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  1. ICOM hand held floating, waterproof in my ditch bag ..... better safe than sorry
  2. Hard Core..... or Crazy.. I drove down to the Port Of Rochester early this morning.... a light misty rain, wind out of the NE with 3- 5 foot waves crashing the piers, wind chill at 28 degrees, boat ramps clogged up with logs, branches, and a ton of other assorted crap, more big logs and debris floating down the river........ an one lonely fairly large boat trailer in the lot, who apparently drove through the crap on the ramp to go fishing. I launch in less than perfect conditions form time to time, but not today...
  3. I don't know about others, but I have a small selection of "Stud Baits" that I consider my starting lineup each trip out. It changes from trip to trip, but in most cases, it's the same dozen or so lures that get run first. As a small boat fisherman with storage space at a premium, I've been keeping my "go to " baits in smaller, easier to store containers. I love these boxes! ... the best storage idea I've seen in years. Super Slims and Bay Rats
  4. Don't just check that the bilge pump runs, make sure it pumps! A few years ago, I added a second pump just to be safe. This time i ran water in the bilge from the garden hose. The new pump worked fine, the old pump hose had rubbed against one of the outboard mounting bolts and ripped a big hole in the back of the hose that was not visible during inspection. The water just splashed all over the bilge area... not a drop left the boat. I shudder when I think what would have happened out deep if I needed to get water out of the hull... Here's a bit of good reading... http://www.docksidereports.com/small_boat_safety_at_sea.htm
  5. a link to the old thread. https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/62636-my-old-boat/
  6. Albright Knot. Use the heavier mono for the loop, the lighter fluorocarbon for the wraps. lubricate and snug up slowly. Never had one fail. http://www.animatedknots.com/albright/index.php?Categ=fishing&LogoImage=LogoGrog.png&Website=www.animatedknots.com#ScrollPoint
  7. Braddocks Bay boat launch FYI, With all the nice weather, some of us my want to hit up the bay for a little perch fishing or slide out to the lake for some browns..... docks are being removed at the marina and the entire boat launch is blocked. It looks like they are using sections of floating docks as barges to float the old docks into shore, leaving then on the ramp with the big work barge. Head for Sandy or the Genny. I live near the bay and will post when / if the ramps open up. Jim S.
  8. Luke, I run Slide Divers on my wire rods most of the year. and keep a 30lb. mono leader ahead of the wire. 15 to 20ft. works for me. No snubber as the mono absorbs the shock. You are correct with the storage aspect, mono wrapped over the wire keeps it on the reel nicely.
  9. Ande line on all my reels, but I've switched to 50 lb. Hi- Seas fluorocarbon leader material for fly leaders.
  10. I use the Church walleye boards, and have switched to the Sam's Pro Release, and followed the setup shown on the Angler's Avenue website. Russell has a nice presentation on how to rig them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eIdZWT1-CA
  11. I used Decrite MariDeck 25Mil vinyl, the color I used is called "kingfisher" I purchased from Great Lakes Skipper. I used their e-bay store.
  12. I also use the Scotty pinch pads. The long lead helps with setting lines.... don't have to lean over the side in rough weather like blacks releases.
  13. Thanks for all the compliments. Two important things about this project: GET SAMPLES! not all the "non skid marine vinyl" out there is non skid. I used the stuff Cabelas sells for another project, and is slippery when wet compared to the stuff I put down. I used Decrite MariDeck 25Mil vinyl, the color I used is call "kingfisher" 81/2' x 10' delivered was $136.00 There are many products and vendors out there, so get the free samples and decide for yourself. Marine vinyl flooring has a "grain" much like carpet. If you install the pieces every which way, you will see it in the finished product. I marked each piece I cut with an arrow on the back pointing to the bow so they would lay facing the same way. Indoor / outdoor carpet glue from the home center has always worked for me. Running the vinyl across the floor and up the sidewall in one piece was a challenge, but worth the effort. Cut oversize and trim as you go. Slow and steady works best .
  14. My Old Boat Having a bit of time to myself today in this cold weather, I thought I would share the latest project on my old boat. 1996 Starcraft 17 footer. 20 year old nasty, smelly, worn out carpet. Time to rip it out ! Pulled the center floor section out completely to get a look at the fuel tank and under floor structure. Starting to lay in the new heavy non skid vinyl from Great lakes Skipper. The only seam is under the front seat pedestal bases. The center section was wrapped separately and Installed. No seams on the sidewalls, one piece up to the rod lockers. Very happy with the finished product.
  15. I order online... every size and color made. Excellent customer service. They called me 10 minutes after placing an online order to tell me one color was out of stock, then promised to set a few aside and email me when back in stock... they did, and I bought them. Nice guys.. http://www.outdoorproshop.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=apex