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  1. Definitely fun here!! Thanks Rob ,, bye FeliCa
  2. Had a great day yesterday saw two shooter bucks one of which I walked up on in his bed with 4 others .. never gave me the shot just flash of his tail the left beam of his rack then coming out of the woods at 4:45 a huge nine that I have on camera was standing in the road actually scared the crap out of me when he blew his nose at me ... ugh then today cold sit tried to move but so crunchy had to freeze.. never saw a hair,, great first season for me in 4 years two deer in the freezer.. life is great live to hunt another day .. already looking forward to next year!!!! Merry Christmas and happy new year !! See you all in the spring or on the ice! Tommy B
  3. Great news !!!!!!! Congratulations and I’ll let you know how we do
  4. Stepped on a small doe today at 3 sound asleep then saw 6 at 4:45 got stuck at camp till 5:30 just got home nocturnal bastages last Thursday right after. I walked out of woods......this guy comes out smells my tracks ....
  5. Family friends and the outdoors.....
  6. seen a climber stand that looked like that once years ago,, hope its still usable,,
  7. Kick in the teeth that will never go away sorry buddy go kill one now...
  8. Cold sit and long walk produced two sets of track that ended up to nothing back to sit where my gut pile was......looks like mama and two cubs had a nice easy treat Tuesday night
  9. Good luck Jim!!!! I like to move around later in the season after the pressure ,,just Gota have the acres to do it ..
  10. I’m in nice and quiet windy and 27 down here I’ll be putting my walking boots on at10 am ...does gets pass till the end unless the kid sees one this weekend,good luck pal
  11. That blows I was holding it .... or did you do that before you asked me to hold your gun? Lol
  12. I’m headed to camp early for the day if you want to tag along ???
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