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  1. Use a face mask they are 5 bucks .. and it doesn’t mess up your pores
  2. Congratulations again brother!!!! Again
  3. I think that was on your dads hit list … nice job Hunter man
  4. Nothing beats Family in the woods together… congratulations!!!!
  5. Big congratulations on a stud of a buck ,Hunter great job!!!
  6. Finally a good wind , down wind of bedding… come on day cruisers, let the grind begin…
  7. Cameras have been dead best part of two weeks for me in 8r was thinking the same … this dead zone is normal gave me time to get work done so I can start my Vacation till Jan 1 … Bring on NO, VEMBER….
  8. Congratulations brother great buck!!!!
  9. A few doe earlier.. and just had my first close encounter with a bear ,, looked like a two year old probably 150 ish?? He came in right behind me which is up wind in this stand ,, as I stood up he spooked and bolted .. made the ticker pump !!! Not sure he could even see me .. mabee the wind spun on me a bit ..No shot..
  10. Same in 8r #1and 2 both showed up up top ..got up to take a p… at 0300 saw both shooters ,, wind check and 3 hrs later in the stand … Dam cameras….beautiful morning so far …
  11. Good luck to all tomorrow!!! Great day to not see boats … and recharge my batteries… been all to long since my last sit .
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