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  1. All of the baits/jointed Rapalas and floating Rapalas I have left I put on my web store. Don’t have tons left so first come first served. the-anglers-advantage.com
  2. Bought it mounted on rod. Spoiled with 50.00 of PowerPro braid NEVER USED IT!! (It shows) 100.00
  3. Around 40 assorted sizes 150.00
  4. Just got a huge shipment in. prices are as follows pick any amount/style you want F series-4.75ea J series-4.95ea HJ series 4.85ea paypal for payment shipping Is generally 5.00 unless a large order UPDATED LIST AT BOTTOM OF PAGE.
  5. Two identical lots available each lot contains 6 baits 30.00ea
  6. Did the place you found one have any left? I’m striking out everywhere. I did find one but it was on a site I’ve never heard of
  7. I need one also. I also find it funny that they offer a rebate of 200 if bought before March 31 but they aren’t available till after then.
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