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PD Buoy

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    Sanford , Me
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    World Champion NE Patriots Football
    Great Lakes Fishing
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    Cat Fish Creek
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    PD BUOY (252 Baha GLE)

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  1. PD Buoy

    Best boards

    Has anybody used the Collapsible Riviera triple board ?? Capt Mike Schoonveld on Great Lakes Angler Mag mentions them, convenient to collapse them for easy storage, says they take a rough sea.
  2. PD Buoy

    Rigger rods

    Love my Ugly Stix but Fish 307 has custom made Downrigger Rods, very light action for Finger Lake fish around $75 on sale.
  3. Pretty some money for this Lund in Great Shape, $8000 would be a steal. With the electronics included, well worth the asking price!!!
  4. Hey Stefen, what are you getting to replace this boat? Nice looking and very versatile. Just curious.
  5. PD Buoy

    Earthquake off Oak Orchard

    That is funny, great sense of humor Gil
  6. Damn good price awesome Rods!!!
  7. PD Buoy

    New boat

    X2... Love my Hardtop!
  8. PD Buoy


    Silver Fox nailed it. The Pats don't draft well. Their record of 2nd. round picks over the years is terrible Other than Andre Tippet 1982 and Gronk 2010, they passed on more hall of famers than other team. They are very smart in free agency( MIke Vrabel, Cory Dillion, Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Rodney Harrison) and do not overpay players. Brady still plays with something to prove.
  9. PD Buoy


    I think if Tom Brady wore a Buffalo Bills uniform for the last 19 years and brought home a few much deserved Lombardi Trophy's to Orchard Park, I you'd warm up to him a bit. Les you have friends in Maine, I guarantee they are die hard Pats Fans.
  10. PD Buoy


    Pressure up the middle is TB12's biggest nitemare.
  11. Waiting for addresses from...Mikey P...Ronjon....and stillfishing....They are boxed and ready to ship!