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  1. Even if you hooked it up like your old unit was, it very likely could demand more juice--or maybe you added some other goodies that are drawing. The fastest way to rule that out is wire direct to the battery that gets ample charging while underway and fuse it near the battery to be safe. Make sure the wire is adequate guage for the length of the run.
  2. I have had what you are describing happen in the past with other brands. It was usually in how it was wired or when additional electronics kicked on that they would go down.
  3. Its very possible its a voltage drop. Are you confident in the electrical hook up? Is this unit considerably larger than what you had before? Maybe Yankee Troller will chime in but if not call the customer service number with the model number and they should be able to help. If its not voltage then its in the settings.
  4. Great job Dads! Congrats to the kids!
  5. Amen. I fall in love with Lake Ontario all over again every Spring. I am also very impressed with the crew of the Kaho. There are a whole lot of magical things going on out there right now.
  6. In the upper left is a common hammer,LOL. The devices are a weight retrievers from 80's or 90's. There is a slotted wheel inside that the downrigger cable has to be threaded on the correct side of the wheel.
  7. It is worn out. The steering cable can break if you don't change it and could be very dangerous if it happens at the wrong time.
  8. Good suggestion Rick. They have supported Lake O events in the past and Mike has been a very good guy to my brother who goes there.
  9. LONG LIVE THE KING! One of the good things about this Springs weather is the Great Lakes are getting a good load of fertilizer.
  10. Great thread guys. One things for sure, "Trophyism" is sucking the fun out of deer hunting for many of the young guys. I had a mother of a twentysomething deer hunter tell me last November that her son was suffering from anxiety and depression. The reason? All the social media posts he had to endure daily, showing others with giant deer while he saw very little. Definitely something to think about. BTW BSmaster, my 25 yr old daughter reminded me at Easter dinner than I never let her or her younger brother watch Bambi. Neither of them hunt but they both understand it's necessity and can certainly put a dent in jerky. Good luck on the water.
  11. The website is extremely user friendly and helps greatly in choosing frames and lenses. For Lady O trolling I strongly suggest Blue mirror lenses. I'm a glass guy, but Nick prefers plastic for lighter weight. They now offer lenses specifically for low light and spot fishing, but for day to day open water glare the Blue mirror is the way to go.
  12. All I could find out is Olcott delivery is expected Monday April 17. The Wilson delivery is expected next week as well. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Thanks for pitching in. There should be some info regarding the Wilson pens available tmw in Olcott.
  14. Those are probably the toughest warm water fish to make look real--nice job Paul.
  15. Good advice above. For your rig get a deep cycle for the trolling motor and a dual purpose for the starting/accessories. In my experience the regular flooded dual purpose batteries offered by Napa have held up well. I had one last 8 yrs. Interstate also has earned lots of business with no hassle warranty policy. The key, as HB2 stated is keep them charged and check water levels regularly, at least a couple times a year. Always make sure the batteries are fully charged before long periods of storage.