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  1. Atlantic!!... jaw doesn't go passed its eye, very defined lateral line... pretty easy one there imo
  2. For what it's worth, I went to school with one of those Bryce's.... dude was a real piece of work in high-school, wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him which I actually did once during intramurals after school lol... know other ppl who've dealt with them over the years and can't say much good about Bryce Marine.. I'd move on from them while you still can it's not worth the frustration
  3. I have a Gary Loomis Edge Black Widow 10"6 spinning (message me for specs), rod is brand new used it for about a month last September rod is registered at Edge Rods can produce the receipt if needed. Also have an Okuma Guide Select 10"6, 8-17lb spinning rod used for about a month. And a brand new with tags still attached Okuma X Series salmon/steelhead 9"10 medium spinning rod. Willing to throw in cash with the trade.
  4. Oh nice looking fish there!!!.... getting me fired up dude
  5. Surprise!!!..... nice fish!.. if that was a couple weeks ago, I'd assume that means there's probably even more around now.
  6. Whaler, what area do you fish normally?... I'm from Webster still live in the area and fish primarily between 4mile and the G.... wondering if anyone's been picking any sharks up in tight yet??
  7. There a blast to catch too!!!.. since you can use lighter gear to fish for em. Good luck out there dude, lmk how you make out!!
  8. Walleye love Bay Rats, and most other stickbaits. You'll find browns shallower than kings yes. Watch for lake flips (upwelling) during the summer months, and that colder water will usually draw them closer to shore especially around mouths of tributaries. Aside from that, target them between like 50-110 fow during the summer. Start shallower first thing in the a.m., and slide out as the the morning goes by if you need to. Also, if you can find pockets of stained water, there will probably be BTs around more times than not.
  9. Yea dude, even the guys that work at St Croix in the factory were caught off guard by their decision to discontinue those models. They've received a lot of complaints.
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