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  1. You can tell Well taken care of....Good luck with your sale.
  2. My guess same Les............12 lbs. Nice Fish!!!
  3. I know the original owner of this boat. He passed away in 2009 and used to dock the boat right next to me in Catfish Creek. His boat name was " Ole Salty". It is a very sea worthy vessel and he was very proud of it.
  4. Mine crapped out a couple years ago and had to buy a replacement screen for $200. Wasn't under warranty.
  5. Is this boat a tunnel drive?
  6. Mike, the gear ratio is 4.2-1, I use the 700 spooled with copper, great reel.
  7. Seems like a heck of a deal to me.
  8. That's funny right there!!!
  9. Inside Oswego Harbor is where a lot of Charter Boats run early in the AM.
  10. I guess the decision to go full time for Cap't. Richard is a no brainer!!!
  11. Everyone voicing their concerns and compassion to our great fishery is very refreshing. Nothing is ever perfect, but the intelligent discussion and relentless visions going forward is all part of the solution. My hats off to all you for your never ending support and enthusiasm to the Great Lake Ontario!!!
  12. Well Said Garrymny
  13. Come on Mikey, buy them all, you can never have enough rod holders!!!