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  1. Tied on Umpuqa Hooks 100 for Box and Flies
  2. 11 lots and 11 pictures. if you don’t know the lures names that you were after you can always associate the first picture with number one the fourth picture with Number for the sixth picture with number six and so on and so on.
  3. This is what I have left of in Prizm’s
  4. Of course!! What model were you looking for?
  5. LOT # 1-125.00 2-25.00 3-50.00 4-40.00 5-40.00 6-30.00 7-20.00 8-50.00 9-65.00 10-115.00 11-120.00
  6. Just an FYI fo guys trying to help this Gentleman out!! He is looking for Specific Colors Only! I’m not sure what those colors are, however.
  7. I have lots and lots. From old g finish to new models. Pm me and I can get you a pic or 2
  8. Sure no p. Message me your PayPal email and I’ll send an invoice.
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