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  1. Is there a hole there? Weird things can happen when you pressurize the system with a garden hose. Not good or bad just different.
  2. 2 Bases 4 inches high $60 pickup and PayPal only, Hilton NY
  3. How many pounds of pressure do you have on your blacks releases?
  4. Two Question:r 1. Line to leader on your downrigger setups, swivel or knot? 2. If you run a flasher/fly off a rigger do you just attach it to the leader or have a completely different set up? Justin
  5. I was there today, really good selection still.
  6. If the engine is running the steering is easy?
  7. I need to replace one of my batteries this year, has anyone tried the marine lithium batteries yet?
  8. Hello, I'm going to buy a Fish Hawk X4D next week and was wondering if anyone had a used one for a reasonable price they want to part with.
  9. Can you find the original manual? It’s sometimes in there. Were you happy with the prop that was on there?
  10. Hello Internet, I have a old Silverton that I'm trying to remove the rudders from. So I removed all the steering fittings, the bronze rudder collar and both sides started falling out. Then both sides (Port and Starboard) stopped after falling about 8 inches, at the same spot. Does anyone know if there is a locking mechanism in there and how to remove it?
  11. wow that’s a lot of math. I guess if you have extended rudders on a boat I would love to know your experience. If you don’t I’ll ask for advise on the costs of boat ownership on another thread. Also 20 percent of $20000 isn’t $2000.
  12. Do it right is about $2000, 20 percent of the cost of my boat, for rudders, also it’s pretty fun building stuff.
  13. Can you be more specific on what the build looks like and material? These are fantastic! justin
  14. Has anyone tried to make their own rubber extensions by simply bolting a bigger price of metal to their current rudders?
  15. Follow up question, how do you connect the copper to the swivel?
  16. What do you guys use to connect your copper to flouro leader?
  17. My opinion- if it’s too rough in a 17 it’s too rough in a 23, and a pain in a 32. I’ve run everything in between and my general rule is don’t go out in rough weather and frankly the wave height that I don’t go out in didn’t change that much with the size of the boat. Another thing to consider is the age of the boat and how deep you want to go with just one engine. 12 miles put on a Sunday morning is different than 12 miles out on a Tuesday evening, if you use good judgment the size of the craft isn’t as important as the captain who pilots it.
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