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  1. MikeyP

    for sale : usa Items for sale

    Ok Zeke I'll leave them for you!
  2. MikeyP

    for sale : usa Items for sale

    What model and size of spoons in pic 2? Thanks.
  3. 9 or 12 inch gimbals?
  4. That's what banks are for?
  5. Is there a fishfinder or only a GPS for electronics? Does it come with a stand up cover with sides and back drop curtain for inclement weather?
  6. Count me in for one of those too. Just PM me when you have made some extras or if you have one leftover now. Thanks.
  7. You are probably better off going to a dealer and telling him exactly what you want. You probably won't be paying too much more for it and you will get a better warranty. These boats are in demand and are not re-selling for much less than new.
  9. Much obliged FishStix. I hope they came out ok
  10. Ok thanks. Mine is a regular tip not the roller tip.
  11. Got a Talora dipsy rod as a Christmas gift from my son. What is the best way to remove the tip to replace it with a twilli? Thanks
  12. I hear ya. I have seven cal 1100 2 piece models. I hope they last a long time. I looked at the new model and I think they are okay but prefer the older style.
  13. Too hard to find to ever give up. Good luck in your search