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  1. Yeah now that makes more sense. They were using OMC from 87-89 boats and switched to mercruiser in 1990. I believe merc bought them at the time? Anyway, making the change to mercruiser was the best thing he ever did. Lol.
  2. I see the engine is a Mercruiser. I thought 87 through 89 Bayliners were using OMC? Is the outdrive OMC or Mercruiser?
  3. I heard the Hardtops on the Islanders make the boat a little tipsy. Have you heard that at all?
  4. There's gold in them there hills!
  5. Do you plan on dredging gold as a Full Time endeavor or as a hobby?
  6. for sale : usa

    Wonder if the quality will stay the same.
  7. I know but I just can't seem to help myself. Jon has to save me!!! Lol. How have you and Cyn been Zeke.? Well.... I hope!
  8. I'll take them rod hog.
  9. I agree Mike. I bought mostly spoons... older NK's......Evil Eyes in sizes 4 and 5 for only a buck apiece. Bought some rigged peanuts that were only 2 for a buck. Funny thing is I haven't targeted Lake Trout in 20 years but I had to have them. Even found a new in package Magnum Pro King UV the newer model with silver plating for 1 dollar. Like you said...Some good deals to be had if you searched.
  10. Pretty much what we experienced. Some real good deals there on some used equipment and lures. New equipment that I saw (now I didn't see those Okuma's for 60 bucks. Lol.) was overall (but not everything) fairly priced but not really a bargain. IMO, the bargain was in used tackle. I did see a brand new 150 qt Igloo cooler that was a real bargain for 40 bucks. I tried to buy it, but it got sold in front of me. Did some online searches and the best I can do for the same cooler is 84 bucks. I missed out on a good deal there.
  11. Is lot 3 (R & R) and lot 8 (NK laker troll) still available, How much for each lot and shipping price to zip code 13760. Thanks.
  12. I believe he decided to keep the boat and started fishing again about a year ago. I should have bought it when it was for sale 2 years ago.
  13. Someone grab them! Not a better deal that this!
  14. Are you willing to sell in pairs?