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  1. I/O motor? I guess you are putting your boat in above 32 degree storage after using. Lucky you! Thanks for the report.
  2. Is shipping included and what is the length of the spoons?
  3. MikeyP

    for sale : usa 33 wellcraft coastal

    From 4.5.years ago? I doubt it!
  4. Does the boat have air conditioning and what is the width of the beam. Very nice boat!
  5. MikeyP

    for sale : usa 1999 Baha 272 Fisherman

    Are the stringers and transom wood or fiberglass?
  6. Reels in pic say 5600 not 6600 on side plate.
  7. Yikes! Can't believe the size of the trout in that lake! Nice going guys.
  8. MikeyP

    Canandaigua Cdga 5/5

    Nice job. Thanks for putting them back for someone else to enjoy!
  9. I'll ask again please. Would appreciate a few more pics of cabin and dance floor and seating under hardtop.
  10. Wix oil filters and Merc 25-40wt was recommended to us by long time engine mechanic for our twin 5.7 inboards.
  11. What's your website to purchase these spoons?
  12. Are the blanks silver plated brass or nickel?
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