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  1. Thanks pap if I could have waited for you to get back I would have money was very tight for me that week because I had to pay for the other boat and I was a bit short. Hope you had a great vacation!
  2. Not sure rabbit but it sure was a hot item yesterday. When it rains it pours!
  3. Yes 3 guys all wanted it yesterday one offered to pay more than I was asking if I let him look at it first. The first guy who looked at it bought it. Crazy
  4. Boat is sold thank you all for your interest.
  5. Thank you. It's going one way or another!
  6. Me phone #3152770893
  7. Yes I know that but I can't remember off hand it's either 87or 88
  8. Lineman there are pics at the top of the post .
  9. No the boat is still up for sale untill Friday . Saturday I will pull the engine,drive.
  10. Yea it's crazy but I can't give it away. Still time if someone buys it by tomorrow. If not I'm part her out and I'm thinking I can make a pretty awesome custom duck hunting boat out of the hull!
  11. I have not pulled the motor yet so I can take you on a test run while it is in the boat . Engine runs strong and smooth. I will pull it and set it in your truck afterwards.