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  1. DUGuy

    Weather Predictions for Thursday 8-22

    How is it looking? On the way!
  2. DUGuy

    Weather Predictions for Thursday 8-22

    I will be leaving pa at 8am when my buddy gets out of work. 3 1/2 hours I will be in mexico hoping to launch. I have no clue on the weather, but hoping and praying!
  3. Quick report. Took my new to me islander 221 up with my wife and another couple. Buddy only ever came one other time and we blanked so we are both pretty new. Boat ran great after learning a few corks. Long story short I was used to my two stroke outboard and flooded the inboard running the throttle too heavy to start her. Motored out to 120 feet with the kicker thinking i would just stay close fishing for Lakers not knowing what the problem was. Put two gambler rigs on and ran one copper down the shoot with a mag carbon 14. 20 minutes in landed the first king. Switched out the lake trout rigs and hit another king and a Steele. Unfortunately buddy started feeling sick so that was it. 2 hours and we went 3 for 3. Rest of the trip was spent walking the town of oswego and enjoying the beautiful weather. I would have liked to fish more but I have no complaints. After letting the boat sit a while she fired right up and ran great. All equipment worked great also. Cant wait to get back. On another note trying to fish and do harborfest is somewhat of a nightmare. Kinda crazy you cant even park the trailer at a boatlaunch but it is what it is I guess. If I try to do both again will likely drive the boat to mexico to launch. The fireworks were awesome! Tight lines!
  4. What time of year are they gone?
  5. I have an inboard to an outboard kicker. Thanks though
  6. DUGuy

    Panther t4

    Anyone have experience? Looking for pros/cons. Ordered an ez steer but maybe this will be a better option. Inboard to outboard 15 hp 4 stroke
  7. Looking to buy an ez steer from my inboard to outboard 15 hp 4 stroke mecury long shaft. Wholesale marine advised it was in stock but when I attempted to order it is backordered (been 3 weeks and still cant tell me when it will be shipped). Does anyone know where I can find one in stock? Here is a pic of my inboard. It's a 2.5 merc with cobra outdrive if that matters. Kicker is not mounted yet but looks like approx. 28 inch separation when installed. Panther bracket moves up and down 10 inches. Thanks for any help!
  8. Keep it up! That's awesome!
  9. DUGuy

    Starcraft islander restoration

    First off thanks for all the responses. Decided to go with 1/2 inch plywood as suggested here. Ran all new fuel lines and hoses. I ordered my epoxy from US composites. I did two layers of epoxy outside the boat and let dry. I then placed them into the boat and screwed down with panheads self tapping screws. I then layed out the fiberglass and did two more coats inside the boat. Overall I am very happy with the outcome. It's in the garage drying as I type this. (Thankfully because it's now raining) no real good photo of the finished product because I took it in the dark. On to the next step...
  10. DUGuy

    Lake trout

    Sorry for the repeat question. I did a search and lots of info out there. Thanks for everyone who responded
  11. I'm sure it's been covered over and over, but looking for some guidance on what the best set up for Lakers is. I've only ever fished for kings mid August on. Only been at this a few years. Going to oswego July 27 and 28th. Looking to pick up a few rigs for Lakers if I cant get the kings to go. Wife and 2 other couples are coming so would like to hook into something. What would be your top 4 Laker rings if you dont mind sharing? Thanks in advance for any help...
  12. Great and I just ordered a brand new one... wish I knew prior.
  13. Received today! Thanks troubles