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  1. Waiting for addresses from...Mikey P...Ronjon....and stillfishing....They are boxed and ready to ship!
  2. Two Satin Finish Left, RonJon's if he wants them.
  3. 6 Bert's Rod Holders for sale $40 each plus shipping, 4 are Chrome finish 2-Satin Finish.
  4. I bought ten of these rigs couple months ago for the Salmon run, landed almost every rod that fired (especially the wire rods) using these octopus rigs from Greg, will be buying many more in the future. Very professionally tied!!!
  5. You need to pump pink antifreeze into your washdown and certainly completely drain your livewell. I place a quart of Pink antifreeze into a fairly shallow container, place the hose into the antifreze container and turn on the washdown until pink liquid comes out the nozzle. Good Luck with your winterization.
  6. WOW, Unreal guys, good for you. I guess it pays to give it the old College Try. Nice Catch, beautiful mix of Salmon and Steelies, plus a laker. You guys rock, best fishing for me out there in 20 years...
  7. Nicest looking Thompson I've ever seen, good luck with your sale!!!
  8. Received mine yesterday, they are awesome , very professional. Thanks Greg!!!
  9. Thanks for the input guys want to put the Traxstech doubles on each side of my Baha for spring fishing. Presently have Bert's track.
  10. Does anyone know if a Traxstech Rod Holders fit into a Bert's Track? My guess probably not. Any knowledge appreciated.