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  1. Sorry Sutton. I shouldn't have said anything on your thread so I apologize.. Go ahead and make a deal. I'll find one somewhere. No big deal.
  2. You were supposed to let me know if you had a Penn 345 a few days ago when I asked you?
  3. I'll take the 3 silver with green/glow tape. That is 5 total NK 28's when you include the other two I picked from the other NK's you have for sale. Total 10 bucks plus shipping. PM me with total price.
  4. I'll take the black with green glow tape hex/dimple body ( 1st pic1st row.) I'll take the silver with green glow tape hex/dimple body ( 1st pic last row)
  5. Let me know and send me a pic through a PM. Need to know condition and price too. Send PM with that info too. Thanks.
  6. You have anything bigger that would hold a 600 copper plus backing?
  7. Payment made. Check PM for name and address for shipment. Thanks.
  8. Inboard or I/O? Nevermind...Just saw the console. It's a single inboard. Thanks.
  9. Need pics. Won't sell on here without them.
  10. What he said. You can use wood or metal backing plates. Either will work. Just make sure you use one of them in any mounting situation that creates torque on that gunnel.