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  1. Sorry both great boats however a little pricey...
  2. 10k with gear? Where are you located?
  3. Looking for a Walk Around 22-26 after 2000, need to have trailer, would prefer a outboard. PM me if you have something for sale. Justin
  4. Moor sub troll probe

    Pm sent
  5. I'd take this if it's still available

  6. New to me boat

    Thanks Rod Hog I checked out their website and they may have what I'm looking for. I
  7. Live bait for Brown's

    Has anyone used live bait to fish from shore for browns in spring in lake Ontario? I have a dock and dream. Any advise would be helpful, I do very little live bait fishing.
  8. New to me boat

    Does anyone have any leads on a dealership that has a 24-28 foot fishing boat with a cuddly that will take a trade in? I have a baby and don't have anywhere for him to get out of the sun in my current 21ft center console.
  9. Careful with the braid on the Dipsy reels, anytime after may you will have a flea problem. Switch to wire.
  10. Bottom paint

    Does anyone know of someone who does mobile bottom paint work in Rochester?
  11. I used lightstream loans, no collateral if you have excellent credit.
  12. Tiara, sportcraft, baha

    Tiara, sportcraft, baha Question, if you had about 30k to spend, wanted about 30 feet, is it worth going late 80`s Tiara when you could get a 2000's Baha or Sportcraft? Looking for something that I can daily fish in, do a tournament a couple times a year and maybe take the family on a trip now and again. Justin
  13. Braddock's 8-15 Got it from 6 to 8 tonight, started shallow at 75 then went out to 200, back in to 135 and started seeing some action. Ended up 3 for 6 all at 135 feet. The bigger fish came off of the dipsy's (flashers and flies) the smaller came off the downriggers (spoons).