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  1. Same cover as I have. I’ve had many over the years and this one is by far the best!!! Great deal here. Cover was over 1200 alone
  2. Ok so not the live tranducer. Ty. 3 in one is for traditional sonar,down imagining and side imaging. The “LIVE” tranducer was sold separately
  3. Is it just the unit or does it have the LIVE tranducer? Without the live tranducer it’s just a reg sonar.
  4. Lol. Plastics are heave. I try and keep shipping cost as low as possible.
  5. Ok guys here they are!! KEITECH : ANGLERS ADVANTAGE ABSOLUTE!!!!!! (Dark Cinnamon/copper/purple flake UNAVAILABLE ANYWHERE!!!!!!! Only place to get these is me!! SMOKIN HOT COLOR!!! 3.3” Fat Impacts are 6.00 per pack 3.5” Easy Shiners-5.45 per pack 3” Swing Impact-5.25 per pack
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