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  1. Thanks Greg. Send me a text or PM when you are ready to ship them and I will take care of payment.
  2. Greg, can you make me 4 with the Green UV...Clear UV and Mirage Krink. (The top two). Let me know. Thanks.
  3. Don't matter you don't know how to fish anyway!
  4. Shoot!.... they do a terrible job of forecasting weather anyway! If most of us did our jobs that way we wouldn't have a job!
  5. I had to get one at Bayside Marina in Fair Haven this year because Wrights wouldn't commit to opening this year. I finally got my renewal from Wrights yesterday. I don't intend on giving up my dock at Wrights because I have a summer place in Oswego. Not sure what to do with the Bayside dock now.
  6. What is the difference between the Triton TR's and the Triton GT's?
  7. These are legit Pre Rapala Jr's. I would snap them up if I didn't have so many.
  8. I'll take the reel without the rod for 40 bucks. I'll PM you my address for shipping.
  9. Anyone get renewals for boat dock rental from Wrights Landing yet? No one from the marina seems to want to call you back after leaving countless voicemails! That's great service, isn't it!
  10. If I were you I would try and get more info on Cannon's STX series. I read they weren't as reliable as their other line of downriggers. I'm sure some guys on here would comment on the product line. I personally have no knowledge of the STX line reliability as I'm more familiar with earlier models.
  11. Contact lyteline here on LOU. He usually buys everything he can get his paws on especially the finger lakes type of spoons. He might be willing to sell you some. Heck....he doesn't know how to use them anyway.
  12. Ridiculous pricing along with ridiculous shipping costs.
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