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  1. Off 1990 Merc 3.0L. I changed out to an HEI ignition and figure maybe someone could use this stuff. Plug wires are new.
  2. damn I completely forgot about this thing....still 64 to get it here?
  3. interested for sure...let me know if you still have around 4pm today...thanks
  4. would cost way more than 24 bucks to drive there to get it...any cracks in the box...especially near the hinges?
  5. what would shipping be to 13126?
  6. I completely forgot....I wont be able to get there tomorrow but can the weekend...will give you a ring tomorrow when I get up in the afternoon before work...thanks!
  7. you have paypal?...this totally slipped my mind today
  8. OK...can't do anything till next monday...if you have then would like to come see it
  9. ok but I cant get there till the weekend (sunday)...if Stingdave 9119 gets there before me then by all means sell to him...work always beckons me. Let me know if ya still have them then...thanks!
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