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  1. I have 2 old riviera, a little beat up, but I would be happy to get them out of the boathouse for $100. Pm if interested I can send pictures.
  2. Thanks
  3. Braddocks Bay Has anyone tried to go yet this year? Is there a channel that is marked? Justin
  4. Sandy creek Does anyone know if the docks are in? Justin
  5. WTB Big Jon Boom Pulley Does anyone have a big jon pulley that clamps onto a downrigger boom? Justin
  6. Wanted

    I have one if you need it Justin
  7. When you really want Rod Trees but don't have $300 Conduit, one afternoon of hard work and $40 in parts for 2.
  8. Thanks so much
  9. Aluminum?
  10. Base Berts tracks Does anyone know the size of the base that fits into Berts tracks? I'm making some homemade stuff and the boats in storage to measure. Thanks Justin
  11. Did you weld the aluminum?
  12. Homemade rod tree Has anyone tried to make one out of conduit? It seems pretty straight forward and much less expensive. Any ideas? Judynuts
  13. so I shouldn't run spoons and stickbaits at the same time?
  14. flasher and flies Do you usually match the color of the flashers to the flies? I bought a bunch of spin doctors on a whim a the expo and would like to know how to set them up. Justin