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  1. Set at 28. It’s adjustable. It’s a few yrs old. It was only used 1 season. Had back surgery almost 2 yrs ago. Can’t use it
  2. I can but it isn’t easy. My thing is I’m not climbing into a tree
  3. No expenses were spared when setting this up. Everything is top of the line. Over 1200 invested comes with case,Release,some broadheads and accessories asking 550.00
  4. paypal is [email protected] forget exact number of baits but it’s quite a few
  5. Can’t go lower. Sry. 125 is pretty cheap for this entire lot.
  6. Take the whole lot for 125.00 shipping will be around 6-8 bucks paypal for payment or pickup in NE PA
  7. Just got it. I’ll get these out tomorrow at latest. Thanks again
  8. Bill burnside po box 24 factoryville pa 18419
  9. I’ll ship to you. Can’t get away tomorrow. Call me
  10. I will be at sugarmans plaza all day. You can come there. I pm you my number
  11. How about field and stream viewmont mall. Anytime this morning will be fine
  12. Three sizes in this lot 9’s on top, 5’s on bottom and 7’s in middle 75.00 Free shipping
  13. Is your name Kramp Kramp? thats how it came thru on your payment ill also need your address sir. Ty