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  1. I’ve used both pro rebuilder and golden alternator and both do great work!
  2. I think it 15.5 by 19 $25, looks like a great extra, local pick up, Hilton
  3. $35 local pick up $40 shipped. Pm if interested.
  4. This is on the back of my marine toilet and is leaking. Does anyone know where to buy another one or at least what it is called. You put smell good pellets in it. justin
  5. I just got back from Braddocks, 2 Kings, a steelhead and a Lakers in 2 hours. Right out front of the bay 90-110.
  6. Has anyone ever cut and shortened a depth raider cord coming from the down rigger? I’m trying to move mine to the platform from the dash. Or is there a standard shorter cord I can buy?
  7. I bought a Lowance 7ti for the sole reason it has networking. Being able to have a app to see the fish finder is really cool for guests. Justin
  8. It’s a tough call, most auto pilots aren’t for mechanical steering. I think octopus makes a unit that turns the wheel however does not provide the actual auto pilot functionality. I had this issue a couple of years ago with a old inboard (32 Silverton) I have, either go to hydraulic, which is a fortune, or figure something out. I ended up buying a used Raymarine Sportpilot. This doesn’t work great however it does keep me straight on most days as long as I’m not trying to fight the waves or wind and was $600 instead of 3-4 thousand.
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