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  1. Happy Thanksgiving. I'm sorry I have been extremely busy. I will have it in the mail first thing tomorrow.
  2. Ok sounds good I'll send a check to you. Thanks
  3. Yes I just don't get out that way to often. Would you mail it?
  4. Todd. Thanks for the positive comment. You are correct I am very busy as most people are this time of year but I would like to sell it now rather than in the spring.
  5. Nice solid boat for sure. My problem is that I have had no time to show it. If it doesn't sell I'll winterize it and put it up till spring. Thanks for the positive comment I appreciate it.
  6. Listen it's a great deal I just haven't been able to show it .
  7. Perch jerk. You wanted to drop your daughter off and then come see the boat with no prior notice. I was not available to show the boat on such short notice. I do apologise but belive it or not I'm not sitting around 24 hrs a day hoping someone calls to see the boat. I am a marine mechanic and this is our busy time . I still have not showed the boat and will probably be winterizing and shrink wrapping her very soon.. I will put it back up for sale in the spring. Thanks for your interest.
  8. Yea sorry about not getting you pics over the weekend but I have been extremely busy. I'll sell it to someone more local that can come see the boat in person. Thanks for your interest
  9. No I have not heard from him. Must have found another boat
  10. Thank you sir! I have not had the time to show the boat to anyone yet. I had a guy coming to buy it Saturday but he fell off the earth when I sent him my #!! I will get some Interior pics up soon .
  11. I will be doing shrink wrapping and winterizing in the finger lakes area. You can bring your boat to us or we can come to you.Shrink wrapping starts at $10 per ft. Contact me before were booked for the season.