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  1. Definitely the Atlantic's we got! My buddy Bobby and I getting 2 in one day!
  2. Windows movie maker!
  3. Yeah haha can be too excessive at times, I'm someone who gets fired up when a rod goes off so that's probably why!
  4. Thanks guys much appreciated, and moonfish I personally like fast tip, loads up quicker, and absorbs shock better!
  5. Did this edit last night and I am very happy with the way it turned out! Just thought id share because this cold weather is making me want to do some trolling now!
  6. According to Fat Nancy's report they said the DEC has closed the LFZ, does anyone know how long it'll be closed? I know it's so the hatchery can get egg takes!
  7. Will be taking more pictures tomorrow!
  8. The pictures were from this last week on Keuka Lake I will be taking more up close pictures this week including the engine and the outdrive.
  9. 4.3 V6 Mercrusier Alpha One outdrive Hightop Canvas 2 years old Side Windows Drop Curtain Load Rite tandem axel trailer Price without gear: 4,800.00 Willing to negotiate higher price with gear I will be posting pictures in the next comment due to not having the pictures on my laptop, they're on my tablet. This boat is a fish catching machine! PM me for anymore questions, and further details.
  10. Im just speculating but the last 2 years my Dad and I have been running offshore out of Sandy, right off the nose and have found good numbers of Salmon and Steelhead size is another story a few good size here and there, now I cant speak for this year because we haven't been out, been busy rigging out a new boat, but does/has anyone ran offshore to see whats going on out there? Obviously have to pick and choose your days when running far offsore
  11. Yes that is the website! id read everything before you purchase a used boat the info he gives out is very beneficial!
  12. According to what my Dad and I have been reading from one of the top marine surveyors who is now retired and has written 3 books on purchasing used boat, the year class of Sea Rays you're looking at he bashes a lot, now a days most boat manufacturers dont make fiberglass boats they make them out of composite materials which is not good, from his articles that he has written the 27ft and 31ft Tiara Opens are the BEST BUY, which stands to good reason! They're easy to maintain, easy to service, and are just flat out tanks of boats! The other best buy is the 10 meter Trojan International which is the most sought after boat for Great Lakes fishing! One other thing to watch out for never buy an electronically fuel injected engine, because if you lose power you lose power to pumping gas through the engine, all referenced to this Marine Surveyor! I can post a link to his website, my dad has it up on his Ipad, he really has opened up our eyes into the boat manufacturing world, and purchasing used boats!