $400 extra. All pictures are from the last 2 months. Boat handled anything that Erie, Ontario and Cayuga threw at us. This has been a great boat but got 2 footitis and am going bigger. Price drop before winterization $4500 57o-49o-6129
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