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  1. Last year we had a phenomenal Spring King catch in Mexico Bay. They were scattered thru out the water column mostly a north-south troll between the plant and Oswego in mid-May. Hoping for the same result this year. Good Luck everybody!
  2. WOW, that is a trophy in my book. I've hundreds and hundreds of Kings in my lifetime. Beautiful Fish!!!
  3. Looks Mint, someone will get a great boat at a very good Price!!!
  4. Very well said, A lot of intelligent discussion here, let's hope 2019 is as good as 2018 and continues to be.!!!
  5. Has anybody used the Collapsible Riviera triple board ?? Capt Mike Schoonveld on Great Lakes Angler Mag mentions them, convenient to collapse them for easy storage, says they take a rough sea.
  6. Love my Ugly Stix but Fish 307 has custom made Downrigger Rods, very light action for Finger Lake fish around $75 on sale.
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