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  1. what is your address and name and how much do i owe you thank you
  2. I own a 1996 23 and a half alum crestliner eagle I love it. Good luck
  3. I see you have a crestliner how do you like it? I have 23 1/2 eagle aluminum. 150hsp and 9.9 kicker just got at the end of the season. I love it
  4. Hey guys I have purchased many many things from this man great guy
  5. Where u located I am in ny fishing until tomorrow
  6. Read the post total chaos has on here oct 24th
  7. Great spoons. Call a few weeks before you need them he likes to put alot of clear coats on. Makes for a long lasting paint job
  8. Call bob and carol The little salmon campground. Ask them if anything is for sale
  9. I believe I was the first to respond with the 75. Please check time and date Thank you
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