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  1. jth21usa

    Marine batteries

    Interstate usually will give you a little extra for the core as well, and they sometimes have very affordable blemished batteries for a good price.
  2. jth21usa


    If you don't want to clog this thread up, could you pm or post what your issues were with the steel ? Thanks Sure thing, the biggest issue I had with steel is I didn’t catch anything ....
  3. jth21usa


    I ran weighted steel last year without much success, the those reels got hit with haul cleaner and got killed, going back to basics.
  4. jth21usa


    Trying copper again this year, getting a 300 and a 400. 4 questions: 1. 32lb or 45lb 2. Is there one brand that is better than another 3. What is the best way to connect it to the leader and backer? 4. How long of a leader? thanks justin
  5. jth21usa

    Siesta Key?

    Has anyone done a charter in Siesta Key? I’m going next month and am looking for suggestions.
  6. Does anyone know if I can get a copy of the Salmon School presentation? I was a hour late and missed the slides on electronics.
  7. jth21usa

    Live bait big lake

    Has anyone tried a kite?
  8. Has anyone ever tried to fish live bait for salmon or steelhead in the lake? I’ve been watch a lot of saltwater shows and was wondering if anyone has tried similar tatics in the lake?
  9. jth21usa

    Fake teak

    It’s really hard to find a price in any of these...
  10. jth21usa

    Fake teak

    Do you know what the price was per square foot?
  11. jth21usa

    Fake teak

    Something like seadek how did you start the process?
  12. jth21usa

    Fake teak

    Has anyone ever used fake Teak on their back deck? Just wondering the cost and complexity of installation. Any pictures would also be helpful.
  13. jth21usa

    Left over boat fuel with 2 cycle oil

    You can definitely put it in the lawn mower. A truck is little high value for me to experiment with.