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  1. I'm not swimming in Canandaigua lake no more!!!
  2. I was in derby took 3rd in brown trout with a 10.67 lb fish caught it 20 ft down on first leader had to fight it with 12 ft of 12 lb test got lucky with net we she turned at the boat. The winner with the 29 lb laker said he caught on a stick bait in twenty ft. of water off vine valley. A lot of fish caught in close this week end
  3. Was at it all day caught 8 rainbows all on cowbells with sutton 35s various depths mostly between 40 and 80.Keep two 5 lbs for dinner rest live to grow up.
  4. Nice bow they have been hitting good but I only seem to get hit in afternoon
  5. Crestliner

    Sold / Closed 1995 Crestlner for Sale

    Is this boat still for sale? call Jeff at 585-202-1275 Thanks
  6. Trolled Saturday till 3PM caught 5 lakers and two Rainbows Big one was 10lbs jumped fifty times what a show ! Big Bow was taken at 47 ft. off cow bell flashers ans= d a sutten 35.
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