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  1. Sadly I heard of more of this yesterday than ever before. Just more of the deterioration of society. Less people willing to give permission, careless acts committed on public, and private tracts becoming too costly for most are all contributing to good people leaving the pursuit.
  2. Please tell Pops congrats for me. That property acquisition sure has worked out for you and the fam.
  3. Super cool buck! I love the unique ones. Tell Hunter Congrats!
  4. I know it doesn’t always line up with your trawl findings but all species seem to be having no problem finding and eating giant, old alewives(wasted fish flesh?) . We have for weeks had some fouling of our lines by impaling alewives. Guys are encountering these extra large alewives at spawning sites as well Of course we are seeing other age classes of alewives but it seems like an uptick in the extremely large population. Stay well and get some rod time in for yourself. Lady O is heavy with 2 yr olds this year but the fight in the fish is extraordinary now that they are in full blown Summer pattern.
  5. This is great news! My experience with surveys both in purchasing/selling as well as insurance surveys has been less than stellar. The so called “certified” surveyors have been the worst. The fact that Brian is in our community of anglers and isn’t going anywhere should bring confidence in making him the choice when a survey is required. Good luck with your new venture Brian!
  6. 2012 was amazing. Not only the non winter but the 2 yr old yr class was the result of the largest wild hatch of Chinook the Lake has seen. 2018 was also very good due to strong survival of the 2yr old age class.
  7. Agreed. 2 yr old Kings will dominate and be healthy. I had a 10lb returning “Jack” from last Sept aged by DEC because I was suspicious by it build that it was only a 1.5 yr old. Sure enough it came back at 1.5 yrs old! As for Kings feasting on that big alewife year class- lets hope so. It will even out the age structure and give this years alewife crop a shot at better survival. If not for King predation on alewife, this biomass would be a mess.
  8. Looks like Yankee got into mixed age classes. Fish that have spawned will hold their spawning colors right into Spring. Males usually have more vivid coloring than the females. Some very nice specimens there.
  9. I remember responding to his inquiries to moving his boat west temporarily several years ago. As it usually seemed to be the case, he was concerned about getting his visiting friends or family on fish. So sorry for this loss. Our deepest condolences to his family and close friends.
  10. Rob I was late to the cellular game but Spypoint has a very economical plan for running a bunch of cams. I tried a couple of Tactacam reveals behind the house and pic quality is superior but not enough to get me to switch when running a bunch.
  11. Great thread and amazing ending for a father and daughter! Congrats to you and Mal !
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