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  1. J.D.

    Radio hand held or mounted.

    I have both. DSC VHF fixed mount with 8' antenna, and Icom waterproof floating hand held in the ditch bag. Don't skimp out. We spend thousands on fishing equipment and lures, then cut corners on safety.
  2. I would suggest you look up "Fish Doctor Charters" out of Oswego. Capt. Ernie is one of the best brown trout fishermen on the lake. Go through the archives in his fishing blog. He has extensive information on his spring tactics, all the information you are looking for. http://blog.fishdoctorcharters.com/
  3. I sold everything in July 2017 for $60. ( there goes my retirement)
  4. I will be re-spooling my wire rods for next year. It's been a while, so looking for suggestions on what to use. I've used Mason and Malin for years, but considering Torpedo and Blood Run. Always used 7 strand wire, but wondering how the 19 strand holds up. Thanks for your opinions. Merry Christmas!
  5. J.D.

    Brown trout rod and reels

    I saw the Eagle Claw 7 1/2 ft. medium light trolling rods for the unbelievable price of $14.99 each at Northwoods Wholesale Outlet.... I had a set of 4 delivered last week. https://northwoodsoutlet.com/product/eagle-claw-starfire/
  6. katydid noun ka·ty·did | \ ˈkā-tē-ˌdid \ Definition of katydid : any of various large green American long-horned grasshoppers usually having stridulating organs on the males that produce a loud shrill sound sounds about right.....
  7. J.D.

    Planer board how to

    I stopped by your You tube channel.... great videos.. I'm sure I'll watch them all over the winter. Thanks!!
  8. This will never fly. It disenfranchises poor people, and people on a fixed income. It will go the way of micro stamping and ammo background checks. At last look, the rifle registration had about a 90% noncompliance rate, thousands of hand gun owners did not comply with the new 5 year registration. I have yet to hear the State Police rounding up non compliant firearms. And I, like many others buy all my ammo out of state online and have it shipped to my door. If no one obeys, no one rules.... Only time will tell.
  9. J.D.

    NK 28

    Yup, I run them in 28 and mag.
  10. J.D.

    We need more leverage

    Bob, I would send an e-mail to "Tuna's Reel Troubles". They are reel experts, many on this board ( myself included) have had reels worked on by them. A few years back, Andy was able to set me up with larger "power handles" to fit my older Diawa reels, now used for wire divers. He may have an answer to your dilemma. http://stores.tunasreeltroubles.com/power-handles/
  11. Iggy, You will be fine with you 16 footer, watch the weather and pick your days. I started out in 1990 in an old 16' semi vee with a 40 hp. This one is 16' 8" deep vee Starcraft with a 90 Merc. Bought this one new in 1996, still running strong after 22 years on the lake. Plenty of fish to be had from these multi - species boats.
  12. J.D.

    Live Well won’t drain

    Nope.... Disconnected at both ends and did a shake and pull with a buddy, and the hose got about 8" longer. Just enough to drain properly. My guess is that slack in the line flopped around running in the waves, and the bouncing moved it from it's normal drain path.
  13. J.D.

    Live Well won’t drain

    There my be a loop or bend in the line somewhere, much like the trap under your sink.... it lets the air and snake thru, but won't drain on its own. ...... ask me how I know....
  14. Fishmaster.com makes folding T tops.....