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  1. 9 times on ten the problem is with the transducer cable that is not push in; this is not the best plug that I've seen.
  2. You can adjust them by putting them on 0 ft at the water level
  3. I'm on the road, I'll check again if there is 8 the price will be fix accordingly
  4. I can do the 10 for $90 shipping included
  5. Choose some items that you need and we will discuss price. I don't want to give it away but I can make some good deals. Look on Scotty website with the parts # that I will list. 1-241 1-257 2-1025 2-244 2-344 1-136 10-1170 I also have 3- 1liter outboard gear oil 80-90 grade
  6. I may have a new Icom. Let me check tomorrow
  7. Main line to the separator then 1 line from the Verado and 1 from the kicker to the filter. I have a bulb prime pump on the kicker none on the Verado. No problem
  8. A nice day in that area some nice browns and 1 Chinook most on stick bait
  9. Same here most of the browns caught has lamprey or fresh lamprey marks.
  10. I have nmea2000 cable 25ft new Price:$40 1 ext cable for transducer with black connector Price: $40. If interested I will be in Fair Haven for the week coming. Let me know and I will bring it with me. I'm leaving Saturday so I need to know before I leave
  11. I have 1 inlet and 2 outlet on my water separator filter
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