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  1. Would you will be willing to take $75.00 for all three and I can pick up. Thanks in advance Cheryl
  2. Hi Could you tell me if lots 4 -5 and 6 are available??? Thank you in advance
  3. Hi 3 1/4 and 2 1/4 and 1 1/4 Well you are only around the corner from me....... If you want you could stop over and look at them and the rest of the lures. I believe you know my husband......
  4. What else are you looking for???? I have many items that I just have not put on as of yet.
  5. I am asking 175.00 plus shipping for this. It is all rigged and ready to go on a pole and go fishing.
  6. Thanks but the lure is broke It is the pearl one So I will not need any of them. Thanks
  7. Purrfectfit

    Sold / Closed Misc Releases

    Please let me know if these are sold...... Or I will take them all
  8. I only want the lures in the first pic.... What do you want for them?
  9. I have a reel and it already has 600 ft of copper on it for sale............