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  1. Just about any boat in the 8000 to 18000 range for the size you are looking for is going to need some kind of work unless you get lucky. You can always negotiate down on price after you get a survey to reflect what needs to be done.
  2. I'll second that. Had no problem handling 30lb plus kings. I have 7 of the old style. 7 ft 2 piece Med. I'm not fond of the newer style.
  3. Sold / Closed Release 23 for $20

    I'll take them if still available
  4. Lake effect going on up there off and on through tomorrow. Nothing tremendously heavy just a nuisance for the most part. Cold Saturday though.
  5. 50 degrees? Not sure where you get your weather reports but I hope you're not paying for them. Lol. Only going to be 29 degrees in Syracuse on Saturday.
  6. I'll take 100 of them. Send me your paypal address. Thanks.
  7. Bay Rat Goes Above and Beyond

    . Seems like that some days.
  8. Bay Rat Goes Above and Beyond

    Don't be surprised if they don't work as well on the eastern end of Lake O vs. Rochester and west.
  9. Daiwa Saltist

    What lb test?