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  1. Yes. 6519 charlotteville rd. Newfane NY 14108
  2. I dI dont see anywhere that there is a pay pal option to pay you
  3. I have pay pal just not sure how to pay you thru it. Never done it before
  4. Lipripr

    Otter boats

    So the otter boats are sold?
  5. Lipripr

    Otter boats

    Any cracks? Where I live. Interest
  6. I have a new base. I bought a new mast and had a pedestal post aluminum welded. No need for the base/plate
  7. Where are you located?
  8. Where can you buy these??? Is there a web page or online somewhere? Need these in my arsenal
  9. Too take the front treble off, or leave it be.... hmmmm. I.'ve heard some pro.s and cons....
  10. Lipripr

    Sold / Closed Otter Boats

    Interested. Wheres your location in NY?