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  1. Sorry just saw your question. I have 1 and 2's in black. 1 3 in silver and green.
  2. chinook divers at $13.00

  3. No problem. I have a lot of other items maybe you should come and look...
  4. No Problem. Anything else you are looking for??????
  5. I believe they are all 8"    But I can look tomorrow

  6. Yes I do what size are you looking for???
  7. Thank you Shakmsam it was good to meet you and enjoyed the conversation. Come back anytime!
  8. If you think my prices are close to retail.............Where would you like my prices to be???       If this was yours where would you put the prices...???     Please let me know

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    2. oneluvunknown


      I'm 38.7 miles?

    3. Purrfectfit


      Ok and ??????       Yes from Spencerport to Williamson.     It is not that far!

    4. Purrfectfit
  9. If you all dont like what I have posted there is no need to post what you have. As for posting some small posts with money that would be fine but it would take me forever to do that. And also LOU doesnt like me to post to many items at once. This is the way LOU wanted me to post my items. Also if it was not for COVID these items would of been at the flea markets
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