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  1. I used lightstream loans, no collateral if you have excellent credit.
  2. Tiara, sportcraft, baha

    Tiara, sportcraft, baha Question, if you had about 30k to spend, wanted about 30 feet, is it worth going late 80`s Tiara when you could get a 2000's Baha or Sportcraft? Looking for something that I can daily fish in, do a tournament a couple times a year and maybe take the family on a trip now and again. Justin
  3. Braddock's 8-15 Got it from 6 to 8 tonight, started shallow at 75 then went out to 200, back in to 135 and started seeing some action. Ended up 3 for 6 all at 135 feet. The bigger fish came off of the dipsy's (flashers and flies) the smaller came off the downriggers (spoons).
  4. Braddock's 8-6 Finally made it out about 6 tonight after the lake settled down. Stopped at 140 and couldn't find a temperature break so I shot north to 350. I was only out for a hour and went 2 for 2 one was 23 pounds the other about 23 oz. The larger one was a blue spin doctor white fly out on a dipsy about 300. Lots of really nice screens between 300 and 400, if there was only more time in the weekend.
  5. Is anyone out in Rochester The marine forecast says 2 to 4 however it seems calm. Is anyone out currently that can tell me the want height first hand? Justin
  6. I have a couple old riveria's in Hilton $100 pm me if interested.
  7. The coast guard told me last week Braddock's was a no wake zone.
  8. Braddock's 7-10 Went out from 6 -7:30 after work tonight. 3 steelhead and one small Salmon. All in very warm water, I didn't have the time to go deep. 2 were on spoons (rigger at 95, dipsy 2 setting at 260) another on a dodger and fly dipsy at 2 setting at 206. All hits were between 100 and 120 feet of water. Loads of fun on a solo trip after work.
  9. for sale : usa Garage clean out

    Do you still have the net? I'm in Hilton.
  10. Single strand wire

    Single strand wire Does anyone use this on dipsy's? I bought some by accident and usually use 7 strand. Justin
  11. Braddocks 6/28 1 for 2 tonight (small king, maybe 6lbs, didn't spend anytime in the boat to measure or weight) Both at 140 feet of water on Dipseys set at 2 with 250 feet of wire out, purple dodger blue fly. I will say the screens weren't as good as they were last week...
  12. Braddock's 6-19, catch and release question Went 2 for 2 (2lbs, 17lbs)in front of Lighthouse tonight in a hour both 90 feet down at 120 feet of water, rigger, green spin doctor, blue fly. Is there a better way to catch and release and the picture below? It seems to work however I would like to confirm.