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  1. They don't call you the "Silver Fox" for nothing!. Love the NK's! Thanks!
  2. Scott, I'll take the 12 NK'S for 30 bucks. Send me your PayPal ID through a Pm Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. There is a few on this board for sale now. What is your price range?
  4. Your email you have posted here is incorrect. You must have forgot a letter or 2?
  5. The shorter bombers are hard to get.
  6. Hope you don't smoke too man. Lol.
  7. I know Scott. I left all blue colored spoons at home the last couple of years. I don't have many anyway because I don't catch anything on them. Lol.
  8. Not really. What works on one Great Lake might not work on another Great Lake for variable reasons. Heck, what works on the west end of Lake Ontario doesn't work on the east end of Lake Ontario at times. I know....I have fished both areas.
  9. You still spewing "false news". LMAO!
  10. Wanted

    Photos of T spoon lures. The last one might be a R & R spoon. Let me know if you still want them. Thanks.
  11. Yes. At the Niagara show on Sunday.
  12. Pap. the guy is selling close to 150 lures. There are pics of the lures if you look at the ad on craigslist. Comes out to about 5.66 per lure. There is a link to go there by 58 Johnson.
  13. Where are you coming up with that price? The guy is selling about 150 lures according to ad. The ad breaks down what he is selling. For a 850 dollar asking price that comes to about 5.66 per lure. The special mate is worth about 50 bucks new. I don't know the guy but you're way off at 27 bucks a lure.
  14. Very trustworthy. Easy to do business with and very accommodating. Thanks Nick. Looking forward to doing business again.
  15. Wanted

    Thanks. I'll go through my tackle and let you know.