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  1. Is it just the unit or does it have the LIVE tranducer? Without the live tranducer it’s just a reg sonar.
  2. Lol. Plastics are heave. I try and keep shipping cost as low as possible.
  3. Ok guys here they are!! KEITECH : ANGLERS ADVANTAGE ABSOLUTE!!!!!! (Dark Cinnamon/copper/purple flake UNAVAILABLE ANYWHERE!!!!!!! Only place to get these is me!! SMOKIN HOT COLOR!!! 3.3” Fat Impacts are 6.00 per pack 3.5” Easy Shiners-5.45 per pack 3” Swing Impact-5.25 per pack
  4. I-Pilot System for Terrova BRAND NEW NEVER INSTALLED!! 375.00 #1866300 The updated i-Pilot includes additional recording capacity and a new remote with improved functionality and enhanced durability. The most significant enhancement to i-Pilot is the updated remote. The LCD screen and function icons are 20% larger and the keypad has improved visibility, durability, and tactile feel. The remote has a slimmer, more ergonomic design as well as an easy-access battery compartment. The i-Pilot is capable of storing a total of six Spot-Lock and six Record A Track locations compared to three locations each on the original version. Available for select saltwater and freshwater models, the new i-Pilot can be purchased already installed on select Minn Kota Terrova™, PowerDrive V2™, Riptide® ST or Riptide SP bow-mount trolling motors, or as an accessory. The remote can be purchased separately for use with the original i-Pilot systems but will not include the additional storage space. The following are the key features of i-Pilot: Spot-Lock works like an electronic anchor, holding the boat in place. If the boat drifts more than five feet from the Spot-Lock location, i-Pilot will activate the trolling motor to keep the angler on the designated spot. It automatically corrects for wind, waves, current and drift. The "recall" feature for Spot-Lock provides the ability to return to that specific location at a later time. Up to six Spot-Lock locations can be stored at a time. Record A Track allows an entire fishing track, up to a remarkable two miles in length, to be stored to memory (up to six separate tracks). When you want to retrace a course in either direction, i-Pilot's playback functions will automatically guide your boat along the track. Cruise Control maintains real-time on-the-water boat speed in one-tenth mile-per-hour increments. This precise speed control allows the angler to dial in bait presentations in trolling applications. Advanced AutoPilot™ utilizes GPS technology to maintain the boat path on a true heading while adjusting for wind, waves, current and side-drift. This results in improved and more accurate tracking compared to traditional compass-based systems. CoPilot™ is Minn Kota's wireless trolling motor control system and is integrated into the i-Pilot remote control. Anglers can control speed and steering from anywhere in the boat.
  5. Please pm me pics or I can supply a phone number for pics new,used. Doesn’t matter
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