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  1. One Dock space available up to 26 ft 8.6 beam 1000.00
  2. Summer Dockage Available at East Fork Marina , 45.00 a ft. Up to 26 ft. April to october 1 . Come join a great crew ,, call or text Tommy B at 585-737-8499 or call 585-964-2694.
  3. freaking awesome Bill enjoying some family time...
  4. Shoot em up !!!! Congratulations Keith
  5. Congratulations Todd !!!! What a stud,, what was Jerry’s name for him ,, orchard buck ? Tree killer, or mine??? And how did he let you kill a deer up there??? Congratulations again I’m sure the biggest off that farm ever …
  6. I’m sure your buddy would have helped…
  7. First day in 8r that I’ve seen 7 bucks so far first one was the biggest at 7:15 ish couldn’t make him out knew he was big at 12 yards, then two young ones small 8 and a half racker battling it out !!! Great morning compared to last few days here .. GOODLUCK to all..
  8. Sorry for your loss ,,, I know that feeling all too well. He’s always with me in the deer woods.
  9. Pig ,,,, great buck buddy!!!! Your smile says it all ..
  10. It’s an Urban Legend that there is a tire there, probably just a natural current deposit as the creek flow bounces of the West Bank there... Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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