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  1. PD Buoy

    for sale : usa 33 wellcraft coastal

    46K firm I'm sure worth every penny !!
  2. The rods and reels are worth way more than a grand, look on ebay.
  3. Go to Fat Nancy's with a thousand bucks and see what you can get, nevermind 8% sales tax. For a newcomer this would be a great value, good luck sir, well worth it.!!
  4. Green glow J-plugs have always worked early and late in the day. High noon silver bullet J-plugs
  5. To all LOU members, I have a web cam on my lake house in sunset bay can give lake reports anytime. Looks like it's blowing pretty bad right now, tight lines.........Pete
  6. PD Buoy

    for sale : usa 1999 Baha 272 Fisherman

    Does this boat have a dog house ?
  7. X2, that has happen to me more once in Mexico bay
  8. PD Buoy

    for sale : usa 1999 Baha 272 Fisherman

    What is the beam on this vessel and what does it draft?
  9. That young man is a future charter captain, good luck will always follow him!!
  10. I have been aboard this vessel, very well maintained, very clean and would make a great boat for someone wanting to upgrade. The auto pilot alone is worth well over 2 grand. Good luck Tony with your sale !!
  11. Prime time for browns and spring kings !!
  12. You are absolutely right, there is nothing better than a cold water chrome spring king !!! Great report good luck to everyone this season.
  13. Great report thanks for the info, it can only get better from here as temps warm up !!
  14. On the eastern shore, Oswego-Salmon river rarely do we see the seafloellen type of brown trout with the yellow hue, classic brown trout. More of the silvery salmon type to the east. Beautiful fish !!!
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