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  1. Matt LeClair and myself will be collecting $100 from Captains of teams wishing to compete for the Cup. Must be in before boats depart Saturday for day 1 of the Orleans County Open.
  2. To be eligible to compete for the 2020 Challenge Cup, contact Matt LeClair or myself prior to the start of this years Orleans County Open. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Great news. The Lake Ontario Challenge Cup will be awarded this year based on The Orleans County Open, and the Sodus Pro Am. Teams wishing to compete for the cup should contact Matt LeClair or myself prior to the start of the Orleans County Open. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Good deal Pete. I have wanted to get back to Ludington myself but Sodus is a damn good event.
  5. Well done guys and gals. Joe would definitely appreciate that tribute much more than the traditional kind.
  6. Looking forward to both the WHI and the Oak. See everyone at these events. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. With the cancellation of the Niagara Pro Am, and confirmation of the Oak Orchard Open and Sodus Pro Am, the 2020 Lake Ontario Challenge Cup will be awarded based on the scores from those 2 events(4 days).
  8. Many people worked very hard for this to happen. Lets hope operators have respect for the guys that worked on this and play nice. Good practices onboard and on social media will go a long way. If you read ALL the documents, this CAN be rescinded. Too many people to mention did good work getting this in front of the right people to be considered, you know who you are--good job. I want to say a special thank you to Rob Wescott, Matt French, and Ryan from Sodus Pt. for the extra effort that went into this.
  9. Just to clarify for the newer teams and visitors from outside the area--the WHI out of Wilson is still a go. the info below that is in reference to the "KOTL" event out of St Catherines Ontario, Canada. That event will hold its second leg on Labor day weekend. Hope to see everyone in June in Wilson. Thanks for the updates Pete.
  10. This is a good deal for anyone with a Force or a similar year Mercury. Many of the lower end parts are the same as Mercury made Force. I had a guy give me $900 for a similar lower end on a blown up Force. Good luck with your sale.
  11. I never had a chance to fish with Joe but I've known him since the 80's. Regardless what was going on in his world he always managed to find a reason to smile or laugh. I am so very sorry for your loss Bruce, and condolences to his family and all his close friends. RIP, Thunder
  12. Thanks Pete. I think it's very reasonable to not rush to cancel. The south shore of Lake Ontario is probably one of the safest places to be--especially FIVE weeks from now. I am getting called/text/emailed constantly by concerned peers, restaurant owners, and clients who all desperately want the Country, State, and Fishery to open back up. I can imagine you are being asked many questions that you just cannot answer. Thank you for your dedication to the events. People need things to look forward to, especially at times like this.
  13. B, We will be doing some recreational fishing and after a few shakedowns will concentrate on Kings. As for now I've heard of about 4 Kings caught. I know of one cleaned and it was full of emerald shiners. It's too bad you guys won't be trawling, but I think you would have missed many of them from the bottom haunts as the movements have started and some alewives never went deep.
  14. I am seeing a lot of kids outdoors, and not just fishing. I would add that everyone, not just kids, will be more grateful for everything around us.
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