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  1. Wanted Two Proos mounting plates and 2 Proos Low Profile swivel bases. Please send PM
  2. Docks are in.
  3. Sold 18' Field & Stream Outpost 2x Ladder Stand New In Box Unopened 18' Height to Shooting Platform 44" x 30" Mesh Platform 44" x 12" Padded Seat 3-way Camo Canopy D-Tube Design 500lb. Capacity Retail Price $299.99 Asking $200.00 TXT / Call 585-507-3001 or Send PM
  4. Sold 18' Field and Stream Outpost 2x Ladder Stand For Sale New in Box Unopened 18' Height to Shooting Rail 44" X 30" Mesh Platform 44" X 12" Padded Seat 3 way Camo Canopy D-Tube Design 500lb. Capacity Retail Price $299.99 Asking $200.00 Call / Txt 585-507-3001 or send PM
  5. Billy, I have been accused of even the Russians not being able to break my code. So I guess I am guilty of reduced radio use........
  6. For Sale: 1- 3.6hp Merc Kiekhaefer Model KF 3 Serial # 359979 1- 5hp Merc Kiekhaefer Model Mark 5 Serial # 765881 1- Phantom Bantam Electric Trolling Motor Model M-2 Serial 3 46787 All in good shape Buy for parts or Fix to use Asking $150 for all Please call 585-507-3001
  7. Fishing: Lures by NK, R&R, Eppinger etc. Tackle Boxes by Plano Rods and Reels Minnow Buckets Antique Motors Gas and Electric and more Hunting: Trail Cameras by Wild Game Inovations Antler Mounting Kits Videos and more Address: 16 Lake Road East Fork Hamlin, NY 14464 behind Sandy Creek Marina Phone: 507-3001
  8. Set of NK 2D size Lures Asking $20.00 for the set. Please call 585-507-3001 or PM
  9. Set of Honey Bee Lures of Various sizes Asking $25.00 USD for the set. Add $3.00 USD for shipping Please call 585-507-3001 or PM
  10. Stellar 20x50 Binoculars Includes: Hard Case 20x50 Binoculars All Caps and Straps Like New Condition Asking $50.00 Please call 585-507-3001 ask for Pat or send PM
  11. 2010 Martin Hawk Compond Bow for Sale Package includes: Bow, 5 Arrow Quiver, Drop away arrow rest, 5 pin TruGlo Sight, Peep Sight, Stabilizer, Release, New String in 2013, 16 Gold Tip Devastator arrows cut for a 29" Draw, Arrows are 4 fletched and Plano Hard Case Bow is trimmed in camo Like new condition Bow Specs.: Brace Height 7" Axle to Axle 30" Draw Length 25' to 30" Draw Weight 40lbs. to 70lbs. IBO Speed 315fps to 320fps Weight 3.4 lbs. Let Off 80% Asking $150.00 for all Please call 585-507-3001. Ask for Pat or send a PM
  12. Guys, we all have our feelings concerning our legislators knowledge and /or understanding of honest gun owners and our position on The Safe Act Legislation. A non-insulting personal email to your area representative is the best way to let them know your position. Talk from data not from emotion. We can all share our thoughts on this topic but we need to let them know individually. I have been in contact with Assemblyman Steven Hawley who is at the forefront of legislation to overturn The Safe Act.Contact your legislators.
  13. Evinrude 5.5hp Short Shaft Outboard with Tank For Sale. Tank is new this year and Ethanol compatible. Motor is in good condition. Asking $100.00 USD Please call 507-3001 ask for Pat
  14. On behalf of the Sandy Creek Pen Rearing Project I would like to say thank you to the Shoot Out Committee ( Rob,Keith and Scott and anyone else I may have missed) for again including the project as the recipient of the 50/50 donation to the project. The donation will allow to purchase the material for new pen frames, nets and associated hardware.
  15. Guys, I just would like to say that I have fished with Jerry in many Pro Am's over the years and I have seen him work hard in every tournament but this past weekend was exceptional. He was totally focused and worked the plan to perfection.