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  1. I have 3 Manual Riviera Downriggers one short and two long. There are no base plates or swirl bases. Let me know..... Thanks Looks for $50.00 each.
  2. There is no need to be RUDE. And it is not Mr. it is Ms. Maybe you should watch what you assume. I was pointing out that your listing was not correct and you needed to fix it also you never fixed the pics. Your pics still say one thing and the words still say something else.
  3. You only show 4 reels...... And only 2 of them are Line Counters. And the ones in the pics are not 600LC. So what are you truly selling????
  4. I would like to know how much these are please also would need them shipped to NY
  5. They will not fit they way they are you would need a different bracket.
  6. Here are 3 - Cannon Electric Down Riggers Mag 10As. They have auto stops, new power cords, 3 swivel bases, 4 covers, 2 extra rear mount brackets and there are 3 locks for the Riggers. This is a good size package for someone to get. Just removed these from my boat all in working order as I up graded. One of the Swivel Bases has been SOLD! $800.00
  7. I just took these off my boat. So now they need to go. Triple Tree Ram Mounts Rod Holders. As you can see in the pic there is 4 Big Jon Rod Holders and 2 Angler Pal Rod Holders. $150.00 for both of them. Williamson NY
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