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  1. Just found my receipt, paid $1800 new.
  2. For sale Raymarine X-5 sport auto pilot, installed on my boat 2014 used twice a year works real well, designed for power steering boats not hydraulic. $600. The unit was just taken off my Baha professionally can text pictures, thanks Pete
  3. PD Buoy

    for sale : usa 2017 Parker 2120 SC

    Sweet Les, nice rig.
  4. I like happy endings, my take on Elrodlonzo was just good advice concerning the dangers of Lake O. lets all be safe out there, tight lines everyone. (Although this year kinda of sucked fishing wise). Newmike good luck, I am out of catfish too and have your back brother.
  5. Great reels at a very good price, I have six of them, excellent drag
  6. I feel your pain, just got back from Mexico Bay, 2 salmon on Saturday then the wind was just relentless. Fishable in a 25 ft. Baha but NO fun, came home early, fish are scattered everywhere. Temps. all over the place. It will have to be next year for me. Good luck to everyone it has to get better.
  7. Adk1, Haven't you heard the old saying "timing is everything"? Well no question the salmon bite couldn't be more true. I've been fishing Lake O. since 1985, the absolute best weeks are the very end of August into the week + into September on Mexico Bay. The past dozen or so years it has been the first week of Sept., seems to be delayed for whatever reason. Don't get discouraged, maybe plan those targeted weeks going forward. I'll be heading out next weekend, splashing the Baha and give it a shot. Seems to me the salmon have NOT even begun staging yet. It is a deeper cold water bite into the 550-650 fow. Good luck with the rest of your season and tight lines............Pete
  8. That's because he's from Maine, true die-hards, way to go Scalloper 1!!!
  9. Ill take them if he doesn't.........PD
  10. Are they the 8 inch, if so I'll take them.
  11. Very rare find, never mind in mint condition and set-up very nicely, good luck to the new "lucky" owner..
  12. I knew this boat wouldn't last the week. Good luck to both parties and good luck with your search for a new FV.
  13. My GLE 252 Baha has 2-50 gallon tanks if that helps.
  14. That's what I'm thinking Les
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