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  1. You don’t have to worry about rot. Just change the heat exchangers and let her roll.
  2. jth21usa

    What's my boat worth?

    I just sold a boat last spring, if you sell the boat loaded it will sell really fast in April. Yes I basically sold $2400 worth of equipment for a addition $1000 for my boat, however it was only on the market for 3 days. The only thing I would think about taking off is the kicker. 7k
  3. jth21usa

    1984 Pursuit 2500

    Whenever purchasing a boat over 10 years old ask yourself 2 questions: 1. Am I handy? 2. Am I ready (time and money) for a project? if both are yes, let it rip. If not don’t. Even older boats in great shape need much more love and care than newer boats. justin
  4. jth21usa

    Sealing underside of plywood floor..

    The epoxy is usually much more expensive than the fiberglass cloth
  5. jth21usa

    Sealing underside of plywood floor..

    Ever think about fiberglass? It’s really pretty easy.
  6. jth21usa

    1978 Silverton Topside

    Starting to paint the topside of my 1978 31 SIlverton. I plan on doing the majority of the work during the winter. I'm starting small and am using Total Boat Topside paint. Has anyone used this product before and how were your results? If interested check out the website that I'm playing around with: www.flybridgefishing.com
  7. Funny they are going to completely block the channel to clear the channel.
  8. Did you hit something that wasn’t marked?
  9. Where are you located?
  10. Did you hit something that wasn’t marked?
  11. Is there anyplace to get Fuel in Sandy anymore?
  12. Just my 2 cents: 1. Entry fee, $200 is a lot of money if I have to run from Rochester. 2. I always thought you should be able to leave from multiple ports, example if the tournament is in Rochester you should be able to leave from Braddocks and I Bay and end up at the weight in. 3. No catch and release options, sorry I don’t eat fish and all my friends and family’s freezers are stocked and I have a lot of guilt if I had to throw them in the garden. 4. No late entry, I want to be able to PayPal the tournament director at 9pm Friday when I know there aren’t 4 footers that are going to kill me all day. 5. Why do all tournaments hate our only native species, the lake trout? make it cheap and easy and they will come.
  13. Got out from 9:30 to 12:00, crazy bite 11 kings, largest 17lb and one steelhead (lost a couple more). All between 60 and 110 all on spoons at 2.4 mph. It seems they were at all different depths. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll get more of the same.