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  1. I'm sure most marinas would take the job. The place that probably has the most experience would be Watercraft clinic in Red Creek NY. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. I saw a boat launching this afternoon at Wilson. Olcott launches are operational. In all cases expect to need at least knee boots or higher.
  3. There are not words to describe the hazards out there right now. With the wind switching back and forth and the water getting higher and higher--it just keeps coming. Caution is the word and eyes forward. Have seen entire trees in Niagara county waters this week.
  4. Not sure whats north of your location, but Seager Marine in Canandaigua NY is a long time dealer for Yamaha and have a good reputation.
  5. Great stuff Dan! It's great having your work around the Salmon world/Tourny scene. Looking forward to your clips from St Catherines KOTL.
  6. There is not, and has not, been a shortage of bait relative to the number of Chinooks(remedies) in Lake Ontario. Many factors affect top end size- genetics and winter temps have an affect for sure. Most Chinook mature in their 3 rd year. Even back in the era you refer to, 4 yr olds were represented to a lesser extent. With today's relentless pressure on Chinooks on both sides of the pond daily throughout the season, the odds of the relative few 4 yr olds surviving has gone down. To top it off, the hatchery fish are showing a propensity to mature at 2 1/2 yrs old. Whether this is being engineered the way Silver Fox says, or if in fact it is the surplus bait driving this I don't think anyone knows at this point. FYI, ironically the DEC has always said more Chinook will delay maturity(4+) when Alewives are in short supply. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Be careful Jerry, you don't want to use up your yearly dinner quota before the end of April, LOL. Say hello to those hard working mariners for me.
  8. Exactly Gill-T. Just like the young deer starve in tough winters or when the older deer go unhunted. The prime food goes to the larger deer first. The browse line in Durand Eastman is very high. The incredible population of giant alewives would have served everyones interests better as food for gamefish, instead of the havoc they wreak.
  9. C'mon Lucky, "exotics"? It's tough to be objective when thats the term you use around here. Lets call them "the remedy". NO progress happened without the foresight of some great managers here in NY and in Michigan. They will continue to be the answer, no matter where your heart lies. To your point, Steelhead have been devouring alewives in Lake Ontario for over 40 yrs. Do you have a better theory?
  10. The single biggest suppressor of young alewife is the older larger alewife. We are currently in a situation where incredible amounts of larger alewife went unscathed. It's a waste of fish flesh, as not only could those alewife been turned into game fish food, more pressure on them would increase hatches of Walleye, Yellow Perch, and Lake Trout all while increasing fishing opportunity for the highly prized Salmon. Less giant alewives and more young alewives will most certainly take the peaks and valleys out of the charts, but also improve the Steelhead situation as eating those large long lived Alewives certainly increased the thiamanese levels in their diets.
  11. Even if you hooked it up like your old unit was, it very likely could demand more juice--or maybe you added some other goodies that are drawing. The fastest way to rule that out is wire direct to the battery that gets ample charging while underway and fuse it near the battery to be safe. Make sure the wire is adequate guage for the length of the run.
  12. I have had what you are describing happen in the past with other brands. It was usually in how it was wired or when additional electronics kicked on that they would go down.
  13. Its very possible its a voltage drop. Are you confident in the electrical hook up? Is this unit considerably larger than what you had before? Maybe Yankee Troller will chime in but if not call the customer service number with the model number and they should be able to help. If its not voltage then its in the settings.