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  1. Unreel, Once I get setup out there, I slowly increase the gain until dots appear on the screen, then back off just a bit. I can see my Blacks stacker releases on the cable down 80ft.. If there is a good thermocline, you'll be able to see that too.
  2. The ones from Finland are VK Vevi. I run the 8" with an Apex behind them.... they are my go to combo every trip. Change connection point for different actions My 2 favorite combos
  3. It could be.... Once you're on the water, press the "auto" knob, and change to "fishing" mode. Set the transducer to high frequency only and see it the bottom depth on the chart matches the readout number. If it does, try the same thing with the low frequency only. If the readout number is larger than the actual bottom reading, it's reading the cone angle and not the bottom. Switch to duel frequency, and you should have matching numbers. I've never run the low freq. by itself, always in duel mode. Remember: transducer shows the distance between the transducer and the fish - not how deep the fish is from the surface. I use the narrow, high freq. for fish depth, the wide angle low freq,. lets me know if bait and fish are in the general area.
  4. I also have been running the 620 for the last 7 years using an Airmar P66 transducer.. I notice on your screen shot you are using the 50 khz. wide beam alone. I'm willing to bet the transducer is pinging the depth along the long angle of the beam, IE: the hypotenuse of the triangle, not straight down to the bottom. The deeper you go, the farther off the reading will be. I always run in dual frequency, wide beam to scan for fish, narrow angle to mark bottom accurately. Furuno has a setting that allows you to add or subtract gain from each cone angle. Try backing off the gain a few clicks in the wide beam, or add a few clicks on the narrow beam. Also, check the transducer mounting and adjustment angle, sometimes the screws holding the transducer to the bracket get a bit loose and the transducer moves around under wave action. Hope this helps. Jim S.
  5. Memorial Day Never Forget
  6. Sold / Closed

    Ive been here since 2006, and have done a lot of buying and selling over the years. The first thing I do before a transaction is check the users profile. If they have only been around for a short time, or if all the posts are in the classifieds, I will only deal face to face, cash only. Other than that, I pass.
  7. No...... the trucks are filled with rocks the size of soccer balls.
  8. Braddocks Bay I've been watching the big red barge transporting Volvo dump trucks into the bay for days now, but instead of heading out to the lake, they are heading upstream around the Buttonwood creek area. Anyone know what they're doing up there??
  9. ICOM hand held floating, waterproof in my ditch bag ..... better safe than sorry
  10. Hard Core..... or Crazy.. I drove down to the Port Of Rochester early this morning.... a light misty rain, wind out of the NE with 3- 5 foot waves crashing the piers, wind chill at 28 degrees, boat ramps clogged up with logs, branches, and a ton of other assorted crap, more big logs and debris floating down the river........ an one lonely fairly large boat trailer in the lot, who apparently drove through the crap on the ramp to go fishing. I launch in less than perfect conditions form time to time, but not today...
  11. I don't know about others, but I have a small selection of "Stud Baits" that I consider my starting lineup each trip out. It changes from trip to trip, but in most cases, it's the same dozen or so lures that get run first. As a small boat fisherman with storage space at a premium, I've been keeping my "go to " baits in smaller, easier to store containers. I love these boxes! ... the best storage idea I've seen in years. Super Slims and Bay Rats
  12. Don't just check that the bilge pump runs, make sure it pumps! A few years ago, I added a second pump just to be safe. This time i ran water in the bilge from the garden hose. The new pump worked fine, the old pump hose had rubbed against one of the outboard mounting bolts and ripped a big hole in the back of the hose that was not visible during inspection. The water just splashed all over the bilge area... not a drop left the boat. I shudder when I think what would have happened out deep if I needed to get water out of the hull... Here's a bit of good reading... http://www.docksidereports.com/small_boat_safety_at_sea.htm
  13. a link to the old thread. https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/62636-my-old-boat/
  14. Albright Knot. Use the heavier mono for the loop, the lighter fluorocarbon for the wraps. lubricate and snug up slowly. Never had one fail. http://www.animatedknots.com/albright/index.php?Categ=fishing&LogoImage=LogoGrog.png&Website=www.animatedknots.com#ScrollPoint