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  1. 1st Set 3 J13's Asking $17 Shipping Included 2nd Set 3 F11 Straight Back's 1 J9 1 F9 Straight Back Asking $20 Shipping Included SOLD Please contact by Post or Pm
  2. Set of UV Stingrays Spoons are in great condition. Some have not been used. Middle Two Have Gold Cups Other Four Have Silver Cups Asking $35 for the set Shipping included Please contact by Post or PM
  3. 46 Trolling Flies with Case Most Hand Made Some Commercially Asking $50 for all Plus $20 Shipping
  4. 6 Large Size Dipsey Divers with Rings Asking $25 for all Plus $10 Shipping
  5. 8 3 1/2" Storm Jr. Body Baits Asking $35 Includes shipping 6 4 1/2" Yozuri Body Baits Asking $35 Includes Shipping Sold All Baits are in Like New Condition No Scratches never Used
  6. Pair of Prince Mastercraft Super Ski Plainer Retrieval Wheels Reels are in great Condition and come loaded with Tether Line These Reels are Clamp On Style Asking $60 for the pair Plus $20 shipping
  7. Two Big John Holders for Sale Multi Positions from Straight up to 90 degrees Holders are one year old and in Like New Condition. All Mounting Hardware included. Asking $120 for the pair plus $15 shipping.
  8. 3 4 1/2" Rouges 2 3 1/2"Storms $15 Including Shipping 8 41/2" Misc. $25 Includes shipping 6 4" Cotton Cordels $20 Includes Shipping
  9. 2 Dipsey Rod Combos Rods are 10' Fiberglass Browning PT29 Silaflex Magnum Dipsey Rods with Twilly Tips Reels are Diawa Sealine Great Lakes 47 Line Counters Reels are filled with Mason Wire Fishing Line Smooth Drags Counters and Clickers are in Great Working Condition Rods and Reels are in Great Condition Asking $180.00 for the pair. Buyer to pay shipping if needed Please Contact by Post or PM
  10. Thanks for your reply. The coats are a great value at the price. Thanks again
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