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  1. Couple questions I was asked recently. Yes, a 1/2 ton pick up is enough to tow this rig, I did so for 2 years. Yes, fishing solo out of this is doable as it has excellent sight lines and a modern autopilot.
  2. NEW PRICE-- $37,000 OBO
  3. Local fishing dollars

    Extremely misleading figures as well. License purchasing is made very difficult at many destinations. If the license is purchased over the phone or online there is no way to determine where that anglers destination is. We asked for destination and targeted species to be added to non resident license app info but it was met with opposition. Why WOULD you want more info about the wants and desires of income generating tourist anglers? We are very blessed with World class angling opportunities in NYS, but common sense coming out of Albany is in short supply.
  4. This rig also offers updated 2015 Sea Star hydraulic steering and 3 THREE updated bilge pumps. This package can be seen in Newfane NY, north of Lockport, south of Olcott.
  5. We are living in the hey day of Lake Ontario Salmon fishing, don't let another season pass you by. If you enjoy Saltwater fishing, this model was actually designed for guys to run to the canyons on a working mans budget.
  6. I'm getting a taste of what boat brokers go through. Constant interest.
  7. INCREDIBLE speed control. Used bags once a season. Turn key.
  8. for sale : usa Penn Manual downrigger--long boom

    NEW PRICE--$100
  9. SOL Question

    I agree with the above, all valid points. We almost lost this privilege several years back when there were sweeping rule changes proposed because of some abuses regarding short Northern Pike on the St Lawrence. I was one who went before our legislature to present our case and thankfully they agreed and it was retained. It comes down to convenience for the tourist angler, first and foremost. In our case in Niagara county, being able to fillet on the water vs waiting in line at a public cleaning table can mean HOURS of time saved on the highway back to PA or OH. If our guests get caught on the 90 in Buffalo rush hour traffic, it may be just frustrating enough to make them think twice about coming into NY. Yes, fishing is great, but as soon as they leave OH and PA sections of I-90 NY greets them with tolls and even higher gas taxes than they have at home. Not all of our harbors have excellent cleaning stations with grinders, and those that do are not conducive to busy charter operators. We have crews ready and excited to go out at a certain time and if we are caught behind less skilled fish cleaners or a long line of super successful rec anglers we will be unable to stay on schedule. It works both ways too, the rec guys at these tables don't have to wait on the charters to clean 4 or 5 tourist anglers catch ahead of them either. We are glad they are there(cleaning stations/grinders) for the rec guys with smaller vessels to enjoy but not every harbor has them, and many harbors want the remains taken elsewhere--again, extremely inconvenient especially for a family who just arrived after lunch for an afternoon trip--little jill doesn't have to enjoy her first ride out to Lake Ontario with a bucket of remains with yellow jackets crawling all over it. It is a very important part of the convenience factor for the tourism aspect of our fishery, not only for the tourists but for the service providers. It also helps keep harmony in harbor areas as there is less temptation to dump remains in someones dumpster or the side of the road.
  10. Penn Manual long boom downrigger with swivel base. NEW PRICE-$100 Pick up in Lockport/Newfane/Olcott area, or I can meet in NF or Rochester.
  11. Back on the market due to financing failure. This boat is TEN times what you think it is. Fish with the big boys in big boy water--with small boat overhead. I don't want to have to list elsewhere. Sea trials for qualified buyers available March and April. Thank you.
  12. Spring's first signs

    It was good for Fred too. Well made aluminum boat with a hard top as well. Glad its still going strong.
  13. Spring's first signs

    He's a very good friend of mine. He sure did.
  14. NYS DEC looking for help collecting Coho heads

    Awesome Mark. See you at KOTL in St Catherines if not before.