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  1. Where are you located?
  2. Did you hit something that wasn’t marked?
  3. Is there anyplace to get Fuel in Sandy anymore?
  4. Just my 2 cents: 1. Entry fee, $200 is a lot of money if I have to run from Rochester. 2. I always thought you should be able to leave from multiple ports, example if the tournament is in Rochester you should be able to leave from Braddocks and I Bay and end up at the weight in. 3. No catch and release options, sorry I don’t eat fish and all my friends and family’s freezers are stocked and I have a lot of guilt if I had to throw them in the garden. 4. No late entry, I want to be able to PayPal the tournament director at 9pm Friday when I know there aren’t 4 footers that are going to kill me all day. 5. Why do all tournaments hate our only native species, the lake trout? make it cheap and easy and they will come.
  5. Got out from 9:30 to 12:00, crazy bite 11 kings, largest 17lb and one steelhead (lost a couple more). All between 60 and 110 all on spoons at 2.4 mph. It seems they were at all different depths. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll get more of the same.
  6. jth21usa


    This was a big glass of awesome tonight
  7. jth21usa


    Those Buoys are crazy, I followed one guy in and have followed the GPS ever since.
  8. For years leadcore has been the most unproductive line on my boat. What size leaders are people using? Maybe mine are too long or too short. Do you usually run leadcore off of boards or down the middle? What the different between 5 color and 10 color? thanks
  9. Out from 8:30 to 12:30. 2 for 6, all spoon bite and different colors. Dipseys and lead core took no hits. 90 to 110 feet of water. On a side not at least my net got thrown overboard and will never be seen again :).
  10. I had similar results out front of Braddocks today.
  11. jth21usa

    Anyone selling Scotty’s

    I have one, pm if interested
  12. I made it through today, still very confusing.
  13. Last year $43 a foot, Gibbs is $40 in the inner docks-with power.