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  1. Very rare find, never mind in mint condition and set-up very nicely, good luck to the new "lucky" owner..
  2. I knew this boat wouldn't last the week. Good luck to both parties and good luck with your search for a new FV.
  3. My GLE 252 Baha has 2-50 gallon tanks if that helps.
  4. That's what I'm thinking Les
  5. What does the boat draft? Now that we have low water conditions.
  6. What a beauty, nice, nice set-up........!!!
  7. Hey Mikey, I'll buy your boat without a survey, no problem
  8. How is the water level in Catfish Creek? Any higher than it was in mid-May?
  9. My friend Allen Heflin rents a very nice trailer and dock on Catfish Creek, I've been staying there for years until I bought a home on Sunset Bay in Scriba. 1-508-369-3673.
  10. Does anybody have a prediction for the lake water level come August during the salmon season? Coming out of Catfish creek in mid-May, water barely was 2.5 feet deep in parts of the creek. Not sure how this will play out. Any thoughts on the matter appreciated.
  11. You can get a brand new Venture bunk trailer for $4K or so.
  12. You are absolutely correct Mike, I was going to build a 30X50 building near the lakehouse but material costs have more than doubled. It is now at Salmon Country's indoor storage. The pricing of Meat and poultry is crazy right now. We need to get back to normal!
  13. I like the boat you have now Mike!!!
  14. 8ft. 6 in. would be my guess.
  15. This boat looks MINT, very well maintained, good luck with your sale sir.
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