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  1. jth21usa

    Fake teak

    Has anyone ever used fake Teak on their back deck? Just wondering the cost and complexity of installation. Any pictures would also be helpful.
  2. jth21usa

    Left over boat fuel with 2 cycle oil

    You can definitely put it in the lawn mower. A truck is little high value for me to experiment with.
  3. jth21usa

    Down rigger mounting

    Why a third rigger? I have tried to run 3 and 4 riggers off of a 8 foot beam and unless the conditions were incredible it wasn’t worth the hassle. As I fish more I’m realizing that in most cases more than 6 to 8 rods aren’t catching me anymore fish.
  4. I was looking at a house on the creek, it fell through.
  5. jth21usa

    Denim Orange peel

    Has anyone used these instead of wet-sanding? https://waxboss.com/products/5-1-4-denim-orange-peel-removal-pad?gclid=Cj0KCQjwguDeBRDCARIsAGxuU8bvaffdcJNFrdLNZJbltlosbswHY2YBdooQEyO4JGLgx7TPRPTzx_gaAuSjEALw_wcB
  6. Lowarnce 7TI Elite, being able to use the app so you can have the fishfinder anywhere on the boat is awesome.
  7. I've gone from running too many on my old 21 to running much less on my 31. What I've found is that running more than 6-8 lines does more damage than good. On a calm day I'll run the 3 riggers 2 dipsy's off each side (one mag, one regular) than a long line down the shoot. If there is a moderate wind or current the middle downrigger gets pulled and two of dispy's. Honestly I find catch ration has very little to do with how many rods are out there. Also if you do catch something and you have a crap load of lines out good luck getting them to the boat.
  8. jth21usa


    Nope but you can by them used, I have one on a 31 Silverton and it does a reasonably good job keeping it in a straight line as long its not super windy. All other solutions were 1000’s of dollars. I think I picked mine up for 600
  9. jth21usa


  10. I assume the Brockport Yacht club doesn’t take power boats?
  11. Does anyone know how high the Park Way bridge is? Can a fly bridge fit on the south side of the parkway?
  12. jth21usa

    Advise on 1999 Evinrude 225HP

    If I remember correctly there is also a way to get the codes without buying the software. I think it was through the rpm gauge on the dash.
  13. jth21usa

    Advise on 1999 Evinrude 225HP

    I think the 1999 225 is fuel injected so rebuilding the carbs are out of the question... I definitely would start by looking at the simple fuel problems (pump, filter) before I bought something else. I ran a 150 for years and it never left me on the lake.