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  1. Let's all get back to fishin!!!
  2. To bad politicians do have as much common sense as a fisherman!!!
  3. Best entertainment for the buck. 12 pack of beer ,lawn chair ,sitting at the boat launch!!! More fun than fishin some days.
  4. There is nothing in the boating course about giving fisherman a little room .So sad even the newly educated boat nics will still have no fricken clue!!!!
  5. This crap happening on Canandaigua too. I give them the happy finger!!!!
  6. Canandaigua for sure. Cant keep lakers off the hook !!!!
  7. Top lines I run stick baits and flat fish sometimes off Dipeys
  8. Seth Green Rigs for sure. Put sutton #22 or #35's there killer for everything.
  9. everybody must be bored no fishin
  10. Im interested in your down riggers my name is Jeff could you call my cell phone to discuss pick up if they are still available. Thanks 585-202-1275
  11. I'm not swimming in Canandaigua lake no more!!!
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