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  1. Congrats x 10! Very cool.
  2. Just awesome! Very happy it worked out for you. Great journal and pics.
  3. This never ceases to amaze me-- stores that fail at the most important part of their business--taking your money in a timely fashion. Our nearest grocery store is like that and I go out of the way to avoid it.
  4. The marina is top notch. The town definitely fully understands fishing tourism and appreciates it. To top it off, Newfane is a great town to live in. Town Supervisor Tim Horanburg and Marina director Scott Sheffler do a great job and seem to have found a crew down there that appreciate their jobs and like being around people.
  5. Observer available for Orleans co. open June 10 and 11 Anyone looking for an observer for this event contact Charlie at 716-866-7462. He is very punctual and reliable, and knows what hes observing.
  6. Yet another case of "enviros" who want to take mankind out of the equation. I've never seen so much passing the buck and throwing each other under the bus than I have with this issue. Mr free college, who has been a longtime supporter of the past administration(who of course gleefully signed on for the 2014 plan) is now throwing him under the bus. Even more evidence he is plotting a run and hopes to be a candidate in 2020.
  7. I'm sure most marinas would take the job. The place that probably has the most experience would be Watercraft clinic in Red Creek NY. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. I saw a boat launching this afternoon at Wilson. Olcott launches are operational. In all cases expect to need at least knee boots or higher.
  9. There are not words to describe the hazards out there right now. With the wind switching back and forth and the water getting higher and higher--it just keeps coming. Caution is the word and eyes forward. Have seen entire trees in Niagara county waters this week.
  10. Not sure whats north of your location, but Seager Marine in Canandaigua NY is a long time dealer for Yamaha and have a good reputation.
  11. Great stuff Dan! It's great having your work around the Salmon world/Tourny scene. Looking forward to your clips from St Catherines KOTL.
  12. There is not, and has not, been a shortage of bait relative to the number of Chinooks(remedies) in Lake Ontario. Many factors affect top end size- genetics and winter temps have an affect for sure. Most Chinook mature in their 3 rd year. Even back in the era you refer to, 4 yr olds were represented to a lesser extent. With today's relentless pressure on Chinooks on both sides of the pond daily throughout the season, the odds of the relative few 4 yr olds surviving has gone down. To top it off, the hatchery fish are showing a propensity to mature at 2 1/2 yrs old. Whether this is being engineered the way Silver Fox says, or if in fact it is the surplus bait driving this I don't think anyone knows at this point. FYI, ironically the DEC has always said more Chinook will delay maturity(4+) when Alewives are in short supply. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Be careful Jerry, you don't want to use up your yearly dinner quota before the end of April, LOL. Say hello to those hard working mariners for me.