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  1. 20.00 ea lot. Your choice pick up near Dalton PA OR SHIPPING IS NO PROBLEM J-9’s F-9’s F-9’s F-7’s F-7’s and 2 Rebels F-5’s deep divers Rapala,SMITHWICK,Challenger,Rebel,Cordell
  2. 50.00. Pickup near Rt 81. Waverly,Pa shipping is no problem at buyers expense
  3. I have some. Message me and I’ll get you hooked up
  4. Yes live scope.Latest technology I have the 3 in 1 now. I might have considered upgrading with this if livescope was included but if I’m going to spend the money may as well get the Garmin with panoptics. Ty for clarification.
  5. Does it come with the Live Tranducer to make it a “live” unit? As you know without the “live” tranducer it’s just basically an HDS unit.
  6. Comes complete. 2 separate Air pumps. Gang valves. All hoses. Filtration system,ect is plumbed for in and outflow of water if needer paid over 5k to get everything up and running selling for 1,500.00. this system is 100 times better than any Livestream system out there!!
  7. Most stuff is brand new. I have no use for any of it. Would like to sell for half of retail cost. That’s someone saving hundreds of dollars as everything is quite expensive pm me if interested.
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