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  1. Sold / Closed Otter Boats

    Interested. Wheres your location in NY?
  2. for sale : usa Otter boats

    Any cracks etc??? I have super skiis but always wanted to get the otters.
  3. for sale : usa Otter boats

    I live in Newfane. Why you selling them? Interested, just wondering
  4. for sale : usa Otter boats

    Otter boats???
  5. I.l take lot 6 Dave. My phone is acting up. Out on the lake rt now....
  6. I.l take both lots dave.
  7. Sold / Closed MAG spoon sale

    I.l take lot 2 dave
  8. Bahamadave on this site has nk28.s. look his posts up
  9. Sold / Closed NK 28's

    I.l take lot 2. Nk 28 with gold backs
  10. Sold / Closed Big John Planer Board Mast

    How old is it?