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  1. Thanks. These stamps would make a nice addition to someone's collection.
  2. Stamps and Regulations are in Collector Condition-Never Used or Signed Stored Since Purchased Asking $500.00 for the Set PayPal Available Please Contact By Post or PM Thanks
  3. Just a quick note to say the docks are in at the state Launch. Have a great season!
  4. As a neighbor bordering the marina for the last 22 year, I have heard of very little theft. I knew most of the boat owners docked in the marina and communicated with them often so I am sure I would have heard about it. I am sure Vince will install adequate security around the marina. I visited with Vince and Scott last week at the marina and they showed me the metal dock supports they are building. They will be sturdy and of different sizes to accommodate various size boats. Vince mentioned he checked the channel depth and said it was 3 1/2 to 4 feet deep. Looking forward to seeing the marina up and running again.
  5. Congratulations to you and Mallory on taking two great bucks. What makes it all that much more special was to be together to enjoy the experiences.
  6. Gino, Glad you are seeing lots of deer. Makes the trip all worth it. I am sure you and Mallory will connect on a couple of those Iowa brutes. Good Luck
  7. Gino, Best of Luck to you and Mallory. Looking forward to hearing about the adventure.
  8. You had a great multi season year. Great Job!!!! Great Photos!!!
  9. Welcome to LOU. I am sure you will enjoy reading the posts.
  10. Clay Targets for Sale with Hand Thrower 1 3/4 Cases of White Flyer ( Orange ) 1 Case Unopened 1 Full Case of Champion ( Orange ) Unopened Over 200 Targets in all All are Biodegradable Asking $25.00 For All Local Pick Up Or Buyer Pays Shipping Please contact by Post or PM
  11. Dickey, sounds like you had a good afternoon and evening. Fleas can be a pain at times. Glad you were able to get her fish in the boat.
  12. Bill, interesting catch. I guess you are into catching exotics now.
  13. Welcome to the forum. It is wealth of great information.
  14. Call Tom at East Fork Pro Marine Rt.19 in Hamlin. Reliable service and stands by his work. 585-964-2694
  15. 2 Lots Lot 1 5 Spoons. SOLD Lot 2 5 Spoons 2 #3200 Luhr Jensen King Flutter 3 Evil Eyes Blk with Glow Tape 1 #3000 Lhur Jensen Glow Flutter 1 Dreamweaver Glow 1 Honey Bee Blue/White 1 Dreamweaver Silver/ Glow Tape 1 Williams Wobbler All Silver $12.00 Each Lot or $20.00 for Both Lots Shipping Included PayPal Available PM Please
  16. Great catch and healthy looking fish. Outstanding day.
  17. 2 All Gold 2 All Silver Lighting Lures Multiple Color Cyalume Light Sticks Included $18.00 Shipping Included US Only Using PayPal PM Please
  18. 1 Storm Fat Rap Type 1 Storm Basic Minnow Type 1 Storm Twitch Stick 08 Minnow 2 Rapala Minnow Smelt Like New Condition $18.00 Shipping Included US Only PayPal Available Pm Please
  19. 5 Luhr Jensen Flutter Spoons $10.00 Includes Shipping US Only PayPal Available PM Please
  20. 3 Hot Shot Paddles 1 Green Glow with Large Eyes Same on Both Sides 1 Yellow Base One Side Yellow, One Side Silver 1 Green Base - Both Sides White 8 Bait Heads by Challenger and Rhys Davis New Out of Package $30.00 Shipped US Only PayPal Available PM Please Thanks
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