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  1. I hear you Vince, guys I take out bring enough food for a month.
  2. As always, well said Les. Sometimes we get caught up in all the gadgets we have on board and forget about the basics we learned when we didn't have all the bells and whistles but still caught lots of fish.
  3. I believe Al gets $800 / week, Little Salmon Mexico Point launch is 3 miles to the east. Can also launch across the creek at Catfish Creek Camps .
  4. Let's not forget when purchasing a bigger glass boat, now you need to get a bigger heavier truck to pull it.
  5. Thanks Tony, it's on Sunset Bay Road, beautiful home hopefully I can get to stay there for weeks on end someday soon.
  6. You've done well! that's my biggest brown to date 18 lbs. after 30 years of fishing Lake Ontario. Good going guys and welcome to Lake Ontario United, lots of great people with the same interest. Very helpful and knowledgeable gang. Hope this is a great year for everyone!!!
  7. OK so you bought Billy Lewis's Trailer correct? Look forward to meeting you..............Pete
  8. Great to hear a family building lures together and putting out a great product, good luck with your enterprise and hope the "kids" knock it out the park someday. I would order some of your spoons if I didn't have 5,000 or so in my collection, very cool story. No Reel Cool story (and lures).............PD ps. Mikey P I know you have that many too!!
  9. OK sounds good, 2018 we absolutely had the best spring king year ever, they were through out the water column in 50-90 fow and wacked whatever presentation we put out, good luck to you and hope this year is better than last..........Pete
  10. Just curious, because I've stayed across the creek at Camp Crystal for the past 25 years until buying a home on Sunset Bay Rd. I know Wally quite well.
  11. I do, especially on the dipsy rods. Much better hook-up rate, Greg makes the best, hell everything he makes is top of the line!!
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