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  1. Looks like Yankee got into mixed age classes. Fish that have spawned will hold their spawning colors right into Spring. Males usually have more vivid coloring than the females. Some very nice specimens there.
  2. I remember responding to his inquiries to moving his boat west temporarily several years ago. As it usually seemed to be the case, he was concerned about getting his visiting friends or family on fish. So sorry for this loss. Our deepest condolences to his family and close friends.
  3. Rob I was late to the cellular game but Spypoint has a very economical plan for running a bunch of cams. I tried a couple of Tactacam reveals behind the house and pic quality is superior but not enough to get me to switch when running a bunch.
  4. Great thread and amazing ending for a father and daughter! Congrats to you and Mal !
  5. My observations say they were up. Jacks are 1.5 yr old males that sexually mature, return to tribs, spawn and die just like 2.5s, 3.5s and the rare 4.5s. They appeared to be in exceptional condition with some making it to 10 lbs. Biologists from the Salmon world have said that a higher number of jacks means the year class is well represented. Jacks play an important role in wild populations as they are able to reach upstream gravel during low water years while having an easier time avoiding predators. Merry Christmas!
  6. Thx for posting Rob. As of Thurs night less than 10 seats remain available.
  7. There's two situations when he smiles ear to ear non stop 1) when he's taking our money at a tourney due to a high placing 2) When he's sitting in an all inclusive with his bride by his side and a drink in his hand. All other days they come out begrudgingly.
  8. "Less is more" again this season Rob! Great buck!
  9. Congrats to all who scored on legit trophies today. We are definitely seeing the hey day of NY whitetail hunting now as it pertains to antler beam health.
  10. Agree! I dropped my archery buck head off at my taxidermist for a euro. He said he's had more 2.5 yr old bucks come in for mounts than ever and they are huge.
  11. I recognize him from the tourney scene. For those of you that knew him and to family please accept our condolences. Rest in peace angler.
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