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  1. Not a problem. I.l give you a call tomorrow with my info. Finishing up work and my son has a hockey game tonight.
  2. Yes we can. I.m at work and was busy. Money order is fine. I live couple hours from Geneva. I could meet at the Batavia thruway exit when we plan
  3. No paypal. Where are you located
  4. Honestly I.m not sure. They were given to me by a family member. I bought telescopic booms for them. Was gonna mount 1of them straight off back. Just dont have the room.
  5. Give phone# and I.l send pics. Phone isnt letting me download
  6. 2 cannon mag 10a downriggers. Both have new telescopic booms, 2 solid 4ft booms and swivel bases. Located in Newfane N.Y. pickup only. $375.
  7. Yes. 6519 charlotteville rd. Newfane NY 14108
  8. I dI dont see anywhere that there is a pay pal option to pay you