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  1. It's never good when this comes next! Aug 1st storm 530am infront of 9 mile
  2. I launch my 25'sportcraft offshore there. Bathroom side of launch appears to be little deeper.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys!
  4. Looking for used radar system
  5. I just put a set of rod trees on my sportcraft from high seas gear rather impressed with the workmanship and function. I got the 4 leaf with the dipsy holder little skeptical on tht might get it were I want it and weld it or threw bolt it
  6. I would have to strongly agree prolly no ice but prolly no water neither
  7. Launch is low barley got my 242 sportcraft off the trailer. It was just about 3ft of water that was yesterday morning
  8. Thanks for the replys guys my only big concern was the angle the engine was front of engine was tilted kinda down I little but hard to tell how it sits in the water on the trailer lol maybe I'll tow it to a marina just for a second opinion on engine angle while its apart. I dnt believe in marine surveyor seen too many people buy junk after being told it was good to go.
  9. Thanks cant wait to put some browns on deck this spring!
  10. I'm guessing drain got clogged and ice pushed it up bilge pump is right under the dent in oil pan. hasnt seen water since 2002 hull looks mint no visible stress cracks in glass tht I can c I believe sstrout is right about the wood I think it's a fiberglass grid system for the stringers.the only wood is in transom and it not tht bad but its apart now so y not ordered my glass mat/epoxy and a piece of coosa board. Hopefully it will last a while. This is my small boat needed a winter project lol I rebuild my 89 sportcraft 242 offshore last winter transom and stringers. Love tht boat to death handles lady o pretty good
  11. Skach1 I read tht the parts r hard to come by except I think everyone got scared and changed to mercruiser I'm buying spare parts left and right online just for back up and I'll make whtever parts r not available anymore thanks for the reply 👍
  12. Sstrout thanks I thinks it's pretty sweet rig myself lol got smoking deal on it $1800 the old man I bought it from said give me $1000 and take it couldn't do it! I no it's worth alot more. Oil pan is dented up to crank so engine only turns half way I got it out and gunna do the transom while its apart (small soft spot) im a master mechanic and fabricator so im not worried about the yamaha set up looks alot more engineered than mercruiser I'll post pics as the process goes on the hull looks like it will handle lady o no problem
  13. I recently Bought a 1994 21' winner boat walk around small cuddy was wonder if anyone has any knowledge of this boat it also has a yamaha 230hp sterndrive cant find any info on it.
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