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  1. I'm sorry I forgot . $325. I'm located in Auburn ny
  2. Scotty short arm downrigger loaded with cable has mounting base. A portion of the clutch lever is broken but is still operational. $325 located in Auburn ny
  3. Excellent condition alpha 1 Gen 2 maybe 20 hrs on this drive. $1000
  4. It is a tail mount but I'm not sure about the model. I will look at it tomorrow and let you know
  5. No I don't rebuild small drives only outdrive.
  6. Velvet drive transmission 1.1 ratio has approximately 10 hrs on it. $1000. Walter v drive 2.05.1 ratio.$500 both work as they should.
  7. Sure can . Can you get it to my shop.
  8. It's steady but not super busy. Still have a pretty quick turn around.
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